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Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Healing Process

Written by Mathew Naismith

I should point out, I’m not a healer as such in this life, this is indicated by my own mentality which is fixated to the negatives and/or positives in life to some extent like most people. In my life in ancient Egypt though, it would seem I didn’t have this problem, this made me a very proficient healer.  Once anyone stops being this fixated to the negatives and/or positives in life, anyone at this stage can become a healer. Actually once this occurs, everyone automatically becomes a healer in some sense.

Instead of racking my brain in determining and judging what is negative and what is positive, I just kept the mind quiet by focusing on constructive thinking. It was a simple learnt thought pattern that gave me a constructive mentality instead of a destructive mentality. Not realising this or being aware of this, today most of us are conditioned to a destructive mentality, this is bread into us and can be quite hard to shake off, rid ourselves of such a mentality.  This is due to being also conditioned at the subconscious level.

How do we get around this? Study our dreams and meditate. Meditation and dream interpreting can bring forth the subconscious making the subconscious conscious to our conscious selves, in other words we become aware of our inner subconscious thoughts. Yes this can be spooky at first but one away around this is to visualise the subconscious as a bright light, a bright healing light instead of something negative as opposed to positive.   

Now, we can mistaken the white bright light of life energy forces for the white bright lights of healing for they are both of a white bright light.  To me the difference is as follow.

The white bright light of life energy forces = no indication of the light being of heat or cold and it should be of a soft bright white light.

The white bright lights of healing = this is usually of a warm light to a very warm light and it’s not a soft light, it’s a bright piercing light.

Each life force gives off a different soft glow of light, this depends on their mental and/or physical condition, some are bright some are dull within the intensity of their glow. This also depends on how well someone is connected to Gaia and/or the inner self.
The bright light of healing also varies in intensity depending in what condition of what needs to be healed, for example, if a joint is highly inflamed the healer will sense and possibly visualise a lot of heat and bright light.  When a joint isn’t as inflamed, the light density will be dimmer and you want notice as much heat either. This will also occur during the healing process, you know when you are healing when the heat isn’t as intensive as before and the light has dimmed. Eventually, if the healing process has been successful, you won't sense any heat or visualise or feel any light, at this stage you have successfully brought everything back into it’s natural order, the way it’s supposed to be.

Also in my case, I visualise hearing an electrical bussing sound when the light is intensive but as the light becomes duller, this electrical buzzing sound becomes less and less until there is no sound at all. When I say the light becomes duller I mean it becomes more of a glow than a bright piercing light, this is where we can confuse the light of life forces with healing light. One way to tell is through the heat signature of the healing process of the light, you will always sense heat when healing where the light of a life force doesn’t exude heat or cold, it’s just a comfortable comforting soft bright glow.

When we visualise the Earth, when not in a healing mode, the light from Earth is a soft bright white glow of light with no heat or cold sensed, at times however we will sense a heat signature and maybe a bright piercing light, this is an indication of what needs to be healed.  With a constructive mentality you can see how easy it is to get the light of life forces confused with the light of healing, everything is of light but not everything is of heat or sound.  To me there is no heat/cold or sound in relation to the life force of things, there is no action reaction, push and pull within this light itself until we start reacting in life. As soon as we start reacting, that is when the healing glow of light begins to appear but only if we have a constructive mentality. A destructive mentality separates this light into dark and light, negative and positive.  Instead of healing with light, we are healing with dark; this explains why we are still in conflict with each other and of Gaia (nature).   

There is only light, yes this light varies in intensity in life but it’s still light no matter what. When we are healing, we are actually using the light of the life force to heal but for this life force to heal, it needs to be intensified which gives off a sense of heat. Yes it’s the same light but it’s advisable to become aware of the difference when the light of the life force is intensified for healing purposes. The reason for being aware of this is, to heal properly, one must be aware of the heat difference and light intensity from the light of the light force; if you’re not aware of this the healing process might not work or work proficiently. It all just comes down to being aware.

I should point out, this is only what I visualise and experience, this doesn’t necessarily have to be anyone else’s visualisations and experiences in relation to healing.