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Friday, 13 November 2015

Unconditional Collective Love

Written by Mathew Naismith

To me, the following is a very beautiful way to look at life in it's still form which I think unconditional collective love is all about. It's like observing  a single frame of a film or movie picture except you look at the whole film as a still picture, within  this perception, there is no judgment as there is no motion until the film is put into motion.

You see it's this motion that gives us judgement and ego, this is why unconditional collective love isn't of a controlling ego and this is why personal love can be.

When you observe an unconditional loving mother, what do you see? You see a mother who looks at her children as a still picture instead of a film/picture in motion, as soon as the mother predominantly looks at her children as just a motion picture in motion, they become judgmental towards their children. However, when you observe a truly unconditional loving mother, this isn't the case because the mother observes the whole collective of their child, not just the things her children are doing wrong!!   

Let's look at this in a slightly different way, visualise the whole of the universe as a  movie picture, it's full of motion, it actually never stops moving. Like a picture film, every motion represents a separate frame and when all these separate frames are put into motion, we have a past present and future to judge from. Now visualise this whole picture film as being one frame, not a picture film made up of many separate frames, there is no movement therefore their is no judgment, this is why a true form of unconditional collective love isn't of a controlling ego.

What this is saying is, to be truly unconditionally collectively loving, one has to look at the whole of one's life as one single frame, not many frames which automatically gives us judgment. Look at the whole movie picture as one frame, within this there is no motion to judge, this perception is what I call a timeless conscious state for there is no motion.

I perceive this is how mothers can be unconditionally loving, they perceive their children as a still picture before seeing their children as a child in motion. No matter what motion the child expresses, they still predominantly see there children as a still picture, therefore, judgment of their children comes second to unconditional love. This is how mothers can love their children no matter what.

You could also look at this as maternal love which is a natural instinct for mothers, this is unless a mother personally loves predominately over and above unconditional love.  

Now why do I say unconditional collective love, why the collective?  

This is interesting, visualise a picture film, it's made up of numerous still pictures called frames, these frames are all separate but only when looked at separately, even when this film is put into motion, every frame is still separate due to a past, present and future perception. You can replay, pause and go forward at any time in this film, therefore the perception it gives us is of  past, present and future events. Now look at this whole picture film as one single picture, sort of like a panoramic photo accept you can observe the whole  motion picture. As soon as you observe this picture in it's whole form, it becomes motionless. It's this motionless state that automatically gives us nothing to judge as their is no past or future, only the present.

Now the collective comes into it because you are now observing the whole motion picture as one whole picture, each frame observed as a whole is a collective, there is no separation of separate frames, there is only one frame, one picture. By being able to observe the whole motion picture in one frame, instantly gives this motion picture it's stillness, it's motionlessness. This is why in this state their is no time.......     

To me, each person represents a motion picture, I can either look at them as a picture in motion or a picture that is motionless, the perception of perceiving this perspective allows me to participate or observe a persons life. This means I can either become a participator in their lives or become an observer of their lives. You can actually do both but this can be tricky at times.

As soon as you perceive a motion picture is in motion, you instantly become a participator, this isn't the same when you just observe without participating. Also by being a participator, you become unaware of the bigger picture, you only see each frame as a separate frame that gives you a past, present and future, again this isn't the same when just observing.

When you observe, you see the whole motion picture but in a motionless state, within this perception, you are able to observe the whole of the motion picture all at the same time, you become aware of all of the whole collective, not just part of the collective we are participating in.

In actuality, unconditional collective love is the observer where's personal love is the participator, you can see how tricky it is when an unconditional loving mother also expresses a personal love towards their children.

It's funny, I so often refer to people like Jesus and Buddha for an example but truly unconditional loving mothers are just as good of an example to us, yes, we can learn a lot from unconditionally loving mothers as much if not more so!!