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Friday, 27 June 2014

The Consciousness of Light and it’s Shadows

Written by Mathew Naismith

I came across an interesting thread recently titled, What is a Spiritual Solution by Deepak Chopra, M.D. It’s about our different stages of awareness we can find ourselves in and how there is always a spiritual solution to any problem that arise in our lives. I thought I would share my reply to this thread with you today….

Good thread, in my mind you have explained this quite well.

There are no problems, only solutions to be sort out through furthering our awareness which in turn gives us more solutions to be sort out furthering our awareness even more. Once you get on the roller coaster, it never stops until you want to get off....which I did!!

The question one would have to ask is, why get off such a roller coaster when it leads to one being of pure light? To begin with that's the wrong question, why wouldn't I get off when I like? Once you realise we are all pure light anyway, with a perception of a darker shadow, why wouldn't you get off, what would be the point in being and knowing who you already are?

There is no darkness, only a perception of darkness or a shadow, some people call this shadow/reality an illusion but how could it be an illusion when it’ obviously an existing source of energy of a kind! I also call realities like this one shadows which to me is brought on by the lights consciousness’s perceptions.  This pure light to me has a consciousness so if it has a consciousness it also has a perception of what it’s own consciousness is about. This perception of this consciousness is expressed as shadows through shadow/darker realties as we are experiencing at the present moment.

I should explain further saying that I call this reality and ourselves shadows which are perceptions of the lights consciousness, to me we are all of this lights consciousness and have always been.  I view us as the perception of this consciousness which is very much the same as what humans do when we perceive but of course on a lot larger scale.  What is above is also below but of course the below is on a much smaller scale within it’s perceptions than the pure lights consciousness that is above.

The consciousness of this pure light, that we are all of, isn’t like the consciousness of man as man’s consciousness itself is mostly influenced by the shadows it exists in, the consciousness of the pure light isn’t influenced by these shadows but by it’s own perception of it’s own consciousness which is pure.  The biggest difference between the lights consciousness and man’s consciousness is man’s consciousness is primarily influenced by the shadow where’s the pure lights consciousness isn’t. No matter what consciousness you are talking about, perceptions still have to come from some sort of consciousness, I view this as our primary problem which of course isn’t a problem but a solution that can be found through furthering our awareness.  We perceive through the shadows of the pure lights perceptions, of course we are going to not get it quite right; we really shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves.  

Trying to perceive who we really are through shadows isn’t obviously going to give us a clear picture of ourselves, just glimpses of ourselves.  We need to be either patient for humans to collectively find it’s way through the shadows or realise we are already of that light and all we are doing is expressing the lights consciousness perception of itself. You could say we are serving God…..consciousness itself….. in it’s own perceptions of it’s own consciousness!!