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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

3rd Dimensional - Levels, Scales and Labels

Written by Mathew Naismith

We are supposed to be shifting into a new consciousness, this means we will shift from human consciousness to what is often called a higher consciousness, a consciousness with higher vibrations. This is interesting because only in a fear based consciousness will a consciousness measure itself and everything else according to levels, scales and labels. This is due to a consciousness not wanting to be of  a lower consciousness, they instead desire to be of a higher consciousness, a higher level of vibration, the strange thing is, no actual deemed higher consciousness desires to be of this higher consciousness, in actuality, such a consciousness will often express itself as a deemed lower consciousness. Basically, this kind of consciousness humbles itself but of course such a consciousness doesn't deem itself humbling itself either, this is a 3rd dimensional perception.

What is called a 3rd dimension is in actuality a reality based on fear, human history alone shows us this as does natural history as such. We might think, in deemed higher dimensions, that dimensions are also measured in this way but there not, only in a fear based reality, or a reality of some kind of fear, will measure existences like this.

I should point out, a higher vibration just means that a consciousness is more aware and wiser than consciousness's that aren't as aware and wise. This isn't a level, it's an observation and the reason for this is simple, there are no labelling from one to ten for example of awareness and wisdom. This kind of consciousness isn't based on fear of being of a lowly level of a kind, it's based on the obvious void of labelling.

However, it is quite understandable that within a 3rd dimension, a fear based reality, that consciousness's need levels, scales and labels to comprehend anything beyond a fear based reality. We have however made this into a problem for ourselves, we just can't stop measuring everything, in actuality, western spirituality is more about levels, scales and labels more than ever. Basically, we have become too fixated to this kind of consciousness to truly comprehend any other more aware and wiser consciousness, we have basically limited ourselves to a fear based consciousness.

I am now going to share a piece of a conversation I had with another person in relation to this topic.         


I don't believe that any vibrations, or people for that matter are less worthy. I don't believe any are more worthy.

I lean towards ....what does there have to be a scale to begin with? If there is a scale, people will judge.

People have done enough damage with their constant judging.

My Reply
Yep, I'm hearing you. All this is of the 3rd dimension, but, again these dimensions are but scales and levels. Because the 3rd D is lesser value than the 4th D, we assume the 3rd D is lowlier than the 4th D, however, when you observe this, no dimension is assumed to be above the other in any way.

Is a reality based on fear of a lesser value than a reality based on love? Most people on here would say it is, this is obvious in the way this reality is downed so much. It's a reality based on fear and it's supposed to be based on fear, only the wise and aware souls will still express a true sense of unconditional love and understanding in such a reality.

Is now the wiser and aware of a higher level or more worthy than the less wise and aware? No, only in a reality based on fear will a consciousness judge in these terms. We are still judging in levels, scales and labels at the same time we have presumed we are not of this dimension but are unconditionally loving and of the light. Any consciousness that is downing this reality, isn't truly unconditionally loving as they obviously have conditions to their love.

Do I love this reality? Yes, for what it is, not for what it isn't, this is the difference. It would seem most western spiritually aware people have a disdain for this reality for what it isn't. It is what it is, once a consciousness realises this, a sense of harmony and stillness becomes one. Do I like what is occurring in this reality, especially at present? No, I'm not supposed to but other souls are supposed to. I am supposed to react but in accordance with a more balanced view and understanding. I don't always accomplish this myself as this too is supposed to be a part of my reaction. If I am a part and expressional of this fear based reality, how could I not love this reality as it's a part of me!!

I'm not trying to run away from anything, even though at times a feel like doing so, this is why I don't judge this reality too harshly for it is what it is, predominantly fear based as it's meant to be.


Observe the people who are attracted to what I write, these people are often not expressional of fear because they are not predominantly influenced by a reality of fear. Basically, these people have become unconditioned, to one degree or another, to a reality of fear. However, observe the people who don't like what I write, the reactions are quite different because they are still conditioned in accordance to a reality of fear. I'm often measured (judged) and then slammed or ostracised, this once again occurred just recently, this reaction however is understandable. How would anyone conditioned to a fear based reality comprehend what I write, at times I don't, most likely because I am also predominantly influenced by this fear based reality at times myself.

