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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Visualised Mentalities - An Amphoteric

Written by Mathew Naismith

The collective human consciousness is able to express a mentality like Buddha and Jesus or Adolf Hitler and what I call a Trump mentality, a typical multinational mentality purely based on transitory states of control and dominance. The huge difference between these two quite different types of mentalities  is obvious, one kind of mentality is based on the eternal self and the other the ephemeral self. Basically, one is based on the true self and  the other isn't.

In knowing this through clear observation void of bias judgement, what kind of mentality is spiritually conducive towards? I think the answer to this is obvious, it shouldn't have anything to do with a Hitler or Trump mentality but a mentality based on people of a truer expression of wisdom. No mentality based purely on transitory states is a depiction of wisdom in my mind, a true expression of wisdom can only be expressed through an eternal mentality, a mentality aware of the whole self as opposed to the human self. To me, people like Jesus and Buddha are a depiction of our whole self, our whole eternal self.  I should also state, this goes for anyone who expresses a truer form of wisdom like Rumi or Confucius etc.

I recently met up with a very good spiritually aware friend of mine, we don't communicate with each other all that much but when we do we connect, the thing is, when we connect, we connect  through very little expression. Our expression was simple, we both expressed a mentality based on the vision of Buddha with his right hand erect and facing outward. neither of us are into Buddhism by the way, it's just we have both been expressing the mentality of Buddha in recent times.

I also have friends who wanted me to go into business with them, one of their mentors was Mr Trump, their expressive mentality was of a Trump mentality. Don't get me wrong here, these friends who praise Mr Trump are very nice sincere people, both of these people were my bosses at one time or another when working in the disability field. To a lot of people, Mr Trump is probably a nice sincere person as well, this is obvious as he is receiving a lot of support from people in the US, it's just Mr Trump isn't a vision of myself at present.

Would have Adolf Hitler been a depiction of myself prior to WWII? To a lot of German people he was, he certainly helped Germany out of it's decay in more than one way, this of course was transitory as any mentality purely based on transitory expressions is going to be. To answer the question, no, unlikely anyway. If I'm not in tune with the Trump mentality of today, I'm certainly wasn't going to be in tune with Hitler's mentality. I would have probably been a victim of the night of the long knives, this is when Hitler disposed of he's detractors and opposition through murdering them.  

Now the reason for not being possibly in tune with the Hitler mentality is simple, I base my own mentality on the wise instead of the unwise based purely on observation. Instead of visualising myself as a  heroic Hitler or Trump, I visualise myself as a Rumi or Buddha for example. One set of mentalities is based purely on control, the other isn't!!

We might think that all wise people such as Rumi and Buddha, for example, are about control, this couldn't be further from the truth, in actuality, they released control by disallowing the ego to always be controlling. All they did is become aware, it's this simple, and by disallowing the ego to be controlling, this gave them wisdom. Anyone who is unable to stop the ego being in control, isn't of wisdom in my mind. The reason for this is simple, it's the ego in control, not the person themselves, in actuality you don't want to take control, all you need to do is become aware that any controlling expressions is of the ego, not your truer whole self.

Any kind of control denotes an ego in control, an ego in control is always going to create a transitory mentality and a state of existence and being. The reason again for this is simple, the ego in control never represents our truer self but a transitory self that is usually naturally destructive. The destruction in the world is quite natural for mentalities purely based on a transitory controlling egos. No one is actually in control of anything in this world, no matter how much the ego has duped them into believing so, this expression alone denotes a transitory state and all transitory states are of a controlling ego. Within this, there is no depiction of our truer eternal selves being a part of our existence.  It's really strange living in an existence purely based on transitory states......I'm amazed to say the least.

Visualisation can be quite influential towards what kind of mentality you will express, whatever visualisation you choose has no wrong or rights attached to it, only a controlling ego would judge so. I think it all comes down to, do we need more Hitler and Trump expressive mentalities in the world or do we need more expressions of wisdom in the world!!  What would a truly wise person become expressive of? Again, the answer to this is obvious......well, to me anyway.  

Note: I use the Australian way of spelling, I also at times express a form of Australian bush grammar, sorry but this is who I am.   

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Truly Dispelling a Controlling Ego

Written by Mathew Naismith

I received the following interesting responses from a quote I recently shared. " The meek will inherit the world and so they have, they are the one's in power who are totally controlled by a controlling ego. Their meekness is measured to the standards of their egotism, it takes a far far stronger person to dispel egotism!!".

Eckhart Tolle looks at it that "the meek will inherit the earth" is the humble or the egoless. In order to create the concept that the meek have inherited the earth - you need to be standing in judgement - pointing out that the people in control are weak and as usual with the ego - try to escape that condition by pointing it out in others. That is still ego..... 

My Reply
I'm not judging that these people are wrong in some way in being weak in any sense, I merely observed that they have no strength, which is obvious, to dispel the controlling ego. Observing void of ego is wisdom. 

Judging someone of judgement is being of the ego, this is of judgement therefore an expression of ego itself. You cannot say someone is in judgement unless you are in judgement yourself of judgment itself.

In this case, Eckhart would then be one of the most judgmental people on Earth, the reason he might not be is because he is in observation rather than judgement. To say that judgment is wrong in any sense, is pure and simple judgement itself.   

Or one might say, the weak....

My Reply
Meek means to be timid or mild in manner, weak means to be feeble, is a person who expresses less of the a controlling ego timid or feeble?

It's really in how you perceive this. People more expressive of the controlling ego, will to the people less expressive of the ego, seem weak in that they have no strength to dispel the controlling ego. However, people less expressive of the controlling ego will seem weak to anyone expressing more of the ego. To these people, it's a show of strength and control when expressing less egotism.  

