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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Ascending or Expanding on Our Awareness???

Written by Mathew Naismith

Are we ascending from a state that is less worthy or just expanding on our awareness? 

Rising up: In my last post I spoke about ascending, as in widening our awareness to our truer self as opposed to rising above a deemed unbecoming state of some kind. I received an interesting response to this post, ascending means to rise, this is true but rising above another deemed or judged state doesn’t quite fit within true spirituality. Once we judge a state less worthy than another, we have separation when we should be working towards oneness, in other words instead of more separation while becoming more aware, we should be less about separation not more I feel.

To rise up out of what, a lower level of existence? This is judgment and separation to start with, ascension to everyone doesn't mean to rise up.

Ascension in spirituality for some people means to expand on one's awareness, this can be often seen as rising up out of an unaware state but that's not what is actually happening, especially when you consider we are always in an ascended state. How can you ascend (rise) from an already ascended state?

The reason we don't think we are ascended is because we are unaware of this, all what being ascended means is becoming aware of our ascended state, a state of oneness, it's all to do with an expansion of awareness, not the rising up of awareness.

Instead of explaining this awareness as an expansion, we explain it as an ascension, a rising up out of a state of ignorance. It's really not the right terminology to use in spirituality in my mind.

The reason we use ascension is it feels like we are rising up out of an unaware state, however, you can’t become aware unless you are unaware to start with, this is like ascending, you can’t ascend when you are already ascended. Actually there is no such thing as ascension, to have an ascension you need an unascended state to start with, this unascended state  only exists because we are unaware of our truer nature, our truer self. They don’t call it spiritual awareness for no reason, spiritual awareness to me is about becoming aware of our truer nature, not ascending from a judged unworthy state.

I very rarely say what people want to hear, people want to hear we are ascending which is quite understandable, we don’t exactly exist in a harmonious constructive existence. Any feeling of rising above such an existence is going to feel like an actual ascension, a rising above a most unbecoming state of existence. This is fine but only to a certain point, once we judge what is and isn’t an ascended state, we have more separation when we should be doing quite the opposite. There is absolutely no separation in  a true oneness state, the more aware we become, the more of this oneness we are of, or should be!!

An expansion of awareness; as opposed to an ascension, means while we are becoming aware, the more likely we will experience states of oneness, this is due to not separating an ascended state from a non-ascended state for example, there is only oneness no matter what we experience. This is why I see ascension as an expansion of awareness rather than a rise from a judged unworthy conscious expression/experience. Is a destructive inharmonious existence unworthy or even wrong? No, because  it’s just another way to express consciousness, instead of going with the flow, we go against it, the reason we go against it is because we are unaware of the natural flow of cycles. This choosing to go against the flow is natural believe it or not, what isn’t natural is the actual expression of going against the flow.

Look at it this way, it is natural for man to war because he’s so unaware of his natural state, it’s not natural for him to war to the extent of total extinction of man and beast. The more aware we become, the more natural will be our state of existence, this is all due to expanding on our awareness, not rising up from an unnatural state. Warring is not an unnatural state if such consciousness is unaware, it’s not unworthy, what is unworthy is warring when we are supposed to be aware.

Not accepting the continuous passing cycles is going against the natural flow of these cycles, however, while in an unaware state of consciousness, this action is natural to an unaware state of existence, what isn’t natural is the continuation of rejecting such cycles to the bitter end. Each cycle is awareness building, do we go against this natural flow and ignore such awareness building cycles until the end?  It’s really unnatural to exist primarily for an end, this is because there is no true end of anything, energy itself is infinite. Does any other animal exist to utterly destroy it’s own species and everything else? We are actually in an unnatural state but it doesn’t make this state of existence unworthy, what it make it is self destructive.

The natural cycle: Being self-destructive isn’t unworthy, it’s just another way to express this consciousness no matter how unnatural such expressions seem. Being self-destructive is but another cycle, however, it’s not a natural cycle, a natural cycle is about becoming more aware of our natural selves, our truer selves, as each cycle passes. Yes you could say we are ascending from such a state but it’s more that we are expanding on our awareness as each cycle passes.

