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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Ego Gone Troppo

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is quite controversial exchange between myself & two others so don’t read on if you have a problem with controversy however this did bring out a few good points in reference to how our own perception is ignorant of other people’s own perception. In true spiritual consciousness there is no right or wrongs however there is a right & wrong within our own personal perceptions.  If we choose to not mix with certain aggressive people we have made judgement & upon this judgement we have our own perception, it’s quite interesting!!  

G'day frequencytuner

I will tell you why you are wrong within your own personal definition of suffering.

For one, whose definition are you defining suffering? Everyone physiologically has their own definition of suffering. before I go on I better tell you I worked in the welfare arena twice over in my 50 yrs, I even had a job in charge of my section without attaining a higher education, that alone should tell you something. The reason I'm telling you this is to inform you I know what I am talking about just in case you think you’re conversing with someone who doesn't know what they are talking about.

This is a true story; there was a young girl who was given a mobile phone from her parents, she absolutely loved it, One day it was stolen the next day she committed suicide. According to your definition of suffering she didn't suffer & this is but the tip of the iceberg. You are obviously measuring & defining suffering physically, mental suffering is much much worse & in fact can induce &/or create physical suffering. This young girl suffered just as much than a starving child in a 3rd world country.

Pain is optional, is it!! Try telling that to a male nurse who split their spine down the middle or someone who can't afford pain killers or someone in the 3rd world countries. Let's look at a soldier on their own with their leg blown off & again this is only the tip of the iceberg.

You see ignorance causing pain to a small number of people but I see uncontrolled knowledge causing much prolonged pain to thousands at a time, the two atomic bombs is a good example of this & again this is but the tip of the iceberg, consumerist materialism is hurting countless others.

I’ve counteracted everything you have said which says what? Suffering is brought on by our own definition or perception, obviously.

Reply Dusty

Re: "I will tell you why you are wrong...."

Statements such as these are truly questionable at best.

They pretend to remove all traces of the subjective experience which in fact embodies all judgment of right and wrong.

If the commenter intention might have been to say, "I will tell you where I BELIEVE you are wrong".
We all must offer for the belief of other's point of view. But this comment makes the assertion of knowing that which is right, in some absolute sense.

Is this not "ego?"

My reply

This is funny, I've obviously upset Dusty a number of times so he's ego is trying any way it can to trip me up, try putting 2+2 together without precise definition & you will end up with a totally incorrect answer.

“I will tell you why you are wrong within your own personal definition of suffering. “ This isn’t even the full sum however if we separate or totally remove one part of the sum we won’t get a true correct answer. This is dirty tactic to say the least & it seems to be common practice with some people sadly enough. Pointing out a particular point is OK but as long as you don’t put all the emphasis on this like Dusty has once again done here.

The whole sum was referring to an obvious wrong or incorrect evaluation based on our own perception without adding up all the numbers; we can’t dictate what everyone is thinking or feeling by our own evaluative perception, this denotes only one part of the sum!!

I call a spade a spade & yes like I have always stated I’m not afraid of expressing the ego, there are no true right or wrongs collectively in spirituality including expressing or even being controlled by the ego.

As I have also stated a number of times, there is a big difference between expressing the ego to being controlled by the ego, very few people who are controlled by the ego don’t realise they are controlled by the ego. I realise the controlling factors of the ego so it’s unlikely I am being controlled by the ego but there is still a small possibility of this. Awareness itself dilutes any effect a controlling ego has on a person; no one wants to be totally controlled if they can help it especially of their mind & this is why spiritually aware people meditate for example which helps dilute the controlling factors of the ego.

Yes I have psychosocial methods learnt through being involved in the welfare arena; I either use aggressive methods or passive methods & at times one after the other always for the benefit of my client. What I noticed from a lot of higher educated people than me is they will use these methods immorally & unethically which is quite obvious on this site however I have always used these methods for the benefit of all & never intentionally for my own benefit.

My adversaries should be able to get something out of this to use against me, their egos couldn’t help themselves!! 

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Hidden Ego

Written by Mathew Naismith

I have never had the intention to become controversial & I thought this would never happen in my wildest dreams but it has sadly enough but why? When we look at what I wright, if it’s not agreed upon it’s controversial but why is it controversial for any said person who disagrees?  The emphasis of other people’s disagreement isn’t really on me at all even though many people have tried to put this emphasis onto me, the emphasis is on the person with the disagreement.  This of course pertains to anyone we disagree with; we must look within ourselves to why we disagree & most of the times it will be the ego controlling us instead of us controlling the ego & yes I too suffer with this as well at times, it’s called being human which is quite acceptable for me.

This brings me to the topic of this post & yes it’s going to be controversial as well I’m afraid for the main reason we are so unaccepting of anything that doesn’t fit within our own personal perspectives & that is fair enough too.  

The Hidden Ego

I must state first up that humanly there is a right & wrong but spiritually there isn’t, the ego human self is telling us there are faults because the ego tells us so however at the spiritual level of understanding there is no ego to tell us of these faults we can only see through the ego so I will focus on the spiritual perspective of there being no faults or wrong & right’s just differences in the way we have chosen to exist. This also includes there is no wrong in wars, ego, consumerist materialism & so on remembering it’s the human ego self that is telling us these are faults of some kind. We must also remember here does God or the source see faults? That is an impossibility because the source isn’t controlled by the ego unlike ourselves which brings me to our human selves, the human selves that are self-confessed spiritually aware.

When we heal others what is happening, are we doing the healing or are they? It’s always the recipient of any outside influence that is doing the healing. I did say outside influence instead of healer. The reason for this is because we are not the one’s doing the healing  but many spiritually aware people will call themselves healers or give themselves big titles in whatever spiritual practice they are in, what does this denote? It of course denotes the ego being in control here so what I seem to be saying is this is wrong? At the human level yes it seems wrong to proclaim ourselves the healer in any sense however at the spiritual level it’s but another way to exist, there is no wrong or right within these actions controlled by the ego.  What I am saying here it’s not wrong if one chooses to be controlled by the ego & base one’s existence on this, if you see a fault here you must look within to why you see a fault because again fault depicts a controlling ego in control.  Yes I too allow the controlling ego to control me as well at times; it’s certainly nothing to fear but a lot of spiritually aware people do fear expressing such tendencies which again is the controlling ego in control. It’s like how dare we lower ourselves to such a lowly level.  

Like I said earlier, “I will focus on the spiritual perspective”, there are no wrong or right’s just different ways to exist.  This is very hard for the hidden ego self to abide by because we have convinced our conscious selves that we don’t suffer with such lowly tendencies any longer however on the other hand  we will chase anything that gives us pleasurable feelings. It’s within these pleasurable feelings we see faults within anything that is the opposite of these feelings so how could we possibly accept anything that is faulty therefore wrong according to our pleasurable feelings.   These feelings of course are feelings of oneness, unconditional love, enlightenment & so on, once most of us experience these feelings we tend to find even more faults within anything that doesn’t serve these feelings.  Becoming spiritually aware can give us more opposites or extremes & of course faults & at the same time we have convinced ourselves we are no longer of the ego at the psychological level, this makes it extremely hard for us to see the hidden ego within ourselves.  

All we really need to do here is be aware of the controlling tendencies of the ego especially the hidden tendencies of the ego, that’s all there is to it, just be aware & not blinded by our own glory or importance.