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Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Written by Mathew Naismith

WOW (Wholly and Overly Wonderful), what can I say, the further I allow myself to open up to consciousness in an unbiased way,  the more magnificent this consciousness seems to be. Yes, I'm allowing my emotions to take flight but this is at this moment helping me to delve even deeper into the magnificence of consciousness. This is wholly due to emotions being a big part of consciousness, emotions are one of the main reasons we are so expressive of consciousness itself.

Emotion; allow us to experience consciousness in every way possible, emotions are one of the biggest reasons consciousness itself is so expressive, could you imagine how consciousness would express itself without emotions? It's actually inconceivable, how would any consciousness period express itself without emotions? Emotions are obviously one of the primary reasons why consciousness can express itself so much, just think how many emotions humans can express and this is just at the human scale of things.

How many different languages are there? This is how many different ways we can be emotionally expressive but all we are doing is talking about the various languages here, what about the cultures that go with such languages and the climate they are in. Everything influence us to be a little different in our expressions of consciousness, as individuals we are being expressive of conciseness, as a culture or a nationality we are being even more expressive, as a species even more so, now what about the collective as a whole. It's utterly infinite in how expressive we can be of consciousness, consciousness itself is certainly WOW within it's own expressions.

Take how the moon, and astrology period, influences us to express consciousness, this is over and above other influences like language, culture, the country and climate we live in and so on. Everything around us and everything we are, influences us to express consciousness in a slightly different way to others. Now take in consideration of DNA, no one's DNA is the same, all this isn't just a different expression of consciousness itself, this difference also influences us to express consciousness differently to other conscious forms and formless energy sources. 

Take living on a planet with more than one moon, how differently expressive would such conscious forms be to our own? Consciousness is infinite within it's own expression of itself, it has no boundaries or limits to how expressive it can be.

Oneness and illusions: An unbiased view isn't about judging certain consciousness states as being an illusion or not, wrong or right, it's about becoming aware of how expansive consciousness is within it's own expression of itself. To me, we are all an expression of consciousness no matter how infinite consciousness is expressive of it's own consciousness,  to us, all these numerous expressions of consciousness are an indication of a fragmented consciousness, a consciousness that has many different parts to itself. This of course to us seemingly has nothing to do with oneness.

What's actually being expressed, is it something other than consciousness? No, no matter how fragmented this consciousness seems within it's expressions of itself, it's still just an expression of consciousness. We could also say it's an expression of consciousness's, more than one consciousness which means a consciousness that is fragmented, not whole. This would be true but we are still only expressing a consciousness none the less.

We can express so many different kinds of emotions, they are certainly not all the same to us even though they are only an expression of a consciousness. Within our various ways of expressing emotions, we have created a reality of duality, this in turn influences us to be expressive of consciousness in numerous other ways, there seems to be  absolutely no oneness within such dualistic reality. Even though we are only expressive of a consciousness, each conciseness expresses itself differently, this seemingly has nothing to do with oneness.

Some people say that all physical realities are an illusion, others say all realities are an illusion and there are even people who say consciousness itself is an illusion, which perspective is correct here?  This is of course depends on what perspective we are looking from, in other words  in what direction are we perceiving what is and isn't an illusion? We of course are looking at what is and isn't an illusion through what is judged as an illusion in the first place. Look at this way, we are judging certain expressive forms of consciousness or consciousness period as an illusion, could we judged any part of consciousness being an illusion if we weren't expressing this consciousness in the first place?  We are relying on an illusionary expression to judge what is or isn't an illusion, we are doing the same with oneness, you can only truly judged what is and isn't oneness if you are in a true oneness state.

We can experience form and formlessness at the same moment, OBE's are a good example of this, we can also experience oneness and fragmentation at the same moment as we can be the observer observing our own interactions. We have deemed ourselves being only in a fragmented duality state of consciousness when at the same moment we are in a true oneness state. It all comes down to the illusion being the illusion itself, once you judge what is and isn't an  illusion, you have created the illusion when  illusions don't exist in the first place.

You could easily say that having illusions of illusion are an expression of an illusion, in other words thinking that physicality is all we are is an illusion. It is to us in our present perspective, however, in a more holistic perspective it's not, this is due to consciousness itself being expressive of it's whole self within it's entirety. In realities like this one, we are expressive of consciousness, in other realities they are also expressive of consciousness, when you look at all these expressions of this one consciousness as a whole, you become aware that each individual expression of this consciousness makes up a whole consciousness. This means no matter what we experience in any given reality, consciousness is whole because each expression makes consciousness itself whole.

Now look at what is and isn't an illusion and what is and isn't oneness?  As soon as you judged what is and isn't an illusion and oneness, you are being entrapped within your own illusions of illusions. No matter how you express consciousness, each singular expression makes up a whole consciousness. Could you imagine a true oneness consciousness judging one part of it's expressive self as an illusion, once it did this. it's no longer of this oneness, however, judging what is and isn't an illusion is also another expression of consciousness that gives this consciousness it's wholeness, it's oneness, go figure!! 

Ego: Yes, the ego is but an expression of consciousness, however this isn't saying that consciousness is controlled by the ego, this is saying expressing the ego is but another expression of consciousness. Most of us are expressive of the controlling factors of the ego, this means the ego controls us, this is but an expression of consciousness that we have chosen to express. Yes, all emotions are of the ego but not all emotions are controlled by the ego, the controlling factors of the ego change how we express this consciousness. This is why we need to be aware of what we judge as being wrong or right, positive or negative, after all, it's all but an expression of consciousness.