We can indeed keep judging what is and isn’t worthy, trying to rise up to a better existence is  judging an unworthy, however, what has judging what is and isn’t worthy got to do with oneness?  It can be quite difficult not judging what is an isn’t worthy so how do we perceive past what is and isn’t worthy? One answer to this is oneness, don’t just think that oneness exists, be that existence of oneness itself, the way to do this is stop judging what is and isn’t worthy. Everything is just an expression of consciousness, once we judge what is and isn’t worthy of the expressions of this consciousness, we create realities just like we are experiencing right now.

To me ascending is an expansion of awareness, not the rising up from an unworthy state of consciousness. If we haven’t judged a right or wrong, why are we ascending, as in rising, from a certain state of existence when there is no true right or wrong?  We are still judging a right or wrong, an unworthy and a worthy, all this is going to do is continue the existence we are experiencing at present. Real reality changing takes us to  think and express consciousness quite differently to what we are conditioned to express, in my mind this will take us to desist in judging a worthy and an unworthy, a wrong or a right.

What creates chaos? Motion, each  expression of consciousness represents motion, judging a right or wrong, worthy or unworthy represents a huge amount of motion, the more motion we express, the more chaos we will create and express. This is why in real spirituality they tell us to quell the mind which lessons our motions of expressions and in turn the chaos in our lives. I don’t always do this myself because I haven’t judged what is and isn’t worthy of expressing, I’m quite happy to go along with everyone else’s expressions of consciousness.

Chaos: The point is, I see many people wanting to rise up out something unworthy to find a better way to exist , if we truly want a better existence, what I’m saying is stop intentionally trying to rise up out of what is judged as unworthy, all this is doing is causing more ripples, more motion which in turn causes more chaos. I see a need from people to expand on their awareness so they can go along with the natural flow of these cycles, not against them and certainly  without causing any ripples to this natural flow.

Recently, while in thoughtless states, the first messages I receive is, “this is a strange or funny existence”, this is in reference to avoiding going along with the natural flow of these cycles, why would any consciousness deliberately choose to do this?  It’s really only deliberate because we are still quite unaware of what life would be like if we went along with these natural cycles. Many of us are also fixated to such cycles so we avoid going on to the next cycle. There is nothing worthy or unworthy about physicality itself, this reality, at present it’s just not in line with the natural prepossess of these cycles. These cycles represent motion but what makes these motions really chaotic is the way we react against them instead of with them.

Adolescent stage: I wrote some time ago about how human kind is coming into it’s adolescent stage, this is very much in line in how the human kind of adolescence behaves, the reactions to life and the awareness of life one has at this stage, is the same on a human collective scale. We think we know it all at this stage so we stumble through life making numerous mistakes and unnecessary hardship upon ourselves, we can simply avoid this by going along with the natural flow of the life cycle of humans. Each human cycle is a awareness building from infancy to old age, what I feel we are doing at present on a collective human scale is fighting against entering into the next cycle of life of awareness expanding.

Yes, it’s daunting becoming an adolescent, it’s not an easy stage to get through but we could on a collective scale make this cycle a lot smoother going but we seem to be deliberately avoiding going through this cycle, we would rather rise up to being an adult straight up from childhood or avoid going on to the next natural cycle all together.

I know my perspectives are strange and quite unbecoming or incomprehensible all together for a number of people, all I’m trying to do is give everyone a different perspective, my perspectives are certainly not gospel, they are just a different perspective.                                                             

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Healing Ourselves through Being Unintentional

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was a little bit surprised of the reaction my last post received; I didn’t think this post would be well received at all mainly because we are taught from birth to have intentions. Life itself, without human influence, is about intentions; it’s about surviving under the influence of the physical elements surrounding us and when we add man to this equation, these intentions boomed which in turn created even more chaos in the physical world.  Life itself is about chaos because it’s always about intentions however the difference now is we seem to live wholly by intentions which in turn creates even more chaos. 

