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Saturday, 2 July 2016

To Evolve Beyond Human Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

Like any other species, human consciousness itself can only comprehend to a certain point, any comprehension beyond this point isn't of human origin. As of any  consciousness of any species, human consciousness has it's limitations, it's certainly not infinite within it's comprehension. It's these limitations that keep human consciousness locked up in certain scenarios (box's) thus creating a never ending recurring existence of war and desolation, in actuality, human consciousness is infinite within it's behaviour. It's a behaviour that just keeps on reoccurring, it's never ending, even after a consciousness has physically obliterated itself, it's still able to once again physically recreate the same scenario over and over again. In my mind, human consciousness is having a real hard time evolving into another species that is able to comprehend beyond what human consciousness is able to.

I should point out that human consciousness isn't physical, it's very much of a non-physical entity, in other words it doesn't die when the physical self dies.  

Evolving Consciousness: Did the human collective consciousness truly comprehend what people like Jesus and Buddha tried to portray? Obviously not, if it did, we wouldn't be where we are today, playing out the same old scenarios over and over again.

Humans evolved from micro-organisms, it is quite comprehensible, to me, that humans are not the end of the chain of evolution, evolution doesn't stop at being human, it will go on but only if we are willing to evolve. Of course it's possible that not all human will evolve, there  still micro-organisms and apes around, not all of a species will evolve, however, it's unlikely that humans, while cohabiting with a more consciously aware being, won't evolve. Basically, human consciousness will die out either by it's own hands or evolve while cohabiting with more aware conscious entities. However, any human consciousness that doesn't naturally evolve or cohabitate with more aware entities, will consciously stay human. This is neither right nor wrong, it just is, is it wrong for a micro-organism to stay as a micro-organism?

Malignant Consciousness: Human consciousness has experienced various influences from other forms of consciousness's, Jesus and Buddha are but a few of these more aware consciousness's, however, human consciousness has also been influenced by what I call malignant consciousness's as well. It's a cancer causing consciousness in a sense it influences a consciousness to become highly destructive, even to itself. Cancer isn't just a physical entity, it's also non-physical, in actuality, everything that is of the physical, has been created from the non-physical. You could look at people like Jesus and Buddha as being  doctors/healers of malignant cancers, of consciousness's that are highly destructive, it's just we didn't take our medicine to avoid getting really ill, we just didn't listen and now human consciousness is riddled with malignant cancers.

Human consciousness is unable to, quite understandably, comprehend that everything that is physical, was created from non-physical consciousness. Human consciousness is so conditioned to physicality, even after the physical self dies, it still hangs onto it's physical self, ghosts are a good example of this. This makes the human physical self accessible to malignant non-physical consciousness's, being that anything primarily of the five senses, is a prime candidate for these malignant consciousness's to influence. The only thing that is able to stop this influence is the realisation that we are not just of these five senses. In actuality, if we could perceive our own existence void of the five senses, no amount of  malignant consciousness would be able to influence us, it's this simple. To evolve, we need to realise we are not just these five senses.  

Note: If you are not into souls, the following isn't going to be for you.

Souls: Some souls, at the soul level, are of physicality, the five senses, some aren't. The five sense are by far not just of physicality as of physicality isn't just of the physical, in actuality, human consciousness isn't very physical at all in the whole scheme of things. There are consciousness's that are far more of the five senses than we are but to us they seem to be non-physical. This kind of existence is too difficult to comprehend or put into words.

We have a huge mix of souls, within this reality, that are primarily of the five senses and souls that are primarily of the comprehension and conditioning beyond these five senses. Just like we have our own paths to follow in this life, we also have our own path to follow at the soul level, this means souls that are primarily of the five senses, are more likely to be influenced by malignant consciousness's. A consciousness that is influenced by malignant consciousness's, is naturally controlling, this being that the five senses are all about control. Any consciousness void of the control of the five senses, is unable to be controlling in any sense. It's the five senses that give consciousness the ability to control or the illusion  of control!!