This fear based reality is supposed to be limiting, this is until a consciousness learns enough from these kinds of reality to overcome the influence and the conditioning of these kinds of realities. The question is now, if we cut out the limiting influences of consciousness as a whole, is such a  consciousness still whole? This would be like cutting out the yin within ourselves and still calling ourselves whole, limiting realties are a part of the whole as limitless realities are.

It was said to me that labelling yourself as a higher vibration is not based on fear, then why label yourself in the first place as being of a higher vibration if you don't fear being of  lowly vibration? Also, levels, scales and labels are all based on a fear based reality, they were created from a fear base perspective, this is obvious, one has to be higher or lower than another. A lot of us are unable to perceive void of these levels, scales and labels, this is because we have all been conditioned, to one degree or another, to perceive in this limited way and it is limiting. Imagine a reality void of labels, now imagine how you would perceive without these labels to perceive by. The more you imagine this, the more of a reality it becomes, this is due to the more you comprehend and existence void of labels, the more you comprehend the perceptions that come from fearless realities.

Human consciousness is obvious within it's conditioning, it's primarily built upon fear so any perception that is predominately of this fear, will be based on fear. Levels, scales and labels are a creation of this fear, it's wise to be aware of this if we want to evolve from limiting human conscious perceptions and perspectives.

Note: I do apologise for lacking penmanship, an ability to write more subtly, my writings style is more clinical and isn't for everyone.           

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Manifested Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

Everything is an expression of consciousness either it be of thought or physical action, it's all a derivative of one source no matter how it's expressed. Within a three dimensional reality/consciousness, this consciousness is expressed in a physical way, this means most expressions are going to be expressed as a solid mass. I do believe this universe is a prime example of this, I also believe consciousness isn't expressed as mass in other dimensions as much as it is within this 3rd dimension.

Now the difference in the way consciousness is expressed, makes a huge difference in the way consciousness is used within a dimension or reality. In dimensions and realities that are less expressive of physical 3rd dimensional form, formless expressions of consciousness are more influential, this is going to be different within a dimension/reality that is mostly influenced by a 3rd dimensional mentality. This means physical expressions of consciousness are going to be more influential than non-physical expressions. When you think on this, how are we conditioned to think in a certain way? Most of what we are conditioned to comes from other 3rd dimensional physical means, this isn't the same within other less physical dimensions and realities.

Let's look at a person who has psychological issues, yes, these issues are usually brought on by physical influences and then most often expressed in a physical way , they however live within their own reality which isn't physical until expressed in a physical way. Their reality within their minds is expressed in a physical way but it hasn't as yet taken physical form until this kind of consciousness is expressed in this way. In actuality, they express a reality that isn't physical until expressed but even this expression is 3rd dimensional. Our dreams are the same, they are usually 3rd dimensional within there expressions even though they are not actually being physically expressed as a solid object.

Within a 3rd dimension, it's not easy not being expressive of consciousness in a 3rd dimensional way, this is due to our mentalities being conditioned to predominately express consciousness as a 3rd dimensional reality. This isn't the same in other dimensions and realities, in actuality it's quite the opposite at times, 3rd dimensional physical expressions just don't exist within certain dimensions and realities.

The point is, you can't expect a none physical conscious expression to be highly influential over and above conscious expressions expressed in solid form, especially within a 3rd dimension. We can sit here praying, chanting and mentally manifesting a better existence all we like, it's just not going to happen until such expressions are expressed in a physical way. Yes, in other non-physical dimensions and realities not predominately influenced by a 3rd dimensional mentality, this will work but it won't and never has worked to any degree within a dimension predominantly influenced by a 3rd dimensional mentality.

Let's put it this way, you have one hundred people trying to manifest a better existence through visualisation and on the other hand you have another thousand people trying to keep their manifestation alive in a much more physical way, which one is going to win out here? In actuality, which one has always won out, which one always comes out on top? You know why, because it's expressed in accordance with the 3rd dimension. You can't go into another dimension and express a form of consciousness at will, it just won't work unless you do it in accordance with the dimension you are in.

Now you would think mentally visualising and expressing these constructive visualisations would work, this is in accordance with the 3rd dimension because you are now being physically expressive.

What's happening is you also have many other people manifesting their own visualisations as well, this destructive reality is their visualisations, these visualisations are no less influential than people visualising a reality that is less destructive. What we need to remember is it's their reality not ours, we really have no right to force our own reality onto others, a reality they obviously don't want.

