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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Crystals-The Purity of Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

As I have pointed out a number of other times in my posts, our physical environment tell us who we are. We often ignore this as our environment isn't altogether harmonious and constructive, in other words pure, of course the ego doesn't want to relate itself to anything it judges unbecoming!! I'm going to state that crystals are an exception to this, crystals don't just show us the purity of consciousness, they are also representative of non-physical energy that is pure in essence.

Basically what I m saying, crystals show us the physical aspects of pure energy, pure energy being of a consciousness untainted and unaffected by any kind of ego, an energy source that represents our truer self, our truer being. It' also of an energy source that is not controlling unless used by a consciousness that is being controlled.

I'm probably going to get myself into trouble here, crystals are an exact aspect of what a lot of people call God, an energy source that is so pure in essence that this energy seems to be the building blocks to the whole of existence. Of course as of any energy that is not controlling, conscious forms controlled by the ego can turn this energy flow into something disharmonious and destructive. Only a conscious form that is controlled by the ego can create such disharmony and destruction. No form, that is in essence of this pure energy, can express itself in this way, it's totally impossible for such forms to do so, only a consciousness being controlled can express itself in this way.  

To create any kind of disharmony and destruction, you need some form of control and the more control a consciousness expresses, the more disharmony and destruction such consciousness's will create. The world at present is a good example of this. The state this world is in is quite natural, it's natural because when a collective consciousness is controlled by a controlling ego, it naturally and normally creates disharmony and destruction.

Now if any form of control is needed to create disharmony and destruction, what would a collective consciousness, not controlled by the controlling ego, need to create a harmonious and constructive existence?  The answer is obvious, if control creates disharmony and destruction, what would a collective consciousness not about control create, remembering any form of pure energy cannot possibly create disharmony and destruction? 

I find this quite amusing, God is representative of this pure energy in religion, in other forms of spirituality, crystals represent the same source of pure energy. When you start to perceive beyond normal human perceptions that are limited by limiting ideological  perception, you begin to piece the puzzle together. 

Ego and a controlling ego; are all about the creation of delusions, ego of course creating less of a delusion than an ego in total control. An ego form or source is able to perceive beyond the delusions but a consciousness totally controlled by the ego will not, it will only perceive what will give it more control. Basically, a controlling ego entraps a consciousness within a certain perception, this is why some people are totally unable to perceive beyond normal conditioned human perceptions, they are really unable to perceive beyond certain fixated perceptions. Within this fixated perception, there are limits, however, a consciousness not being controlled has no limits because it's not being controlled, it is able to perceive beyond ego controlled boundaries and limitations. Basically, the ego not being controlling is able to become aware of it's whole self......this is why so many people with less of a controlling ego turn to spirituality, being that spirituality is all about perceiving beyond the limits of boundaries set up by a controlling ego.

This is where crystals come into it, they are, to me, a physical representative of pure energy that is not limited, an energy that isn't really physical at all, in actuality, just like ourselves. After certain experiences recently, I no longer perceive crystals as a physical form of energy, they now represent the purity of consciousness, or if you like, the purity of God.