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Saturday, 21 March 2015

The God’s - Dual Existence, Our Natural Selves

Written by Mathew Naismith

To acknowledge the following, you must be able to release yourself from other taught ideological principles and beliefs; this isn’t going to be easy for a few people, these people will probably have certain problems and issues with the following. In other words it’s probably pointless reading on if you are not truly opened minded.

To me everything is of consciousness, it was all created from consciousness no matter what it is, this also means anything we can imagine exists in one sense or another  to me, this of course includes what we have deemed to be God’s and Goddesses throughout history.  Do I think these God’s and Goddesses are actual God’s and Goddesses? No, but in a certain sense to us they are for a very good reason as I will explain by sharing a discussion I had with someone recently in relation to this.   

It sounds like you believe you lived a past life in ancient Egypt when you were a priest. Do you remember anything else from that past life?

It sounds like you also believe that Isis and Horus are real but they are not what people think they are.

You feel the Christian / biblical God is the same as Isis and Horus. This contradicts Christianity I would say. Christianity doesn't recognize Zeus and the others. They are wrong about this regardless of what someone like Zeus really represents. 

Some of this would involve the question of what does the term 'god' mean. What does it mean if we say someone is a god?

My Reply
I remember I was very content with my own life in what I was doing, the only thing I wasn’t happy with was the mistreatment of slaves and workers, I also wasn’t happy when myself and other priests and priestesses were separated and banished to outlying areas.  This was all confirmed by a person who I have never met over the net.

Horus, Isis, Zeus and so on to me are real but not quite in the sense we perceive real to be. It’s a lot easier to take physical form than it is to be in a state of consciousness as these God’s, this however doesn’t make physical form real above other conscious states  of existence, actually it’s quite the opposite. Before physical form, there was always conscious existence which these God’s are more about, that is why it’s so easy for them to take physical form.

Is it easy for physical form to take a non-physical existence?  

Physical from is like throwing a ball into space that has no resistance what so ever, it needs very little effort so what is going to slow this ball down?  The ball in this case is representative of physical form. 

Physical form is created by very fast/high vibrations, once you, like the ball, put physical form into motion; you have no resistance to slow this down except for awareness.  The more aware we become the more we are able to slow this ball down, however, this takes a lot more effort to slow this ball down in physical form than it did to propel the ball in the first place.  

Actually I don’t think the Christian God is like Isis and Horus, only in a conscious state do I think they are simular, the Christian God is representative of all of what is where Isis and Horus actually to me represent a certain conscious state. This state to me is representative of existing in duality while being in non-duality; this is not an easy state to acquire from a physical state of consciousness, this is why we find it so difficult.

How is this Christian God and Isis and Horus simular? They are all conductive to duality and non-duality simultaneously where most physical forms aren’t, how many people live only by duality and how many people denounce duality for non-duality?  No wonder we call these conscious states of this Christian God and Isis and Horus God’s and Goddesses, we can’t perceive how to exist in duality while being in non-duality.  

“What does it mean if we say someone is a god? “

I think I answered this, it’s a state of consciousness that can exist in duality while being in non-duality, it’s a conscious state that has no problems in being in physical form than it would in a non-physical form. Can these so called God’s stop a ball propelled at a great speed with no resistance what so ever? At a blink of an eye mainly because of their awareness brought about by being in non-duality while simultaneously existing in duality.                         

Let’s look at mediation in relation to slowing down time and our vibrations, how often do we feel time has slowed down while meditating?  Time can slow down quite significantly depending on the type and depth of the meditation experienced; this is due to our awareness, however, if you’re not aware while meditating you probably won’t experience time slowing down as much. Throwing a ball through space that has no resistance is quite similar to this, how are we going to experience a different state of consciousness when we are unable to slow down our present state of consciousness?

What we have deemed as God’s and Goddesses are certainly special state of consciousness to us, this is mainly due to being unable to slow down our own present state of consciousness. This is also mainly due to our lack of awareness, we just can’t perceive being in non-duality while simultaneously existing in duality, to us it’s got to be one or the other but why?  

While thinking in a dualistic way, we perceive everything has to have an opposite like duality and non-duality so we have to choose which one to exist by, we certainly can’t possibly simultaneously exist within two opposing polarities. This is why so many people have chosen to denounce duality for non-duality, the funny thing is, within this thinking we are still dualistically thinking by our own actions in denouncing a supposed opposite like duality.  A true non-dualistic thinking person couldn’t see there is an opposite to start with, however this isn’t saying duality doesn’t exist.

The funny thing is we live within a world of opposites, the north and south poles are a good example of this, so why do we think we can’t live in the same conscious state as what we have deemed as God’s and Goddesses exist in?  In duality thinking, we perceive opposites but within non- duality thinking we replaced opposites with complimenting, its one consciousness complimenting itself in a reality of duality, there are no true opposites to denounce for everything is consciousness no matter what form it takes.  

Is it easy being in a state of consciousness like what we have deemed God’s and Goddesses are in?  I think this post shows it’s not that easy, not for a state of consciousness that can only think in duality, this however doesn’t make it impossible, all we need to do is take on a different mentality that will allow us to think beyond opposing opposites to just a consciousness complimenting itself. 

You can plainly see why we have deemed certain states of consciousness as being God’s and Goddesses, in our present state of consciousness this was inevitable. Actually these deemed God’s and Goddesses represent our true form I feel, our natural true state of consciousness.    