Politics is driven by intentions and so is religion as is of science, it’s all driven by intentions to do one thing or another usually in reaction to something else which creates a never ending action reaction effect, this of course in turn creates even more chaos and in my mind we certainly don’t need any more of that.  The thing I’m becoming aware of now is more people are moving away from anything that creates an intention either it be knowingly or unknowingly, I truly didn’t know this within myself until recently.  I was only moving away from people and situations that live by intentions. At first I thought I was just moving away from destructive influences that were always trying to influence my vibrational signature, trying to influence me in a destructive way.  I wanted to become more constructive within my mentality; this isn’t easy when around people who have a destructive mentality. This was obviously an intention; I was reacting to a situation that no longer served me.

The truth is I was adding to an already existing chaos when I was trying to move away from this chaos, this added to the chaos that was created through my intentions. Yes I felt better within myself but I felt I still wasn’t there, I was aware that the chaos was still present  around me and could at any time within my weakness come back into my life.

Being aware of my own intentions gives me a different perspective; I am no longer trying to rid myself of chaos and even intentions but to just become aware of my intentions and what they create, within this awareness we automatically dispel any intentional reaction.  This of course can only work if we truly want to let go of our intentions in the first place.

The less intentional we become the better the healing process is, this is because intentional acts are always in reaction to something else, by pushing something away, like chaos for instance, we are causing a reaction that now needs to be healed.   

We could say by pushing the chaos in our lives away we are healing; this is still an intentional act which can cause a reaction (chaos).  By becoming unintentional, we automatically heal because we are not reacting to a situation or another person, the healing process isn’t an intentional healing but a healing that is brought on by being unintentional without an action reaction effect.  

I now smile at people who express intentions consistently, they are not aware of what their own interactions are creating and adding to. I still express intentional reactions but I am now very aware of what these intentions create, my intentions have certainly dropped off quite significantly thus taking away the bite of the chaos surrounding me within this physical world, I no longer have an intention to rid myself of chaos because the chaos surrounding me is far less prevalent through being unintentional.

You could say this post is intentional however it wasn’t mainly because I didn’t really intend to write it, it was an unintentional act. This post was brought about by an interaction with others in relation to my last post so it has to be intentional would it not because it’s a reaction?  In my last post I mentioned about being unintentional and still being able to be interactive with others without intentions, this is a good example of this.

I did not intend to react, this quite automatically came to be however I did react to previous reactions by writing this post in reaction, this would have to be an intention by me would it not?

Two people are having an argument, one person quite automatically hits the other quite unintentionally which has now added to the chaos, is not my reaction in producing this post the something, it’s an intention even though it wasn’t written intentionally?

Being unintentional within my actions came quit automatically even though it’s a reaction, the reaction was automatic and not intentionally induced, in other words I went naturally with the flow of things.  Are two people having an argument to start with unintentional and natural? No one enters into an argument unintentionally even at times this might seem to be the case and no one unintentionally hits another person, the actions are in direct reaction to a circumstance, there is nothing truly automatic about a situation like this.

The more unintentional we become to more automatically things will occur around us without having such intentions of such things happening to us. This is very much like the synchronistic moments of time people can experience, everything just comes together in synchronicity, being unintentional has a similar affect, our needs just occur without an intention.          

Monday, 8 December 2014

Healing Through Vibrations

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’ve written about vibrations on numerous occasions in the past, my first blog was primarily about vibrations and how everything in existence vibrates.  This is important to know especially in relation to healing, not just in relation to healing the human body and mind, but the healing of ourselves as a collective.  We are however becoming once again aware of how vibrations can heal mainly through science studies and from people who have gone through actual experiences of healing through vibrations.

Now to a sceptic this is all hoogly-boogly stuff, how can an invisible energy source heal an energy source of physical matter and at times without any physical contact?  It’s very simple, everything in existence vibrates so will obviously be receptive to other vibrations.  Let’s look at cancer, how does cancer come into existence where there was no cancer? This of course happens when we come into contact with other energy sources that our already existing dormant cancer cells react too but how does this reaction cause cancer?