Why are so many people who are aware, are disheartened and uneasy about what is occurring in the world and other people are not? I find it quite interesting that we have a huge variety of souls within this one reality, it's not a real coexistence however, there is no real cohabiting between these quite different souls, this is primarily due to outside influence from other conscious entities. The more of the five sense we are of, the more susceptible we will be to malignant consciousness's, it's quite inevitable. It was inevitable that this kind of reality was going to be controlled by malignant consciousness's if we didn't listen to far more aware consciousness's, the game isn't over though for any consciousness not fooled into being just of the five senses.

Basically, the five senses are of the finite where's a comprehension beyond these five sense is of the infinite. Anything of the awareness of the infinite self, will prevail, anything not, will stay as a malignant consciousness's, a consciousness that is forever fixed to a never ending cycle of doom and gloom over and over again. Not all of us are meant to evolve from being of human consciousness, this is their path as we have ours.

In all, have faith within your infinite self......        

Monday, 8 December 2014

Healing Through Vibrations

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’ve written about vibrations on numerous occasions in the past, my first blog was primarily about vibrations and how everything in existence vibrates.  This is important to know especially in relation to healing, not just in relation to healing the human body and mind, but the healing of ourselves as a collective.  We are however becoming once again aware of how vibrations can heal mainly through science studies and from people who have gone through actual experiences of healing through vibrations.

Now to a sceptic this is all hoogly-boogly stuff, how can an invisible energy source heal an energy source of physical matter and at times without any physical contact?  It’s very simple, everything in existence vibrates so will obviously be receptive to other vibrations.  Let’s look at cancer, how does cancer come into existence where there was no cancer? This of course happens when we come into contact with other energy sources that our already existing dormant cancer cells react too but how does this reaction cause cancer?

It’s one element coming into contact with another element, a toxic element coming in physical contact with dormant cancer cells which causes the cancer cell to react and grow, but this is due to a chemical or some kind of biological reaction, it has nothing to do with vibrations!!

This toxic element only exists as it does because it vibrates at a certain vibrational signature; it has a certain vibrational pattern unique to other vibrational patterns of other elements. When this toxic vibrational element comes into contact with another element vibrating at a different rate of vibration, it changes the vibrational signature of the cancer cell giving the cancer cell quite a different vibratory signature than what it had in the first place giving us cancer of some kind.  This is very much like when two people come together who instantly don’t like each other, what they will produce is a different vibrational signature that is unique  but quite harmful. 

What has this to do with the collective?  I look at chaos as being a cancer which is created through various vibrations affecting other vibrations, in other words a toxic element affecting a non-toxic element which produces a cancer which in this case creates a form of chaos of one kind or another.  Now if all of what exists vibrates, why can’t we rid our cancer through using other vibrations to change the vibrational signature of the cancer back to a less destructive vibrational signature?  If the cancer was created by the interactions of two elements with a different vibratory signature, why can’t we again use another vibratory signature to rid ourselves of such harmful vibrations (cancers)?  There is of course no reason and that is why so many healing techniques work, they all work on the vibrational signature of another harmful vibrational signature, in this case cancer.  

This of course means that conservative modern day medicine works in the same way; they change the vibratory frequencies of other vibrational signatures, this is true, however this can only usually be accomplished through actual physical contact.  Conservative modern day medicine needs this physical contact to work, this is due to our perception, if it’s going to work we need physical contact of some kind.  What if we changed this perception to perceiving from we need physical contact for a healing process to work to perceiving that we don’t need physical contact for the healing process to work?  It is all to do with the way we perceive, if we think we can only heal through physical contact of some kind that is the only way we will heal.

The same mentality creates wars, we need physical contact to change the way certain people are so we do this through war, war is all about changing other people’s vibrations in one way or another. This is like one element affecting another elements vibrational signature to create a cancer.  What if we perceived that to change any other vibrational signature we didn’t need physical contact, we of course certainly wouldn’t have the chaos we have today.  It would seem physical contact can indeed create chaos (cancer) where it wasn’t before.