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A Perfect Balance within a Reality of Duality

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’ve been a little busy lately on numerous discussion boards and communities, what comes out of these discussions are amazing and at times worrying. You see I am an advocate against bullying; this has been something that has been taking up my time recently.  

I was going to share my recent write ups on bullying but I really need to leave this alone at the moment, instead I will focus on different facets of spirituality by sharing some of my replies on these boards and communities with you.  

The following is in relation to judgement and living in the now.

The strange thing is, if everyone just lived in the present, the now, we would have total peace and harmony, this is mainly due to judgement, how can we judge when there is no past or future and how can our egos take ownership if there is only the now? Just be to me is of the now.

Just be is in my mind taking on a non-dualistic mentality as opposed to a mentality based solely on duality, our existence is still in a reality of duality but our mentality is of non-duality, to me this is perfect balance, I could be quite incorrect with this though but for some reason I don't think so.

But Then

Now the following reply of mine is going to sound contradictory to the above.   

Judging judgment as just being bad is awfully negative to me but that is what a lot of self-proclaimed positive people do.

Ego/judgement is a necessary element within human existence, it can't exist without it.

The problem really is when we misjudge and continually misjudge, all wars are caused through misjudgements, "my way is better than yours so I will force my way onto you". Look at the Dark ages for example, my way is better than yours, Hitler was the same and the religious extremists today are but further examples of misjudgement.

What would happen if we didn't misjudge, would there be any conflicts? Surprisingly, if we weren't misjudgement each other, this would mean we are understanding of each other, you can't create conflict through understanding, it's misunderstanding that creates conflict not judgement itself.

I utterly concur with you Lisa, good one.

These two replies of mine were in reply to different topics, the first one titled, Acceptance of what is---the truth of enlightenment....  and the last one titled, The Purpose of Judgment. They are different titles but they both spoke mainly of judgment.

Can we in a reality of duality stop judging altogether, yes but is it necessary? The answer is no as the last comment explains, we need to judge and it’s the way we judge that defines a reality. The point in living in the now helps us to balance out a dualistic existence with a non-dualistic mentality.  Taking on this mentality doesn’t mean we won’t judge at all, it just means we will judge a lot less and at times not at all.  Taking on such a mentality will actually totally stop us from making misjudgements.

In a non-dualistic mentality you cannot judge period, to balance this out, we then also take or keep our duality mentality as well which helps balance out our mentality between non-dualistic mentality and a dual mentality within an existence of a reality of duality.  

Dual mentality = judgments + misjudgements + past + present + future

Non-dualistic mentality = the absence of judgment period + the now

We should remember it’s our mentality that creates realities, if our mentality isn’t balanced; anything could happen and is happening, existence then became random and chaotic.  

Let’s now look at combining a non-dualistic mentality with a dual mentality giving us a balanced mentality.

Duality and non-duality mentality = judgement + past present and future + the now

Notices that within this balance misjudgements and the absence of judgement period is excluded, this is because misjudgements and the absence of judgement period aren’t a part of a balanced mentality.  Within this balance you no longer have conflicts; this is due to there being no opposing trait, once you drop misjudgements, the absence of judgement also become null and void within a balanced mentality in a reality of duality.

If I was to exist solely in a non-dualistic reality, there would be no need to have this kind of balance mainly because there is nothing to balance; it’s all of the same thing, this isn’t the same with existing solely in a reality of duality however.  If we don’t have balance in a reality of duality, this imbalance causes chaos and destruction quite automatically and the less we are balanced within our mentality, the more chaos and destruction we will create.

This is where I feel a balance between non-dualistic and dualistic mentalities is a must if we want to create a better more balanced existence within a reality of duality.  

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Are we that God?

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had quite a compelling feeling/sensation/insight recently that we could, if we wanted, can become much more enlightened about ourselves than Jesus or Buddha became for example, this of course takes the collective to accomplish this. To me Jesus or Buddha never reached their highest state of awareness, therefore enlightenment, mainly because the collective was disconnected from their true nature which what a lot of people call God, this oneness of the collective. 

God to me represents this oneness or wholeness of the collective, both of non-duality and duality as a whole, not as a separate state or entity.  

Now this might seem ludicrous to state that people like Jesus or Buddha were never, within its totality, aware or enlightened, think on this, could this oneness or God wholly exist as one singular being?  This of course is utterly impossible; it’s of course counterproductive to being of oneness, in this state God would invalidate oneness itself, non-duality. What does it take to be truly at one?  An a awareness far beyond the awareness/enlightenment of Jesus or Buddha.
This was quite a compelling feeling/sensation/insight that I had that obviously to me speaks of a certain amount of truth.

Now if what we call God, this oneness, became an individual, this would invalidate oneness, basically invalidating God in other words, would not the opposite also invalidate individualism? If everyone became aware within its totality, this would to me also invalidate individualism, duality in other words. However the odds of oneness (non-duality) or individualism (duality) ever being invalidated, is in my mind quite unlikely, why would something totally aware invalidate itself? The same goes for individualism, it’s unlikely all of consciousness will knowingly ever become one with itself; there will always be parts of conciseness that wills to stay ignorant of its oneness state, the strange thing is, we are never not of this oneness state, a state of God, only through duality can we perceive this.     

