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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Why So Much Separation?

Written by Mathew Naismith

A state of separation simply means a lack of unity, where any energy fields or entities are not working together as one but as separate entities of energy. The reason for this separation is interesting and bewildering. Interesting but also bewildering in that we still today express a sense of separation and even division. Separation is simply an acknowledgement that there is a difference in energy fields. Division goes further; it's the labelling to individualise energy fields into their separate groups such as coloured people and white people, one culture from another and so on.

Let's go further with division. I am materially wealthy person, your not, I am therefore positive, good and right, you are therefore negative, bad and wrong. I am a spiritual person, you are a materialist, I am therefore a positive, good, and right person, your obviously not. Separation is simply an acknowledgment of a difference between obvious differences, while at the same time knowing you are of the same species. How many people divide other people into a lesser species? Multinationals certainly don't treat the average common person as being of the same species as them, how many spiritually aware people do the same? "You are far more negative compared to me." As soon as we separate ourselves like this is when we create divisions, the division of separate energy fields or entities. The controlling ego simply desires to be of something greater so it just doesn't separate energy fields, it divides them.

I feel like a fraud at times. I often talk about an awareness beyond 3rd dimensional aspects, while at the same time being more of a 3rd dimensional entity than anything else that I speak of. I don't try to be anything that I am not of within the very present even if this takes a certain amount of being unaware. I am simply content in being within and experiencing the present consciousness no matter how unaware it is. Yes, I am aware of certain aspects beyond 3rd dimensional aspects but I don't try to excel in this. I really do live within the very present consciousness the way it is, at the same time being aware that we are a part of something more. Being aware that we are something more shouldn't mean we are positive, therefore good and right, and everything compared to this is negative, therefore bad and wrong, but it most often does to a lot of people. How bad and wrong is materialism to a lot of people, therefore negative? 

I look at it this way for me, only a controlling ego desires to be more than what it is within the present, the present being that the collective consciousness is not as aware as it could be. How many people are content in existing in the present like this? I don't divide myself from the present collective consciousness, while at the same time being aware that there is a separation between the present collective consciousness's awareness and other forms of awareness beyond 3rd dimensional aspects. I simply don't perceive some higher consciousness as being positive, good and right compared to our present collective consciousness, I simply can't. Yes, like anyone else I did at times think like this, that some higher consciousness is some kind of separate entity to our present consciousness.

I was told from an early age not to read or study up on certain subjects. The reason for this was not clear at the time, only latter on in my life did it become clear. Everything you become aware of or experience conditions you to a certain way of existing and perceiving. How many subjects are based on separation and division? Noticing a difference in energy fields is simply an observation of separate energy fields. Dividing energy fields often takes labels like negative and positive, bad and good, wrong and right, etc. Try observing a difference in energy fields, especially to your own, without judging a negative or positive for starters. This is virtually impossible while the ego is in control of us. Of course the ego doesn't have to be in control of us, we can simply release ourselves of the control of the ego. How many people say about taking control of the ego instead of simply releasing ourselves of the egos control? Simply let go as everything else is to do with divisions, in actuality the controlling ego wants you to try to control it. To take control of anything takes the separation and division of energy fields, otherwise how would control be implemented upon another separate energy field!!  

Within a state of only observing a difference of separate energy fields, as opposed to participating in dividing energy fields, you are unable to control anything. Now, how scary is this going to be to an ego in control? It's like being expressive of fewer fixations to conditions in the presence of a consciousness fixated to conditions; the reaction isn't going to be favourable. How do most atheists act in the presence of a person preaching their religious faith and visa-versa? Because human consciousness is conditioned to separation and division, any other kind of awareness that seems to be of some kind of higher realm will create more division at first, not less division.

Try this in your dreams, let go of 3rd dimensional desires, attachments and perceptions and see what occurs. Have a feeling of letting go of everything especially of being controlling and of being controlled. Simply have a feeling of letting go of your life long conditioned conditions. Our dream state is simply a gateway to other dimensions and realities but only if we are willing to let go of 3rd dimensional aspects. I don't do this a lot myself as I simply have no desire to do so, even when it feels so good to let go like this. With me, it's not about me feeling good or not, it's about experiencing the present no matter what the present is judged to be.