Now let’s look at what a lot of spiritually aware people are trying to do, they are trying to change their own vibrational signature to something far more constructive, most of this is done without physical contact.  At the moment most spiritually aware people are using physical means to express such constructive vibrations to each other, this of course can at times cause chaos, this is to be expected.  I do eventually believe we won’t need any physical means to express such healing vibrations in the future. I believe this will come about by us changing our perception to, to heal we must do this physically to healing totally without physical contact.  This of course does away with chaos which produces even more toxic elements. By perceiving from physical healing to the non-physical healing we will indeed cut out the effects of chaos (cancer) upon us, this in turn will allow us to stay healed personally and collectively.          

Extract: When Barbara Ann Brennan first began to take seriously the energy fields she saw around the human body, she was employed by NASA as an astrophysicist. Since leaving to pursue her vision, Brennan has almost singlehandedly brought energy healing into the realm of rigorous science. That her focus is also deeply spiritual attests to the growing knowledge in our world that the two -- science and spirituality -- can no longer productively be separated.

The following interview was conducted by Roger Windsor, editor of Spectrum magazine, and originally appeared in that publication. The Spirit of Ma'at is reprinting it here by permission of Spectrum and Dr. Brennan.

Extract: No matter how many high-tech cures modern medicine brings us, alternative evangelists will always argue loudly that the true secrets of well-being lie in esoteric notions such as ‘healing frequencies’, magnets and astrological alignments.
The latest example of this is a book by Matthew Silverstone, a successful London businessman. He became fascinated by alternative medicine after seeing his 19-year-old son recover from a bout of chronic fatigue syndrome so severe that he did not even have the energy to talk to people.
Despite being a tough-minded businessman, Silverstone believes the cure was brought about by an alternative healer who recommended therapies such as feeling the energy given off by trees.

Extract: Experiments with Sound Have Led to Some Startling Revelations
An interesting thing happens when recordings of people speaking are speeded up and slowed down. If these recordings are doubled in speed three times (raising the pitch by three octaves), human speech patterns sound remarkably like birds chirping, When raised in speed by eight octaves, these recordings sound just like crickets chirping. Slowed down from normal speed by three octaves they sound like dolphins and at eight octaves slowed down, sound like the ebb and flow of the ocean.
It is interesting that recordings from the human voice should sound like nature sounds. What happens if we take cricket sounds and slow them down? They sound like birds chirping. Bird sounds slowed down sound like dolphins, and dolphin sounds slowed down sound like people singing.
The famous Psychiatrist, Carl Jung, would have been pleased - this seems to fall directly in line with his theory of the "collective unconscious." A level of the unconscious mind deeper than our personal unconscious shared by us all, populated with universal archetypal images ("primordially recognizable" images, just as these sounds seem to be "primordially recognizable" sounds). The collective unconscious in this sense would be access to my larger body/mind, the planetary level of my collective unconscious, which knows how to "grow" a planetary ecosystem of which my personal body is just a part. It is almost as if the whole universe is one organic being with many parts all designed from variations of the same blueprint.

Now is any of this going to be accepted from people who financially gain from physical healing? The medical industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, these people are not going to give this up lightly so will do anything to deny such claims of non-physical vibrational healing.  Pull the dummy out of a child’s mouth and see what happens quite instantaneously, taking away any fixated attachment like a dummy or monies away from these people is going to cause these people to react; they will do anything to disclaim such healing process to the bitter end which again is to be expected.  The same goes for anyone fixated to,” for it to work and exist it has to be of the physical otherwise it can’t possibly be plausible”, they will do anything to deny such claims no matter how many scientists and science studies prove, non-physical vibrational healing does indeed work  to at least some extent.

It’s really up to use in how we perceive, if we perceive we can only heal through physical means, that is exactly what we will only be able to do but if we perceive healing through non-physical means, we will of course see that through healing through physical means actually causes the chaos (cancer) we are trying to heal ourselves of.  Within this process all we are doing is feeding the ego and our appetite for physical wealth.  In my mind to rid ourselves of this cancer called chaos, all we need to do is perceive in a totally different way, a non-physical way, the way we truly are.