Meekness is a little different in that anyone who is less expressive of the ego, is a threat to anyone more expressive of the ego, the reason for this is simple, people less of the ego are not supportive especially of egotism. People controlled by the ego need support of others who are also supportive of a controlling ego, this makes them feel more in control and powerful. When you think on this, how in control and powerful would these people be in a reality based on a  reality not controlled by a controlling ego? They would feel awfully meek and weak within this kind of reality, therefore, any sign of a less controlling ego is going to be a threat to them therefore not seen as meek or weak.

On the other hand, do people, who are less expressive of the ego, feel feeble and weak in a reality totally based on a controlling ego? The answer to this question is yes and no. well sort of.

I certainly don't feel weak or feeble in dispelling the ego to the extent I do, even when being controlled in a reality by controlling egos, however, many other people who also dispel the ego, feel feeble, weak and vulnerable as they have no control over being controlled . The difference is simple, my ego doesn't need to take control and become influential against a reality based on a controlling ego, I don't need to take control of anything, just to be focused on dispelling a controlling ego in my own life as much as possible.

We might think here, this is me taking control of my own desires to be less expressive of a controlling ego, this however isn't the case. All I am doing is dispelling the ego by being simply observant of it's destructive ways, in other words being aware instead of unaware and this is what it comes down to for me, being aware or unaware, not being in control or not in control. A question of being or not being in control is an expression of egotism, I try to avoid this myself.

I also received another interesting reply in regards to my quote.

I wonder though, if 'meek' meant something else back in the day when this quote was written - not weak like we think it is now, but the non-violent kind? That's what I'm hoping anyway - that a time will come when human consciousness is more meek, more non-violent, more peaceful :)

My Reply
Meek actually means to be timid, are controlling people expressing huge amounts of ego timid? 

At first we would say no, they are in control through force, this expression obviously isn't timid, however, to a person not about control this is a very timid way to exist. 

Anything that the ego creates, has no truthiness and isn't of the infinite self, it has no true depth, it's extremely shallow and transitory as is of all the possessions the ego creates. 

Non-violent acts are all to do with dispelling the meekness and weakness in our behavior, it's too easy giving into the ego, it takes a meek person to give into the ego especially on such a large scale, however, it takes a strong person to dispel the ego in the same situation. There is nothing meek about people dispelling the controlling ways of the ego, it's actually the other way around. 

It's interesting how each and every person perceives what is and isn't a show of meekness and weakness, we certainly have a different perception of life, one never being right or wrong over the other. It really depends on the reality you exist in and live by, giving into the ego and showing control isn't perceived as a meek behaviour to some people but to people like me it is. Is it a timid (meek) behaviour when dispelling the ego? We actually only become timid when we try to control the ego instead of just dispelling it, the ego actually wants you to control it because then you have fallen into the trap of egoist behaviour and expressions.

The message is simple, don't try to control anything, this also includes not trying to control our desires of expressing egotistic expressions, being truly aware is all you will need to do, within this, so passively will the ego influence be dispelled.  

Monday, 5 October 2015

Healing a World in Disharmony

Written by Mathew Naismith

My wife at present is reading a book titled, Your Hearts Desire. This book is basically about manifesting for your dreams and desires, it also explains that your hearts desires cannot be manifested through a controlling ego.

Desires: One of the scenarios used in the book is to do with how this person wanted to go to a ball but this person had no one to take her. This person was told to visualise being taken to this ball by a particular man. This of course occurred otherwise she couldn't have used this scenario in the book. You might think her desire were fulfilled but it wasn't, her need was fulfilled. To me, a manifested desire is about control but a manifested need is a totally different story.

So what has this got to do with healing a world in disharmony? Plenty, if everyone only manifested for a need, there would be no desire of wars and other conflicts. You might think, if we were being used and abused by a monocracy/bureaucracy, that we would have a need to conflict with such control. The point is, if everyone was living for a need rather than a desire, these controlling forces wouldn't and couldn't exist within such a reality in the first place. Could you imagine a reality not dominated by some kind of monocracy/bureaucracy, we certainly haven't within this reality as a collective experienced this as yet.  

Controlling: You are not being controlling when you are manifesting for a need, on the other hand you are being highly controlling if you only live for desires. In actuality, you are being controlled by a controlling ego if you exist in this way, if you exist entirely by a need, you are not being controlled and controlling, you are just being for a need. In a sense, being controlled by the ego manifests control within our ego self, we then become controlling ourselves.

There is at times a fine line between desire and a need though, the scenario in the book, to me, tells us of a need even though this person desired to be taken to the ball by a particular person. Would not the person who ended taking  her to the ball also desire to date such a women? There was a need that obviously needed to be met through a desire from both parties, in this case, desire was used to fulfil a need, the desire was not in control, the need was. A controlling ego doesn't want to manifest a need, a controlling ego always desires to manifest for a desire, a controlling ego can also trick us to believe we are only living for a need when it's purely of desire. The intentions of a controlling ego is always of desire.  

A controlling desire will always create a destructive reality, this is wholly due to desires always having a need to desire more and more. This isn't the same when existing only for a need, once a need is met, that is it, full stop unless we become desiring. When this occurs, this is when the ego is in control of us which then manifests us to become controlling ourselves.

Intentions: I think we need to get away from intentions altogether, desires are all about intentions but needs aren't. You might think you have to have intentions to put food on the table and a roof over our heads but it isn't, this is a need which takes basic instincts and intuitiveness. What we are basically doing is replacing intentions of desires with basic instinctive needs, in actuality, by living for a need rather than a desire is getting back to our natural selves. It's not natural to desire more and more until we destroy ourselves or others altogether, no other from of life on this planet does this, even a mindless virus doesn't do this intentionally but man often does this through a simple process of desiring!!