This is going to sound strange to a number of people, but I’m in awe of duality only because I am aware of my non-dualistic state, a state of oneness with God if you like, however, this would be somewhat different if I wasn’t aware, I would feel entrapped like a lot of people feel.  

So many people call this dualistic state of existence a prison but it’s not, not when you truly become aware and knowing of your state of non-dualism, a state of complete oneness.  I still to this day can be misled to think I’m imprisoned when I became too detached from my awareness of my true nature; this is a part of existing within a reality that is dualistic, a state that has more than one aspect to it. 

I’m one of the lucky ones; I nearly totally rely on my intuition and synchronicity to give me answers, this means when I become too disconnected, I am reminded of who I am quite automatically, I don’t have to have an intention or search for the answer when disconnected, it just comes to me, well……most of the times.

I also don’t read a lot; I rely a lot on my intuition and insights to give me answers so I’m not a bible reader, however, I knew I needed something to support my claims of all of us being of God, this oneness, so I inserted a couple of links below to try and support such claims.           

Extract: And so we find early in the history of Christianity the existence of a very mystical interpretation of the teachings of Christ whereby his message is not merely that he himself is God but that everyone else is God as well. 

Even the Old Testament refers to Gods. 

Don’t be fooled by duality, we are also very much a part of non-duality as well as is what we call God, this oneness within its totality.  

The following came to me while doing my ironing.

The Messiah will return, not as an individual but as a collective, it’s already happening!!

This return will make the collective aware of its non-dualistic state, its true state of oneness, the Messiah will no longer be representative of dualism but also of non-dualism, we will be whole again within all our senses.  Basically we will bring the messiah in all of us forth in plain view.    

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Where Does Absolute Truth Exist, Does it Exist?

Written by Mathew Naismith

I thought I would share a couple of responses and my replies to these responses in regards to my recent posts.  

Hi Matt, I love your blogs. We agree on mostly everything, but again, I'm going to disagree on something.

I feel in life we have the mind, body, and spirit. The spirit or God, is eternal, doesn't change, there is no time, space, matter, or energy. There is no past, present, or future. The mind and body (yes, this includes the brain) creates this relative reality, and it is very real, so there is duality in that sense.

When we tap into the spirit or God, through aligning ourselves with the eternal moment (or we can start with being in the present moment), we can access that spirit knowledge, after all, we come from that source.

The ego is not from the spirit at all, (this is what I think you get wrong). The ego is strictly mind and body issues. So when you talk about the brain as being the main processor, you are overlooking God, which is eternal and doesn't need a mind or body- (again, this means the brain as well), to exist.

I think the 64,000 dollar question is how does non-duality or spirit create duality, or the illusion of duality?

I think this question can't be answered because the very thought -(how does it do it?)-creates duality itself which only comes from the mind, which is thoughts and images. Thoughts can only exist in time. Remember, the spirit has no time, it's timeless (again, I will repeat this, it's so important, thoughts can only exist in time.)
So you really can't even ask this question.

The answer is silence, and bathe in the Glory of God!

Just my input. I could be wrong. I'm going on my experience and evidence.

Love you buddy, Sal

G’day Sal C, I had to reread what I wrote to reply back to you.

You are right, the spirit doesn’t have an ego, this is a state of non-duality so there can’t be an ego present.

I was actually referring to the soul as having an ego, however not all souls have an ego either; this is due to the soul not allowing the brain to influence the soul with its ego traits, basically it takes awareness of the soul to avoid this. Some people actually think that the soul doesn’t have an ego either, going by my own experiences within this life, that’s not quite correct either, souls with evil intent are definitely being expressive of ego traits.  I also had numerous experiences with ghosts who still wanted to interact with physical life.

Yes, non-duality can be of the ego as well but not in an actual sense.  As soon as we compare one state to another, we are expressing ego traits; we can only do this while in a state of duality. Saying that non-duality is of absolute truth and duality is an illusion or is of lesser value in anyway, is an expression of egotist traits, this is due to thinking in duality instead of non-duality I feel.

In a non-duality state, the thought of something being a lesser value in anyway just doesn’t occur because it can’t occur because of a non-dualistic state, there is nothing to compare.  

I see that we have inadvertently looked at non-duality in an egoist sense by comparing non-duality to duality; this isn’t saying that the state of non-duality is of the ego, it’s just stating that we are still looking at non-duality through dualistic thinking processes.

“I think the 64,000 dollar question is how does non-duality or spirit create duality, or the illusion of duality?”

Why can’t this question be answered when there is only one state of existence or being? For anyone being expressive of dualistic thinking, yes most definitely this question can’t be answered while thinking in this mode but, what if people could think wholly in non-dualism, this question could certainly be answered even within a dualistic reality.

The question is, can people think wholly in a non-dualistic mode? I think most definitely without question, for example Jesus and Buddha certainly thought more in a non-dualistic mode, they showed us it’s certainly possible.  Why does it seem impossible to us? For starters, thinking in a dualistic mode isn’t going to help us think in a non-dualistic mode; don’t ask questions, it’s that simple, in other words search for answers without asking questions.  

I was once in a state of consciousness all I had to do is ask a question and I would get an immediate answer, I don’t have to do this anymore, it just comes to me as it does to a lot of people who are aware and connected, some call this gut instinct, others call this intuition.

You got me writing again Sal.

