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Thursday, 29 August 2019

Helping Each Other, As a Collective

Written by Mathew Naismith

I can think of no great wise and aware soul in human history that simply sat within their own safe havens and let things occur around them, in actuality the opposite occurred. I think Buddha and Jesus in the west are prime examples of this, even though Jesus and Buddha are of eastern origin. Look within your own culture honestly and you will see that no great wise and aware soul simply sat in their own safe havens.

Are we waiting for some great saviour to save us again, or, sit within our own safe havens of love, light and positiveness while completely ignoring the obvious? The true wise and aware are not waiting for a saviour or simply sit within their own safe havens to stay positive, they observe what is often deemed negative in a completely different way. People like me don't look at our present environment as being separate to ourselves, or simply negative therefore something to avoid, we see it as simply something like a consciousness lost within its own creation.

Hate groups are formed by participating in the separation of energy, for example, positive from negative, black from white. Within the participation of such separation, hate, ostracising, disdain, etc, are naturally created, however, through the observation of energy a union of energy occurs, not a separation. The reason for this lies in that when one is participating in relation to energy, a desired outcome is proffered. When in observation of energy, even when observing your own participation, you become more honestly truthful in relation to energy. If all you are doing is ignoring the negatives to become positive, this is not a sign of observation but purely of participation in the absence of any true observation, in all honest truth. And in all honesty, participation in the absence of unbiased observation is of desired truths, not honest truths.

So what have we created or manifested sitting within our own personal safe havens today? This is while we are still looking at negatives as something separate to ourselves, and of course something to be ignored and scorned.  Will we ever start learning from our past instead of suffering from it!!

At present, I am unable to blog a post about exposing hate groups. Yes, I can create a blog but the blog is virtually invisible as it is deemed to be hatful. As I don't know when honest truth become disdainful, I don't know when awareness become hatful!!

Now, if you are abused by a hatful group of people, even if it's Nazis, you can't talk about it on the net because it is deemed hatful to Nazis. So if you now want to talk about the atrocities of the Nazis during WWII, it will now have to be deemed to be hatful by the present regime trying to control the whole world. However, this is while the same exact regime, not just allows but supports another well known hate group dominating another people, the Palestinians, they distastefully hate with a vengeance. Imagine for a moment being invaded by a people who notably hate you with a vengeance. Yes, but this is alright as long as we are safe, right!!

So in our safe havens we are manifesting for a better existence, while it is obvious this kind of manifesting is creating a monster. No wise and aware consciousness is going to help another consciousness that has no intentions in helping itself, in truth, quite the opposite, what would be the point?

The great wise and aware of human history have shown us how to interact with energy, either it be negative and positive, black and white, not negative or positive, black or white. What have we chosen to do instead? Manifest a monster, a regime that will control everything we are, in service to its own desires, not to the real needs of the collective.

Make no mistake, like Buddha and Jesus who didn't just sit within their own personal safe havens, you too can be within any environment and stay true to yourself and in complete harmony. Just because you are involved, doesn't mean you become what you are involved in. It has everything to do with the way you interact and use energy. By just sitting their within your own personal love, light and positiveness, is an abuse of energy by manifesting a monster that is simply about its own desires. Of course if these desires coincide with your own, to serve the desires of a few, all the better for you but not the collective.

We are conditioned at present to separate one from the other to serve our own personal desires, but we can also condition ourselves to unite energy as a whole to serve the collective, the choice is indeed ours. No great wise and aware soul will try to help us if we don't start honestly and truthfully helping ourselves. To manifest such a monster is not a sign we are trying to help ourselves, especially when we are completely ignoring the truly wise and aware of our time in how to interact with energy as a whole, not in parts.

So why do people like me try to help the collective, if the truly wise and aware won't help us until we begin to help ourselves?  In relation to wisdom and awareness, people like me are average, in other words probably more of a participator than an observer of energy, which is obviously our choice also.........    

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Shedding Our Cocoon by Becoming Wise and Aware

Written by Mathew Naismith

Boy, I know how to put the cat amongst the pigeons. This post was incited by a vision I had last night, it wasn’t the most pleasant visions to have but boy it was very aware building. It was about something some people would deem as negative but you couldn’t really have a more positive vison if you wanted too. This post is about removing ourselves from our cocoons, this allows us to become wise and aware of our whole self by shedding our fear of facing our demons on the collective level.  

