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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Spiritually Seeing Through Rose Coloured Glasses

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is going on from my last post & shows, with a little bit of patience, what two people can achieve.  After numerous tense replies back & forth, we have both come to acknowledge each other in a different light from our first few exchanges, is it worth the stress and tension? I will answer this with another question, is life worth living for most of us when it also can be full of stress and tension?

The discussion I had with this bloke was about new age spirituality and how new agers can seem delusional presuming to know more about what’s beyond our present mentality than scientists for example.  We can seem to others, not of our beliefs, delusional and fanciful; this of course is to be expected.  Could you imagine saying to people who believed the world was flat that it’s actually round, of course you’re going to seem fanciful and delusional to others not of your belief and awareness. 

What is fanciful? Something far fetched, unbelievable, at that time. It wasn’t too long ago science minded people thought meditation, chanting & praying was a load of croc (nonsense), however today science is discovering a multitude of benefits from these practices. Look at the benefits when they actually believed the world wasn’t flat, you could sail anywhere and not fall off the edge of the known world thus become more aware of our environment.   

Yes, saying we are far more than what we seem would seem fanciful to a non-believer for the main reason, if we were more than what we seem why do so many suffer? This came up in around about way in my discussion with this bloke, the answer is of course to me is; we don’t believe we are any more than we know ourselves to be at present.  If we are unaware of this we will stay within our suffering.  Could you imagine if we still believed the world to be flat, human awareness and evolution would have stalled within a certain consciousness, human history quite clearly shows how awareness does bring huge changes.

Once we realised the world wasn’t flat people in other parts of the world suffered big time because of this new found awareness, awareness can have it’s draw backs, if not to us directly most probably others.  What would be the draw back from knowing we are more than we seem?   If I was wearing rose coloured glasses there is no way I would see these draw backs however I think for most people it is advisable to wear rose coloured glasses, like they did before they found out the world wasn’t flat.

Going by today’s standards, would we have chosen to become further aware of the world being round if we knew what it was going to do to others around the world?  Most of us wouldn’t even consider it today, we would want to stay unaware remembering back then people’s standards and morals were somewhat different from today to a certain extent.  Knowing of the forthcoming atrocities would have turned us off knowing any more than we did but of course it wouldn’t have back then or would it!!

I’ve mentioned in a few earlier posts of mine what will occur when we become further aware, that to most people also seemed delusional and fanciful.  Yes misery and degradation will become less and less the more we become aware but we will obviously also lose something within this awareness, our ignorance. To the inner self this is a big deal, well to my inner self anyway, however in the long run it of course is worth it.  We are supposed to wear rose coloured glasses so we keep consciously becoming more and more aware, if we didn’t we would stagnate within a certain conscious awareness .  The dark ages are a good example of this; a lot of knowledgeable people were killed because the churchmen wanted to stay unaware beyond their present awareness levels.  If the churchmen back then wore rose coloured glasses I feel the dark ages wouldn’t have occurred, they only knew what further awareness outside of the churches domain would do on a negative basis.  If they wore rose coloured glasses they wouldn’t have thought this way and history would have been somewhat different I believe.  

It is funny to think, by wearing rose coloured glasses we are actually collectively becoming more aware and this is why so many non-believers can’t understand this kind of consciousness, it quite understandable.  

Getting back to my discussion with this other bloke about how fanciful and delusional new agers can be, it’s all a part of the course so go with the flow not against it!!

This post came about through being patient with someone who was a little upset and bewildered by so many people wearing rose coloured glasses, is life worth a few moments of stress and tension? It is to me.

Note: The meaning of rose coloured glasses is an optimistic perception of something; a positive opinion; seeing something in a positive way, often thinking of it as better than it actually is.