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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Implications of Illusions

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post isn't for the faint hearted, basically meaning, anyone desiring to stay unaware of our true nature, won't want to comprehend of what their true nature is in fear of losing their identity. Human consciousness of course being based on identity, to intensify oneself as something and anything from perceiving being of nothing. In actuality, we are everything but nothing, of course human consciousness only desires to be of everything that is appealing to it and nothing that isn't appealing to it. Not sure where a true sense of oneness is in this concept/perception though!!

Now I was given a link to a video in response to a reply I gave in reply to a reply in regards to my last post, We Are Not The Soul. I don't comply to everything that is stated in this video but I did relate to certain parts of the content of this video as my following reply to the sender of this video will show. The video in question often refers to Earth being a prison and hell and that everything created is an illusion, I of course don't comply to this as a whole but I do in parts. You see to comply to the existence of an illusion, is being apart of the illusion to begin with, it's basically complying to an illusion of an illusion of an illusion but are we entrapped/imprisoned within illusions?  

Are we imprisoned by a higher consciousness as the video states? No, not by a higher consciousness than ourselves because there isn't one but yes, if we think there is a higher consciousness than ourselves. This clearly implies that we have indeed imprisoned ourselves, the illusion being created by us. The illusion and imprisonment is only real because it's been created by us. The question now is, is there a higher power? Yes, a created one when all we think all we are is human consciousness.

Before I go on, I will insert the video in question and the subsequent replies.        


How curious. Look at this segment of a video. Where an immortal spirit describes motionless state of consciousness. It's very similar. The Original MMORPG

My Reply
Well my friend, thank you for sharing this with me, insightful. I don't usually respond to human perceptions and knowing, it's too much a part of the illusion for me. This is why I am not well liked on the net in regards to spiritually aware people, they want to continue in their ignorance, basically, they are entrapped within their own ignorance.

Illusion; it's only an illusion if we desire to stay ignorant to everything being created otherwise everything created isn't an illusion, it's real because of what it's created from and through. The illusion is believing in the illusion  itself, even stating it's all an illusion is being apart of the illusion, this is one of the created traps.

The reason I like Eastern perceptions, is a lot of it is based on the perception and perspective of balance, balance allowing one to exist within an illusion without becoming the illusion itself.

Boredom; this hits the nail right on the head, anything pertaining to the soul in some way, becomes bored. Boredom again is an illusion because of what it creates and what it creates is illusions, any kind of consciousness that can become bored, has become apart of the illusion, this motion of boredom however is deliberate as well.


We couldn't exist or experience certain conscious realities without being in ignorance, the human experience takes a lot of ignorance to experience such a consciousness. We however need to be aware that only in ignorance can a consciousness destroy, no truly aware consciousness is able to be destructive in any sense. In this case, all it takes to become less destructive is awareness, the awareness that we are deliberately expressing ignorance to have a human experience.       

Before I go on, it's often said that many of my perceptions are based on Buddhism, in actuality, a lot of my perceptions mimic Hinduism and Taoism as well. Being that Buddhism and Taoism can coexist under Hinduism, it's understandable why my perceptions are so vast and varied, in actuality, I have never studied in Buddhism, Hinduism or Taoism.

The video often refers to many God's/Goddess's while refuting the claim of one God, are there many God's and Goddess's or is there one God?

Lets look at the perception of oneness to answer this, oneness refers to one as in one consciousness, one God, however, what is created from this consciousness is only expressed as parts of this one consciousness. Some of these parts do have a better comprehension of their truer being than other parts of this consciousness. Any consciousness that is less aware of this, will often perceive a consciousness that is more aware (powerful) as a God or Goddess. These God's and Goddess's are creator in their own right but so are human being albeit to a far lesser extent.

What creates a God or Goddess is a lesser aware consciousness and quite understandably so. Now the perception of oneness tells us there is only one true God, one consciousness, however,  if consciousness as a whole was aware of it's true self, what then would define a God? In actuality, the question for or against there being a God or God's and Goddess's is irrelevant, all we need to understand is that all consciousness is creative in it's own right. Once again this all comes down to perceiving in levels or not, the question is now, is perceiving in levels the creator of illusions?                        