We might think if we took intentions out of our lives, we wouldn't evolve or even cater for our needs, this isn't the case at all. It's quite amusing how the controlling ego keeps deceiving us in this way, all what would happen is our controlling desires would be replaced by basic instincts and intuitiveness once again. Indeed, our controlling desires have replaced our basic instincts and intuitiveness and we wonder why we live in such a destructive reality. Our natural instincts tell us that it is pointless causing conflict if it has nothing to do with our basic needs.

Yes, it's difficult for a lot of people to perceive the possibility of existing without any intentions what so ever, this is all to do with a controlling ego that only wants to serve it's own desires. Can we imagine existing in a reality totally void of  intentions? To me it's obvious intentions would be replaced by our basic instincts and intuitiveness, this of course would create quite a different more passive reality in my mind. Of course a controlling ego doesn't desire this as it would no longer be able to fulfil it's never ending desires. I also think a mind controlled by an ego is incapable of perceiving a world totality void of intentions, such a mind couldn't possibly imagine such an existence, in actuality, a controlling ego wouldn't desire to imagine this in the first place.

A controlling ego hell bent on feeding it's desires cannot perceive a world not in conflict and disharmony in some way, however, a lot of spiritually aware and harmoniously loving people can. Because a controlling ego is unable to perceive such an existence, it naturally manifests a world of conflict and disharmony. Yes, I did say natural because it is natural for a mind controlled by ego to create/manifest such a world.

Are spiritually aware and harmoniously loving people wasting their time trying to bring about a more harmoniously loving world? Not at all, what these people are doing is showing that we can indeed live in quite a different world than what we have manifested. We are showing that a harmoniously loving reality, void of any kind of controlling ego, can indeed and does exist.  It's hard to imagine a magical world like this but they do indeed exist.      

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Learning to be Spiritually Inactive

Written by Mathew Naismith

To a controlling ego this is going to sound utterly ridiculous, if you are inactive you are nothing, what would be the point of existing when you don't act and/or interact?  This is because the ego is all about actions and specifically about intentional actions, any other response is going to be wrong to an ego that is controlling.  I find this reaction by the ego strange, so it's alright to express intentional actions and destroy the Earth at an alarming rate, but it's wrong to live within this reality without destroying it in any meaningful way. According to a controlling ego, it's even wrong to balance out our intentional actions with inactions!!

What does inactions, being inactive, actually mean especially in a spiritual sense?  

We need to first look at a cause of an inaction, if the brain or the mind period, weather it be of the human mind or otherwise, was active in thought, is this going to help us be inactive? No, this is because all actions are from the mind or a mind, only through an inactive quietened mind can we express an inaction. Looking at Earth itself today, it's obvious most of us haven't learnt to be also inactive therefore less destructive.

This isn't saying that all actions are destructive, only the minds that are egotistically controlled can be destructive, however, all actions have an effect on the environment around us no matter what. I recently had someone say we need to balance out our actions with our inactions, I couldn't agree more on this, however, is an egotistically controlled mind going to be able to become inactive, in otherworld's give up it's control on it's environment? This isn't going to happen mainly because such minds can't comprehend anything but a controlling ego controlling the mind and our own actions.

There is however a huge tilt towards quietening the mind like through meditation for example, a quietened mind is an inactive mind, what is the physical self doing when the mind is inactive during meditation? It's totally inactive and in this state it's impacting on it's environment very little, this means there is nothing being destroyed while in this state.  The strange thing is, while in this state of inactiveness (meditation), your physical self is revitalising itself, it's basically healing itself. The question is now, would not this quietening on a global scale also heal this unenlightened consciousness but on a much grander scale, in other words would it heal the Earth itself and ourselves at the same time?

This of course isn't going to happen because most people can't comprehend not being in control of their environment in some way, the ego needs to be controlling to exist so it influences the mind making anything other than being controlling incomprehensible. It's quite understandable that any state of inactiveness is going to be incomprehensible to any mind controlled by the ego.

You might mistakenly say, by meditating to quieten the mind and body, one is controlling such things, this isn't actually the case. You are mindfully and physically becoming inactive from an active state, this doesn't take any actions at all but to become inactive. Because a lot of people are unable to quieten themselves in this way, they feel they need to take action to do so they have an intention to take certain actions  to become inactive. I'm sorry but to me this is counterproductive, you are using actions, a busy mind, to become inactive, a quietened mind and body.

The trick is to release control over your environment and specifically yourself, again this is going to sound ridiculous to a mind controlled by the ego, not taking control over your mind or body would have to end up badly for us but it doesn't, it's actually the other way around, control does us more harm than anything inaction can do. This again is going to sound ridiculous to a controlling ego but I will explain why it's not ridiculous.

What makes us fat and lazy for example? The ego strait away tells us it's our lack of control over our minds that do this, if you have no control over your mind, you will just let yourself deteriorate in mind and body, this controlling ego is a tricky little devil indeed as this isn't the case at all. 

Intentional actions have given us fatty foods, media to lounge in front of while we are eating such foods and an undesirability to do anything else but be expressive of such intentional actions. All these intentional actions that are meant to control us, are all from a controlling ego, now take away such control, what do you have left? You have a mind and body that is no longer controlled or controlling, what's then going to happen to such a mind and body? They are quite automatically going to become inactive to such control, which like mediation, will quite automatically heal the mind and body, in other words you will exercise more and eat better to what your mind and body need, not what a controlling ego desires.

Once gain a controlling ego will say that to exercise and eat correctly is an action therefore controlling, this couldn't be further from the truth, it's an inaction to control, which like mediation, automatically without any intentions heal the body and mind from an over active state controlled by the controlling ego. All you are doing is releasing yourself from the control of an over active controlling ego, this doesn't mean you are taking no action at all, it just means you are balancing out your inactions with your actions.