Most of us know how to face our own personal individual demons which are mainly based on the controlling factors of the ego; this vison however is about facing our collective demons on a collective scale.  To do this you can’t sit yourself in a deemed negative or positive cocoon, in other words being fearful of facing what we deem as the negatives and/or positives in our lives, sure it feels secure in our little cocoons but it’s not really. These cocoons we have built around ourselves only keep us ignorant to what the collective is going through. I should point out, a truly positive person will not see a negative in anything what so ever, it’s very much in line with unconditional love, it has no conditions or judgement.

Now to the vision itself which is all about the collective. If you had or are having enough trouble dealing with your own demons, I wouldn’t try dealing with the collective demons, they are far more compelling because these demons are on a massive collective scale. This means their affect upon us can be on a massive collective scale unless you are aware enough of what these people actually represent; I will go into this a little later on.  

The vision was of a demon devouring the flesh of others, the demon was represented of man devouring the flesh of others and even himself. This on the collective scale is represented of how man prays and lives upon other people’s misery and misfortune to feed his own ego driven appetite. I then got a vision of a sabre, sabres only have one purpose and that is to harm and kill others. Have you ever handled a sabre? Psychologically most people feel more powerful when handling a sabre; it represents power and control over other people’s lives, guns can also have the same effect that is why so many people love these weapons. The sabre in this case represents authority which is driven by power and control over others.

The point of visioning the sabre, straight after my vision of the demon, wasn’t to show me how powerful and controlling these people are but how these people have a need to feel powerful and controlling, the vision was showing me that these people with power over us have to have a safety blanket, so to speak, to make themselves feel all powerful. This safety blanket is the controlling factors of the ego, they need the ego to work in this way to feel secure and powerful even if that means devouring the flesh of others as depicted with the demon. These people to me were depicted as cannibals; these are the people who prey on other people from the smallest of criminal’s way up to the multinational level of criminal activity. In this case criminals are depicted as cannibals, people who prey off of other people to feed their own controlling ego.

When visioning this vision I was not one bit fearful nor did I deem these people as negative or positive, I was actually sympathetic to their own ignorance. The only way people can hurt and even kill others is when they are in ignorance; you have to be in ignorance to do such things.

This ignorance is represented by the type of cocoon we build around us either it be of a negative value or a positive value. The reason for such cocoons is to keep us safe while we grow into a butterfly but what is a cocoon keeping us ignorant too?  It’s keeping us ignorant to anything that is not of what our cocoon was built out of, either that be a negative value or a positive value. How many deemed positive people can fearlessly face the collective demons and how many deemed negative people can face being aware of their own ignorance? A true positive person can face up to anything because when they come across something more destructive and harmful, they don’t judge it as being bad or good, negative or positive for the main  reason they can’t possibly see a negative in anything.

Being positive is really about facing the collective demons not fearing of becoming aware of them. These people who feed off of others love people building a positive cocoon around themselves, the main reason for this is this keeps these people ignorant to what is really going on in the collective plus it makes it even easier to feed off of such positive people.  

These people who prey and feed off of other people are living in utter fear of anyone who isn’t living in a cocoon; once you come out of such cocoons you become much more aware, wise and fearless of these cannibals. This is why I didn’t feel fearful when visioning such visions, I actually laughed, how could these people still be so much in ignorance to the level of devouring each other’s flesh, as depicted in the vision. The only reason we are still devouring each other’s flesh is because of ignorance, because we keep building these cocoons out of fear, a fear of being aware of the deemed negatives and positives of the collective.  Once you become aware, there is truly nothing to be fearful of.  

Soon after my visions the thought of China came to mind, this wasn’t by coincidence mainly because I was still in a visionary state of consciousness, how could a country that was of the concepts of solidarity, equality and oneness turn to utter cannibalism, the devouring of other people’s flesh and their own? Communism didn’t work and won’t work unless it follows these principles of true solidarity, equality and oneness and most importantly, desist in using the sabre.

People like me who are not fearful of any part of the collective are becoming more prevalent, we no longer see a bad or good, negative or positive to be fearful of, we see everything of being different levels of awareness and wisdom that is all.  We see people who are wholly in their deemed positive cocoons being fed off of while the negative people thrive on their devoured flesh. The only reason anyone would build such cocoons is of fear and it’s this fear we need to deal with. The only way to deal with this fear is through awareness of all of what the collective is, not what we want it to be.

Break open that cocoon because you truly have nothing to fear but the fear of becoming too aware and wise, now that would be a shame wouldn’t it? Yer right. I’m an Australian country boy; it’s wise to make allowances for me, yer right!!