It’s one element coming into contact with another element, a toxic element coming in physical contact with dormant cancer cells which causes the cancer cell to react and grow, but this is due to a chemical or some kind of biological reaction, it has nothing to do with vibrations!!

This toxic element only exists as it does because it vibrates at a certain vibrational signature; it has a certain vibrational pattern unique to other vibrational patterns of other elements. When this toxic vibrational element comes into contact with another element vibrating at a different rate of vibration, it changes the vibrational signature of the cancer cell giving the cancer cell quite a different vibratory signature than what it had in the first place giving us cancer of some kind.  This is very much like when two people come together who instantly don’t like each other, what they will produce is a different vibrational signature that is unique  but quite harmful. 

What has this to do with the collective?  I look at chaos as being a cancer which is created through various vibrations affecting other vibrations, in other words a toxic element affecting a non-toxic element which produces a cancer which in this case creates a form of chaos of one kind or another.  Now if all of what exists vibrates, why can’t we rid our cancer through using other vibrations to change the vibrational signature of the cancer back to a less destructive vibrational signature?  If the cancer was created by the interactions of two elements with a different vibratory signature, why can’t we again use another vibratory signature to rid ourselves of such harmful vibrations (cancers)?  There is of course no reason and that is why so many healing techniques work, they all work on the vibrational signature of another harmful vibrational signature, in this case cancer.  

This of course means that conservative modern day medicine works in the same way; they change the vibratory frequencies of other vibrational signatures, this is true, however this can only usually be accomplished through actual physical contact.  Conservative modern day medicine needs this physical contact to work, this is due to our perception, if it’s going to work we need physical contact of some kind.  What if we changed this perception to perceiving from we need physical contact for a healing process to work to perceiving that we don’t need physical contact for the healing process to work?  It is all to do with the way we perceive, if we think we can only heal through physical contact of some kind that is the only way we will heal.

The same mentality creates wars, we need physical contact to change the way certain people are so we do this through war, war is all about changing other people’s vibrations in one way or another. This is like one element affecting another elements vibrational signature to create a cancer.  What if we perceived that to change any other vibrational signature we didn’t need physical contact, we of course certainly wouldn’t have the chaos we have today.  It would seem physical contact can indeed create chaos (cancer) where it wasn’t before.

Now let’s look at what a lot of spiritually aware people are trying to do, they are trying to change their own vibrational signature to something far more constructive, most of this is done without physical contact.  At the moment most spiritually aware people are using physical means to express such constructive vibrations to each other, this of course can at times cause chaos, this is to be expected.  I do eventually believe we won’t need any physical means to express such healing vibrations in the future. I believe this will come about by us changing our perception to, to heal we must do this physically to healing totally without physical contact.  This of course does away with chaos which produces even more toxic elements. By perceiving from physical healing to the non-physical healing we will indeed cut out the effects of chaos (cancer) upon us, this in turn will allow us to stay healed personally and collectively.          

Extract: When Barbara Ann Brennan first began to take seriously the energy fields she saw around the human body, she was employed by NASA as an astrophysicist. Since leaving to pursue her vision, Brennan has almost singlehandedly brought energy healing into the realm of rigorous science. That her focus is also deeply spiritual attests to the growing knowledge in our world that the two -- science and spirituality -- can no longer productively be separated.

The following interview was conducted by Roger Windsor, editor of Spectrum magazine, and originally appeared in that publication. The Spirit of Ma'at is reprinting it here by permission of Spectrum and Dr. Brennan.

Extract: No matter how many high-tech cures modern medicine brings us, alternative evangelists will always argue loudly that the true secrets of well-being lie in esoteric notions such as ‘healing frequencies’, magnets and astrological alignments.
The latest example of this is a book by Matthew Silverstone, a successful London businessman. He became fascinated by alternative medicine after seeing his 19-year-old son recover from a bout of chronic fatigue syndrome so severe that he did not even have the energy to talk to people.
Despite being a tough-minded businessman, Silverstone believes the cure was brought about by an alternative healer who recommended therapies such as feeling the energy given off by trees.

