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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Speaking with the Universe

Written by Mathew Naismith

An actual act in speaking with, not to, the universe seems like a strange concept or perception does it not? Not to a lot of people. To a lot of people, talking with the universe is talking directly to God or source of creation. To a lot of other people it's more to do with oneness, being that all energy isn't perceived to be separate but of one source. Only to the ego is energy perceived to be only of separate entities, therefore only of the ego is time and space perceived thus creating a perception of separate entities. It is then quite understandable why time is going to quickly these days, how much separation is perceived these days by the collective consciousness?

The separation and division between rich and poor is greater.

The separation and division between negative and positive is greater.

The separation and division between light and dark is greater.

How much above do we portray human physical beauty above all other beauty? This is all simply an abuse of energy through separation and division.

Yes, media has brought us more together, to simply show how separate we are to each other!! Through the media, we seem to perceive more through separation and division in what is positive and negative, bad and good, wrong and right, black and white. How many people, through mass communication (media), are now trying to separate themselves more from the present negative (toxic) reality? Of course time is going to be perceived to go quicker, energy as a whole is separated into so many different divisions.

Imagine yourself within a universe that has no stars or planets, within this reality there is no separation of energy into any kind of individual entities. Within this state, what would then define time? With no perceptions of separation of energy, time doesn't just slow down, it ceases to exist. Now, what does the perception of time going faster and faster denote? The answer is obvious, the act of separating energy more and more. The perception of time going faster certainly isn't a sign of less separation and division but more separation and division of energy. The controlling ego has deceived many of us to perceive that we are becoming more at one and of unconditional love when in truth, the perception of time going faster and faster tells the true story in this.

This is exactly why people like me, who observe human consciousness, observe it as a consciousness lost within its own creation. When it is said that this is the age of false prophets, they mean that the ego in control will be at its most deceptive and receptive to deceit. Human consciousness will simply deceive its own consciousness, this is while the signs, like the perception of time quickening, clearly tell us we are being deceived. In a way, this is the universe, an undivided energy source, speaking to us and telling us that we are deceiving ourselves. How can you talk about oneness and unconditional love, while at the same time trying to separate yourself from everything that doesn't make you feel good?

Is this why so many parents these days don't chastise their children, it doesn't feel good for the parent to personally to do so, even though it's good for the child? We have simply separated what is good for us personally to what is good for the child. Being as one is what is good for the child is also good for the parent, no matter what the parent has to sacrifice for the good of the collective, of the family as a whole. We are simply individualising reality to serve individual desires. This is the controlling ego.

Consider the universe. The universe has many children as in many galaxies, solar systems, suns, planets and many other entities such as black holes. The universe works as one while at the same time each entity within this universe also works individually. Children within a family unit act as individuals while being a part of a family unit, a collective. What humans don't often perceive is that we are a part of a family unit called the universe. How many of us have even separated ourselves from Gaia, mother Earths family. Within our ongoing separation, we are abusing energy and hurting the family unit, the Earth itself!!

I must make a correction here; it's the Western mind in all of us that doesn't see itself as part of a family unit in regards to the universe and even Gaia, this is because the Western mind is all about individualisation, the separation of energy. Note: To separate yourself from the Western mind is of the Western mind of individuation; this is why the Eastern mind, while being of the Eastern mind, will not separate one mind from the other. Imagine the universe itself separating itself from its own children, its own creations, because each creation of the universe also works individually to the universe but not separate from universe. No matter how individually the Western mind works separate to the mind over all, it's still working within the mind as a unit, a collective.  It's the same within the universe. No matter how individually human consciousness divides itself from the universe as a whole, human consciousness is still working within the universe.

Imagine communicating with the universe itself exactly like you would with another person, the only exception being that the ego is not in control. When you take away the desires and attachments of a controlling ego, like perceptions of negatives and positives, light and dark, God and man, in other words all separations and divisions of energy as a whole, communicating with the universe one on one becomes easy. What occurs when you have no sense of separation with your parents? Communication becomes easy; the Eastern mind relates this to the universe as well, remember though, the Western mind won't as this is its natural state to individualise and divide like all the entities within the universe seem to be.

