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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The 100th Monkey, Not Human!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

Instincts: The 100th monkey theory is actually based on scientific research which lasted over 30 years. The 100th monkey started with a female monkey washing dirty sweet potatoes before eating them, once the 100th monkey started doing the same, all the other monkeys quickly followed suite. What happened next is other monkeys on another island started washing these potatoes soon after the 100th monkey started doing so.

What's obvious is that there was some form of telekinesis occurring when monkeys on other islands started doing the same thing but only after the 100th monkey started washing these potatoes. This shows that a conscious form can communicate with other conscious forms without direct physical contact, this means humans can also communicate in this way. The theory is, once the 100th human becomes aware or enlightened, the social structure of the world will change in the same manner. This is well and good but there is one major point missing within this theory, humans are fixated to egotism were monkeys aren't!!

It all comes down to monkeys natural instincts, monkeys still utilise their natural instincts, humans as a whole don't as this was replaced by egotistic intentions and desires. Monkeys still to this day exist for a need, however, humans as a whole live primary for a desire and this trend is growing not depleting.

When a consciousness is existing primarily on natural instincts as a monkey, they are going to be a lot more receptive to social changes through the 100th monkey theory than humans. The reason for this is humans have fixations to a very strong influence we call egotism. In actuality, the 100th monkey has worked in reverse, yes, we have social change but a social change of chaos. I don't think anyone within there right mind couldn't say chaos isn't getting worse in the world.

A monkeys needs were met when the 100th monkey washed it's potatoes, when the 100th human expressed egotism, there desires were met which was then adopted by many other humans.  The big difference is, the monkeys adapted a social trend for a need, humans did it for a desire which is a lot more influential. The 100th monkey theory certainly, to me, proves that a form of telekinesis certainly does exist between different conscious forms, it doesn't however say that when the 100th, 1000th or even 100,000th human becomes aware or enlightened, all other humans will inadvertently do the same. 

Desires: How many spiritually aware people talk about desires and manifesting desires today?  If you can't release yourself of desires, this firmly denotes an ego still in control. You must be able or willing to release yourself of all human straits and fixations, this certainly includes desires. Once we are able to do this, yes, the 100th monkey theory will work on human consciousness in my mind, however, for this to work on a collective scale will take the majority of people to become this receptive to this kind of social change. This will not occur if we are still fixated to egoist influences like desire and control.

Monkeys are much more receptive to social change that serve a need, however,  humans on the other hand are much more receptive to social change that serve a desire over and above a need.

We might think we wouldn't have evolved like the monkeys if we didn't desire and especially desire control, this wouldn't have been the case. What we would have done is explored and built upon our minds without destroying all else in the process. I'm going to theorise myself in that natural basic instincts, used in conjunction with receptiveness and our natural exploratory instincts, would have made us more wise instead of just knowledgeable.

How many people desire to accumulate knowledge? Countless, desire is behind nearly all of what we do.

Need: How many people accumulate knowledge for a need, I mean a need that isn't going to lead to a desire, an accumulation of wealth or personal prestige of some kind?  There are actually more and more people doing just this these days. The accumulation of knowledge has now become a need to save ourselves form ourselves. To me, this denotes wisdom where's accumulating knowledge to serve our desires shows an obvious lack of wisdom in my mind.

The fundamental difference between us and monkeys is desire and a desire to control ourselves and everything around us. Of course the human race started off existing from a need, did a 100th human expressing egotism give us the reality we have today? It's most possible and probable being that we were more receptacle to such levels of influence as we were only existing for a need through our natural instincts and perceptions.

It is so obvious things are quite different now, can the 100th monkey theory influence us once again to reverse the process away from our egoistical destructive ways? Very unlikely, we are still well and truly attached to desire over and above a need,  the strange thing is, we (need) to change our ways to save ourselves and everything else around us. I think to make this theory work, we need to once again learn to live for a need for the 100th monkey theory to work, the good news is, this is now quite easy to do. It's no longer a desire to save everything, it's become a need, all we have to do is work towards this need to change our social structure.

We need to be aware this will not occur if we can't let go of desires and control, in other words, work towards living for a need over and above our desires.