Taking control through separation and division is simply a sign that the ego is in control, not you in the absence of a controlling ego. Once you experience a state of the absence of control, separation and division, you will never again desire to take control of anything. However, if you have to take control, try not to take control to avoid taking control, accept taking control when the need arrises. Yes, you even allow the controlling ego to be controlling, knowing you can release yourself at any time from this control. This present reality is a prime example of how we have let the ego become controlling, however, we have simply forgotten how to release ourselves from this kind of conscious reality of control, separation and division.    

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Speaking with the Universe

Written by Mathew Naismith

An actual act in speaking with, not to, the universe seems like a strange concept or perception does it not? Not to a lot of people. To a lot of people, talking with the universe is talking directly to God or source of creation. To a lot of other people it's more to do with oneness, being that all energy isn't perceived to be separate but of one source. Only to the ego is energy perceived to be only of separate entities, therefore only of the ego is time and space perceived thus creating a perception of separate entities. It is then quite understandable why time is going to quickly these days, how much separation is perceived these days by the collective consciousness?

The separation and division between rich and poor is greater.

The separation and division between negative and positive is greater.

The separation and division between light and dark is greater.

How much above do we portray human physical beauty above all other beauty? This is all simply an abuse of energy through separation and division.

Yes, media has brought us more together, to simply show how separate we are to each other!! Through the media, we seem to perceive more through separation and division in what is positive and negative, bad and good, wrong and right, black and white. How many people, through mass communication (media), are now trying to separate themselves more from the present negative (toxic) reality? Of course time is going to be perceived to go quicker, energy as a whole is separated into so many different divisions.

Imagine yourself within a universe that has no stars or planets, within this reality there is no separation of energy into any kind of individual entities. Within this state, what would then define time? With no perceptions of separation of energy, time doesn't just slow down, it ceases to exist. Now, what does the perception of time going faster and faster denote? The answer is obvious, the act of separating energy more and more. The perception of time going faster certainly isn't a sign of less separation and division but more separation and division of energy. The controlling ego has deceived many of us to perceive that we are becoming more at one and of unconditional love when in truth, the perception of time going faster and faster tells the true story in this.

This is exactly why people like me, who observe human consciousness, observe it as a consciousness lost within its own creation. When it is said that this is the age of false prophets, they mean that the ego in control will be at its most deceptive and receptive to deceit. Human consciousness will simply deceive its own consciousness, this is while the signs, like the perception of time quickening, clearly tell us we are being deceived. In a way, this is the universe, an undivided energy source, speaking to us and telling us that we are deceiving ourselves. How can you talk about oneness and unconditional love, while at the same time trying to separate yourself from everything that doesn't make you feel good?

Is this why so many parents these days don't chastise their children, it doesn't feel good for the parent to personally to do so, even though it's good for the child? We have simply separated what is good for us personally to what is good for the child. Being as one is what is good for the child is also good for the parent, no matter what the parent has to sacrifice for the good of the collective, of the family as a whole. We are simply individualising reality to serve individual desires. This is the controlling ego.

Consider the universe. The universe has many children as in many galaxies, solar systems, suns, planets and many other entities such as black holes. The universe works as one while at the same time each entity within this universe also works individually. Children within a family unit act as individuals while being a part of a family unit, a collective. What humans don't often perceive is that we are a part of a family unit called the universe. How many of us have even separated ourselves from Gaia, mother Earths family. Within our ongoing separation, we are abusing energy and hurting the family unit, the Earth itself!!

I must make a correction here; it's the Western mind in all of us that doesn't see itself as part of a family unit in regards to the universe and even Gaia, this is because the Western mind is all about individualisation, the separation of energy. Note: To separate yourself from the Western mind is of the Western mind of individuation; this is why the Eastern mind, while being of the Eastern mind, will not separate one mind from the other. Imagine the universe itself separating itself from its own children, its own creations, because each creation of the universe also works individually to the universe but not separate from universe. No matter how individually the Western mind works separate to the mind over all, it's still working within the mind as a unit, a collective.  It's the same within the universe. No matter how individually human consciousness divides itself from the universe as a whole, human consciousness is still working within the universe.