I am presently in a state where I have no desire to separate myself from a state of separation, to desire this would be of separation and division and we should know what separation and division of energy creates. The world at present is a prime example. Simply being aware of my own collectiveness with the universe as whole is well and truly all I need at present in my life. Avoid at all cost in any concept, ideology or ism that is all about the separation and division of energy in any sense. The collective human consciousness, in my mind, needs more union not less, especially to be able to hear what the universe is trying to say. How often, as children, don't' we hear what our parents have to say when not working in unison and harmony with our parents, with the family unit as a whole? The same is with the universe, however, the Western mind in all of us won't want to comprehend this, this is why the balance between the Western and Eastern thinking is always wise in my mind.

By the way, many people say they are speaking to and not with God or the universe; this is also a sign of separation and division. To hear the universe speak, you must be speaking with the universe; everything else is a fallacy, a deception by individual entities within the universe itself.      

Extract: Good & Bad Don’t Exist

Did the city worker do a bad thing? No. As we have previously stated, good and bad are always subjective, the homeless man may have used that money to clean himself up and eat a decent meal, or he could just have likely spent it on alcohol or hard drugs. No act is either good or bad, but rather it is a decision that either serves us or it doesn’t serve us.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The Universe - An Abstract Expression

Written by Mathew Naismith

Before we get into this, it has been asked a number of times where I fit into the scheme of things, what human label do I fall under, my usual reply is that I am spiritually aware to some extent. It would seem I actually fall under the label mystic more than anything as I seem to fit this profile, I was also very heavily involved in mysticism in ancient Egypt in a past life, not long before hieroglyphs depicted light globes and helicopters on the walls of Hathor's temple.

Mysticism to me is like modern day science in that it's about becoming more aware, however, unlike modern day science, mysticism is void of any perceptions that are limiting, the following post is a prime example of this. I am also about the consciousness of mysticism, not the mechanics of mysticism, this basically means I avoid primarily using physical means to obtain an awareness. This is done for a very good reason, the five senses usually limits and hinders conscious awareness.

Now for the universe being but an abstract expression (representation). Firstly, what does this abstract universe represent?

Abstract Universe: This abstract universe represents a consciousness that everything else in existence has been created from, including other consciousness's. We often refer to this consciousness as the source of all creation or God for example, basically once again it's in reference to a consciousness that everything else has been created from, it's truly important to  comprehend this. To me, it's quite understandable why we relate this kind of consciousness to a God.

The abstract representation of this all creative consciousness, could be deemed as an illusion and often is by many, being that this all creative consciousness is real and where everything else has been abstractly copied from and only in part. To explain this better abstract art for instance is a reflection or an expression of parts of a something, this refers that the universe is but one of infinite expressions of this one consciousness.

Abstract art represents certain expressions while other expressions are ignored or not included within an expression (art). This exclusion of other parts changes the reflection of what is being expressed, you might even say this exclusion distorts what is real, however, as of consciousness, this distortion gives a different perspective to what is being expressed which produces a different perception that would otherwise be unknown.

What is real =  infinite + timelessness + reality

What is abstract = finite +time + illusion

Abstract expressions seems to distort reality, basically, giving a false representation of what is real, an illusion of what is real, however, in actually abstract expressions are not about giving a false representation of what is real, instead abstract expressions are about giving a different perspective of what is real while still representing, in part, what is real. What usually occurs is that a consciousness believes or wants to believe that this abstract universe is real in every sense, basically, we have fooled ourselves in believing in an abstract representation being a true representation of who we are as a whole. We have, within ourselves, created an illusion through our beliefs, basically, this abstract universe isn't giving us a false representation of this all creative consciousness, we are.

It's truly this simple, what is real is of the infinite, what isn't real is of the finite, all that time does is give this all creative consciousness a state of existence where the infinite consciousness can be expressed as a finite consciousness. Because the infinite is expressed in time, time can only express the infinite in parts, this automatically gives an abstract impression of the infinite. Time expresses certain expressions while other expressions are excluded, this is because time is of starting and ending points, within time, a consciousness is unable to express a starting and ending point at the same time, they need to be separated or expressed in parts giving a abstract appearance or perception.