The next part I feel is important to understand, instead of your actions controlling you to cause you harm while in a quietened state, it's your inactions that are releasing you from the intentional actions of a controlling ego, automatically healing you without any intentions. It's important to have no intentions what so ever to what a quietened state is going to create, just let it happen without trying to be in control in any way. Having any kind of intentions is of control, try to avoid having intentions at any cost if you are able.

A true spiritual path is a quietened path for only in our quietness can we observe!!                   

PS I should also state, there is a big difference between a controlling ego and an ego not in control, one is highly destructive and other isn't, one never lives according or with it's environment and the other does.  


Friday, 31 January 2014

Spirituality & Delusions

Written by Mathew Naismith

This keeps coming up at present; are spiritually aware people, religious or not, actually experiencing delusional episodes when experiencing heightened awareness of some kind. It is common to feel one is God like at times especially early on in one’s spiritual development, are experiences & feelings like this delusional?  All I can do is smile when I’m confronted with such questions.  

The two following links are definitely worth looking at even if you don’t suffer from bipolar or similar symptoms as they show anyone who has experienced a heightened awareness why they have not experienced actual delusional episodes. The first link is a vid which goes into how people with bipolar break down the barriers of the ego which is why they experience such heightened awareness  

The next link is a written account of someone who experienced a heightened awareness while experiencing bipolar episodes.  

Such heightened awareness or delusional episodes should actually be supported in my mind but because of the controlling factors of the ego of a number of scientist & physicians heightened awareness is put down as a delusional episode of some kind. If the controlling ego is unable to understand & explain certain experiences, one of the best ways to protect the ego is through denial & one of the best way to do this is diagnose what they don’t understand as delusional. I actually feel for these people because there controlling factors of the ego have stopped them from being aware of more than they can consciously understand. This sounds funny, how can anyone become aware of something they don’t understand but the real question should be how can we allow our ignorance to hinder expanding on our awareness? The controlling ego will always go with the first question however an ego not in control will always go with the last question which to me makes more logical & common sense to me. There are scientists & physicians alike who ask the last question, these are the people who excel above their peers I believe.

Now getting back to delusional episodes; I was asked recently about people in comas, do they actually lose time while in a coma? I answered yes & no, yes because in time it is obvious we lose time but no because we are actually in another dimension so in this dimension we are no longer losing time within our inner consciousness because we are not really conscious here. Our body is here within this consciousness but our inner conscious mind isn’t.  Any experience we remember while in a coma is usually again put down as some kind of delusional episode. Dreams & OBE’s are another good example of experiencing other dimensions, are dreams & OBE’s delusional if we experience a heightened awareness? According to people with a controlling ego the answer of course is going to be a yes but to an ego that isn’t controlling the answer of course would be a no.

This is another reason why we have so many different perceptions to what’s what, it all depends on how controlling the ego is to how we perceive & how aware we will actually be. What I am saying here is it’s how controlling the ego is to what perception & awareness we will have, the controlling factors of the ego dictate how we will perceive & how aware we will be. No wonder we perceive so differently to each other!!  

Bipolar for an example lessons the effects of such controlling factors of the ego therefore attachments which is shown in the vid in the first link. So when we lesson the effects of the controlling factors of the ego & experience a heightened awareness people with controlling egos are obviously going to put such people down mainly because they have little understanding of anything beyond what their egos want them to know. One should always show empathy towards such people for they know not what they do, really!!    

Perceiving & Spirituality

Written by Mathew Naismith

What we perceive we generally believe, all ideologies, including religious & science orientated ideologies, are a perception of one kind or another that usually block us from being aware of other perceived ideologies, the question is which one is right over all else? In timelessness there is no right or wrong but in time there is because in time everything seems fragmented & disconnected, time gives us fragmentation of consciousness, this also includes the way we all perceive.

Religion has tried to get us all perceiving in the same way which is less fragmented but by doing so has taken free thinking away, in other words we no longer think for ourselves to one extent or another, the ideology is thinking for us. We could ask here is free thinking fragmented consciousness & is religion of defragging of this consciousness to better connect us to consciousness itself (God)? Well it should be but we have so many religions perceiving in their own way which denotes fragmentation plus the controlling factors of the ego seem to always distort any real reconnection. Science & most other ideologies work in the same way, once we start defragging the fragmentation of consciousness we tend to end up with a controlling ego. When we incorporate the controlling factors of the ego we are once again end up with a consciousness that is fragmented.

Free thinking also seems fragmented but is it? If we all think differently we must all perceive differently thus it would seem we have a more fragmented consciousness than under an ideology of some kind. If we took the controlling factors out of the ego in regards to ideologies & had the same exact ideological thinking process yes collectively it would seem we would have a consciousness that would be far less fragmented however because we have different ideological thinking processes, thinking for themselves, we will always live within a fragmented consciousness. Free thinking, either it be individually or as a group, seems to lead to the fragmentation of consciousness before the controlling factors of the ego come into it.  This statement isn’t exactly true because ideologies are controlling, they think for us instead of thinking for ourselves, this denotes a controlling ego so the controlling factors of the ego are already at play before we try to defrag consciousness. There doesn’t seem to be an answer to proficiently defragment consciousness & bring consciousness back into it’s connected state because of the controlling factors of the ego or is there?  

The controlling factors of the ego seem to only exist in time, once we take the controlling ego out of the equation it would seem it would be very possible to reconnect consciousness back into it’s natural state of connectedness (oneness). I should enumerate here that we are not talking about the ego self but the controlling factor of the ego, there is a huge difference. Time is going to always produce fragmentation like the seemingly fragmentations of all our lives lived; I don’t look at it as many lives lived but one life lived under different perceived existences. This is done by thinking out of time (timelessness) to an extent which gives me very little fragmentations of my whole existence, the only fragmentation there is, is in the perception of different lives lived which can’t be avoided while remotely thinking & being in time.  Yes one can totally be with timelessness & be totally connected with consciousness itself but one would no longer be in time. One should ask oneself here, is it more egotistical to desire to exist in a connected consciousness of timelessness than continue living in a fragmented consciousness of time? What would a controlling ego choose?

