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Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Releasing Ourselves from the Dramas of Life

Written by Mathew Naismith

I wrote the following to a Quote Carolynne Melnyk wrote in relation to accepting change therefore releasing ourselves from control.

"Indeed Carolynne, the universe itself is constantly in motion therefore changing. This motion doesn't have to be dramatic but often is, especially when this motion changes our chosen or preconceived path.

When we try to control where our path is going, especially in relation to our desires, this is us being controlling. When our path is influenced by other forces outside of our control, the drama of losing control takes control of us even more.

The trick is, not to try to take control in the first place, especially in relation to our desires. It is amazing what simply comes to us when we release ourselves from the control of control controlling us. Yes, expend effort but avoid expending too much effort in relation to our desires. It is amazing how many people are simply unaware of the link between our desires and the endless dramas in people's lives these days.

Take notice next time of the people entering into business for themselves. Why is the failure of a business less dramatic to some people than other people? There is a difference between supplying a need to others to being in business to fulfil your own desires!!"

Being positive to someone like me, is the ability to be in any situation or reality and still having the ability to be positive. My own positiveness doesn't totally rely on the avoidance of the negatives, in fact quite the opposite. How many people's love and/or light can prevail in a situation or a reality of an opposing force? This is why these people have to stay within or close to their own. Of course this also means our present reality is exceptionally negative/toxic when in all honesty it's not, thus creating further dramas that are linked to our desires.

Try to remember, you don't have to become what you experience. You can experience quite a brutal childhood but come out of this childhood in the absence of becoming what you have experienced. Within this, you are releasing yourself from control, the control of an experience you don't need to become. Of course you could also allow these experiences to influence you in becoming what you experienced. Within this, you are allowing your life experiences to control you simply because you desired a better childhood experience.