It's good to be aware that this abstract universe and everything in it, is based on a real reflection distorted by time, this doesn't make everything in time an illusion unless a consciousness believes that this state is real. How many of us believe that obstruct art is a true depiction of that is real? Not many of us, there is however one thing to be aware of here, most often abstract art will portray a real expression that most people are unaware of or can perceive, could not the universe itself also be doing the same? In timelessness (infinite) we are one thing, in time (finite) we are something else however in stating this, it's wise to be aware that the universe is an abstract copied image of who we truly are as a whole.

Basically, we are talking about two sides of the coin here or yin and yang. the abstract (finite) being the other side of the coin compared to this all creative consciousness.

Yin = abstract + finite

Yang = reality/actual + infinite

Two Sides of the Coin: There are a number of similarities between the two sides of the coin to consider here, yin and yang, finite and infinite. On one hand we have the all creative consciousness that created everything, on the other hand we have consciousness's that emulate this creative consciousness by creating in it's own right, basically once again, creating but in an abstract way. We also have two sides of the coin, however, they are still of the same coin. We might also think one is real and the other isn't, what then depicts real when there is no unreal and visa-versa? Put in another way, what depicts yang without the yin?  

We might think we are thinking too much here, why can't one exist without the other being present?

To think this still takes a thought process to begin with. The point is, the infinite is of timelessness, this also means time has also always existed within this timeless state, in other words the other side of the coin, yin, has also always existed for there is no starting or ending point within timelessness (infinite consciousness). Yin and yang, finite and infinite, time and timelessness, two sides of the coin, have always existed, however, in an abstract universe/reality, one seems to exist without the other. It's like I said about abstract art, usually the emphasis is on certain expressions while ignoring other expressions, this often seems to give a distorted impression of what is real, in actuality what is occurring is that the abstract is an expression of the other side of the coin. Basically, abstract expressions represent an ignorance of one side of the coin to emphasise the other side of the coin more to become aware of the flaws or perfections of the coin as a whole, in other words consciousness as a whole.

Is it possible to experience both side of the coin, meaning, is it possible to be expressive of the finite and the infinite at the same time?

Absolutely, this however takes a consciousness to be aware of both sides of the coin without judging what is worthy and what isn't worthy, in other words a reflection and expression of pure balance.

Now to throw a spanner in the works, meaning, to desist in one conscious perception to become aware of another conscious perception. This all creative consciousness (God) is not just of the infinite, it's also of the finite (the abstract), as it's not just of timelessness, it's also of time, this is why I often call this all creative consciousness pure balance. We so often refer to this creative consciousness as being of one side of the coin and not the other, basically, of yin without the yang but consider this, this creative consciousness doesn't just represent one side of the coin because it is the coin itself. This however doesn't mean that infinite consciousness (God) isn't of infinite consciousness, often when a consciousness is becoming aware of the other side of the coin, it will see this other side of the coin as being some kind of God, this is inevitable. The reason for this is simple, when a consciousness becomes aware of an awareness beyond it's comprehension, it either ignores this awareness or depicts it as a higher consciousness than of itself.

The abstract universe has fragmented consciousness to depict certain expressions of itself while ignoring other expressions, however within this process, consciousness can become highly destructive mainly because it's unaware or deliberately stays ignorant to the other side of the coin thus giving such a consciousness an imbalance way of existing. We can indeed correct this, not just by becoming of one side of the coin, finite or infinite consciousness, but by becoming the coin itself, consciousness as a whole......      

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Purity of Love

Written by Mathew Naismith

Writing about love isn't a normal topic for me as I'm usually focused on other things like motions, ego, vibrations, control and so forth. Just recently however my main focus changed which was brought on by a visionary insight of intuitive love and the creation of a universe through sexual expressions. Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to say the universe we exist in was created through a sexual expression or a sexual interaction of some kind, I am however saying that other forms of universes are created in this manner. It's important at this stage to not just perceive universes only being of a planetary nature of some kind.

