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Sunday, 26 May 2013

True Positive Thinking

Written by Mathew Naismith

What is a true positive thought? A thought without negativity which of course makes sense to us in a human way, this goes along with the concept you are what you think which again makes total sense for if I was to think in a negative way all the time or even partially I will become what I think which of course is negative but what am I doing to become a positive thinker in the first place with this concept? What I am actually doing is throwing away or denouncing any negative humanistic straits I deem negative, this of course is done to improve or manifest a better existence for myself which will give me what I desire through “ I am what I think” which makes perfect sense.

A true positive thinker will seek out what is not serving them well & either denounce them or ignore their existence & of course once this is done we become what we think, a positive thinker in its truest form without a doubt.

Collective Consciousness: I will change the subject here & ask a question, are we consciously here for ourselves or are we consciously here to build up on a collective holistic consciousness for all mankind? It is of course the latter for the main reason we are all very much connected holistically to each other which of course refers to a truer form of oneness.  As I have recently explained in my recent past posts about the creative core or centre point of creative consciousness, we have collectively expanded on the cores consciousness through what I deem as emotionally driven & the further out we go away from the core the more chaotic & conflictive our emotions become mainly because they become extreme unlike the creative core itself which is serine & peaceful.   This expansion of consciousness is done through our souls which were created by the creative cores consciousness as it expanded. What we are continuously forget is we are one collective consciousness, we are not this one person who is only building up on its own consciousness & soul awareness it’s collective & holistic not personal or individual.

I’m going to ask another question here, is it positive to live for one’s own individual conscious awareness or for the collective conscious awareness especially for a spiritually aware person? It is of course the latter as this denotes true oneness & collectiveness. As I have explained in earlier posts the creative core (God) expanded it’s consciousness through experiencing it’s own knowing through our souls which of course where created by the creative cores conscious expansion & I have also explained in previous posts that the creative core is all accepting & why. So is it accepting for us to denounce certain humanistic traits that obviously help in the creative core in experiencing itself & at the same time building up on our own individual soul’s conscious awareness?  Isn’t accepting positive & isn’t non-accepting negative? So what are we doing when we are personally trying to manifest for our own desires instead for the betterment of all mankind through concepts like “we are what we think”?

“We are what we think” works however by looking at this that & the other of being negative therefore we shouldn’t think of these negatives is in fact being negative & judgmental of human traits that have allowed the holistic consciousness to expand. Building up on & expanding consciousness isn’t easy & it’s full of trials & tribulations but it’s through these trials & tribulations we are expanding on the creative cores consciousness through experiencing what it knows, what’s the good of an intelligent consciousness in just knowing what it knows without experiencing it through individual parts of itself through our souls, we are not just here for ourselves & to serve ourselves, we all have a jog to do. However in taking on concepts like “we are what we think” & positive thinking which denounces human traits like the ego & judgment we are in fact still building up & expanding the creative cores consciousness through ourselves negatively & this is where so called human negative traits are actually positive, we only see them as negative because they don’t serve us now personally.

However I have shown that positive thinking is actually negative because it’s not accepting & it does look at certain humanistic traits of being just negative therefore these traits should be avoided which gives us more to conflict with not less. We forget we are human living in a reality of time & space therefore past & present unlike the creative core itself which is of a reality of no time & space & the now as only the now exists in the core centre. We are actually confusing ourselves in living within the core centre when were not.  We don’t as humans need more to conflict with we actually need less.

A Truer Positive Thinking: So what’s true positive thinking then which will allow a better existence for ourselves & at the same time assist in expanding on the creative cores consciousness which we are all a part of?  Before I answer this I will ask another question, if you saw an angry aggressive man hurting someone what would you think & do? Would a positive thinker who follows the concept “you are what you think” do anything? They can’t because they have rid themselves of all negative thought & judgment so if they can’t judge this man negatively even when this man is doing an obvious wrong they can’t by their own principles know a wrong is being committed in the first place.  This to me doesn’t sound too positive or spiritual.
Being a true positive thinker I would think the man is playing out a role in life to assist in the expansion of consciousness in the first place& at the same time realise this man is showing us where we are going wrong within our thoughts & actions holistically. If someone anyone acts out in this way this should tell us something about our holistic consciousness so the positive point in this so called negative man is twofold.  I of course, not being negative & conflictive with my human traits that seem negative but aren’t really like judgment & the ego, I would intervene on both parties behalf saving both of them from our holistic set mode of thought’s at present.  By seeing not ignoring a so called negative I’ve helped in correcting our path to a less conflictive chaotic existence.  What I am doing here is something like the creative cores consciousness would do, accept it for what it is by understanding our holistic existence to the extent of knowing how we have& are expanding on our own & the  holistic consciousness at the same time & not individualistically self-serving our own desires over  the whole collective consciousness of man.

One more thing, I judge others & myself as I have shown right through my blog, this would seem negative to others, I wouldn’t be truly spiritually aware & caring if I didn’t at least try to  point out how I see certain concepts going wrong within the holistic collective consciousness. Judgment can be very positive in showing where we are going wrong in life & has done just that many times over but if we continuously denounce or ignore these signs, just like the angry aggressive man, we will continue on this merry-go-round thus adding little to our own & collective conscious awareness.  Acceptance of everything of what we are is far more positive than denouncing certain parts of our human self, within this concept one will automatically see the positives in everything without trying & conflicting, within this comes true conscious awareness individually & holistically.