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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

God, an Intelligent Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

First of all I would like to state that I’m not actually a religious person, I don’t have anyone particular faith/conviction that I dogmatically follow without reason.  To me religion is supposed to be there to hold us to certain moral values, without these moral values we have utter chaos however this post isn’t about religion, it’s about an intelligent consciousness a lot of people call God.  

Fragmented Consciousness: To morning I entered into a conscious state that allowed me to see it’s impossible to see/meet another person who is exactly on the same level of conscious awareness as me. We cannot meet another person who is precisely aware as ourselves, every person is different within their own awareness, this is what I deem as fragmented consciousness. 

As soon as two exact same aware parts of this fragmented consciousness come together they immediately become one. This is the reason we can't meet consciousness itself (God), we would immediately become one with this intelligent consciousness (God) quite instantly. Actually two exact aware parts of consciousness wouldn’t need to come together to form one, it would just happen even if they were trillions of miles away from each other.  When this happens you are not actually humanly aware of this, it just happens quite automatically.

I believe it’s our awareness that gives us our individuality which is fragmented consciousness or Gods consciousness fragmented. This is why in so many different religions we try to be one with God; it’s becoming one with all which we call oneness. Each fragmented awareness (person) has it’s own vibration which is brought on by our own personal awareness, once you become in tune with the collective awareness you change your vibration to the collective vibration thus you become one with the collective consciousness (God).  

What I feel what is happening  at the moment is the more  fragmented consciousness becomes the more chaos we will have, this is shown by how many people are presently alive on Earth at the moment, each person has their own vibrational signature, their own personal awareness different from everybody else’s. However what keeps this fragmented consciousness from completely going off the Richter scale is being forcefully taking on other people’s ego that are more influential thus, sort of, collectively giving us all a similar vibration to each other. Consumerist materialism & communism is a good example of this & so is believing in the same religion.

The way we are presently trying to collectively become one through these ideologies isn’t quite kosher  for people who are aware that becoming one this way isn’t true, it’s not the kind of oneness you can find through actually becoming one with consciousness itself.  Yes these ideologies are holding off total chaos but only just, we are really always on a knifes edge trying to be at one in this way.

Intelligent Consciousness: A lot of us realise or believe that everything was created by an intelligent consciousness that a lot of us call God.  I had a feeling to find another source while writing this post to explain about this intelligent consciousness that a lot of us call God. The following video was the first source I came across and I thought explained this intelligent consciousness quite well, I didn’t agree with everything said on the video but it still had the content I was looking for.

To me individualism represents our individual awareness which I call fragmented consciousness and the more people are present at any given time, on Earth for example, the more this denotes the fragmentation of consciousness itself or Gods consciousness.  War is a good example of killing off and forcing others to think the same, in other words forcing the collective human race to become more aware at the same level of awareness.  Nazi Germany and Stalinism are prime examples of this and so is consumerist materialism.

These kinds of ideologies that keep a collective race vibrating at a similar rate of awareness to me isn’t very intelligent and I think a lot of us are waking up to that. The problem is these ideologies seem to be always controlled by the controlling factors of the ego and because of this we are always living on a knifes edge.  The intelligent consciousness itself (God) doesn’t have this problem of a controlling ego, once we become close to this consciousness we realise by becoming one with this consciousness we would quite automatically alleviate all traits of the controlling ego. This would in turn rid us of a chaotic existence.

Spiritually aware people aren’t stupid, we know what we are feeling that there is a much better way to be a part of the collective, yes some of us are lead astray at times by egotists but we know within our hearts that there is a far more intelligent consciousness than our individual selves.  Some non-believers could say if everything is Gods consciousness God would have to be of the ego as well. Yes that is true but this intelligent consciousness isn’t stupid enough to allow the ego to be master and all controlling but some of us humans are. I know what intelligence I want to be a part of!!  

Spiritually aware people show a high level of intelligence that human intelligence, on it’s own, has no way in understanding, ever.  One gets it’s intelligence form the controlling ego which is only one tiny part of consciousness itself the other directly from all of what this intelligent consciousness is.  No matter what others say, if you are spiritually aware, you are very intelligent.