The controlling factors of the ego is telling me that I have lived many lives but my ego self is telling me I lived one whole life seemingly separated by various perceived existences. The controlling ego is only of time but the ego self doesn’t have to be of time, it can’t totally exist in timelessness but it can be within the balance of time & timelessness & this is where all the beauty & oneness that we experience come from I believe. The pure essence of experiencing timelessness can be sequential to experiencing quietness within oneself as long as we can quell the controlling factors of the ego.  

Monday, 30 December 2013

Releasing Control to Liberate Oneself

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is another little discussion I thought I would share with you on SB; it’s about a person who keeps dreaming of lifting up but feels quite uncomfortable in doing so. It would seem that we need to take more control so we don’t feel this way but actually I feel we need to release any control we have to soar up freely without feeling uncomfortable about it.


I had another one of these "dreams" the other night. This time I just went up and tolerated the "lifting up" feeling although, again, I didn't like the feeling. Does anyone know whatr it means when you have these frequently? It seems I didn't have them for a while and am having them again. Someone mentioned something in my life that I may not be content about---and right now there is something going on that is kind of beyond my control and I am praying for the best of outcomes. There are some things that are topsy turvy and have been for several months. I guess this might have something to do with the dreams, but not OBE's?

G'day Amy1022

Controls a nasty little critter, recently I wrote up about the controlling ego, any control relates to the ego trying to take or keep control. The ego makes us feel inadequate if we don't have control, the little blighter.

Try telling yourself numerous times at any time that you don't have to take or be in control, see your arms spread a part from each other in front of you while you are saying I'm letting go of control because I don't need to control.

Spirituality isn't about control even at the human level it might seem that way, it's about awareness & the more aware we become the more control we seem to have; it's just becoming aware & has nothing to do with control I believe.

If you are able, while having this dream, think about releasing any control, it's extremely liberating however if you are unable to do this in your dream just do like I said before, tell yourself that you don't have to be in control. The nasty little critter of our controlling ego is trying to tell us to keep &/or take more control, just let it go.  Actually just saying I’m letting go a number of times while visualizing your arm letting go of nothing in particular should do the trick for you, your dreams should change after a while hopefully.

Note: It is important when visualising your arms letting go of control not to visualise anything in particular because this will detract from the effects of such visualisation. Our emotions & ego can make us focus on the things that are not necessarily what is causing us grief at the time.



Friday, 27 December 2013

Learning From the Source, Directly

Written by Mathew Naismith

Before we start we should remind ourselves that all things have always been, the knowledge we obtain has always been there & yes this is like what certain religions believe in it is written.  Destiny is written even if we decide to change our destiny it is still written, this is because the source (God) or source of knowledge is of no time however we are. This is why I think we misuse human written knowledge which of course relates more to the past because we are of time.

Instead of using knowledge to remember this ever existing knowledge directly from the source like a clairvoyant does we use it according to our controlling factors of the ego, the ego can see a human gain in it in some way either it to gain knowledge over others &/or financial /material gain.  In this all we are doing is gaining knowledge from human sources however if we before reading a book, for example, put our mind to knowing all knowledge has always been & all I am doing is remembering how to access this knowledge we would get a lot more from any said books because all what books are doing is reminding us of this knowledge. Human knowledge is all about the experiences we get from the knowledge which all comes from the source itself however the big difference is we break it up into time periods.  

When we come to realities of time we experience parts of this ever existing knowledge by turning it into experiences so if we looked at books as a reminder instead of gain it is obvious we will gain a lot more from each book.  Books of course are only one example, all media no matter how lame it might seem is from this timeless knowledge however we have distorted this knowledge through our egos & made it a lot harder to remember by & decipher so the human source you use will dictate how well you become reconnected with the sources knowing.  Is this saying books written many years ago will be a better source to become reconnected by because of they were hopefully written with less ego tendencies? Yes & no, again it depends if the book was written under ego control, a fair amount of books these days are written under this control &will make it harder to become reconnected to the sources knowledge because we are far more dominated by the controlling factors of the ego than ever.  This however does not mean all books written today are written under the influence of the controlling factors of the ego but are more likely so then let’s say a thousand years ago. Spiritual awareness is about awareness so be aware of this & listen to your gut/intuition when choosing a book to read to become reconnected.

Like I have said in past posts, I was told not to read especially anything to do with spiritual awareness of any kind & by the time I was in my mid-teens I was well & truly connected eventually receiving direct knowledge from the source itself. We should remember here this is what clairvoyants do, they become directly connected. By the time I was in my late teens I chose to become disconnected from this source as much as I could. My controlling ego wanted me to continue but I said no for the main reason I wanted to gain knowledge for a need not for my own personal desire.  Yes I could have become a clairvoyant but I didn’t have a need for that & this is the trick if one wishes to become truly reconnected. Read a book or gain knowledge for a need not for a desire & only then will you become truly reconnected. In the past three/four years I have begun to read/study upon anything connected to spiritual awareness to some degree choosing what my intuition tells me to read, this blog for example was intuitively influenced .

If we start reading a book to gain something from it even knowledge this is the controlling ego however if we start reading a book, intuitively chosen preferably, to remember the sources knowledge we will gain a lot more from it than we ever thought. Many times in the last three/four years have I been reading a book & had visions & insights even visions not seemingly related to the book I was reading.  Actually what started me off writing period was visions received through reading certain books my intuition told me to read.  Reading a book with the intentions of remembering not gaining first up will start to lead you in the right direction if you wish to become reconnected. Also don’t try to stick to books about spiritual awareness, read any book or read /study from any source that your intuition tells you too & most importantly don’t read a book to gain knowledge but to remember because this knowledge has always been there, we just forgot it was there always. 