Now at any point should we control the ego to stop the ego being in control off us?

When we become too destructive, it's probably wise to become less controlled by the ego, in other words less expressive of the controlling factors of the ego, at this point we feel we need to take control of the ego instead of the ego taking control of us. We should consider here what control denotes, what expression of consciousness needs to always have control?  A controlling ego of course, by trying to take control of the ego is being expressive of the controlling ego. Try instead of letting go of control, trust me, most of us will have problems with this only because of the controlling factors of the ego. If you have to have control over anything, you are still expressive of a controlling ego, most of us are including myself at times, this is due to influencing factors within our environment as explained earlier on in this post.

One of the main influencing expressions of consciousness is a controlling ego in this reality, it's a part of this reality, the trick is when to completely let go of control all together. This is difficult to do because everything around us influences us, mainly to be controlling, we want to control instead of being controlled, the funny thing is, the more control we think we have, the less control we actually have, this is due to being controlled by a singular expression of consciousness like a controlling ego, we are still being controlled in this case.

Consciousness is certainly WOW (Wholly and Overly Wonderful) without a doubt but only when you become aware of what consciousness actually is. It's not this that and the other, no matter how we express it, it's still just consciousness.                       

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Subjective Analysis Re-examined

Written by Mathew Naismith

I had an interesting discussion with a bloke in relation to my last post titled, Subjective and Objective Analysis, it seems I didn’t explain myself too well. The post wasn’t about being anti-subjective thinking, which is analysing through feelings, but balancing out our subjective analysis when we have distaste for something we are analysing.  To me the world at present is a good example of how subjective analysis of each other is distorting our reality making it more volatile, all I am saying is in this situation, we need to use more objective analysis to balance out our over emotional  reactions. Hopefully the following will elaborate on this a little further starting off with this blokes queries of my last post in question.       

I do not believe we disagree on the general thrust of your claims.  I take issue solely with one claim:  the imaginary possibility of objectivity as a perspective from which we may safely acquire knowledge.  There is no other perspective than the one into which we are thrown.  Mood or emotion is part of our experience, as it is with our memory.  It may no more be extracted and preserve the original experience than we may detach ourselves from our bodies and imagine that experience is possible without them (dreams, perhpas, although they will still reference the body and the physical sphere).  That emotions can cloud our judgment or distort what we are seeing is not being denied.  What is denied is that we can (or should) be without emotion in the appropriation of experience that becomes knowledge.  We achieve critical distance from our emotions and biases by re-examination of our experiences and by making conscious that lens by which we came to understand this or that experience.

My Reply

It sounds like a claim doesn't it, it's just a generalization brought about by my own observation.

I don't think we are disagreeing as a whole, we just don’t see each other’s perspectives on this matter that is all.  

Emotions are a part of how we learn, there is no doubt to that however, what the post is about is analysing something we are anti to, if we are analysing anything we have distaste for, what I’m am stating is subjective analysis will distort our feeling even more where’s  objective analysis will balance out such feelings.  We don’t need to add more fire to the fire for the fire to burn, it’s burning quite well on it’s own, the world at present, with it’s subjective analysing, is to me quite clearly showing how subjective thought is emotionally distorting reality.

Subjective analysis is about analysing a wrong or right, black and white, if we are too emotional when we analyse in this way, we will over exemplify what actually is. Yes, in a situation where we are not showing distaste, subjective analysis works fine but what I am saying, if we are showing distaste to something we are analysing we will distort reality, the truth.  As soon as we show distaste, we quite automatically use subjective analysis instead of objective analysis, in my mind we need to be more aware of this.   

I’m not anti-subjective thinking but the post is about subjective and objective analysis when in distaste of anything we analyse.

The funny thing is, spirituality takes away the black and white judgment of subjective analysing when using subjective analysis, this in turn gives us more of balance between subjective and objective thought however, I might not be totally correct in this analysis but I think I’m close to it.  Being spiritually aware, feelings become a major part of our lives and that is what we analyse through however in this case because we are spiritually aware and non-judgemental, the black and white are not judged as being opposite to each other or opposing each other.  Because we are not judging, we are less likely to be influenced by our over exemplified emotions allowing us to be as objective as we are subjective within our analysis giving us balance.  

There is also big difference between emotions and feelings when spiritually aware; we actually become less emotional even though at times it seems to be the other way around.  What we feel makes us emotional but the feelings themselves aren’t emotional, they create emotions within us through us opening to such inner feelings but these feelings aren’t themselves emotional.  How do we become less emotional? We end up taking these feelings within our stride, in other words we become less emotional about these feelings the more they become the norm.  Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t take away the feelings we get and in actual fact the more the normal these feelings are to us the more we will feel. 

It is quite interesting observing how spiritualty quite automatically balances out the way we subjectively and objectively analyse, this kind of mentality dispels fanatical thinking, a thought process that over exemplifies it’s opposites causing further chaos.  We no longer see extremes but a reality of similarities brought about by our inner feelings that are no longer emotionally controlled or choke by such emotions, we become balanced with our truer selves. There is no longer a struggle between the push and pull effect, subjective objective analysis.  

Supplement:  My Reply

This is why I concurred with what was written in the link supplied that referred to the psychological aspects of this, instead of just analysing through objective analysis, they need to also analyse through subjective analysis.  This is turn balances out the analysis between objective and subjective thought giving us a better evaluation.

What you seem to be saying is you deny such equivocation exist, there is no separation between subjective and objective thought, this is true to an extent.  To us this separation exists, that is true, however in true reality this separation doesn’t exist, but we don’t exist in a true reality as per se. 

