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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Assisting a Consciousness in Trauma

Written by Mathew Naismith

A psychotherapist/psychiatrist will place a patient into a less destructive mental state/reality by creating a less destructive reality, a less destructive illusion. This allows the patient to move from a destructive reality to a more constructive reality/illusion. Yes, delusions/illusions have there place within humanity. 

Psychotherapists/psychiatrists will not try to bring a patient back to reality straight up, for it is most likely that the real reality caused trauma to the person in the first place. The last thing you want to do is cause more trauma but at the same time gradually bring the person back to the real reality that caused them trauma. As you could imagine, this can take some time to do as bringing a person back to real reality is accomplished through various stages.

As I observe materialists/atheists and spiritually aware people battling it out with each other for supremacy, I have myself observed a certain amount of trauma on a collective scale. As a lot of people have concurred, the human collective consciousness is mentally strained through centuries of trauma/conflict. The collective human consciousness is conditioned to suffering thus creating further and further trauma. As soon as we are born, we are immediately conditioned to being in trauma on a collective scale, this is instead of being conditioned to a peaceful existence.

Spiritually aware people are obviously traumatised by our present reality, our present consciousness, this is too obvious as their own actions depict. As of a mentally ill patient who is traumatised by our present reality and go into a protective state of mind, an illusionary state of mind/reality, so can a collective group of people in trauma. How many soldiers suffer with the same mental conditions? Being traumatised by our present reality is no different collectively.

What do a lot of spiritually aware people do? They escape the present reality by creating their own reality. There are a lot of spiritually aware people who have created another reality for themselves to save themselves from further trauma, this is highly psychologically/spiritually constructive to the collective consciousness. However, it is not constructive to the collective consciousness when, while existing in the present reality, we totally ignore everything we deem to be negative, or, totally ignore everything that creates more traumas for ourselves personally. This is like a mentally ill person creating a reality that is highly destructive, either to themselves and/or everybody else. Simply staying ignorant to what has caused the trauma in the first place, is simply not going to help the collective consciousness, in actuality quite the opposite as is being presently proven.

As for materialists and atheists, what is their trauma?  The trauma of there possibly being more than what they can perceive making their own ideologies and beliefs illusionary and deceitful. Also, the trauma of religion taking over again thus inflicting more trauma on the rest of the world. I don't think we would have been any better off if we where all atheists or materialists from the word go, in actuality history tells us we could have been worse off.     

A psychotherapist/psychiatrist will bring a mentally ill person back to real reality through stages, eventually allowing the patient to hopefully exist within the present reality, not a made up reality. So many spiritually aware people have done just this through different and various spiritual techniques, brought themselves back to the present reality without the feeling of being traumatised by the present reality. Yes of course, as a lot of spiritually aware people believe, everything physical and of the ego is an illusion!! As soon as someone expresses themselves in this way, I know where they are coming from.

If the universe was created by a far more aware and wiser consciousness than our own human consciousness, what the universe represents is a reflection of a consciousness. Just because the universe and everything within the universe is a reflection of another consciousness, doesn't make the universe and everything within the universe an illusion, especially considering the trauma our present reality creates for us. Any consciousness in trauma will enter into any illusionary state to escape trauma, even and probably especially at the cost of the present reality. It is fine entering into an illusionary state of reality/mind to protect ourselves from further trauma, but it is highly harmful to the collective consciousness when done at the cost of all else.

An extreme reaction to trauma is to ignore what has caused the trauma by any means. Excessive expressions of positivity and creating illusions that everything that causes us trauma is an illusion, is of the same mentality of a mentally ill person in trauma, a person trying to escape their present reality, their present state of mind. A mentally balanced approach that is often orchestrated in psychotherapy, is to not put yourself into a state of mind of extreme reaction to trauma, but into a state of mind that is more passive and constructive and less illusionary and extreme in nature. The universe is simply a reflection of a far more aware and wiser consciousness, not simply and categorically an illusion or negative/toxic, point blank.

Think of this in relation to creating your own illusion. How many sports people put themselves into a state of mind that they are superhuman? In ancient battles, often both sides put themselves into a mental state of being superhuman like. Creating an illusion is fine, it is how we create an illusion that really matters.       

I really hope this helps some people, even though what I have written here is of my own mind.