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Quietness- A Supposition of Uncontrollability

Written by Mathew Naismith

Believe it or not spirituality isn’t about more control but less mainly because control denotes a controlling ego which sort of makes no sense especially when we need control to just meditate.  At the human level we are controlling & seems like the only way we can obtain anything which is going to be beneficial to us & at the human level of understanding that is true however spirituality isn’t just about what is at the human level.  Once we fall within our own quietness we are no longer just at the human level of understanding so in this state of consciousness is everything uncontrollable because we are not controlling ourselves?     

This is an interesting question because I can neither say no or yes to this question for the main reason once you obtain true inner quietness within oneself control isn’t needed which also signifies that the ego is no longer needed or even exists or shouldn’t especially if we are within a true state of inner quietness.

Again this is funny, because at the human level of understanding we think if one isn’t in control they have to be not in control, out of control, but that is what our human conscious understanding is telling us, in other words the controlling ego wants us to think there has to be a yin to the yang.  Once we start to experience true inner quietness there is no yin & yang’s believe it or not & this is why so many people have trouble understanding most concepts of spirituality & inner sacred quietness.  For these people to understand these concepts they need to beware of the controlling factors of the ego that the ego is telling us there has to be a yin & yang because we need control like to succeed in our endeavours with meditating for example.  Having knowledge of meditating isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be!!  

Knowledge is a controlling factor of the ego as well, the more we know the more in control we feel & at the human level of understanding the more we are able to do however because it’s still all about control we are not within our own quietness & it’s within this quietness we will obtain true control even when it’s not controlling in nature.  Most of the times while in this quietness we are quite more accepting than in our human state of understanding  & the more accepting we become the more quietness will befall upon us & of course the less we will use human conscious understanding on its own.  How do we obtain quietness without some form of meditative state?  You don’t but the less controlling we are about mediating the more successful we will be mainly because we will have no expectations driven by a controlling ego, just let yourself drift without any thought of control even of your own breathe.  It is also important to realise meditation isn’t about control just like spirituality isn’t supposed to be about control, we don’t meditate to take control but to release it.

The reason I said we will obtain true control  is that is what it feels like in this quietness state but not exactly alike mainly because there’s no big deal, the only reason we feel we have more control is we are more accepting mainly because there being no yin & yang therefore no controlling ego. There is an ego present however because one can’t be aware of oneself being aware without an ego telling us so however it’s not a controlling ego.    

Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Difference in Ego Tendencies

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is an interesting non-conflictive banter between me & another person on living by the heart or ego & the difference between expressing the ego to being controlled by the ego.  I do indeed respect bestearth’s reasoning.

G'day Mathew,

Thinking is what the ego likes. The sensable place to dwell must be the heart. It's the centre of the body and energy systems. The mind's thinking is like a shed full of tools when something needs to be measured/analysed. Then tools down and back to the heart, which is home.

The ego has no ability other than to 'think' of ways to control everything. It has no imagination, no creativity and it's only means of survival is to hijack the creativity and productivity of others. It hooks onto the traces of guilt, shame and uncertainty in others. It is parasitic in nature feeding on the resistant, struggling psychology of others.

If you don't have any guilt, shame, uncertainty, there is nothing for an ego to latch onto. An ego will never bother you.

The ego is a toxic whirlpool whose end point is suicide or some form of destruction. Toxic thoughts lead to toxic emotions to toxic actions to toxic body become toxic habits that inwhorl to every permutation of suffering and pain. The ambitious ego fancies himself as the king rat in a sewer. It is arrogant and seeks contention to keep itself alive. Because it has turned it's back on creation and the creator, its only power is to control and dominate others.

A good way to repel an ego is to ask them "How's your Spirit?" You'll get a perplexed look at the least because the ego is the opposite of Spirit. The ego thinks, the Spirit feels. The ego relies on cunning but it's intelligence is static. The Spirit relies on intuition and it's intelligence is fluid.

So I don't think we can think our way out of extinction. I don't feel there will be any extinction. We can''t feel our way out of extinction either because that would be a negative goal. We can feel our way into our own individual true self which leads to the true calling which leaves behind all concepts and flavours of fear for the expansive smorgasbord of Love's permutations. With no victims left the ego is out of business. This is the positive path that I believe connects us to creation and to natural understanding, joyful living and learning.

G'day bestearth

Yes indeed, once we see a problem or something to counteract the ego is at play & this is where there is no right & wrong comes into it, I've written about this a few times. I do however see a difference between expressing the ego to being controlled by the ego & again there is no right or wrong in being expressive or being controlled by the ego. Once we see a right or wrong the egos at play again & we have all done this even at times unbeknownst to ourselves.

Saying all this I think we can think our way out of this mess but only if we are aware enough, yes this is the ego at play again however the difference is in the awareness of being expressive of the ego as opposed to being controlled by the ego. Being human we can't get away in being expressive of the ego, every time we get dressed to what foods we eat all comes down to ego however the difference is in being expressive of the ego to being controlled by the ego. A person controlled by the ego will take some time getting dressed but a person being expressive of the ego will just wear clothing suited to the occasion. No matter what we do we are all expressive of the ego.

This all comes back to needing to think our way out of this mess which by the way at the spiritual level isn't a mess to me however at the human level it is & it's this expressiveness of the ego that will change this reality first mentally then physically I believe.  A lot of spiritually aware people will avoid conflicting with others which by the way comes down to judgement which is again expressive of the ego however for real change to occur at the expressive ego level, (human level), we need to be, at times, quite strongly expressive of the ego without being controlled by the ego for real change to take effect. The trick is not to become controlled by the ego again for in this lays more lies & chaos.  