To un-separate such mentalities, we need to give balance back into our thinking by using both subjective and objective analysis at the same time as stipulated in the article on psychologists abandoning the subjective—objective divide.  

The reason I stated that subjective analysis is about a wrong and right, black and white is it’s about judgment and separation of supposed opposites giving us a more emotional response. What I am saying is we don’t need to be any more emotional when we are analysing anything we have a disdain for and gives us more separation. What I am also saying is objective analysis gives us the balance we need in this case.

I agree with you, there is no true separation between objective and subjective analysis however at present, we are living as if there is, that is what I’m working with at present.  It is easy for people like you and I to see this but is it that simple for others to see this without bringing in balance between subjective and objective analysis?  The answer is no, we could tell them there is no separation but is this alone going to change their mentality? They need to become aware of living in balance between objective and subjective analysis before they will realise there is no separation between these two modes of thought.

Yes I could be incorrect with this analysis however I could also be correct, each to their own perspective.           

Friday, 8 August 2014

Irresponsible Spiritual Site Owners

Written by Mathew Naismith

I didn’t really want to write about this but going by what’s synchronously happening at the moment to me, it looks like I am meant too.

I have come across a number of spiritually based sites that are owned by people, who at most, wear their emotions on their sleeves. These sites attract a lot of people who are vulnerable, mainly due to past traumas; these people do not deserve to be further traumatised by the owners of these spiritually based sites.  These owners of these sites should be more responsible so why at times do they show such lack of care and irresponsibility?

What is happening when we wear our emotions on our sleeves? This over emotion display usually denotes a controlling ego tendency, when you become connected to the inner essence of oneself, this wearing of our emotions on our sleeves is no longer expressed for the main reason the ego is no longer in control.  

Because I was working with disabled people, I was trained to leave my own emotional problems at home, never bring them to work as you are more often than not dealing with people who are traumatised in some way.  It would seem a number of spiritual site owners don’t do this and in fact at times voice their own traumas quite often on these sites.  Sorry but to me this is totally irresponsible for these site owners to do this and shows an obvious lack of spiritual knowledge and experience.

Recently I was on a site that a joke I told was taken completely out of context, it was an obvious joke. The owner was in hospital so their ex-partner took over running the site; I made a joke about keeping an eye on the ex-partner on behalf of the owner while the owner was away.  I ended the joke genuinely expressing my empathy for the owner of the site in relation to their medical condition; the reaction I received was an immediate expulsion by the actual owner of the site with no explanation to why.  At no time did I have any problems with other people on this site, actually I made numerous friends, I didn’t always agree with them as they didn’t with me but there was no animosity especially on my part. This of course happens to a lot of people on sites like this but it shouldn’t in my mind.

I was quite at ease on this site called spiritual ladies, that changed it’s name to spiritual self, but this wasn’t due to the owner of the site but the other members of this site.  It’s a real shame losing touch with so many new friends because site owners can’t control their own egos.  Spiritual site owners in particular should be aware of how the controlling ego controls our emotions to the extent that we wear our emotions on our sleeves.  I’ve just chalked this up to but another experience that hopefully will make me a much wiser and aware person in the future, it was meant to happen obviously!! 

I should also mention about a dream I had last night that I couldn’t find what it related too until I read my emails to morning.

I was trying to find an address in this town I have never visited before; I kept getting lost even after asking for directions from various town people.

As I walked around this town, I noticed my dress was noticeably different to the people in this town as I wore clothing of colour and style different to the people in this town.  I was continually hassled by people who seemed like hoodlums in my dream because of my different appearance.   I never ended up finding the address I was looking for in this town.

I thought I would also share my response to a person who showed concern after reading this post. 

Cendy Hutchinson More concern because these people are traumatizing other people who are already traumatized. If I had a problem with rejection over something so menial I wouldn't be good right now. I've witnessed this in other people on such sites as this.

I suppose you could call it a motherly instinct, I was quite protective of my disabled clients when working in the disability field, I seem to be carrying this through to my involvement on spiritual sites.

I'm just concerned for others as I'm fine with this kind of behavior, it's inherent to a chaotic existence however I should never accept this as normal behavior.  

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Feeling the Rush II

Written by Mathew Naismith

I ended up with some interesting reactions in regards to my last post, the contrasting reactions surprised me somewhat. I’ve inserted one of the replies in this post from a Warren Sutherland as I found it quite interesting and compelling, I hope you will too.

Our True Identity is what's called a paradox: the physical self, and the reflected self.

Zero(reflection) One(physical) separating the understanding of our identity is the start of an amazing journey, leading to the center of who you are individually and the same truth all life shares.

The truth of your identity if realized, will put your ego in it's proper place.

The ego has its function, and is necessary in order to grow, improve the understanding of ourselves, otherwise we just grow complacent.

The mind is always comparing good and evil, rich and poor, past and future, greater than or less then and never equal to.

The mind is an excellent servant but a terrible master.

Most think the mind is the most important organ in our body because of its contained wisdom.

However the heart has a more ancient wisdom and knowing that the whole body stems from the heart, contains a deeper more ancient wisdom.

The heart, that is where our true identity is known and it lives in the now or present moment.

Feelings are the true universal language, since we are always feeling something every moment of our lives it speaks truth more than our voice.

When someone is filled with emotion like sadness or anger they don't need to speak or say the issue, because the feelings are speaking loud enough.

Everyone can sense it, and know it without verbal confirmation because we pick up the vibrations that they send out and we interpret them to the best of our ability, that we can identify with.