Extract: Experiments with Sound Have Led to Some Startling Revelations
An interesting thing happens when recordings of people speaking are speeded up and slowed down. If these recordings are doubled in speed three times (raising the pitch by three octaves), human speech patterns sound remarkably like birds chirping, When raised in speed by eight octaves, these recordings sound just like crickets chirping. Slowed down from normal speed by three octaves they sound like dolphins and at eight octaves slowed down, sound like the ebb and flow of the ocean.
It is interesting that recordings from the human voice should sound like nature sounds. What happens if we take cricket sounds and slow them down? They sound like birds chirping. Bird sounds slowed down sound like dolphins, and dolphin sounds slowed down sound like people singing.
The famous Psychiatrist, Carl Jung, would have been pleased - this seems to fall directly in line with his theory of the "collective unconscious." A level of the unconscious mind deeper than our personal unconscious shared by us all, populated with universal archetypal images ("primordially recognizable" images, just as these sounds seem to be "primordially recognizable" sounds). The collective unconscious in this sense would be access to my larger body/mind, the planetary level of my collective unconscious, which knows how to "grow" a planetary ecosystem of which my personal body is just a part. It is almost as if the whole universe is one organic being with many parts all designed from variations of the same blueprint.

Now is any of this going to be accepted from people who financially gain from physical healing? The medical industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, these people are not going to give this up lightly so will do anything to deny such claims of non-physical vibrational healing.  Pull the dummy out of a child’s mouth and see what happens quite instantaneously, taking away any fixated attachment like a dummy or monies away from these people is going to cause these people to react; they will do anything to disclaim such healing process to the bitter end which again is to be expected.  The same goes for anyone fixated to,” for it to work and exist it has to be of the physical otherwise it can’t possibly be plausible”, they will do anything to deny such claims no matter how many scientists and science studies prove, non-physical vibrational healing does indeed work  to at least some extent.

It’s really up to use in how we perceive, if we perceive we can only heal through physical means, that is exactly what we will only be able to do but if we perceive healing through non-physical means, we will of course see that through healing through physical means actually causes the chaos (cancer) we are trying to heal ourselves of.  Within this process all we are doing is feeding the ego and our appetite for physical wealth.  In my mind to rid ourselves of this cancer called chaos, all we need to do is perceive in a totally different way, a non-physical way, the way we truly are. 

Friday, 28 November 2014

Power and Control within Spirituality

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is another discussion that is ongoing and seems to be so prominent within my life at the moment, it just keeps coming up; does power and control belong within spirituality?  In a human sense it certainly does but does it in a solely spiritual sense?  People like me believe it doesn’t but so many others believe it does, does it truly matter either way?  

Matthew - I will have to disagree with you about power.

If Love is not lust, obsessions, etc; then power is also not ego or control. Ego and control are different things. Also people love very deeply and that leads them to take evil actions. Just as you would say that then they truly don't have love; those that take "evil" actions from power also are not truly coming from power. You seem to be shifting your guidelines to make things fit as you want to see them. Which you are welcome to your perceptions.

You say that power is a reaction to not feeling powerful; actually the desire to control is the reaction, not power - again they are very different things.

You also say that one cannot have power if they are humble. Contrary, in order for there to be true humbleness, one must fully know their power. When one is standing in true power, they have no need to control others or flaunt their powerful or be abusive with it; for they understand the awe of it. As I mentioned before the divine is fully powerful and does not deny it. No ascended master has denied their power, we will not develop or grow without realizing our own power which is the divine power within us. If we are unwilling to accept this aspect of the divine we are rejecting the divine and will not develop ourselves; because we are in fear of this attribute and not at peace with it. We will always remain separate in lower vibration if this is our choice.

G'day Jesse
It's good we have such opportunities to discuss such things.

I'm having a discussion at present with a well-connected spiritual bloke from Malaysia, the more we react the more chaos we will create; power and control are such reactions. The less we react in spirituality the less chaos we will have within our lives. To me this made perfect sense.