I can see where you are coming from but it won't, in it's entirety, change this reality. Physical intervention is needed & the right kind of physical intervention that isn't controlled by the ego, could you imagine a reality not controlled by the ego but a reality just being expressive of the ego which we can't avoid in our present form?  Jesus, Buddha & alike weren’t egotistical beings just because they were expressive of the ego & they did need to be expressive of the ego for us to learn from them.

When sitting within my own quietens it would seem we need to do very little however coming out of this conscious state we do need to do something which again will be expressive of the ego. I do think while within this quietness we can be delusional & start to think we need to do very little but that has never been the case in anytime in human history.  We are expressive ego beings, that is unavoidable within our current state of being. Actually being aware of our awareness states is also expressive of the ego believe it or not so no matter what we feel& think it’s still of the ego I believe.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

A Reality Void of Suffering

Written by Mathew Naismith

To most of us it would be utterly impossible to create a reality void of suffering, that is our first mistake because nothing is actually impossible. We should ask ourselves here, what really creates suffering?  Most of us would mention numerous physical & mental causes which seem to have no end but that isn’t really the case at all.  What actually makes us feel we are suffering?  Perception believe it or not for example if everyone in the world couldn’t perceive suffering would we be suffering?  Believe it or not we wouldn’t be.  Are we truly suffering if it’s only a perception/presumption?

 Let’s look at this in a different judgmental way; a child in the west has their Xbox taken from them, are they truly suffering if we compare them to a 3rd world child in hunger? The answer is of course no but they perceive they are now let’s compare this reality to a much more chaotic reality, are we suffering? The answer of course is no. We presume too much because we don’t sit within our quietness enough. Suffering is only in our perception of suffering no matter what we are going through, this concept of course will be quite hard for most people to swallow mainly because our controlling egos tells us otherwise.  

What has the controlling ego got to do with seeing others suffer? What are we doing when we see others suffer? We are actually judging someone else’s suffering compared to ours otherwise you would perceive anyone suffering believe it or not. We should ask ourselves here, what does judgment denote & the answer of course is usually a controlling ego however judgement doesn’t always denote a controlling ego either.  

So making judgement & comparing oneself to someone else who is suffering is this denoting the ego being in control? Yes, for the main reason we see ourselves better off. It’s funny how the controlling ego is so well disguised at times which I have called in past posts the hidden ego.  It is extremely hard for an emotional human being not to allow this to happen, I still today make such judgement however I am now aware of it.  

There is another problem in perceiving suffering, when we perceive such suffering we are actually unintentionally manifesting what we see as suffering, the more suffering we see/feel the more suffering we will perceive & inadvertently create.   Our whole reality is created by our perception, at the moment we are focused on the perception of desires we live for/of desires which supports the current system of existence, consumerist materialism.  If we had no perception of our desires there is no way consumerist materialism could exist & that alone would create quite a different reality to what we have today.   

Using myself as an example again;  I’ve endured a chronic injury since I was 6 yrs old, I am now 50 yrs old & yes this chronic injury also came with chronic pain.  I’ve noticed the only time I am suffering  is when the controlling ego comes into play, I will see other able people & compare them to me & all of a sudden I am suffering , as soon as I make such judgement I’m suffering however when I’m not in judgement I’m not suffering. To an able body person I am suffering but to me I’m not when I’m not in judgement, funny that isn’t it!! This all comes down to perception that can be & most usually is controlled by the controlling ego; it’s the controlling ego that gives us suffering.  It’s extremely hard not to see others less fortunate people as suffering but like I said this is denoting the ego being in control & we know how destructive the ego in control can be.  All we need to do is be aware of the controlling factors of the ego & yes we can create a reality totally void of any suffering if we want to perceive so!! 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Question of Desire in Spirituality

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is an interesting little exchange between me another person called Katie on Google community pertaining to using desire within spiritual growth. One must realise, like Katie, that when using desire as a method towards spiritually awareness that desire can be influenced, unbeknownst to us, by the controlling ego however it is a powerful tool if used correctly. 

I personally believe we shouldn’t inquire at all however seen as we have been conditioned to inquire for many centuries now we should continue this process until we realise we no longer need the ego or even the need to inquire. If we were brought up from the start to rely totally on our inner knowing we wouldn’t need to inquire because all we would need to know would be known through the inner self however we weren’t that lucky so we do need to continue the process of human inquiry but being aware at the same time of how controlling the ego can secretly be.  Katie’s a good example of  this awareness I believe.

Hello Dear Mathew, at this Time in Our Human Evolution Inquiry mixed with Inner-standing is a key element to us waking up to, who we truly are spiritually. For so long most people (not all) have been following the Status Quo: "My family is christian, Jewish, Muslim.... ". Never really taking the time to Inquire or Question whether that particular path was a good fit for them or not.

This New Global Inquire is occurring because our Source Spirit Self is able to connect at deeper levels through the Energetic Changes going on Universally. This Inner Desire is a Deep driving Passion for us all to branch out and reassess and Expand Our Horizons.

The Ego while currently distorted and not functioning as originally design has twisted up the True Meaning of Desire with fear of lack and being in opposition or competition with itself/All life Everywhere. In actuality, desire or passion is what can take us out of seeing and being the Little Human Us and bring us into the Big God Source First Eternal Us.

We as Source had the Desire to Create Manifest Expression with all its nuances of Being.
It is what continually drives me to question why "me do what me do". What is the Program or Belief running the Me instead of "I" running the Show.

I would like to say in many ways I am at a Happy medium but I really do not want to stop where I am at. I do not want to say that I have figured it all out and I do not need to inquire anymore. I want to inquire with every skill I have available ( intuition, Being Awareness, logic, listening....) to stretch my horizons to Live Huge Now.