Feeling who you are is the truth flooding through you, that rush feeling you were talking about is more pure light flowing in than we have ever allowed before.  

Mind: To me the mind is ego which is human consciousness however our feelings are more to do with universal coscnioiuness, if the ego mind is in control, (the master), it can turn these universal conscious feelings/messages into lusts/desires I believe. You can see now how the mind, while being the master/controller, is able to manipulate and screw up a perfect message turning it into what I call fragmented consciousness which is what human consciousness is, in my mind and everybody else’s mind I feel.

Heart: The heart or heart centre of ourselves, once brought forward, can quite automatically, like Warren stated, “will put your ego in it's proper place.” This means if you haven’t found your heart you will always struggle to tame the ego, in other words, stop it being the master. Meditation and other spiritual practices certainly help with this however you will always have to struggle with it to one extent or another.  

I would advise here that no one look at struggling with the ego as a bad thing; this will only bolster the ego to become even more controlling unless you want it to be more controlling that is!!  

I have on many occasions come across people who said they have no or little ego however when pressed you, and sometimes they, find out they really didn’t have the ego controlling factors under the master of the heart but the mind. Believe it or not, the heart centre of oneself never lusts but the mind consistently lusts this is why it’s a good idea to quieten the mind through various practices.

This is funny stating the heart never lusts but when you think on this when we feel love, love only becomes lust when we think not when we only feel.  It’s the mind playing it’s usual tricks on us.  However the ego isn’t bad just because it plays these tricks on us, we make it seem bad when we allow it to be the master rather than the slave to the heart and our feelings.

Emotions: Warren is quite correct again in mind when he mentioned about how we should be able to pick up on other people’s emotions, empaths of course are good at this. The problem with most of us is we allow the ego mind to master it over our heart centre and feelings, once we learn to allow the heart and the massages from our heart, (our feelings), to become master over the ego mind we will become empathic quite automatically I believe.

The rush: It’s amazing when we become more aware and knowing of this rush how it can and does transform our lives but only if we want the heart to master over the ego controlling ways. The heart never really becomes master/controller but a pacifier to the ego, in other words the ego becomes slave through pacification of the ego passively. It’s truly beautiful and electrifying only because we still have an ego but an ego that is pacified and not dominant for once.  

Again don’t take anything written here as the utter truth, it’s only an expression of feelings!! 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Within Thy Silence of One’s Presence

Written by Mathew Naismith

Sitting within one’s own silence doesn’t just silence the mind but all of oneself in its entirety unless of course you can’t sit within one’s own silence silently enough because of traumas or worries of some kind. Once we start controlling our emotions instead of them controlling us we will begin to notice the silence even when in a busy place because it’s theses emotions from traumas & worries that stop us completely falling in total silence. After taking control of our emotions we can then go within our own silence without even worrying about thinking because we know once we take control of our emotions not thinking comes easy & in actual fact after a while one will automatically slow down the thinking process because most of what we think is emotionally based.

Just think for a moment, what isn’t emotionally based? We know hate & love are emotions & grief & joy are emotions but what about when we think about what we are going to do the next day in our jobs for instance or figuring out how  & when are we going to to pay for the painting of the house, these thoughts also stir up emotions of one kind or another. We allow these sorts of emotions to run our whole life & at times stressfully so which of course isn’t very productive in allowing ourselves to fall into our own silence, what if we took control of our emotions which will allow us to fall within our own silence ? We would then allow silence within ourselves to control our lives instead of our emotions controlling our lives; I wonder which one is more beneficial in the long run for us & everybody else around us?  It’s an amazing feeling once one starts taking control of one’s emotions, it’s pure utter freedom.   

With our busy hectic life styles these days we find it hard to stop our emotions running our lives but all one needs to do is take control of our emotions for a few minutes of the day to start the process of sitting within our own silence. Don’t try to stop thinking if we are still allowing our emotions to run our lives as this will only work to the extent our emotions allow it too, not what we want it too.

To be in the presence of someone in total silence is knowing without a word spoken, I will explain.  Someone of this calibre won’t have to utter a word in your presence of what you came to them for, its works like telepathy & in fact that is exactly what it is. The whole atmosphere is alive around these people, one only has to think of something or a question without murmuring anything & an answer will come into be known to you without them murmuring a word as well.  Are these people of divine nature? No but they feel like it. They are people who have learnt to control their own emotions, that’s all.  

These people are very conductive to meditating as well, if you have trouble meditating just being within the presence of one of these people allows one to mediate a lot easier because like I said the atmosphere around these people is quite electric, as if it’s alive & I mean really alive. Spiritual healers have the same thing happen to them, the more detached they are from their own & everybody else’s emotions the more the atmosphere around them seems to come alive. However there is a difference between a spiritual healer & someone in total silence within oneself depending on the type of healing being used, the more hands on the healer is the less silent they are.  Yes even waving one’s hands over the body isn’t being in total silence, we might be not literally talking through our mouths but we are still talking through the use of our hands, this of course doesn’t take away from the healing process just that it’s not total silence.  It’s not easy to heal in total silence.

Can these people who are in total silence also heal? Silence gives them control without having a need to take control, the silence takes control of the atmosphere all around them & if you are within that atmosphere for sure they can heal but in total absolute silence. It’s as if an angel has touched you & this is why we make the mistake in putting these people up on pedestals when they don’t want or can’t see it’s warranted for them to be put up so high above all others.  This sort of action to them is usually unwarranted to them so they keep quiet within themselves & to themselves usually. They can see they are only in silence & that is the only difference between them & everybody else who usually has a need to put them upon a pedestal when all they want is to live within their own silence.  