The word universe  is actually in reference to the existence of everything everywhere, this includes planetary and non-planetary states of existence and living and non-living matter. Universe can also be created within the defines of another universe, how these separate universes are created within the defines of another universe is amazing, especially when intuitiveness is one of the influential factors of creating these universes.

I love 3rd dimensional spontaneity, this means allowing the natural cycles I am existing in to influence me without knowing exactly what is going to occur next, this includes being less intuitive and aware.  In actuality I seem to have a fixation to a spontaneous existence, I basically don't want to know what is going to happen next, this can however stop me from experiencing the purity of love.

Experiencing the purity of love is like the intuitiveness a mother has for her child, it's like utilising basic natural instincts through intuitive feelings. These natural intuitive instincts seem to be more prominent in mothers who have a lot of love for their children, the more a mother loves their child, the more intuitive these mothers seem to be. In actuality, the purer this love is, the better chance of creating a loving reality  especially in regards to the child.

It's also important here to realise that as we perceive beyond 3rd dimensional thinking, we will inadvertently at times become connected to other experiences from other dimensions and realities, this means we will become in tune with other vibrations that are of other worlds. This also means we will feel other consciousness's consciousness, meaning, we will feel other people's or beings experiences in other dimensions and realities.

Most often though, these feelings are denounced as being a delusion by general science people and labelled as an illusion by metaphysical people. People into general science seem to be only able to perceive through 3rd dimensional aspects, so anything not of this 3rd dimensional aspects, is labelled a delusion.

People into metaphysics seem to be able to perceive beyond 3rd dimensional aspects, however, everything of motion is seemingly pronounced as an illusion to them, there is however a middle ground.

We can indeed delude ourselves which brings on a reality based on an illusion, for example, perceiving that this 3rd dimension is all there is and is all we are, this however doesn't mean everything we feel and experience is a delusion, especially when we start to perceive beyond 3rd dimensional perceptions.

What then happens when we perceive beyond 3rd dimensional perceptions is that we will perceive everything of motion, in one sense or another, being of an illusion. It's all created from consciousness for starters, also, when we are only experiencing a certain reality, we tend to think this is all we are. It of course becomes apparent that this isn't all we are once we perceive beyond 3rd dimensional perceptions in our case, this however shouldn't mean everything we expedience is a delusion or an illusion, this is wholly due to feeling other experiences from other dimensions and realities as an observer.

The question of delusions and/or illusions don't come into it once you observe these feelings and experiences rather than just being a participator of them. Being a participator will always give us perceptions of illusions and delusions, this is quite natural and a normal reaction of any consciousness participating beyond their own  dimensional perceptions.

Now what I am about to share with you might seem like a delusional episode and/or an illusion, the reason it's not is because I stayed as an observer even though I could feel every compelling emotion and interaction. The following is about a visionary insightful experience I had recently evolving a couple making love.

At the precise point of the males ecstasy (ejaculation), both parties involved looked deeply into each others eyes knowing exactly what they have created, they could see the whole life of the life they have conceived. At this point, this life was perceived as a creation of a universe between these two people, they literally felt they created a universe. Only very loving parents or well connected spiritually aware people will be able to perceive what these two people at that precise moment actually felt, it was electrifying to say the least. I should also say, I have never experienced such an experience before.   

Now this might seem delusional in that these people felt they were creating  universe, in actuality they were, especially when you consider that a singular consciousness has it's own body, it's own very vast universe to influence, to me this is very much the same as our universe we exist in.

This might seem like a crazy perception or concept to a lot of people, every body is it's own temple, it's own universe influenced by a singular consciousness. This isn't saying this singular consciousness can't be influenced by other consciousness's, it just means the body (universe/temple) is predominantly influenced by a singular consciousness with it's own perceptions or character. Yes, I do look at people as a universe all of their own.

The reason I titled this blog the purity of love is to do with what these two people felt, especially at that precise moment of knowing what they have created between them. What these two people felt and could envision goes way beyond just conceiving a child, they actually felt and knew they were creating a universe that will be influenced by it's own consciousness. This kind of existence will be quite hard to perceive for a lot of people, having the capability of both parties actually seeing what they were going to create on it's own is way beyond 3rd dimensional perceptions. I do know that some parents look upon their children as some kind of universe or temple, to actually see what you were creating goes way beyond this though at a particular moment.