Imagine communicating with the universe itself exactly like you would with another person, the only exception being that the ego is not in control. When you take away the desires and attachments of a controlling ego, like perceptions of negatives and positives, light and dark, God and man, in other words all separations and divisions of energy as a whole, communicating with the universe one on one becomes easy. What occurs when you have no sense of separation with your parents? Communication becomes easy; the Eastern mind relates this to the universe as well, remember though, the Western mind won't as this is its natural state to individualise and divide like all the entities within the universe seem to be.

I am presently in a state where I have no desire to separate myself from a state of separation, to desire this would be of separation and division and we should know what separation and division of energy creates. The world at present is a prime example. Simply being aware of my own collectiveness with the universe as whole is well and truly all I need at present in my life. Avoid at all cost in any concept, ideology or ism that is all about the separation and division of energy in any sense. The collective human consciousness, in my mind, needs more union not less, especially to be able to hear what the universe is trying to say. How often, as children, don't' we hear what our parents have to say when not working in unison and harmony with our parents, with the family unit as a whole? The same is with the universe, however, the Western mind in all of us won't want to comprehend this, this is why the balance between the Western and Eastern thinking is always wise in my mind.

By the way, many people say they are speaking to and not with God or the universe; this is also a sign of separation and division. To hear the universe speak, you must be speaking with the universe; everything else is a fallacy, a deception by individual entities within the universe itself.      

Extract: Good & Bad Don’t Exist

Did the city worker do a bad thing? No. As we have previously stated, good and bad are always subjective, the homeless man may have used that money to clean himself up and eat a decent meal, or he could just have likely spent it on alcohol or hard drugs. No act is either good or bad, but rather it is a decision that either serves us or it doesn’t serve us.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Reluctant Teacher

Written by Mathew Naismith 

A student of wisdom was curious to know who was his teacher of wisdom and asked, "Who are you?" In reply the teacher of wisdom said," Ask yourself this question and you should receive the same answer. A true answer can only be obtained if one is void of judging a wrong or right, good or bad, negative or positive. There is no separation, only a perception of separation between the teacher and student of wisdom. It's this perception and separation between teacher and student that asks who is the teacher."......Mathew G.

Who are we really, are we the student or are we the teacher? Human consciousness is the student because it's still in a sense asking who the teacher is, on the other hand the teacher knows who he is, the teacher but also the student.

So if the student is represented by human consciousness, what consciousness is represented by the teacher?

The various traits of the ego, makes human consciousness what it is, human. As of any consciousness like a fish, donkeys, monkeys, plants and so on, it's the consciousness that forms it's form.  Basically, each form has it's own consciousness that has created a particular form, physical form is attributed to the consciousness behind each created form. Human consciousness form is also attributed to the kind of consciousness that has formed it, as of any conscious form, human consciousness is limited, this is evident in the form it creates.

In a real sense, physical form denotes limitations within the said consciousness, this is shown in the physical form the consciousness creates, in other words, all physical creations and existences seem to denote a consciousness that is limited.

How limited is a students consciousness, especially when it asks questions like who are you or even I?

The teacher doesn't ask such questions, not just because the teacher is aware, it's because the teacher is wised to the difference between the teacher and the student when one only perceives as a student, or in our case, human conscious state.

The student = human consciousness but the teacher = something beyond human consciousness. It's basically a consciousness that is beyond the perceptions of student consciousness, the reason for this lies in the teachers unlimited potential. This unlimited potential consciousness can be known as oneness, divine energy, God's consciousness, pure wisdom and so on.

We might think the teacher can never take form as form denotes limitations which the teacher is not of. Basically it's an impossibility for the teacher to take form because once form is created, this instantly denotes that the said consciousness is limited. You can't be of limited and unlimited consciousness at the same time, it has to be one or the other.

This is student thinking, teacher thinking knows that one is always of the student no matter how unlimited the teachers consciousness is. This sounds like separation but it's not, not when knowing that the teacher can never exist without the student and visa-versa, they are one of the same. The only separation expressed, is through student (human) consciousness, even then there is no true separation, only a perceived separation by the student (human) consciousness.