True love cannot lead to evil intent, that is an impossibility however lust can, don't confuse them. Power on the other hand can be anything from highly destructive to highly constructive. So what you seem to be saying here is power can't be about control and evil intent, that’s not true at all, Hitler is a good example of this. True love, as opposed to lust, isn't this ambiguous.

“You seem to be shifting your guidelines to make things fit as you want to see them.”

Very untrue Jesse, this is only how you perceive it, all I have done is bring forth a different perspective.

A spiritual master doesn’t seek power or control but the release of power and control. In a human sense this is gaining more power and control but it isn’t in a spiritual sense, only within the action reaction, push and pull effect can this be so which of course creates chaos, spirituality shouldn’t be about chaos, they made this mistake in the religious Dark Age and look what happened. Look what is happening over in the Middle East, this is all to do with power and control; this is why power and control doesn’t in my mind belong within true spirituality. We need to rid ourselves of the push and pull effect not enhance it.

However if you think power and control belong in spirituality that is your right, I just don’t think it does, the Middle East and the Dark Ages are a good example why I think they don’t. I’m not sure why anyone would even take the risk in bringing in power and control within spirituality, why even contemplate such risks in the first place especially within a chaotic existence?

Please don't take this to heart Jesse, we just have different views on this that is all and that's OK too is it not?

Empowerment: Power can mean control, influence, authority, but it can also mean ability, potential, strength and might however the ability, potential, strength and might over what?  However you want to define power, power comes down to one energy source over shadowing another like strength in oneself over shadowing the weakness in oneself, in a human perspective this seems quite a positive thing to do but I believe it’s quite different in a spiritual perspective.

First of all, to know we have power is to judge a weakness and secondly feeling power within oneself is a reaction, we are back to cause and effect, push and pull effect which is what I believe causes chaos. The strange thing though, not all chaos is bad or negative however chaos still represents a reaction.

I believe this is one of the biggest fundamental mistakes of religion, it involves itself with chaos when it relates to power in anyway, if you look back in history, you will see this time and time again, I don’t think any new age spiritually should go down this same old path.  

Now there are two perspectives to consider here, one is human and the other spiritual. In a human perspective there is nothing wrong with being powerful within oneself, empowered in other words, yes this can cause chaos but not necessarily a destructive chaos. The other perspective is of the spiritual, to me there should be no relation between the spiritual and power/chaos period, this isn’t of true spirituality to me.  This is because spirituality isn’t about one or the other, it’s about nothing but everything as one at the same time, there are no opposite like power and powerlessness or inability within spirituality, it has no cause and effect, no motion but utter stillness. Yes religion has motion and cause and effect but to me true spirituality shouldn’t however certain religions do practice in this motionless state of consciousness.  

Is it wrong to be spiritual and feel powerful in oneself, to be empowered?  There is no wrong or right in this, if we want to create a chaotic existence, spirituality should be also about power and control, human history shows this time and time again however, if we want a less chaotic existence, we need to take the power and control out of spirituality, give it back it’s stillness and giving back our motionless conscious state to some degree.  Spirituality in my mind was supposed to balance out the chaos of ordinary life with the motionless conscious state of spiritualty, not add to it.

Yes we will feel empowered and more in control while becoming spiritually aware but we must also be aware of this reaction of empowerment and what it can lead to.  This happened in the religious Dark Ages, the churchmen got carried away by their own empowerment when all they should have done is become motionless within their consciousness, they could have quite easily avoided such chaos but they didn’t, they chose to keep feeling empowered  thus creating even more chaos.  

Yes by all means use power within spirituality but also be aware of where it can keep taking us.  I think we need to go right back to a pure conscious state of total motionlessness or at least become aware of this state to help us qualm the chaos in our lives, we need to go back to our grass roots of our true being and become aware of our connectedness to the sources consciousness of tranquillity and stillness and once again feel the love of this connection.    

Friday, 25 July 2014

Invalidating Ideological Principles

Written by Mathew Naismith

Do you restore yourself here and now?