Much blessings my friend.  


I like your second paragraph. It is a crazy world. But, who are the crazy ones. Both sides would point at each other. This would indicate a sort of Balance. You're right, it is a bit of a trick, considering that when we work with Absolutes, we create that measurement, thereby we create that Absolute Truth. Can we trust Absolutes, since we create them by our measurement?
Interesting point. Maybe duality is absolute truth.

G'day SpiritRider, yes indeed, can we trust absolute truths when thinking in a dualistic mode? Most definitely not in my mind. We have a dualistic mode of thought that is most often influenced by the ego stating that non-duality is of absolute truth, how correct can this be? 

I think absolute truth is within duality, we just can't see it through the clouds, the clouds of judgment and comparing. How often has a race judged another race as being inferior or less worthy? I see that we are doing the same with duality and non-duality, we need to get away from judgement all together but only if we want a better existence that is.

Maybe at the soul level we don’t!!! 


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

To the Next Spiritual Level

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is going from my last post, Non-duality of absolute truth, I think this is the next level for humans to obtain, thinking past duality altogether.  If we are still making comparison between non-duality and duality, absolute truth and illusions, we are still thinking in duality, the trick is to think past this state to a non-dual state of thinking. You might think non-duality is to not think at all but that’s the trick, thinking while in a non-duality state.

Is thinking all to do with duality, the mind, therefore duality is only of the mind? This is also a bit tricky for anyone thinking in dual format, the brain gives the mind its thinking process which can stay with us from life to life through the soul; this is very much in relation to our karma. It’s the brain that gives us thought not the mind itself, we can be easily tricked to think it’s the mind that gives us thinking processes not the brain when only through the brain can we, at the soul level, obtain a thought process. So what is the mind?

The mind is a culmination of all of what we have experienced in totality, in other words what we have experienced in all our non-physical and physical existences, this can also include our existence in non-duality states.

While thinking in dual format (duality), we perceive the mind as being a thought process when basically all it is, is a hard drive, a place where we store all our experiences, it’s not actually a processing unit like in a computer, it really doesn’t run the show, our lives.

So what runs the show, what is the processor, what determines or sorts out what is going to occur in anyone’s life?

I think it’s a culmination of non-duality and duality that runs the show, however,  don’t make the mistake this culmination between non-duality and duality thinks like the brain or a processing unit of a computer, it doesn’t in my mind. Look at it like an automated processing unit, it doesn’t have to think to create life and experiences, life and experiences just occur through interactions between non-duality and duality. Look at our reactions to becoming aware of non-duality for example, it’s automatically created a reaction, in other words non-duality has automatically given us thought of non-duality itself which has culminated in different reaction and thinking processes and non-thinking processes and reactions.

 So this means at the soul level we don’t run the show, our own lives, we have no free will?

In a sense yes but in another sense no, if we were to only think in duality, I am a separate entity, yes we don’t have free will but, if we were to think in non-duality, I am one entity with all of what is, no we do have free will; we have free will through the culmination of non-duality and duality. This automated process that is created through the culmination of non-duality and duality, is what this oneness has basically chosen to do, it’s become automated by its own free will, mainly in my mind to experience all of what itself, this oneness is.  To say free will doesn’t exist for us is to think in duality not non-duality.

This level of understanding is not easy to understand and comprehend but I do think it’s the next level in a human sense.

We have created a problem by egotistically believing non-duality is the be and end all, it’s our egos telling us there has to be a place or a state separate to our present state that is of absolute truth. It’s funny how the ego can’t, or more likely, won’t see that absolute truth is sitting right in front of it within a state of duality. The ego says to us, “this can’t be the case; this is a horrid reality of duality, there’s no way absolute truth can exist within this reality”. Why is it a horrid reality and why can’t we see the absolute truths within this reality?

For starters we have judged this reality as being horrid and absolute truth can’t possibly exist within a reality influenced by duality. For starters this kind of thinking process will obscure any absolute truth within this reality; absolute truth is only obscured through our own misjudgement not by the reality we exist in. For starters there is only one reality, so if this one reality is horrid, this one reality can’t possibly be in anyway of absolute truth, absolute truth can’t exist then, it’s also an illusion which of course it’s not. In fact we have created this horrid reality void of absolute truth through judgement.

How many times have we been warned to stop judging but we still judge duality as being one thing and non-duality as being something else, as soon as we make judgment from one state to another, we are thinking in dual format, the trick is to stop doing this altogether. In doing this we have created two separate states, non-duality and duality, through thinking in a dual format. The next step is to get away from this kind of thinking process of judgment now we have become aware and more aware of non-duality.  See now how becoming aware more of non-duality, in culmination with duality, has created a different thinking process. In a sense non-duality wouldn’t exist for us if it wasn’t for duality, duality has automatically given us the awareness of non-duality, thus we have duality and non-duality working in culmination.  

But in a real sense there is no non-duality or duality in a true non-duality state, therefore both non-duality and duality are of a thought process only, they are more of the brain than the mind for only in the brain can we label something as being of non-duality and duality for it takes judgment to label things so.      

Non-Duality of Absolute Truth???

 Written by Mathew Naismith

It would seem I need to explain myself a little further in regards to non-duality not being of absolute truth; it’s not that non-duality isn’t of absolute truth; the point is, to have absolute truth you would need to have a sort of an opposite which we call duality. Within this thinking process we have lost being of non-duality, this is because as soon as we are aware of a non-duality and a duality state, we are thinking in duality.

