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Saturday, 16 November 2013

New Age Spiritual Witch Hunt

Written by Mathew Naismith

It’s been interesting conversing and exchanging thoughts with Eastern minded people recently, it has confirmed and elaborated on what’s going on, for me, in regards to Western style spirituality. The Western   ideological perception of spirituality isn’t quite kosher by the sounds of it. It is being looked at as being in line with consumerist materialism which is based on self-serving, how could unconditional loving egoless spiritually aware people be self-serving?  Before I go on I should also say that I was also caught within this trap for a while in my life, it’s quite a common occurrence by the looks of it in the West.  

Let’s first take a look at what we demonise, everything that doesn’t serve us in finding utopia or give us feelings of utopia at the personal level like the ego for example, what is different from the dark ages when we demonize what doesn’t serve us in our own quest  and negates our ideological principles to now. Let’s take a look at the contradictions of new age spirituality which is the driving force behind our demonization. We judge judgement and the ego period as being what, so how can we judge judgment as being wrong in some way if we are non-judgmental in the first place?  A contradiction in terms!!

Recently I also had the misfortune or fortunate, depending in how you look at it, to come across a few self-confessed unconditional loving virtually egoless people, they, by just reading their cover, seem genuine within their perception of themselves until one has the audacity to refute or threaten in some way their ideological perception of themselves in anyway.  All one has to do, at times, is look at this reality in a positive way like with the ego for example, how could the ego be a positive trait in anyway?  What usually happens is the claws come out or your ostracised in some manner or your bagged and not usually to your face or at times all the above.  Is this a true sign of spiritual awareness?   

Soul Love:

The person will start to accept who they are and let go of any hurt, anger and negative feelings that they had towards their life and people and they will gradually go through a healing process of their heart, soul and mind. The person will suddenly start seeing the world in a different way and their previous views and opinions may change drastically. A spiritual awakening can be very life changing for a person especially if that person was not spiritual to begin with.

Interesting isn’t it that we in the west are firstly unaccepting to who we are and refute any claims to being any part of what we detest in others as we become more aware. We must remember here, if we detest a certain human trait like the ego for example, we are in fact detesting this in others. No wonder we bury our heads in the sand in the west, any sign of what we detest in ourselves and others goes against our ideological perceptions of what spirituality is about.  Spirituality is about acceptance and then changing what’s not serving us from within without demonizing anything however all what we are accepting in the west is everything that serves our desire to feel good, anything form this is usually demonised in some way.  

The Witch Hunt: So what am I referring to a new age spiritual witch hunt here? For one I don’t see much of a difference from our reactions today  to the dark ages accept were not allowed to actually burn people at the stake who don’t conform to our own set ideological perceptions of spirituality these days however we do ostracize and bag people who seem to be a threat to our ideological perceptions in the West.  The witch hunt of course is deeming anything that doesn’t conform to our ideological perception in what spirituality is about when true spirituality isn’t about bagging anything especially the ego. True spirituality isn’t about judgement period so how come we are being told to straight up judge judgment and the entire ego as being bad period in the west in some way? In the East the ego is accepted being a part of us straight up and is changed from within by becoming aware of its controlling nature, that’s all, it’s not demonised and shunned within ourselves and others.  

We need to, in the west in particular, stop the witch hunt and blaming for in this only chaos will reign which of course is what has happened since the dawn of man to one extent of another around the world. We need to be more positive and accepting of what we have at the moment but for some reason that seems to be impossible for a westerner to do even in the new age spiritual scene so they demonise what doesn’t serve them personally.  This continuing demonization affects us all!!

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Fear within New Age Spirituality

Written by Mathew Naismith

New age spirituality isn’t about fear as it’s not based on fear like some religions so how can there be fear within new age spirituality, obviously there couldn’t be. Anything fear based is being fearful of reprobation if one doesn’t follow certain beliefs & doctrines within a system of belief, it is obvious that new age spirituality doesn’t have such fear based practices within its core of belief as it’s about feeling good about oneself & the rest of the world, it’s about positive thinking under any circumstance.  

Many new age spiritually aware people will teach positive thinking & to denounce anything that is negative or has a chance of being negative in anyway like the ego & judgment & yes fear itself for fear is fed by the ego.  This all in turn make us feel good about ourselves & the rest of the world & the last thing we would want after finding such tranquillity is ruin it with fear. This of course has a feeling of being ethereal which is highly beneficial to the psyche; mind, body & soul!!  The last thing we would want is anyone trying to ruin that for us & psychologically we will denounce anything to spoil this ethereal state of consciousness to the point of becoming less aware not more aware.

While becoming spiritually aware we don’t just become aware of the spirit world, as in the afterlife, but of everything that is spiritual, of life itself in its fullest extent however this also induces us to become more aware of the negatives not just the positives in life which at times can be quite frightening & uncomfortable so we find ways to dispel these negative feeling which of course makes us feel good again but what are we actually doing to make ourselves feel good?

What are we doing when we dispel these negatives so we can feel good? We are actually inducing fear not dispelling fear & this is the trap we have unknowingly & unwittingly found ourselves in.  In the act of dispelling anything that gives us an uncomfortable feeling we are showing fear & believe it or not will always have that fear of its return once we have dispelled such fears like the ego & judgment for example.  Recently I made a comment & yes judgment of what happens to us when we take fixated attachments into the afterlife, it wasn’t very well received & I was promptly told I was being judgmental which of course is judgmental within itself to say so in the first place. By putting others down for being judgmental is saying your living in fear & I don’t so I shouldn’t listen to you.  What is more fearful, someone who accepts the totality of all being within them including ego & judgment or someone who fears being of the ego & of judgment?  

This is a new age spiritual trap we need to all be wary of, while becoming spiritually aware we will feel awfully good at times & at other times feel awfully bad, this is teaching you, while becoming aware of the totality of all, to accept all for being within yourself. If it wasn’t within you to start with whatever your experiencing while becoming spiritually aware in the first place you still wouldn’t become aware of it as that is consciously impossible, in other words it’s impossible to become aware of anything outside of your souls consciousness so what you feel is what you are if you like it or not. It’s not good just denouncing anything, one must embrace it & within this embracement & following acceptance one finds understanding of what one is fearful of thus automatically dispelling any such fears as if by magic.  So by doing this do we get to feel good within ourselves & the rest of the world? Indeed yes, not just of the things that make us feel good but everything within its totality, this is true acceptance & oneness & far less fearful!!   

“It is far less fearless not fearing fear than it is to fear fear, confront your fears within yourself as being a part of yourself & become fearless”….Love Mathew