How to do it?
This can be enlightening to others from you.
Write down a ..... formatted for me please.

An interesting question Suzanne, how do you restore yourself right here and now to our truer selves?

Became aware and truly believe my ideological principles aren’t the be and end all but how do we do this?  Become aware it is easier to let go of fixation to any ideological principles than to hang onto them, it’s a lot harder to hang onto ideological principles than it is to let go of them but we have ourselves convinced it’s the other way around.  

By culminating all thoughts (ideological principals) into one, we really negate ideological principles, they are no longer needed and they never truly were needed in a sense.  By hanging on to these principles, we have created chaos I believe and this is why it’s so much harder to hang onto ideological principle than it is to let go of them.  

It all comes down to making ourselves aware, as opposed to believe, that it is a lot easier to let go of these principles than to hang onto them. Making ourselves believe  as opposed to aware takes another set of ideological principles, we are getting nowhere in doing this but being truly aware that it is easier to let go of these principle than to hang onto them, we have accomplished this without separate  ideological principles, we have it turn negated chaos. This will take culminating all principles under one principle to start with I feel and the way to do that is realise all ideological principles were created by us.  If they were created by us, why can’t we culminate them into one?

Don’t make the mistake that ideological principles aren’t important to  us, they are very important to us within our present mentality, we would not have been able to create chaos without this kind of mentality and we are all about creating, we are indeed creators in our own right.  Yes we created something destructive instead of something constructive but can we now constructively create a reality out of destructiveness, pure chaos?  This will take God like tendencies; we should not underestimate ourselves and our true abilities however!!  

Are ideological principles like science and spirituality needed?  I feel this isn’t the right question to ask, the more correct question to me would be like; why are the sciences and spiritualty ideological principles and why do they seem like two different ideologies?  Actually they are not different at all because they are no true ideological principles, ideological principles truly didn’t exist until we created them and if we created them we can negate them, cancel them all.  To become constructive again, we need to cancel out these ideologies that we have created, yes they exist because we created them but we can still make them invalid and that I feel is exactly what we have to do to become constructively creative again if that is what we want to truly do!!

The way to do this isn’t to make ourselves believe all of what I have said here but just become aware of what I have said here that we created ideologies, they just didn’t exist on this planet until we created them. Ask yourself, what other animal species had or has ideological principles?  Before we evolved, no other species on this planet created ideological principles and once we created these principles we created chaos and the more separate principles we have, the more chaotic life became.  

Can all of us just drop all our ideological principles just like that?  No, because we don’t believe we created them in the first place, we need to be truly aware and knowing we crated them to do this. Knowing this, we can then culminate all these principle under one principle, yes we still have a principle but in having one principle we have no opposing principle and if we have nothing opposing what is going to happen to chaos?  To exist, chaos needs opposing sides. Religion has tried to do this, as science is today, but the problem was and is, one ideology has always tried to cancel out the other ideology which has brought us a never ending existence of violence.  Cancelling out another ideology isn’t going to do the trick, if we were wiser today, wisdom would tell us this I feel.

Once we culminate or accept all ideologies as one, we in turn cancel out ideologies altogether by incorporating all ideologies under one principle and in the knowing, within these principles, that we created these ideological principles in the first place. You can’t cancel one ideology without cancelling out all ideologies for in this only lays more destructive mentality and chaos, we really do need to just become more aware of our truer selves, it is that simple.  

I should also say you can't or shouldn't cancel out someone else's ideological principles; this must be done by the people of such ideologies not by other people with their own ideological principals for this will only create more chaos.      

Thursday, 10 July 2014

True Peace Found in Utter Chaos

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was going to right up on something completely different today but the image above and message took my attention so I thought I would share a few thoughts I have on this.  Peace; it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.

The following was my reply to this image and the attached message.

Most definitely Rhea, everyone can escape the noise and be in peace but not everyone can obtain peace within the noise, this takes time to master.

I love sitting somewhere noisy and chaotic and imagine I'm a butterfly fluttering around, it's certainly a blessing.