How would you define a non-duality state if there wasn’t a duality state to begin with to compare a non-duality state with? If you were in a non-duality state of existence, you wouldn’t know that was a non-duality state. Let’s look at this a different way, if everyone was crazy in the world, what would then define being crazy? Everyone would be normal unless someone wasn’t crazy and then it’s these non-crazy people who would be deemed to be crazy, interesting isn’t it!! The point is, as soon as we define what is and isn’t of non-duality and absolute truth, we are only being expressive of duality; it’s a bit of a trick actually.

As soon as we defined two separate states, what are we expressing, duality or non-duality?  Actually being unaware of a non-duality state is being more of non-duality than defining two separate states; this is especially the case if we judge one state as being an illusion and the other state of absolute truth.  We have fooled ourselves, there is only one state of being and existing and it has nothing to do with judging what is and isn’t of non-duality, it’s pretty tricky isn’t it? As soon as we have judged one state being different to another, we are only being expressive of duality.

So what is this non-duality, are we going to continue to judge this non-duality as being of absolute truth, if we do we have no idea what non-duality actually stands for, it doesn’t stand for judging any other state as being less worthy than another state but that is exactly what we are doing more than ever.  

So what does non-duality stand for in my mind?

If we realise it or not, we are already in a state that we have judged as a non-duality state, we were never truly out of it.  Now how can this be when we are mainly expressive of duality?  As soon as you judge one state being less worthy or of less truth than another, you are being expressive of duality (within the non-duality state) not (separate from a non-duality state).

 It’s important here to note how I wrote what is in the brackets, within as opposed to separate and within the as opposed to separate from. The represents a single state but from represents a separate state from the.  Did duality come from non-duality or is duality a part of the non-duality state we are referring too? This depends on if we judge one state being any less worthy or less of the truth than another.  

How is duality a part of and not separate to non-duality?

This is interesting because if there not separate, one isn’t any more or less of absolute truth than the other because there is no other to begin with, in other words there is no two separate states of non-duality and duality, this is only the case if we are thinking and being of duality. This is the point in thinking we are only of duality, in what we have judged as a duality state. We are being expressive of duality, it’s within a non-duality state we are expressing duality, this is not separate from non-duality but being expressive of duality within what we deemed as being a non-duality state.  

Picture yourself in a total non-duality state; in this state can duality exist?

It’s obvious to us in duality that a duality state can’t exist within a non-duality state, once you have two or more separate states you have duality not non-duality, so how can duality be of and not separate to non-duality? As soon as we deem duality separate to non-duality, this actually makes non-duality an illusion not duality, we have two separate states, so duality has to exist within non-duality for non-duality to exist and not just be an illusion!!

So how can duality exist within non-duality without making non-duality an illusion?  

This is simple, stop separating one form the other by judging one being more of absolute truth than the other, what we have judged as being of duality is just as much of absolute truth than what we have judged as being of non-duality.  This sounds ridiculous doesn’t it, but it’s not for the main reason, we have obscured this absolute truth with thinking one is separate and less worthy than another, for example, judging non-duality being of absolute truth and duality being an illusion. You should be able to see by now how we have tricked ourselves.

We are existing in what we have judged and titled as being of non-duality, within this non-duality, which is of absolute truth, we have obscured this absolute truth with duality thinking instead of non-duality thinking.  What I’m actually saying here is that non-duality and duality are thinking processes; this means they take thought for them to exist, neither non-duality nor duality exist except within thought processes, in other words they need a thought process for either of them to exist.  To be in a true non-duality state, neither non-duality nor duality exists, they are both an illusion in a sense until we give either of them thought.

Thinking in non-duality is simple, stop thinking separation, think oneness in all and don’t judge one being more worthy or of absolute truth than another, non-duality is but a thinking process, think oneness.          

Note: Sorry but this is as simple as I can write this and no this didn’t take a lot of thinking by me, this just comes to me as I write. Yes I have to reread what is being written by me but, if I didn’t make this more understandable when it comes to me, no one including myself would understand what is being written.  I have to keep asking as I write is what I’m writing correct, sounds balmy but it’s true.       

Monday, 23 February 2015

Spiritual Feelings and Non-duality

Written by Mathew Naismith

I think it’s important that we accept our short falls within our posts/blogs and ourselves to be pointed out to us without taking offence, this is vital if we want to be properly understood by other people and ourselves.  One of my recent posts was obviously not explanatory enough; this is something I do quite often, this is one of the problems of writing on topics that are controversial and complicated at times.  This is going to be hard to believe for some people but I actually don’t choose these topics, they choose me in various ways, some are incited by other people and other topics just come about through me, vary rarely do they come directly from me. It’s very much like going with the flow.

I inserted explanatory annotations in italic text to define what my replies were relating to.

It was pointed out that non-duality isn’t new. 
Non-duality is new to a lot of westerners, this is what I meant.  In the west we are reacting quite differently to non-duality than easterners as most westerners do in regards to eastern views and ideologies.   

It was pointed out we should go by actual experiences and evidence not just feelings.
Experience and evidence:  Some people have a feeling or an attachment to the Pleiades, why?  Past life experiences, as we became aware, we can feel a lot from actual past life experiences without knowing that these feelings come from actual experiences.