Can a more purer love bring on our natural abilities of insightful visions and intuition, the more purer the love, the more of these natural abilities we will express?  I think so, this however doesn't mean we all need to fall in love with another person to bring on this pure love, all we need to do is be pure within our love which probably means letting go of our desires and lusts. I think  it's this lustful desiring love of objects and people that replace our natural abilities like insightful visions and intuition, I know now what we can experience if we could just let go of our fixations to our desires over and above a more purer form of love.    

Friday, 17 July 2015

The Universes Reality, A River of Motion

Written by Mathew Naismith

Expressing humanism: I recently started up another blog titled, The Greek Crises, A New Revolution. Yes, it’s all about motion, a reaction that causes even more motion not less, this seems to be going against what spirituality is about,  a state of consciousness that is less about thought and more about existing with little motion. This new blog of mine is all about motion therefore  thought, it seems to have nothing to do with spirituality and more to do with humanism. Humanism relates to doctrines that emphasise a person's capacity for self-realization through reason thus rejecting spiritual and religious ideological views and beliefs.

In this new blog of mine, you could say I am being highly judgmental of other people, judgment is very humanistic, it also  has very little to do with spirituality. To be in judgment, one has to judge a worthy or an unworthy, a bad or good, negative of positive, to me this blog doesn’t express such traits. Yes, it is obvious that Greece is in trouble brought about by various circumstances, circumstances that shouldn’t have happened if the country was run a little more efficiently by certain people in power.  People in power need to have the love of the people, not the love of power and money  above and beyond the good of the people.

The universes reality; we presently exist in is all about motion, a motion brought about by cycles within the universe itself, for example,  the suns within each solar system are influenced by a cycle, these suns are all about motion not motionless like we experience through spirituality. This universe is all about motion that creates realities of motion, basically, by going along with motion, all you are doing is going with the flow of  influence from the universe itself, in other words, motion is a natural process of this universe we exist in. Spirituality is about the opposite, it’s about being aware of our motionless self as well, it’s like yin a yang, once these two come together, they start creating, our motion and motionless self is the same.

What happens when there is no balance between a married couple for example? You get conflicts, now what happens when there is perfect balance between couples? This is obvious. This doesn’t mean motionlessness or motion on it’s own creates an imbalance therefore conflict, it means when motion and motionless come together, there has to be balance between the two for their to be harmony. This takes both of them not to judge the other but be the observer of the other without judging an unworthy or worthy. When there is no balance, there is always a worthy and an unworthy but when there is balance, worthy or unworthy doesn’t play a part, it actually doesn’t exist due to this balance.

Finding true balance: Now man, as a whole, has fully taken on the influences of the universe, he has expressed motion to it’s fullest extent, the degradation of this planet, for example,  shows this quite plainly. Like the Sun, man too has a cycle, once this cycles runs it’s course, that will be the end of the cycle and man himself. Universes motions are all about cycles and so are we, however, like other universes that aren’t about cycles of motion, we too are not just about cycles of motion but motionlessness. As you could imagine, it is not easy bringing this balance between motion and motionless into a reality that is all about motion. Spiritual awareness however is all about bringing in this balance, it’s not an easy road to tread but well worth the effort when we do find this balance individually or collectively. 

We shouldn’t judge motion as being unworthy or worthy to express as we shouldn’t  judge motionless worthy or unworthy to express, it is however totally spectacular when we  find true balance between motion and motionlessness individually within ourselves, this reality, as a whole, has yet to be created collectively like this. If an individual can find balance, why can’t the collective, it’s all consciousnesses no matter how you look at it?

The size of the consciousness means nothing, is the collective consciousness larger than the individual consciousness? Not when you see consciousness for what it is, it’s one consciousness not many consciousness’s making up an even bigger consciousness than consciousness itself. To find balance, man will have to start thinking differently like this, once this occurs, balance for the collective will become a realisation, not a fantasy.