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Friday, 17 June 2016

Putting Consciousness Into Perspective

Written by Mathew Naismith

Consciousness; the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. This interpretation refers more to the physical consciousness than non-physical. The non-physical interpretation would be something more like the following, " The mental (mind) action or process of acquiring awareness through comprehension, observation and all the senses".

The mental aspect is the same in the physical as it is of the non-physical, the only difference is, the physical existence needs a brain to process these mental actions and processes,  the non-physical doesn't need a brain, it works with the mind. Being aware that the brain is nothing without the mind, the minds actions and processes are non-physical until the brain expresses the minds actions and processes, this has given us the perception that the mind is also physical but it's not. Everything we create comes from a non-physical source of energy, the mind is a non-physical entity even though we use a physical form, the brain, to process the mind. Only through a physical form are we able to measure the mind and know of it's existence within a physical existence, this is quite different in a non-physical existence where there is no need to measure anything to know of it's existence, consciousness in a non-physical entity and is automatically aware of the minds existence.

Now we might also think that the mind dies with the brain when the physical self dies, once the physical brain is dead, so is the mind. Being that the mind isn't physical to start with until expressed through a physical brain, it's very unlikely that the mind dies with the brain. There are of course various science experiments that support this analogy. The mind existed before and after brains are formed, reincarnation is good example of this. Science once again has proven, to some extent, that reincarnation could possibly be a real phenomena. So it's obvious that the mind, therefore consciousness, exists as a non-physical entity, in actuality, consciousness, therefore the mind, is probably more of a non-physical entity than a physical one. Basically, consciousness is non-physical until it's expressed through a physical brain, however, not all that is expressed physically is expressed through a physical brain. This of course further refers that the mind doesn't need the brain to express itself in a physical way. 

It would seem that consciousness can exist without a physical form to process and inturn turn these processes into actions, physical form, in actuality, it's not the non-physical that is alien to consciousness, the mind, it's physical form that is alien to consciousness (the mind). This infers that consciousness natural state is non-physical, not physical as we perceive, this is the illusion that physical existence has given us I feel.

True Meaning of Old Texts: Our perception, within a physical existence, has given us the perception that the mind can't possibly exists without the brain, this of course is untrue. Many of the old texts are written by people that are aware of this, however, so that people of the perception that the mind is the brain perception, meaning, that these people are predominantly of the physical perception, these old texts had to be written so that the average person could comprehend what is being stated. This meant that the writer had to express himself in a physical way, everything written had to be put into a physical perspective.

A good example of this is God, God's and Goddesses and demons, devils and angels to name a few. We often put these entities into form because that is the only way we can comprehend and perceive their being, otherwise they couldn't exist for us. In actuality this is how these old text writers had to write, most of the times, they had to put a physical figure or representations to something that was and is of a non-physical consciousness entity. For example, is God a white bearded man in a white robe? No, but God's consciousness had to be presented like this so that the average person could comprehend what was being portrayed within these texts, we are also talking about a people who were  predominantly illiterate as well when these texts were written. Could you imagine telling people of God's consciousness as being just a consciousness and expect the populous to comprehend where you were coming from? It just wouldn't have happened so the old texts had to be written so that the average person could comprehend them, this meant that when it came to explaining consciousness,  these texts where encoded into symbols to hide the real meanings of the texts.

Devils and angels are the same, devils haven't got horns and angels haven't got wings, this is our perception of these kinds of consciousnesses so we can relate to them to acknowledge them. This kind of acknowledgment is needed in a consciousness that is predominantly of the mind of physical existence, meaning, the physical is acknowledge before the non-physical. Any consciousness that perceives the physical before the non-physical, needs physical acknowledgment, this means putting each consciousness, like God, angles and demons, into a physical representation for acknowledgment. Often old texts will present themselves inline with the physical when their own acknowledgment is of the non-physical.

So what is all this saying?

It's saying that there is only consciousness until consciousness is expressed or recreated into physical form. The devil is a representation of a conscious way of existing as is Jesus or Buddha for example. They are not a representation of a being or beings, they are a representation of a consciousness, a non-physical consciousness. Now not many of us can comprehend this or even want to comprehend this but some of us can, and yes, we are at that stage of human consciousness where a certain number of people are able to comprehend beyond physicality.

We can indeed create or summon a being or beings that look like devils and angels for example, within a physical existence, this is a good thing to occur though because it gives us a comprehension of something we might not otherwise become aware of.

We do indeed have a choice, either to live by a Jesus/Buddha consciousness or by a devils consciousness for example, remembering though, Jesus/Buddha consciousness is of awareness, wisdom and harmony where's the devils consciousness is of ignorance, folly disharmony, the choice is indeed ours to make. I know what kind of consciousness wisdom would choose to exist by......!!