Friday, 5 July 2013

Seeing Past Our Fixated Attachments

Written by Mathew Naismith

Below is an interesting exchange between myself & another person on the discussion of atheism & spiritualism on Linkedin, I find it really funny how when one person is fixated on one belief or concept that is the truth over anything else, this of course relates a lot to what I have just been writing about on my blog in relation to fixated attachments & how they can hinder our conscious growth personally & collectively.  

Associated link:

I don’t won’t to crush anyone’s beliefs here but going into deep meditation & feeling oneness & unconditional love of everything is of our human emotions, science has proven that we are still thinking while meditating however we are using different parts of our brain, so if we are still thinking we still have emotions & emotions of any kind can be quite delusional at times. Psychologically the reason we feel unconditional love is it’s in reaction to our physical world, any feeling of any opposites can be quite extreme thus emotional to the extreme.

 Once we go past this extreme emotional conscious state we see it for what it is, you still feel unconditional love however it’s not as emotionally extreme. Feeling harmonious & at pure peace can to a human feel like unconditional love which makes perfect sense because our world, especially at times, can be quite harrowing, it’s just a counter reaction to this. Once you get past this point of counter reaction one becomes a lot more accepting & clear as you see everything for what it truly is. Psychology should play a huge part in spirituality I believe; it would make us see spirituality in quite a different more accepting light which would make us less conflictive.


Mathew: "" Psychologically the reason we feel unconditional love is it’s in reaction to our physical world, any feeling of any opposites can be quite extreme thus emotional to the extreme"".

 I would say that any who experience the UNconditional Love that I did, and they don't equate it to GOD (not God nor gods), then they never felt it.

 IMnsHO and E.

G’day Jerry

Are you saying I never felt it, are you sure of that? Your own attachments are telling you that I have never experienced such occurrences.  Our own modes of thought tell us what we want to hear especially in regards to our own ideological concepts & especially when questioned, in this case your mode of thought is telling you that I have never experienced such occurrences if I don’t equate it to some God or deity. Do you know how many modes of thought there are out there? If you count how many different personas there is you would be close so who’s mode of thought is right over another?

I got caught up in a conscious state of unconditional love & harmony but I went past that & at that time I didn’t equate it to psychology but from the act of actually going past this point of consciousness.  I feel unconditionally loving all the time however I don’t allow it to rule my entire life as I realised one can only know of one’s true self through diversity not just being fixated to one mode of thought or concept.

Have you heard of the double slot physics experiment where once observed one can change the outcome of the experiment to what one expects to find? Everything is consciousness so when one is expecting a certain outcome that is exactly what they will get & of course anyone being spiritually minded will expect to experience unconditional love & harmony in certain states of consciousness, we are taught & conditioned to expect this through various spiritual writings so that is exactly what you will experience in these states of consciousness. It all comes down to one vibration reacting to another!!

If you are saying God is just consciousness as we all are I agree.  


This all comes down to if we equate unconditional love to just a God or deity, everyone’s experience would be exactly the same in these conscious states but they are not for the main reason we perceive something different to someone else so the outcome or experience is going to be of that difference to others. Yes we all feel unconditional love & harmony however these feelings are slightly different plus our visualisation is somewhat different but it shouldn’t be if it was equated to God or deity.  As for what I felt, it was far more than just feeling unconditional love & harmony so even the feelings we get from such conscious states can be quite different, it’s obvious the feeling of unconditional love isn’t just equated to a God or deity but of course that depends on one’s own fixated mode of thoughts at the time!!

No one with a fixated attachment is going to be able to see pass their belief system however just having attachments without being fixated is quite different as one is then able to see outside the square & not be blinded by living within the square of any such fixated mode of thoughts.  



Friday, 28 June 2013

The Act of Being Truly at One

Written by Mathew Naismith

I would like to state right up front this post isn’t for everyone who has a fixated mode of thought &/or has a problem in seeing outside the square, only people who have a more advanced soul should read on as this post can be quite conflictive & confusing to anyone who has a set ideological mode of thought which will make what is written here incomprehensible thus pointless, however anyone who has read most of my past posts but who hasn’t got an advanced soul  like me might get something out of this post without too much conflict because one would have learnt from my past posts a little about acceptance & it’s the acceptance of the totality of all that is the key here.

Learning True Acceptance:  What is true acceptance? It’s the acceptance that everything is of you & is always within you no matter how one feels even when in certain states of consciousness of unconditional love & oneness. While in this state of blissfulness if you can’t imagine being a mass murderer for instance you’re not truly at one & all accepting, you’re feeling the oneness & bliss but you’re not knowing of this oneness & bliss it’s just a feeling  still. Most people entrap themselves within this consciousness which to an emotional human being isn’t a bad place to be entrapped which was fine for our past consciousness however even though we have a feeling of being at one with everything were not because in this state we couldn’t imagine ourselves being any more than just being unconditional loving which of course isn’t of everything so how can it be true oneness? Well of course it’s not but we have a strong emotional feeling it is even to the extent we know it is which of course is induced by our emotions & yes we do still have emotions when in non-physical form & various conscious states, how do ghosts/sprits & other non-physical   entities interact with us & each other, without emotions you have no interaction as it’s our emotions that drive us to interact & yes emotions are of the ego as well.  