Most people find a quiet place to do this which doesn't take much focus or effort unless you are noisy and chaotic. I find the most noisiest places and focus on being a butterfly or a bird landing on everything around me including people. I must look stupid because at times I have a huge grin on my face especially when I land on other people.

I believe chaos has it’s place, it can teach us to focus more and the more we focus the more connected we become.  I believe this happens with Buddhist monks, the teacher will go around with a paddle and wack the meditating monks with this paddle to teach them to focus more on their connectedness.  Most of us don’t need this distraction to focus more intently, we have modern day life to do this for us and boy doesn’t this hurt at times. J

Yes we could be in judgment of chaos as being bad or negative but chaos is very much like the  Buddhist teacher with the paddle…….. it’s here to teach us to become more focused therefore connected.  I also believe chaos is showing us where we are still disconnected which is a good thing not a bad thing but I suppose that’s just my silly optimistic way I like to look at life. 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Defining and Finding Balance

Written by Mathew Naismith

Balance is a tricky little beaver because it is usually defined by our own perception of what balance is, some people believe love will give us balance and others believe hate gives us balance.  Thinking that hate gives us balance is shown right throughout history, Hitler is a good example of this and so was the Roman Empire.  The reason hate or a dislike of another culture seemingly gives us balance is the peace proceeding such dominance, you rid the world of opposition you have peace.  This actually worked to one extent or another during Roman dominance, the short lived dominance of the US and supporting countries like Australia is but another good example of this.

The same mentality of thousands of years ago still holds today, promiscuity is rampant, slavery of one kind or another is rampant, piracy is rampant, corruption is rampant and so on.  We might be more knowledgeable technologically but we still hold the same mentality from the Roman times. This shows us how different knowledge is to awareness, if most of us were aware, would we still have this quite outdated mentality still?

Yes I know a lot of people in the west are going to say we no longer have slavey in western thinking countries but we do, to the system, we are just slightly different to the slaves of old.  This new slavery system hugely benefits the multinationals because they can gain so much more wealth through this newer system of slavery.

On the opposing side of this outdated mentality we have a spiritual renascence occurring especially in western thinking cultures and communities. Science is also coming of age delving into things it once thought of being hoogly-boogly (fanciful/delusional) but where does all this leave us?  Basically in chaos, as soon as you have extreme opposing sides you have chaos, love is but one example of this extreme which is in responds to an outdated and highly unaware and most often hatful mentality.

I explained in a recent post of mine, why I think this reality is balanced however I didn’t seem to explain enough to why I think it’s balanced. Just because you have extreme opposing sides doesn’t make a circumstance unbalanced, if Hitler took over the world we would still have balance but this would have been accomplished through extreme fanaticism. If you have no opposition you have balance and peace, Napoleon is another good example of this.  However Hitler and Napoleon still had opposition to subdue as did the Romans.

What I have been talking about here is extreme opposites however what if we bridged the gap between these so called opposites, would any clash between these lesser extremes be as chaotic?

Let’s use yin and yang for an example here of the difference between chaos and balance. You have a highly dominant yang overlording it over the yin, do you still have balance? Yes because you still have a yin a yang at play here as it takes a yin for the yang to respond and visa-versa. However because the yang is more dominant we have more chaos and a presumed imbalance. If we brought the differences between yin a yang closer together we would have less chaos and a more humanly presumed balance.   

Balance isn’t defined in how peaceful, loving or dominated we are, it’s defined by opposing differences however the less extreme opposing these differences are to each other the less chaos we will experience.  It’s the extremes of our opposites that give us chaos and a seemingly unbalanced existence not a so called unbalanced existence/reality. You could live in an unbalanced reality and not experience as much chaos as we do now believe it or not as I believe chaos is defined by our extreme opposing opposites!!

The handy thing about spiritual awareness is that it bridges, or should bridge, the gap between these opposites and the more we lesson this gap between these opposites the  less opposing they will seem thus chaos becomes a far less dominant occurrence!!   

This is why meditation works so well, we sit within our own quietness seeing little difference of anything.