If at this stage you got the idea that the student has always existed and will always stay as the student, this would be correct. It basically states that human consciousness will always be the student, anything beyond this isn't of human consciousness but of a less limited consciousness. The student consciousness is supposed to be limited within it's own consciousness, as the teacher consciousness is supposed to be unlimited. It's wise to be aware than no consciousness, no matter how limited it is within it's own consciousness, is just the student or the teacher for each is of the other. No amount of separation through judgment of wrongs and right, negative and positives, bad and good, will change this, all what judgment can do is keep a consciousness ignorant to it not also being of the teacher.

Now is judgment (ego) all this bad as it's all about separating ourselves from the teacher?

Judgment (ego) gives us the student, the lack of judgment (ego) gives us the teacher, knowing that teacher and student are as of one and never without the other, judgment (ego) and the lack of judgment (ego) is the same, there is no true separation, only an ego in control would think this!!

What would the ego in control want you to fear the most when the ego sees itself being threatened? It would want you to be fearful of expressing judgment, ego period, within this very expression, you are controlled by the ego. It's wise to be aware that the ego in control is very tricky.

The student judges that judgment is of separation, therefore judgment is separating itself from being of the teacher, this is to be avoided at all costs to become a teacher. The teacher however observes that judgment is needed for one to be a student, only as a student is the teacher a teacher, judgment becomes a necessity and at no time avoided when expressive of being a student.

Judgment within itself isn't the problem in keeping us separated from the teacher within, it's the way we judge that keeps the teacher from within being known to the student self. Yes, the teacher is reluctant to come forth as the student (human) consciousness has not yet learnt it too is of the teacher. 

Monday, 14 March 2016

Yin and Yang of Illusions and Non-Illusions

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post, as the heading portrays, is a depiction of illusions and non- illusions using the balance of yin and yang, meaning, what I’m simply doing is looking at illusions and non-illusions in a yin and yang way. The question of what is and isn’t an illusion keeps popping up, I hope the following will make this perception of what is and isn’t an illusion clearer.  

Before I go on, I think it’s a good idea to take a look at the following video to understand the principles of yin and yang better, this will in turn give us a much better idea of what is and isn’t an illusion.    

First of all the yin and yang symbol shows no separation from one to the other, they are intertwined and act as one. At times it is hard to perceive which is yin and which is yang because one can act as the other does, this is why there is no true separation, only a perceived separation.

You have got to wonder, why have so many spiritual and scientific teachings taught us to separate one from the other when there is no true separation to begin with? Of cause only through a controlling ego do we perceive separation.

This brings us to perceptions of illusions and non-illusions, to ask what is and isn’t an illusion in the first place, is to separate one from the other thus losing the principles of yin and yang of there being no true separation of any energy or non-energy source.

As of human perceptions, any inner perceptions that are different to human perceptions is judged as being more real. We think less in such inner states and in these states we perceive anything else is an illusion. At the same time other people's perceptions state that anything else but a logically thinking mind is an illusion. Of course the ego self tells us that one or the other is real over and above the other, within this perception, we have separation when nothing is truly separated. The real  illusion is thinking one perception has to be more real over and above another!!

When we invert the yin and yang symbol, does this change the principles of yin and yang, does separation occur between yin and yang? No, for the simple reason that yin and yang are entwined, they are existing as one even though yin is depicted as one perspective and yang as another perspective.

Now look at how most western thinking people perceive, we have to admit we do separate everything within our perceptions. Separating illusion from non-illusion is the same as separating yin and yang which is impossible to do without creating an actual illusion. Basically what I am saying is, as soon as we separate one from the other, we have created an actual illusion without perceiving that an actual illusion exists. When we perceive there is a separation of illusions and non-illusions, what are we doing? We are once again separating one from the other when no separation can possibly occur, within this, we have created an illusion.