To truly know that you are at one is by imagining yourself acting out any role in human life including being a mass murderer for instance, if you can’t imagine this within yourself you can never be truly all accepting thus truly at one until you can imagine yourself being anything of man. If this seems incomprehensible to you you haven’t got an advanced soul & shouldn’t be reading this in the first place unless you have read most of my posts on acceptance which will help you comprehend more of what I’m talking about here.  So is everyone supposed to comprehend what this post is about? No but on the other hand yes eventually as we are now entering into a new consciousness which means all our old modes of thought need to either go completely or adapt to the new consciousness, this is saying all of our knowing within this consciousness is now null & void which is very hard for anyone to comprehend or accept but the this new consciousness will teach us to do just that I believe.  

Later on in this new consciousness we will learn to be more accepting but for now most of us need to be content with learning to still be all accepting within this new consciousness because that is what new consciousness’s are all about learning & becoming further aware of our true being through various experiences which at times means being something quite grotesque like a mass murderer for instance.  I would advise anyone who can’t comprehend &/or accept any of this at this point to have a life progression performed on themselves as this will show how diverse our lives have been, it’s through diversity we learn & a life progression will also show that we haven’t always been nice people either which a lot of people won’t handle especially if your entrapped in a consciousness of just unconditional love & oneness. I would also like to point out anyone performing life progression on others should be aware that this can adversely damage any said person psychologically however most people have a defence against this, it’s called denial which isn’t a bad thing at times.  Like with anything it has its positives too!!

I’ve experienced some very dangerous situations in my life by telepathically connecting myself to the most heinous people when committing certain heinous crimes against society, it’s dangerous not just because of the awful feelings one gets which can quite easily transfer into my own mode of thoughts but from non-acceptance which could have led to various psychological disorders but because I have personally already experienced certain adversities through life I was able to cope. So why put oneself through such experiences? By doing so I realised who I was not just now but in past lives, it made me remember things about myself I had forgotten & through this I now don’t judge others as much as I used too in other words I’ve become more accepting.  This of course has led me to become more connected to my soul’s core making my soul aware of its true self. I would like to point out that some people talk about one’s true self as if it’s the human true self but the human self is only a vessel for our souls to experience & learn through that’s all believe it or not, it’s our soul that is our true selves not this crude humanistic form however I do love it all the same!!

Reconnecting to the Souls Core: So is this saying that anyone who has lived many varied lives has a more advanced soul?  Yes most definitely, it’s not just the human self that needs to be all accepting but the soul as well which we tend to mix up, it’s the human self who is the teacher not the soul as it’s the soul that is learning here not the human self believe it or not as it’s just a vessel for the soul to learn through.  The human self can be more aware & knowing than the soul believe it or not as the human self has a vast array of knowledge & diversity to learn from however if you have a more advanced soul human knowing doesn’t even come close to the knowing of an advanced soul when one becomes more accepting as it has a knowing that it is connected to everything not just what is of man & this is why some spiritually aware people have certain gifts, they have become connected to their inner core of their souls. By experiencing various diversities & accepting what one is one is then able to reconnect the soul again to its inner core from when it was created in the first place thus become more gifted & the more accepting one is the more the knowing one will have & yes the more gifted one can be as well but only through one’s own choice or will of course.

We must recognise that it’s the soul that has the biggest attachments here as it can carry various attachments from life to life living out many lives within certain attachments which of course hinders its own awareness of itself however, this is where diversity comes into it, if we vary our attachments at the soul level we will humanly learn more about ourselves thus force our soul to become aware of its inner core in other words it’s true self without attachments. This is funny because we didn’t just need attachments for our souls to become aware of itself again but varied & numerous attachments & the more varied the said attachments the more aware the soul will become of itself again but of course this is usually done over a number of different lives however if one becomes all accepting in one life time one can fit many life times into one if one wishes but it can be quite harrowing & psychologically upsetting & even dangerous to do at times so I don’t really recommend this unless under someone who is in the know or you are sure you yourself is knowing enough to proceed.

Let’s take a look at people who have traumatic lives &/or experienced many things in one life time, you will notice they are not just knowing but are also aware depending on what they have experienced in that one life, this is the same thing as acceptance because through experience they have become accepting however this is only so if one has learnt from their experiences.  Anyone who has become attached or addicted to drugs or alcohol for instance because of their experiences has a fixated attachment & anything fixated especially modes of thought lead to very little chance of becoming more humanly aware of oneself which in turn stagnates the soul into a certain pattern of attachments which can last many life time’s so to learn from one’s life one needs to be more accepting. Non-acceptance just leads on to taking things like drugs & alcohol however isn’t this too part of the experience we learn by?  The problem with this type of experience is again we can become too attached which leads to non-acceptance of more than what one is attached too, we need to vary our attachments to become more aware at the soul level which most of us have done to one extent or another through various lives.  

In all one needs to be accepting of all of what one is which includes knowing that you are no better or different at the soul level to the person next to you no matter who or what they are in any state of consciousness you may find yourself in, we are all of connectedness which is what we call oneness so being non-accepting of all of who we are is really being disconnected & being spiritually aware people that’s not what we should be about but in certain circumstances that is exactly what we are doing still!!!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Spirituality- Different Concepts Same Source

Written by Mathew Naismith

Different Concepts: I find it quite remarkable how so many people who are spiritually aware & connected to the same source can all get, from this same one source, something different in what the source is or is relaying to us. Everyone who is religious sees this source as a different God which portrays different ideological concepts & anyone who is spiritually aware but not of a religious order or doesn’t have a belief in a God of man but never the less believes in a creative source sees this source as something different as well to others, if it’s the same source why do we see this source differently?  We also have spiritually aware people who don’t believe in a higher creative source from themselves as they are the creative source itself which also induces a different ideological concept again but it still related to the same source, is one ideological concept wrong or right over the other? I don’t believe so.

