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Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Creator of Our Life

Written by Mathew Naismith

I feel encumbered by my body and mind and of everything of physicality, I realise I never really left my true self, I was always with my true self while living out lives of different physicality’s however I find, while only consciously aware of my life in this reality, that this is where I am supposed to be as well.  

Feeling that we are not ourselves in this reality is a start to realising who we truly are and when we start to feel we are encumbered by physicality in this reality we are well and truly on our way to reconnecting all our lives to it’s truer self, the creator of our life.  

Recently I came across what I thought was an interesting site to do with ancient Egyptian mystical rites, this was after what I felt as described in the first paragraph of this post.   

Author of this site: Born as Jerry Clifford Welch in 1948, the sixth of twelve children of a goat-herder from the desert of Arizona.. of Cherokee and Choctaw ancestry as well as Welsh and the ubiquitous Scots-Irish. Imagine a youngish Merlin who grew up among Red-skinned Cowboys; then give him the spirit of a wood-elf, a mind like the Library of Alexandria and the sense of humor of a five-year-old; then dress him up in the silk robes of a Tantric Buddha.. and you will begin to get a picture of his personal reality.

Extract: Invocation of Soul Memory

We may have a lot more Karma than we realize!.. some of which may be surviving bits of "past lives." Do you think you may have lived before as a human being?, or in a non-incarnate Spirit-form before your human birth(s)? This Rite is designed to "surface" those and put you in touch with the other self-fragments hidden in your psyche. The Three Paths spoken of are called by Kaballists "the Hermetic, the Orphic and the Mystical Paths;" and the Two Pillars mentioned here are Aima/Anima the Black (feminine) Pillar of Psyche and it's White Twin, Abba/Animus the masculine side of Self. All of these things this Rite gives you entry to.. as you explore the Akashic Records of soul memory within you.

Other rites include: Invocation of the Godself, Overcoming Karma, Astral Flight, Initiatory Blessing, "Hieros Gamos", Divine Identity, The Divine Beloved and Healing.

It was obvious to me I was supposed to feel what I did and find this particular site so I could pass this on to others who just might be interested. Of course this isn’t going to suite everyone but to those who this resonates with, I wish you all the best…….