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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Learning to Think for Ourselves

Written by Mathew Naismith

Not all my readers of my posts will like this but I do know some of you will as the discussion between Ros and I was conducted on a Noetic site, a site pertaining to science and consciousness, the study of consciousness through science.  The following was in reply to one of my posts titled, Spirituality-A Strange Existence.  


Also, what is so important about the ancients and their writings/drawings/art/architecture, etc., is that...throughout all the many, many generations that can fit inside, say the last 10,000 years or so, and beyond, all those sages and solitary realizers, scholars and others who have successfully restored themselves to *balance,* and hence having been reunited with the highly interactive, blatantly demonstrative Universal Core Physics, have and continue to come face to face with the ~ exact same Truth! ~
Billions have lived in denial of it, countless millions have devoted their entire lives to faulting it, and *still* the Ultimate Reality persists the inescapable, translucent...


G'day Ros
We need to find our own way in our own way, we need to start thinking for ourselves instead of continuously relying on external sources to think for us, ancient texts and writings can be a guide but never the be and end all especially in regards to thinking for ourselves.

You will notice a brilliant scientist like Einstein for example took in what was needed from external sources but used his own mind power to deduce that not all of Isaac Newton’s theories were correct. If Einstein didn't think for himself, we would probably still be praising all of Isaac Newton’s theories, science evolved further because of this, one man thinking for himself.

Can we just rely on our internal sources to think by without external influences? Yes I believe so, through the inner self where all of what is has always been however most of us haven't the mentality to understand or even know this, most of us still need external sources to think for ourselves.

How many times on this discussion board have certain people solely relied on other people's thoughts, it is obvious they have not learnt to think for themselves, they have no idea how too. A lot of us still need external sources to think for us, that is their present mentality, how can anyone think for themselves without external sources to at least program the mind to start thinking in the first place!!

Ancient texts tell me we don't need external sources but to rely totally on the inner self, our true nature.......Collectively, we can't do this at present so we do need to rely on external sources either to think for us or at least give us some idea in how to think for ourselves.

Don't get me wrong Ros, external sources of knowledge are needed to find our own way either it be ancient or not but we must start to find our own way entirely, once we obtain this, we have found our true nature and have started thinking for ourselves entirely.
The past is a guide to our future, it's not our future!!