The video often referred to a higher consciousness, meaning, a higher level of consciousness. This basically refers to the concept of God's and Goddess's, they do exist only because of a consciousness only being able to perceive in levels, being that there has to be a higher consciousness. The existence of a higher and lower consciousness indeed exists as of anything created from this one consciousness, however, this one consciousness can be or not be perceived as a God, either perception is correct and incorrect at the same time. This perception is based on what kind of consciousness one is experiencing at any given time. It's wise to be aware that when perceiving by levels, everything created from this one consciousness is going to be perceived as a higher consciousness in some way, this isn't the only perception one can take. This one consciousness is unable to see itself as a God when it's of everything. If you were everything, including the illusions, what then would define a God?

One creative consciousness exists as does many creative consciousness's, it matters not what level a consciousness creates from until a consciousness perceives in levels. The perception of a God or God's and Goddess's, is purely based on the perception of levels of what a consciousness creates. A creative consciousness exists as does many consciousness's, what then defines on what level these consciousness's are on? The perception of levels of course. Don't get me wrong here though, these levels exist because they have been created to create in their own right.

I will put it this way, this one creative consciousness has created numerous creative consciousness as these numerous creative consciousness have created this one consciousness. This is also the case of illusion and non-illusions!!

Can yin exist without the yang, can the yang exist without the yin?

Saturday, 21 March 2015

The God’s - Dual Existence, Our Natural Selves

Written by Mathew Naismith

To acknowledge the following, you must be able to release yourself from other taught ideological principles and beliefs; this isn’t going to be easy for a few people, these people will probably have certain problems and issues with the following. In other words it’s probably pointless reading on if you are not truly opened minded.

To me everything is of consciousness, it was all created from consciousness no matter what it is, this also means anything we can imagine exists in one sense or another  to me, this of course includes what we have deemed to be God’s and Goddesses throughout history.  Do I think these God’s and Goddesses are actual God’s and Goddesses? No, but in a certain sense to us they are for a very good reason as I will explain by sharing a discussion I had with someone recently in relation to this.   

It sounds like you believe you lived a past life in ancient Egypt when you were a priest. Do you remember anything else from that past life?

It sounds like you also believe that Isis and Horus are real but they are not what people think they are.

You feel the Christian / biblical God is the same as Isis and Horus. This contradicts Christianity I would say. Christianity doesn't recognize Zeus and the others. They are wrong about this regardless of what someone like Zeus really represents. 

Some of this would involve the question of what does the term 'god' mean. What does it mean if we say someone is a god?

My Reply
I remember I was very content with my own life in what I was doing, the only thing I wasn’t happy with was the mistreatment of slaves and workers, I also wasn’t happy when myself and other priests and priestesses were separated and banished to outlying areas.  This was all confirmed by a person who I have never met over the net.

Horus, Isis, Zeus and so on to me are real but not quite in the sense we perceive real to be. It’s a lot easier to take physical form than it is to be in a state of consciousness as these God’s, this however doesn’t make physical form real above other conscious states  of existence, actually it’s quite the opposite. Before physical form, there was always conscious existence which these God’s are more about, that is why it’s so easy for them to take physical form.

Is it easy for physical form to take a non-physical existence?  

Physical from is like throwing a ball into space that has no resistance what so ever, it needs very little effort so what is going to slow this ball down?  The ball in this case is representative of physical form. 

Physical form is created by very fast/high vibrations, once you, like the ball, put physical form into motion; you have no resistance to slow this down except for awareness.  The more aware we become the more we are able to slow this ball down, however, this takes a lot more effort to slow this ball down in physical form than it did to propel the ball in the first place.  

Actually I don’t think the Christian God is like Isis and Horus, only in a conscious state do I think they are simular, the Christian God is representative of all of what is where Isis and Horus actually to me represent a certain conscious state. This state to me is representative of existing in duality while being in non-duality; this is not an easy state to acquire from a physical state of consciousness, this is why we find it so difficult.

How is this Christian God and Isis and Horus simular? They are all conductive to duality and non-duality simultaneously where most physical forms aren’t, how many people live only by duality and how many people denounce duality for non-duality?  No wonder we call these conscious states of this Christian God and Isis and Horus God’s and Goddesses, we can’t perceive how to exist in duality while being in non-duality.  