When you go into a really deep state of consciousness, you realise there is no true sense of what is or isn’t real or what is or isn’t who you truly are because there is no separation of one from the other. We most often mistakenly perceive a thoughtless consciousness is the real consciousness or that any other consciousness is an illusion, within this perception, and that is all it truly is, we have created separation which creates our illusions. As soon as we separate one from the other by perceiving one is real and the other isn’t, we have at that point created an actual illusion as opposed to a perceived illusion.

So in whose perception is something real and everything separated from this perception isn’t real? Be honest, all we are talking about here is fixated perceptions, so is one fixated perception more of the real world than other perceptions? If you said yes, you have once again fallen into the trap of separating one energy source from the other making one of the energy sources an illusion, of course this is but a perceived illusion brought about by separation.

Let’s now perceive a pink flying elephant, within our perception influenced by gravity, we perceive that no elephant is able to fly to begin with, especially a pink flying elephant. Now put yourself into a reality not influenced by gravity, is now an elephant able to fly? You take away the perception of gravity, you give the ability for everything being able to take flight, even a pink elephant!!

To most of us, gravity is real, to some of us that have experienced zero gravity in various conscious states, zero gravity is real which often mistakenly makes anything of gravity unreal or an illusion, this of course includes the mind and anything the mind perceives.

What do we have with both of these perceptions? Separation, both of these perceptions are into separating one from the other which most often includes one perception perceiving that all other perceptions are an illusion. What do we create when we separate one from the other? Illusions…..the real illusions are not about one perception being right above all other perceptions, it’s about separating one from the other when no true separation exists and never could exist.

So what is real and what isn’t, what is wrong and what isn’t, what is an illusion and what isn’t? This is silly, as soon as we ask such questions, we have immediately created an illusion because we have once again separated one from the other by asking such questions to begin with. It is indeed all within the questions we ask, to ask such questions in the first place denotes a perception of separation. Try asking questions not influenced by separation and then see what answers come up, you will be surprised…..

Monday, 4 November 2013

Human Nature, The common Attitudes in Human Beings Behavior.

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is an interesting little discussion I thought I would share with you today; in discussing ways to improve the way we react towards each other.  One person pointed out the difficulties in the English language as follow. “As soon as there is an 'I' and a 'You' there is separation. Our language sometimes doesn't help, especially english because it is full of possesive pronouns like mine, theirs, and us and them. It makes english a difficult language to talk about spirit at times. Maybe if we become aware of the limitation of language we can sense the language that is more universal, that speaks directly to the heart.

Some people say matter is an illusion others say matter is all there is. I think that the 'illusion' is the identification with matter and the forms that it takes, especially the human form. It seems to be the predominant illusion at this time in the world. An overly material approach to life has caused people to turn their back on creation or even notions of a creator”.

Synchronicities playing her part here again because on another forum site I’m presently in a conversation with two people from India, the difficulties of expressing an ideology from another culture/language into English have come up more than once.

Getting back to this discussion, in my response to “How can Human Nature be improved for happy global life?” I wrote the following.

Taking into consideration that we chose to be here at this or any other time, understanding & acceptance is the key to global harmony.

Many spiritually aware people, especially in the West, don't accept the life they have chosen & maybe they’re not meant to either however within this non-acceptance comes inedible conflict. Of course we have on top of this many non-spiritually aware people being non-accepting as well but spiritually aware people should be showing the way towards acceptance & understanding but they’re not.

A true spiritually aware person realises it's not about them but all else around them, Jesus & mother Teresa are good examples of this.

In many cultures we are brought up to be non-accepting of other cultural differences from ours, religion is a good example of this. What if all religions & other forms of spirituality for starters started leading the way to acceptance & understanding of all? 

There are huge cultural differences between all of us around the world, we are not meant to understand all of what each & every cultures ideology stands for but have the understanding that other cultural ideological differences are a difference that’s all, there not a threat just a difference. We need to understand not everyone has to & wants to be like us, they have their own chosen path to follow as we do. Spiritually aware people must also realise not everyone wants to be spiritually aware either or ascend in some way, they must be accepting of this for they are supposed to be leading the way.   Displaying non-acceptance of the ego & judgment for example is actually displaying non-acceptance of others who have chosen to display egotistical & judgmental human tendencies, this won’t lead to harmony for all remembering being truly spiritually aware is never about ourselves.