There is a difference between feeling from past lives and ego based feelings from this life, however,   some of these feeling from past lives can also be of the ego.  Once you begin to drop the ego, these feelings from past lives tend to have a different feeling to them.   

It was pointed out that non-duality is of the ultimate truth and duality isn’t.
We will have to disagree in regards to non-duality being of ultimate truth, I thought this myself but that’s not totally true in my mind.  In non-duality there is no such thing as truth and non-truths, only in duality is there such a thing, if this was the case, non-duality wouldn’t be of non-duality.

Speaking from a perspective view of non-duality, you can see the ultimate truth within duality, however, when you only have a perspective from a duality view, non-duality is the ultimate in truth which make duality for a lot of people an illusion. There is a big difference between just knowing about non-duality and actually experiencing non-duality, to me it’s obvious most people only know of non-duality, they haven’t actually experienced non-duality.   

I have had certain experiences in this life of non-duality, nothing significant though; most of my non-duality experiences come from past lives especially from lives experienced in ancient Egypt and the antediluvian period.

I have to admit, I did have a few short falls within this post and other posts, its good this is pointed out by people like you, so many people take unnecessary offence to having their short falls pointed out, your bloods worth bottling.


Non-duality; in the west we do indeed react and think differently to non-duality than easterners, this could be due to westerners only knowing about non-duality instead of actually experiencing  non-duality themselves.  I think another factor could also relate to easterners being brought up with the concepts of non-duality where in the west were not as a whole.  

Feelings; are they less worthy than actual experiences and evidence?  If something is less worthy we are again thinking in duality not non-duality, how are we going to experience non-duality if we keep thinking in duality to start with?  I find this to be prominent in western thinking, we know about non-duality but we don’t practice in non-duality.  Within this thinking process, we judge that this that and the other is an illusion, can this judgment be sound?  It’s not because we are again thinking in duality instead of non-duality by making such judgement, I find this quite amusing, it’s something I also do at times myself.

When I said most people haven’t experienced non-duality, that isn’t the case, in this life yes but they will most likely find in past lives they have, take the attraction of the Pleiades for some people, you will find that Pleiadians are quite non-dual within their existence. I think it’s important that we remember who we are as a whole, this takes remembering, to some degree at least, our past lives.

I don’t look at every life lived as a separate lives, to me all my lives experienced is one whole life separated by separate experiences, this helps me to remember my past lives, in other words remembering my separate experiences or roles played out like in a play.  

When becoming spiritually aware, feelings to me take on a different aspect, most often these feelings are from actual experiences from past lives, they can be quite relevant and more relevant than we might possibly know.    

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Non-duality – A New Toy

Written by Mathew Naismith

Quite a lot of people are not going to agree with this post mainly because I’m into neither non-duality nor duality being the be and end all, in other words I feel we have come from neither duality or non-duality, time or timelessness. Until recently I also thought we came from this timeless state of non-duality however I keep getting we are neither but all of what is, this is mainly due to why a non-duality state would take on a duality state if this duality state of consciousness is an illusion. There would be no purpose or intention because this non-duality state doesn’t and can’t express a purpose or intention so where did this conscious state of duality come from, how was it created from a state of no purpose or intention?  

Before I try to answer this question I would like to express why I think non-duality is a new toy to us, this may however upset a few people who utterly believe everything has come from a state of non-duality, a state of utter timelessness or nothingness as some people put it.

What happens when a child receives a new toy especially a toy that far outshines any other toy they have?  All other toys become obsolete, the child becomes ignorant to their other toys because this new toy is the be and end all at this moment in time.  

While living in a state of duality, we have discovered a new toy called non-duality, this new toy outshines our other toys of duality so this must be the be and end all, this is where we were obviously all created from.  The problem with ignoring our other toys of duality is we are living within this duality while trying to ignore duality; we can’t do this unless we judge duality as being an illusion, after we do this duality becomes a lot easier to be ignorant towards.  A child doesn’t have this problem, once a child has a favourite toy, no new toy will take its place. The child is aware of their new toy but they are also aware of their favourite old toys as well. Isn’t it better to be aware of all of what is instead of just being aware of what we only want to be aware of ?

The funny thing is we haven’t done this, we are trying to discard any toy, including our favourite toys, in favour of a much newer much brighter toy called non-duality, this new toy is the be and end all above any other toy we have.  Does this sound a little like a spoilt brat?? Don’t worry I was doing the same thing.  

I’m going to try to put duality and non-duality into perspective here before I go on.

Duality = time + push and pull effect + cause and effect + intentions + purpose + physicality + movement + thought

Non-duality = timelessness + no intentions + no push and pull effect + no cause and effect + non-physicality + motionless + nothingness + no thought + God?  

How do you get a consciousness state of duality from non-duality? It’s utterly impossible unless conscious states of duality have always existed.

Another thing to take into consideration is, if non-duality is of timelessness that means anything of time has always existed, it’s a timeless state, there are no starting or ending points of creation so how was time created even as an illusion? In this timeless state you can’t even create an illusion, it’s utterly impossible. This all means we couldn’t have come from non-duality, a timeless state, time (duality) has also always obviously existed.

Now I’m probably going to upset a few more people here in making reference to God, this reference isn’t of a religious ideology of God but of a metaphoric representation.

