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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Spirituality-What’s What??

Written by Mathew Naismith

I should advise here that anyone who is knew to spiritual awareness shouldn’t read this post as it could confuse you even more which of course is not what I want to do here also anyone fixated on a set ideology might find the following quite annoying so I will leave it up to your own discretion/intuition to read on or not.

First of all I better clear up what I refer to as spiritual. At the human level it mostly for me refers to the inner self however at the soul level I go a little further & refer to spirituality as oneness itself in its totality which means spirituality is actually of everything we are & experience. I will use the human term of spirituality more as more people relate to this however at times I will refer to it within its totality (oneness).

What’s consciousness itself or universal consciousness? I believe we are all consciousness itself, nothing can possibly exist unless it was of this consciousness , this doesn’t just refer to everything physical but the totality of all which of course makes reference to oneness. Let’s take a look at this a little closer, nothing can exist without being of consciousness itself, this also includes everything we express & feel at the human level. Now consciousness is thought by most of us to be eternal for which I concur with so if consciousness is eternal it can’t be of time like we seem to be in. If it’s not of time everything we are expressing & experiencing has always existed remembering consciousness is eternal & not dictated to by time.  This of course means egotism, judgment, love, hate & so on & so on have also always existed as well within consciousness itself as pure consciousness, where else did it come from unless it was from consciousness itself remembering here that everything is as one so everything has had to come from the same source & has always existed.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying consciousness itself (God) is let’s say egotistical, consciousness, unlike us humans, isn’t dictated by egotism or any one set trait for the main reason consciousness itself doesn’t have the fixation we do as humans however in saying that it does through us by expressing smaller parts of this consciousness  which we are. Humans are smaller parts not separate parts of this consciousness acting out & expressing portions of consciousness (God), this is where the illusion is, thinking this is all we are.

 The reason I wrote this post up is recently I’ve been in certain states of consciousness that has allowed me to see the totality of all of what this reality is experiencing, no one  trait like the ego stood out, it’s as if all was one, no separation of supposed opposing traits where noticeable. I should express here that I’m only referring to this reality not consciousness as a whole here.   This is also of course going on from my last post titled A Faultless Reality.

An important question to ask her is, how am I experiencing such things?  Acceptance of all of what is & expressing very few attachments let’s say love over hate for example or ego over egoless.  Attachments believe it or not no matter what they are will give us judgement because we will see anything else opposing our attachment as a threat, so is this saying we shouldn’t focus on love for instance over hate?  No not at all because love is healing & we definitely need plenty of that at the moment to heal centuries of abuse & ignorance however what we need to do is be aware of our attachments to love in this case.  Look at what attachments to hate has given us, don’t think for one moment attachments to love couldn’t do the same to one degree or another. Having no set attachments to one or the other has given me insights to all of what is of this reality which indicates to me that all of what is is all of what consciousness is & has obviously always been because again it’s eternal & isn’t influenced/dictated to by time. This is saying nothing accept realities influenced by time has a starting or end pint of origin, it has always existed but not in physical form. Time gives us form however pure consciousness isn’t of time therefore form, everything has always existed in pure conscious form not in physical form.  This is saying that our form has always existed but only as pure consciousness, time gave parts of consciousness physical existence.

 In all, what I am saying here is nothing we do or think isn’t of consciousness itself, that’s an impossibility & because consciousness itself doesn’t have the problems with fixation like we do it’s not influenced by any one trait like the ego which of course includes love for instance however it does express these separate tendencies & traits through its smaller portions of itself which is what we are all about I believe. We are indeed all serving consciousness itself. So why do we separate & deny that these traits like hate & ego from let’s say love & egoless exist within consciousness itself?  The ego wants us to believe that consciousness itself (God) couldn’t possibly be a part of these unbecoming traits; it’s very human not truly spiritual to desire this. When we accept all of what is for what it is, portions of consciousness, influences from any one set trait vanishes as if it can never influence us but you know it will always exist within consciousness itself.   The only way these traits can influence us again is if we preferred to experience one of these traits in preference to another like hate over love for example & of course that is our free will to do at any time we want. Because it’s all a part of consciousness itself it’s always there for us to experience which is what can be achieved in realities like this one at any given time, that’s pretty special.