To a non-believer of spirituality this would obviously seem quite lame or of blind faith which is fair enough because that is the way it looks, you have one source but many different perceived ideas & ideological beliefs coming from this one source so at this point it doesn’t look like it is one source but many so are we getting back to the concept of many Gods again not just one?  The real point of the question is, is there more than one source & how do we know there isn’t? Another point to make is these same people also see light & dark differently for example I’m comfortable in the dark as much as I am in the light & I don’t relate love just to light & not the dark but many others see it quite differently to this, this is in line with the way we perceive the source differently to others & we are like this with many things in life, we perceive the same things differently I believe.

When we look at this we should ask, what is the driving force behind our differences in concepts of the same thing, what are we made of that can sway us in any direction in the way we think & feel?  We could also ask another question here, what makes us think so differently as it’s obvious that it’s our own thoughts that give us all different perceptions of the same thing?   In the previous question I mentioned feel, it is obvious it’s the way we feel differently that give us our different thoughts & concepts.

Emotionally Driven: Emotions are of what we feel, if we see life differently our emotions are going to be different to others as no one’s emotions are ever the same as someone else’s & the same with our experiences so of course we are going to have different ideological concepts of the same thing as it’s all based on our emotions & experiences.  This seems lame because when we are connected we are at peace & feel at one with everything so how could it have anything to do with human emotions?  This is the funny thing, not everyone who becomes spiritually connected feels or experiences the same things just like we do in physical life, what is above is below!!

I’ve been connected at times & realised I could feel what I wanted too not just unconditional love or oneness but anything that one is able to feel in this physical reality & yes even hate. The reason I feel that most of us only feel unconditional love & oneness is it’s in opposition to what we detest in this reality, this reality has emotionally given us a different way to experience consciousness itself which is what we do anyway in this reality, what is above is below!!  So why can I feel what I want in this state of consciousness not just unconditional love or oneness & others can’t or more to the point don’t wish too? I don’t actually detest anything of this reality, I don’t like many things but I detest nothing for it is the way it is for that is what we have chosen to be which is quite obvious especially when we become connected more.  

“Life is like a butterfly until it’s squashed by an ant”….Love Mathew….. The butterfly can’t possibly emotionally perceive this while in flight & neither can we!!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Emotional Creative Realities

 Written by Mathew Naismith

Emotional Realities: I think we all know we live in a reality of emotional extremes as any emotion that one desires can be experienced but if one desired to experience very little emotion that is usually very difficult to achieve because of the influences on us by others directly or indirectly. In becoming spiritually aware we become less attached to this physical reality & less emotional because the less detached we become to this reality the more connected we are to our inner selves or, as described in my last post, to a reality of no time & space. It would seem that we become less emotional while becoming more connected, this has come about through our knowing & the more we are connected the more knowing, accepting & understanding we become with realities like this one thus we become less emotional so does this mean the more spiritually aware & connected we become the less emotional we are going to be?

This is a tricky question because I could quite easily say no as it’s obvious we feel more not less however to answer this more clearly we need to look at ourselves, while becoming more connected, being not just more connected to our inner selves or God but to a core a centre point of creation very similar to our universe, a lot of people in the world call this centre point of creation God. We must remember here that everything is connected so the same laws of existence apply to all, human or not, thus the universe that we are still finding out about collates with how we were created in the first place.

Curved Space & Consciousness: The universe has a centre point with a lot of outer point (galaxies) seemingly projecting themselves away from the centre point but because of space curvature these galaxies  aren’t exactly expanding out in a straight line as this is shown when two galaxies collide & join up. If we have a centre point of extraction/expansion everything from that centre point would fly away from all other matter however this isn’t the case for the main reason space is curved. The link supplied below explains this in quite a simple way.

So what has this to do with our emotions & how we were initially created? When the universe was first created it expanded away from a central point of origin now look at the centre point of creation of consciousness in the same way, we have a core & from this core instead of galaxies forming we have in our case souls forming now imagine these souls expanding through emotional experiences instead of dust & gas & at the same time seemingly moving away from the centre point of origin but just like our universe this consciousness has curves as well. If we expanded away in a straight line it would seem the further we expand away from this centre point the more emotional we will become & the more emotional we become the more egotistical & judgmental we will be therefore more aggressive & conflictive but we exist in a curved consciousness just like the galaxies exist in curved space therefore we aren’t necessarily going to get more emotional therefore more conflictive.  What will happen is what is happening; we are expanding our soul’s consciousness through various degrees of emotional experiences & the further we venture out away from the stable collective core the more extreme our emotional experiences will be.  

Centre Point of Creation: Below is an illustration showing the centre point of expansion from the inner ring to the outer ring, in this case I’m going to say that the outer ring represents our highly collective emotional state of consciousness at this time being.  If we were to move towards the centre point this would represent a closer connectedness to the creative point. Let’s say if we moved two or three rings in, we would probably feel a huge wave of love however this is only brought on by our emotional state we live in at present because of the difference in emotional consciousness’s.  This sounds as if we get more emotional as we go in as well however this emotion is only brought on by the different contrast of one emotional conscious state to another, because we live in a chaotic aggressive reality any other reality is going to seem quite different & even extreme however it’s only the outer rings that are really extreme.
So why do these feeling we get while becoming more connected seem extreme or very strong as we go in? Can you imagine right now living in utter peace & tranquillity? This utter peace & tranquillity feels like love & in actual fact heaven if you like however if you stayed within this state of emotional consciousness the feeling of extreme love would fade away but by reconnecting now & again the feeling of love will stay strong.  If you had a chat with a spiritually aware person who consistently stayed connected to this state they would say to you it’s no big deal for the main reason they have adapted their lives in accordance with their experiences in these other states of emotional consciousness’s, they have become less spasmodically emotional & more controlled & balanced like the central creative point or core, in other words more knowing & wiser. 