What has God represented? It’s represented the creation of all things, it’s the metaphor of all of creation, nothing can exist without being created from what we call God, the source of all creation, does this not also mean conscious states of duality? If this God, the creative source, is supposed to be nothingness, totally without intentions or purpose, how did this creative source create duality and to what purpose?  

If you have ever been in this non-duality state of timelessness, there is no way one can even create an illusion in this state so how did this state of timelessness create all of what is? It didn’t, so it’s obvious we didn’t come from this timeless state of non-duality but of both non-duality and duality.

What’s above is also below, it takes two opposites like male and female to create a child, in my mind it also takes two to create all of what is. The funny thing is there are no true opposites; it’s all of the same source, what we call God. Duality uses these so called opposites to create from which can, if we become disconnected from the source, create a Godlessness, a total disconnection from the source. This is caused by just existing within duality and ignoring all our other toys of non-duality. Once we become ignorant to our other toys, we become disconnected to the source of (all) creation, this in turn creates chaos and destruction quite automatically, in other words what I am saying is chaos and destruction are an automatic response to our disconnectedness.  

Am I saying the source of all creation, which a lot of people call God, is of both yin and yang? Most definitely, it’s of both non-duality and duality which creates all of what is.  

Note: Please try not to take offence, this is an expression of my path only and shouldn’t be taken to heart, one must remember that all paths no matter what are worthy.                           

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Spiritually what is Life?

Written by Mathew Naismith

What is truly life; is it existing in a physical reality or something else? Well life isn’t something else and it’s not physical realities, for life to exist there has to be a death so we have to define if death actually exists for life to exist, does death exist?

According to the following death certainly doesn’t exist, death exists for us because we are brought up to believe in death, the body and mind dies and rots away to nothing, this is death to us, the problem with this is we only have a transition of energy, you can’t destroy energy, however, energy can go through transitional stages that seem like the demise of our whole being.   

Extract:  After the death of his old friend, Albert Einstein said “Now Besso has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us … know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”  

Extract: Many of us fear death. We believe in death because we have been told we will die. We associate ourselves with the body, and we know that bodies die. But a new scientific theory suggests that death is not the terminal event we think.

So there is no such thing as death, does this then negate the possibility of life actually existing? Only in a sense.

What is life, what gives life its existence? In a human sense the existence of death gives life its existence, could there be a life existence without death, how would we know life exists without death, an opposite?  Without an opposite we wouldn’t know if we were living or not. Take yin and yang (male female), would yang know the existence of yin if we were all yang?  The yang cannot exist without the yin so if death doesn’t exist how can life?  

So does this mean life doesn’t exist?  In a human sense yes but not in a spiritual sense, anything that is creative and transforming you could define as giving life its existence, you could also say this also gives death it’s existence but that’s not true.  In a human sense you have life, therefore, what we have defined as life is to do with death, our demise gives us a sense of what life is, however, we are now finding out that death doesn’t actually exist. This doesn’t and shouldn’t negate the existence of life for the main reason; anything creative and transforming is a definition life.  What we really need to do now is think quite differently than we did before, yang can exist without yin and visa-versa.

Why is there a yin and yang, why do they seemingly exist?  

It is obvious yin and yang create transformations as life creates death, yang on its own isn’t capable of creating and transforming, does this mean yang on its own defines death? In a sense it does, the yang on its own is incapable of creating transformations, however, because yang is aware of yin, like through realities like this one, yang is never truly of death.  It’s all down to awareness and it’s this awareness that gives life its existence. You could say here that the opposite of awareness is ignorance, therefore, ignorance is of death if awareness is of life?  The thing with this is ignorance is also of transformations, it seemingly gives us death through wars for example. Death in any sense just doesn’t exist but life does through creations and transformations.

Realities like this one are all about life and more life as they give consciousness an awareness of all it is, it’s of duality and non-duality, time and timelessness all in the same moment. Only being in duality OR non-duality can death exist as only being aware of yin OR yang can death exist. Thinking only in duality gives us death as only thinking in non-duality gives us death but, thinking in both gives us interactions and transformations, a creation of life itself. You could say non-duality is more about death than anything; it’s totally of non-transforming and creating brought about by no interactions, therefore, there are no transformations and creations, you have nothingness, in other words death. 

The thing is, non-duality can’t really exist if duality in any sense exists, it’s a delusion to think non-duality can exist in the same moment unless you are aware of there being a yin and yang, duality non-duality.  All what exists for some people is non-duality and all what exists for other people is duality when non-duality and duality create transformations. Just knowing about non-duality has made us aware of existing in duality, you cannot get away from yin making yang aware of itself and visa-versa, it’s all to do with creating transformations. This is how duality has created yet another transformation by making us aware of non-duality, yin making yang aware of its own existence and visa-versa?  This is life itself, there is only life……..                  

Extract: Think about the quantum physics [1]. Quantum physics has proven by physical tests that a higher field of consciousness (information field) in the universe exists (Alain Aspect [2], Amit Goswami [3]). The ruling string theory [4] assumes that it has our material universe there are many other dimensions of energy. The former head of the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich, Professor Hans-Peter Dürr believes that the brain by thinking a field of consciousness (quantum field) forms that can exist after the death of the body in the higher dimension further [5]

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Influence of Duality Thinking

Written by Mathew Naismith

We all know what duality & non-duality mean so we would all know any knowing & awareness coming from these conscious realties are going to be different as well. Duality is of course more of thought than non-duality as non-duality denotes oneness & in oneness there is no reason to think as everything is one however in duality, because consciousness is separated into individual portions, we have to judge & name these differences. In this process, because were not aware that everything is a portion of consciousness, we label everything separately which gives us even more separateness/dualism. This is saying, this process of seeing everything as a difference & labelling them so has actually created more dualism within this reality & the more dualism we create the more opposing forces & conflict we will create.  