G'day Katie

I feel the human trait desire is a very complicated trait to have while becoming spiritually aware because it can be so easily controlled by the ego however our needs are a different matter. If we were brought up from the start to only inquire for our needs you will probably find you will actually get to know more than if you inquired by desire.

Spiritualists in India inquire to start the process for a need but then they sit within their own silence sometimes for years on end & when they find enlightenment they realised they needn’t have inquired at all from the start. At the human level we think we need to inquire using desire but that’s not totally true however to get past certain human blockages we need to humanly inquire.  The trick is, from the beginning, not to humanly inquire but rely completely on one’s inner knowing from the start however anyone who is already attached to inquiring through human means will have to continue to go through the human process of inquiry but for one’s needs not desire I believe because desire can be too easily controlled by the ego without us knowing. Just imagine for one moment if we from the very start were taught to rely on our inner selves knowing, it’s extremely far more powerful than acquiring knowledge through human inquiry & of course it would produce a much better world because you haven’t got the ego trying to control us through our desires or even needs.    

When you fall within your own complete quietness all what one needs to know just flows without any inquiry, it’s as if it comes by magic out of thin air which is strange even to me because I’m always in physical pain, I must love it somehow!!!!!!   

Don’t get me wrong here Katie I’m quite ignorant however I am at this point quite content with my own ignorance, I have no needs or desires at this point.

I should also say we don’t always, like yourself, inquire for our own needs or desires but inquire for the needs & desires of others, we think it’s for us but it’s not especially for a truly spiritually aware person as yourself I believe.  It’s funny; we express the ego so that others may gain!!

Love you girl, keep up the good work.

PS Do you mind if I used our little exchange here for a post for my blog, I will even add the link to your site as I feel you will use desire in the right context to help others. 

If you are interested the following link will send you to Katie’s blog titled Alignment In Spirit.
These Teachings about Bio Spiritual Self Help Healing are neither a New or Old Religion, rather they are just keys to Re-Awakening the Organic Inner You, to what you have forgotten about your True Being. With this Re-newed knowledge you will be able to see and know clearly, why you perform certain acts and believe certain things in just the way you do. Please keep an open Mind as you get the first little *aha* moments of Re-membering and then you will rapidly begin to un-ravel the mystery to all the questions that seem to be always Lurking just out of Perceptual Range in your Conscious Mind. These questions are not out of Conscious Perceptual Range by chance, we are running so many programs (like a Computer) that we are totally un-aware of most times.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Hidden Ego

Written by Mathew Naismith

I have never had the intention to become controversial & I thought this would never happen in my wildest dreams but it has sadly enough but why? When we look at what I wright, if it’s not agreed upon it’s controversial but why is it controversial for any said person who disagrees?  The emphasis of other people’s disagreement isn’t really on me at all even though many people have tried to put this emphasis onto me, the emphasis is on the person with the disagreement.  This of course pertains to anyone we disagree with; we must look within ourselves to why we disagree & most of the times it will be the ego controlling us instead of us controlling the ego & yes I too suffer with this as well at times, it’s called being human which is quite acceptable for me.

This brings me to the topic of this post & yes it’s going to be controversial as well I’m afraid for the main reason we are so unaccepting of anything that doesn’t fit within our own personal perspectives & that is fair enough too.  

The Hidden Ego

I must state first up that humanly there is a right & wrong but spiritually there isn’t, the ego human self is telling us there are faults because the ego tells us so however at the spiritual level of understanding there is no ego to tell us of these faults we can only see through the ego so I will focus on the spiritual perspective of there being no faults or wrong & right’s just differences in the way we have chosen to exist. This also includes there is no wrong in wars, ego, consumerist materialism & so on remembering it’s the human ego self that is telling us these are faults of some kind. We must also remember here does God or the source see faults? That is an impossibility because the source isn’t controlled by the ego unlike ourselves which brings me to our human selves, the human selves that are self-confessed spiritually aware.

When we heal others what is happening, are we doing the healing or are they? It’s always the recipient of any outside influence that is doing the healing. I did say outside influence instead of healer. The reason for this is because we are not the one’s doing the healing  but many spiritually aware people will call themselves healers or give themselves big titles in whatever spiritual practice they are in, what does this denote? It of course denotes the ego being in control here so what I seem to be saying is this is wrong? At the human level yes it seems wrong to proclaim ourselves the healer in any sense however at the spiritual level it’s but another way to exist, there is no wrong or right within these actions controlled by the ego.  What I am saying here it’s not wrong if one chooses to be controlled by the ego & base one’s existence on this, if you see a fault here you must look within to why you see a fault because again fault depicts a controlling ego in control.  Yes I too allow the controlling ego to control me as well at times; it’s certainly nothing to fear but a lot of spiritually aware people do fear expressing such tendencies which again is the controlling ego in control. It’s like how dare we lower ourselves to such a lowly level.  

Like I said earlier, “I will focus on the spiritual perspective”, there are no wrong or right’s just different ways to exist.  This is very hard for the hidden ego self to abide by because we have convinced our conscious selves that we don’t suffer with such lowly tendencies any longer however on the other hand  we will chase anything that gives us pleasurable feelings. It’s within these pleasurable feelings we see faults within anything that is the opposite of these feelings so how could we possibly accept anything that is faulty therefore wrong according to our pleasurable feelings.   These feelings of course are feelings of oneness, unconditional love, enlightenment & so on, once most of us experience these feelings we tend to find even more faults within anything that doesn’t serve these feelings.  Becoming spiritually aware can give us more opposites or extremes & of course faults & at the same time we have convinced ourselves we are no longer of the ego at the psychological level, this makes it extremely hard for us to see the hidden ego within ourselves.  

All we really need to do here is be aware of the controlling tendencies of the ego especially the hidden tendencies of the ego, that’s all there is to it, just be aware & not blinded by our own glory or importance.