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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Two Realities - The Purity of Such

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is going to seem quite delusional to a number of people, it's about two particular realities that are purely based on giving, unlike ours which is about taking.  I also noticed there was no sign of envy or jealousy what so ever either, interesting.

It makes perfect sense that each reality is going to be based on certain perspectives and traits, this reality we are presently experiencing is obviously about egotism and greed therefore envy and jealousy, other realities are based on ego and giving. There seems to be no sense of envy and jealousy within these giving reality, in other words it's impossible to express such traits. I also noticed there was no sense of ownership either, this includes ownership of another person in anyway, this is quite different to our own reality.

The feeling of hate and malice is also  impossible to express, these two realities are way beyond our comprehension only because we can only perceive according to certain conditionings. It is quite obvious to me we are not conditioned to purely perceive in a giving way within this reality, it's more about what you can take, not what you can give.

These two all giving realities are all about unconditionally giving, there are no conditions to giving, this includes looking good to others when we are giving. In actuality, every perception and trait is based on there being no conditions what so ever, self-serving mentalities just can't exist in such realities. It's amazing observing these two realities, they are so different to ours as they are based on quite different perceptions, there is basically no hint of a destructive mentality in the entire reality. It's strange observing realities that are incapable of expressing half of what we express within this reality.

We might think here, if we are unable to express certain perceptions, how would we become aware of such perceptions, these realities based on giving must be quite ignorant and unaware then? Actually no, they are able to observe us, unlike ourselves who are unable to observe them!!  

You might also think that any consciousness within these all giving realities would look down upon us in some way. This isn't the case at all, all they observe is a different reality based on a different mentality driven by quite a different perception to their own conscious perceptions. Such consciousness's are able to comprehend our perceptions and mentalities, can we theirs??

Most people within our reality, couldn't possibly comprehend any other perception than their own, we can't even perceive and comprehend each others ideologies and concepts, how could we possibly comprehend anything beyond human perceptions?

This is an interesting question with an even more interesting answer, how could we possibly comprehend anything beyond human perceptions when we can't comprehend each others perceptions?  

I think a lot of people, even unbeknownst to themselves, feel, know and comprehend perceptions beyond human perceptions, the reason for this is simple, when you take the chaos and egotism out of the mentality of a reality, you take away the confusion and ambiguity of such a reality.

Our present reality is so clouded by confusion and ambiguity, it's no wonder we can't comprehend each others perceptions, this however is quite different in other realities. They are more translucent and far less complicated within their perceptions, this makes it a lot easier for us to comprehend their perceptions than each others perceptions, it's quite all amazing actually. To do this however takes us to be able to perceive beyond our own perceptions, this of course depends in how conditioned we are to our own fixed perceptions!!

Why is our reality so clouded by confusion and is so ambiguous within it's perceptions? Egotism, we label everything.

In these two giving realities, they have no labels, it's all down to just knowing without labels of any kind what so ever, it's basically down to pure simple awareness which is void of questions. Think on this, why do we give everything a label? Labels are created through our constant questioning, as soon as we pose a question and find the answer to the question, what do we do? We label, and as soon as we label, we create confusion which creates the ambiguity within our existence. Egotism wants to think it has to label to know but all its' doing is taking us away from our natural ability to just know.

Being in an existence of just knowing seems so pure, it makes perfect sense why such consciousness's within  it's awareness is so giving. When only answers exist within a reality, so does giving, it all makes perfect sense, well, to me anyway.......