Religion/spirituality are supposed to be about non-duality & science/psychology is about duality because it labels everything into separate spectrum, so spirituality & sciences seem to be opposing forces but they weren’t created to be opposing forces but complimenting & coexisting influences I believe. In the dark ages religion ruled & it caused all sorts of mayhem, now we have the sciences/technology doing the same today. The reason for this is one or the other dominates our existence.  I feel non-duality is there to help keep us proportionally balanced between dualism & non-dualism while existing in a dualistic reality but it’s not meant to be the most dominant influence, a balance between the two will create a much more sedate existence I believe.

Dualistic & non-dualistic thinking processes give us quite different thinking processes & at times quite opposing thought processes so how are they supposed to coexist & complement each other? Wisdom, the wisdom to be accepting enough so that these two seemingly opposing thought processes can work in unison together. We have, believe it or not, tried to do this in the past; even religions like Buddhism & Islam have tried to do this to some extent but of course under the dominance of the said religion which in the end doesn’t work especially to its full capacity. What we are missing here is we can’t see everything being of an intelligent consciousness; it’s all of consciousness so even if we do label everything as separate parts of consciousness it’s still consciousness. Science is of consciousness as much as religion or even spirituality; it’s just a different portion of consciousness. I must state here that just because it’s separate parts of consciousness in this duality reality doesn’t mean it’s an illusion, just separate parts of the universal intelligent consciousness.       

Anyone who is dominated by dualistic modes of thought are going to find it hard to accept any other thought process, how would one know & become further aware about oneself & our environment if one doesn’t label everything that is seemingly different to something else? This is duality thinking but non-duality thinking isn’t an actual thinking process at all but just a knowing that one has without labels, it comes down to acceptance of what is without question which a mind dominated by dualism can’t accept so what’s the answer?   It comes down to teaching that everything in existence is of an intelligent consciousness not trying to teach non-dualistic thought mode processes to a dualistic thinkers, in this just lies more conflicts. I believe science will one day discover that everything is of an intelligent consciousness, if given room to breathe; science will come to its own conclusions about the universal consciousness with a little bit of external non-duality assistance. Non-duality will assist without lifting a finger I believe through its own intentions because intentions on their own collectively are conscious changing so we are seeing through many scientists/psychologists becoming more open minded & accepting these days. I believe things will just evolve when the time comes to evolve as science is doing today.    

Sunday, 22 September 2013

True Acceptance is The Key

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is going on from my last post titled The Illusion of Time & Space/Physicality, synchronicities a funny thing indeed.

Presented by cosmicwarrrior:
William Cooper - Truth Isolation

G'day cosmicwarrior

Yes it's a little bit that way.

Becoming spiritually aware isn't an easy road to tread & it's even harder if you are using spirituality to run away from something or have some sort of psychological issue that you are using spirituality to calm yourself in some way. Spiritual awareness can bring out the gremlins in more than one way, in ourselves & the rest of humanity, one must be wary of this.

The real truth in time & space, (duality), doesn't exist, it's only what we perceive to be the truth at any given time. Time & space give us the duality's of truths, there is no one truth in realities of duality, time for one changes truths at a drop of a hat so is there a real truth? No time & space, (non-duality), gives us the real truth as it's of oneness however living in realities of duality again gives us dual truths which is only a portion of the real truth. We are only living & experiencing part of the conscious knowing in realities of duality, time & space, so no we can't experience the real truth because then we wouldn't be in a duality reality.

So why are we living in & creating realities of duality? In a pure oneness state we can't physically experience all of the knowing of the universal consciousness so we break it down into separate portions which is basically separate truths, (duality), this is why we are so different to each other, we are all a separate portion of the whole real truth. This is actually saying we are experiencing the whole real truth but in separate forms, now how special is that!!!! No wonder I look upon this reality in amazement at times.


This explains quite clearly, I feel, why self-discovery through sciences as well as spirituality is important & is all a part of spirituality. Science/psychology is helping us to put these conscious pieces together again & when we do this, in how many years’ time, we will see quite a different reality to what we are experiencing today. You could argue spirituality does this anyway without science/psychology so why would we need science & psychology to help put these pieces of conscious truths together? Science/psychology are about realities of duality & spirituality is about non-duality reality. If we were to put these conscious truths together through just spiritual means we would lose this duality reality however if we use science/psychology as well as spirituality we will have the best of all worlds/realities I believe. On the other hand if we continue to use science/psychology on their own the obvious will continue, we will keep floundering about like lost children.      

This of course comes down to using all the tools we have at hand in unison in finding out the whole real truth & by doing this we will indeed be able to live the whole real truth & knowing of the totality of consciousness in a coexisting duality/non-duality existence. This is a huge WOW because everything will be truly at one when this happens & it will happen one way or the other I feel. Like I have always said, “true acceptance is the key”.