“What does it mean if we say someone is a god? “

I think I answered this, it’s a state of consciousness that can exist in duality while being in non-duality, it’s a conscious state that has no problems in being in physical form than it would in a non-physical form. Can these so called God’s stop a ball propelled at a great speed with no resistance what so ever? At a blink of an eye mainly because of their awareness brought about by being in non-duality while simultaneously existing in duality.                         

Let’s look at mediation in relation to slowing down time and our vibrations, how often do we feel time has slowed down while meditating?  Time can slow down quite significantly depending on the type and depth of the meditation experienced; this is due to our awareness, however, if you’re not aware while meditating you probably won’t experience time slowing down as much. Throwing a ball through space that has no resistance is quite similar to this, how are we going to experience a different state of consciousness when we are unable to slow down our present state of consciousness?

What we have deemed as God’s and Goddesses are certainly special state of consciousness to us, this is mainly due to being unable to slow down our own present state of consciousness. This is also mainly due to our lack of awareness, we just can’t perceive being in non-duality while simultaneously existing in duality, to us it’s got to be one or the other but why?  

While thinking in a dualistic way, we perceive everything has to have an opposite like duality and non-duality so we have to choose which one to exist by, we certainly can’t possibly simultaneously exist within two opposing polarities. This is why so many people have chosen to denounce duality for non-duality, the funny thing is, within this thinking we are still dualistically thinking by our own actions in denouncing a supposed opposite like duality.  A true non-dualistic thinking person couldn’t see there is an opposite to start with, however this isn’t saying duality doesn’t exist.

The funny thing is we live within a world of opposites, the north and south poles are a good example of this, so why do we think we can’t live in the same conscious state as what we have deemed as God’s and Goddesses exist in?  In duality thinking, we perceive opposites but within non- duality thinking we replaced opposites with complimenting, its one consciousness complimenting itself in a reality of duality, there are no true opposites to denounce for everything is consciousness no matter what form it takes.  

Is it easy being in a state of consciousness like what we have deemed God’s and Goddesses are in?  I think this post shows it’s not that easy, not for a state of consciousness that can only think in duality, this however doesn’t make it impossible, all we need to do is take on a different mentality that will allow us to think beyond opposing opposites to just a consciousness complimenting itself. 

You can plainly see why we have deemed certain states of consciousness as being God’s and Goddesses, in our present state of consciousness this was inevitable. Actually these deemed God’s and Goddesses represent our true form I feel, our natural true state of consciousness.    

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Visualisation of Hermes

Written by Mathew Naismith

I’ve been visualising Hermes the son of Zeus from Greek mythology for over 24 hrs now which is obviously trying to relay something to me. This isn’t saying Hermes actually exists only that visualising such a mythical character from ancient Greek times without a knowable cause is worth noting.

Two links have been inserted bellow to give a better idea of what Hermes stands for, for those interested.  

Extract: Hermes (/ˈhɜrmiːz/; Greek : Ἑρμῆς) is an Olympian god in Greek religion and mythology, son of Zeus and the Pleiad Maia. 
He is second youngest of the Olympian gods.

Hermes is a god of transitions and boundaries. He is quick and cunning, and moved freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine, as emissary and messenger of the gods,[1] intercessor between mortals and the divine, and conductor of souls into the afterlife. He is protector and patron of travelers, herdsmen, thieves,[2] orators and wit, literature and poets, athletics and sports, invention and trade.[3] In some myths he is a trickster, and outwits other gods for his own satisfaction or the sake of humankind. His attributes and symbols include the herma, the rooster and the tortoise, purse or pouch, winged sandals, winged cap, and his main symbol is the herald's staff, the Greek kerykeion or Latin caduceus which consisted of two snakes wrapped around a winged staff.[4]

Extract: Hermes, the herald of the Olympian gods, is the son of Zeus and the nymph Maia, daughter of Atlas and one of the Pleiades. Hermes is the god of shepherds, land travel, merchants, weights and measures, oratory, literature, athletics and thieves, and known for his cunning and shrewdness. Most importantly, he is the messenger of the gods. Besides that he was also a minor patron of poetry. He was worshiped throughout Greece -- especially in Arcadia -- and festivals in his honor were called Hermoea.

It is interesting to note that Hermes is of transitions, boundaries & most importantly he is the messenger of the God’s, you will notice also he is quite playfully devious so who knows what will occur this year.