Is this saying that the central point of origin, the core, is unemotional?  No but it would seem like that to a human if they projected themselves directly within this centre point for a period of time. Most spiritually aware people who become connected to one extent or another to this reality of no time & space can experience a sea of endless love however because we are coming from a chaotic conflictive world the emotional extremes of this love will be quite extreme in itself because of the comparisons. Most people will only see that this reality of no time & space of being completely made of love nothing else.   The point of origin or core of creation can’t be just of love as no other emotion would exist as it couldn’t because it’s the very point of creation however it’s not cold either as that also couldn’t be so, so what is this core made of? For starters you & me however the core itself doesn’t have prejudices or judgment as it just is, why does it have to be something we can relate too to judge if it’s one or the other?

The core itself is everything but nothing, it is everything because we are individually apart of this core which is of everything however it is nothing on its own without us, the core can only exist through us. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying this core didn’t exist at all it just didn’t exist within our emotional understanding as everything we relate too is of emotions, for example, if we were totally unemotional nothing would exist that was man made as we wouldn’t have emotions to drive us to create or build, collectively this also includes the universes as it’s all of a connected consciousness.  So what it seems like I am saying is that everything in existence as we know it was created through emotions!! Yes most definitely, everything in our physical universe was made up of small particles of dust & gas including humans so why couldn’t all of existence be created from emotions.  We had small particles of matter & anti-matter create a huge universe & living matter why would it be so unreal for emotions to create because if you look around you right now you will see what emotions can create just within our conscious understanding, Could you imagine what a higher emotional consciousness could create? 

Friday, 24 May 2013

The World of True Spiritual Acceptance pt.14


Written by Mathew Naismith

Love & Acceptance: I was just recently conversing with a good friend of mine called Lorraine & we talked about the ego & how it is needed in our development & how it’s the soul that is developing through the experiences we have in life which very much includes the ego as a handy tool to be used to expand our individual & collective souls consciousness’s.

So what has this to do with love & acceptance? As we expand our consciousness through tools like the ego we also become more accepting as well but while I was conversing with Lorraine I realised to love something you also need to be accepting as well, they very much go hand in hand. In saying this however one can be accepting without being loving but to love one would also have to be accepting so anyone who dearly loves is already accepting so why not just love & forget the accepting when love brings on acceptance anyway?

Not everyone can love unconditionally for example how can one love something that makes them uncomfortable like a serial killer or a Hitler? It is impossible to blindly love like this way however one can become more accepting therefore understanding towards people like this which will latter bring on the love for things we never thought possible. Pure consciousness has no preferences over other things as it is all accepting & yes loving if we look at it in a humanistic way. Love comes from the release of conflicts we have in life it feels like love because we have freed ourselves & have become more accepting, if it feels like love then it must be love.

images (12)Expanding Through Our Emotions: Everything we think & do is driven to a large extent by our emotions, if it wasn’t for our emotional thoughts & actions we just wouldn’t have evolved because our conscious can only expand through involvement with other energies like the ego, worrying & thinking, it’s a process that was needed to expand our consciousness thus evolve. Life is very much like a chemistry experiment, if you add in hate & a little love with a drop of sarcasm you have a different emotional makeup (result) than you would if you had a different mixture like love & respect with a splash of hate, it’s all a part of the process in experimenting in different forms of consciousness which helps us understand ourselves better thus expand on our collective consciousness. Every time we experiment we are creating something new which helps expand on the consciousness

Lorraine asked me “is thinking and worrying a waste of time”?

My reply:

I look at it this way Lorraine, every time we think & worry we are expanding on not just our consciousness but the collective consciousness however destructive & distractive it is.  Why are we here doing what we are doing like with thinking & worrying? All these centuries it has just been a process to expand on our own collective consciousness enough to expand further into another conscious awareness. It’s funny how personal we take hardship or living period but there is nothing personal about it as it’s all a collective process.

The thing is I know how to stop worrying & thinking like so many others but I accept thinking & worrying as I know what it is contributing too however it becomes pointless when it’s going to contribute to our final destruction, it’s having an expanded enough consciousness to understand this which is obviously happening today with so much awareness about.

So is worrying & thinking pointless? Yes & no which is in line with the ego, when is there too much ego? This takes an expanded enough consciousness to know when enough is enough but of course to get to that expanded consciousness we need the extremes in the first place to attain such conscious awareness which we have done collectively over the centuries.  Again I find it funny that we still think individualistically, there is nothing personal about our lives as it’s all very collective however without thinking we were individualistic we couldn’t have expanded on our collective consciousness the way we have, we have literally created things that never existed before by thinking this way thus the collective consciousness has expanded ever more through our individualistic thoughts & worrying processes.


You have got to ask yourself why would a pure intelligent consciousness create such a chaotic reality?  There is purpose to everything as nothing has no purpose & that purpose is like our universe ever expanding, developing &evolving to further creation because anything intelligent & conscious always has a purpose as that is just a part of the natural process of it all.