We have judged judgement & the ego as being bad or inappropriate in some way but what we, spiritually aware people, are truly doing is judging other people with these so called inappropriate human tendencies which of course comes across as conflictive, unaccepting & non-understanding when we should be displaying acceptance & understanding of all. In the process of bettering ourselves we have forgotten our purpose, it’s about all others not ourselves!!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Separation or Just Diversity of Consciousness’s

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following is a very interesting exchange between a good internet friend of mine & myself on the various topics, we are indeed all on different wave lengths but of course we learn from diversity & the following is no different.   

Hi Mathew,
Again Who is it that is reincarnating?
Is it love or is it a self?
There is no I in love.
Unconditional love does not need karma or self'it just is'
take care

G'day Tawmeeleus

You have a problem with the I & self, I don't.

It is the smaller me who is reincarnating or self as you like to put it for the main reason to give my soul experience to learn by through diversity, you can't learn through diversity in being we or I collectively it has to be self & just I which is what gives us diversity to learn by.

I'm sorry but this I stuff that's so popular at the moment is rubbish to me because it represents segregation for starters of one consciousness to another which represents opposing polarities & conflict not oneness. To believe in this segregation you would have to believe everything of time & space to be an illusion when it can’t be because it vibrates so it exists just in a different consciousness not in an opposing consciousness because to have one consciousness the illusion & the other real you have opposing polarities but if there just different consciousness’s there is no opposition or conflict just a difference.

This is exactly what man has done right throughout the old consciousness just past, we need to think differently now for the new consciousness to take effect I believe & stop finding opposing polarities to everything.

Hello Mathew

No. I do not have a problem with any of it,not the way you imply, asking questions and putting another scenario out there is not having a problem.

A problem is the relation between human will and reality. When will and reality do not coincide, the resolution of this gap between reality and will is the solution of the problem. A problem implies a desired outcome coupled with an apparent deficiency, doubt or inconsistency that prevents the outcome from taking place.

I think if someone has a point of view and you do not agree is creating opposing polarities, that were not there in the first place. This is usually a result of one person thinking they are right and that the other is wrong.

Whereas I personally do not believe anyone is right or wrong because everyone only ever has the knowledge that they have! They cannot know what they do not know.

I guess it depends on your intrepretation of what illusion is.

An illusion is a distortion of the senses, revealing how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation.

When I talk about illusion I mean that what we see as real in the physical is a perception of a physical reality.

Perception like all energy is not real or solid but we have a physical perception, an illusion of real and solid.

have a nice day Mathew

G’day Tawmeeleus

Are you implying I’m implying what you perceive I’m implying, I’m just implying what I perceive not what you perceive obviously.......Don’t take things to heart Tawmeeleus!!!

Forget the human vessel, we put too much emphasis on it because it’s not who we are so what do we have left? The soul & consciousness which of course we are all a part of. Now the soul can be caught up in human attachments to the extent it thinks it’s just a physical entity however you also have souls that are aware as well. The unaware soul seem separated, the only separation there is is the illusion of separation that’s all which comes down to awareness & this usually comes about by having a soul that has an expanded consciousness through diversity which you call separation or the illusion.   What you call separation I call diversity which we expand our consciousness by at the soul & yes human level as well so this naughty separation isn’t that naughty plus it’s the illusion of separation.  When we look from outside the human emotional square there is no separation, if there was, oneness would be totally unattainable because you perceive separation as I don’t see separation but totality. This is like this that & the other is spiritual but everything else isn’t especially all the naughty stuff but I on the other hand see it as all spiritual.

Think totally non-humanly, in this lies the truth however most people can’t do this because of previous programming from various human sources from the start.  Your only looking at this through human eyes obviously, try looking from outside the square inwards, you would be amazed how unseparated we are!!!

Do you know I get into certain conscious states that I can’t decipher half of what is human, even words have no meaning because to me in this state it’s antiquated & out dated, it’s a real strange feeling loosing most of what is supposed to be recognisable humanly to me. You seem to be just talking about human conscious concepts I’m not!!

We are on quite different wave lengths Tawmeeleus to obviously learn what we must!!!