However, because we are also a part of this reality, we can in our own right be influential towards a more constructive reality, this is our right but don't expect miracles. Yes, one hundred people can and do make a difference but a thousand other people who desire the opposite make a much bigger impact!!

It's just the sign of the times, have we truly got the right to change the majority of people's (collective) manifestations? This is an interesting question, let's look at it this way, do religious people have a right to force their own conscious expressions onto everybody else?  Even today they obviously think they still do, do we really want to go down this path? To the aware, there is a need to change our destructive ways but to the unaware there isn't, which manifestation has more of a right over another within a 3rd dimension?  An aware consciousness will state no manifestation is over and above another manifestation, however, an unaware consciousness will always state my manifestation is over and above other manifestations. Can you see what we need to get away from if we really want to make a difference? 

What we really need to do is give people a choice, that is all we need to do in my mind otherwise we will only add to the chaos even more. Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, atheism, agnosticism, new age spirituality, are choices until they become predominant above all other manifestations.

It is wise to be influential, it is unwise to be predominantly influential for there is no wisdom in one's own influence.....Mathew!!        

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Why Dimensions Are Not Levels!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was asked to elaborate on my last post about dimensions, I'm reluctant because the post I wrote about dimensions wasn't that well written, it also took me 4 hours to write, this is because I sort of turned everything upside down. Most concepts tell us that consciousness  starts off at the 1st or 3rd dimension and go from there until we become one with the creator, I'm actually advocating that all consciousness starts off at the twelfth dimension and can, but not necessarily, end up at the 1st dimension. Instead of a consciousness from the twelfth dimension progressing or ascending from this dimension, it seemingly regresses or descends from this state.

Ascension: Something to consider here,  there is no ego what so ever in the twelfth dimension, would not a consciousness, with no ego, express itself in a more humble way if the need arose? A consciousness with a controlling ego on the other hand would actually act and perceive the opposite way, it would always want to ascend, this is why we think all consciousness is ascending from a lower level to a higher level of the twelfth dimension, or another way of putting it, to be one with God's consciousness.

The point is, all of what is, has come from one source, in my perception, everything came from the twelfth dimension, or if you like, the light. No matter what dimension a consciousness is experiencing, it's initial beginning was from the twelfth dimension, this only becomes unapparent when a consciousness experiences dimensions that keeps a consciousness unaware of it's initial beginnings. Even a consciousness experiencing the 1st dimension was initially created from the twelfth dimension, it matters not how unaware a consciousness becomes of this, all consciousness, to me, was created from the twelfth dimension, not the 1st or 3rd dimension.

Consciousness does not have to ascend or descend from any dimension, any consciousness at any time can just stay within a certain dimension, this is until a consciousness expresses an intention to experience another dimension other than what it's experiencing in the present. There is however no true perception of ascending or descending in the twelfth dimension, even in other dimension of wisdom there is no perception of this, this can only be perceived of a consciousness that isn't wised up to their being no true ascending and descending. If there is no ascending or descending of a consciousness, there is no levels of consciousness.

We have twelve dimensions, to a 3rd dimensional mentality these are perceived as levels, this is quite normal perception for this mentality of the 3rd dimension to have, this however isn't the same in dimensions of a wiser consciousness. There are no levels for a consciousness with no or little ego, only experiences to be had.

Levels: Each dimension actually makes up a whole consciousness, even the twelfth dimension isn't a whole consciousness without the other eleven dimensions. If these other eleven dimensions had no purpose, they couldn't exist even as an illusion. I cannot imagine a twelfth dimensional consciousness even creating an illusion for no purpose what so ever, everything has it's reason for existing in some way.

Illusions indeed have a purpose. Many people in the 3rd dimension have no perception of  other dimensions,  this is why many people can't  imagine a creative energy source of some kind existing, in this case of a creator, we are talking about the twelfth dimension, you can understand why so many people can't perceive a creator or a point of a conscious creation of some kind existing from a 3rd dimensional state.

The only way to experience a true 3rd dimensional state, is to perceive in levels, however, these levels are determined by what a 3rd dimensional consciousness is aware of, if it's not aware of other dimensions existing, it's even unable to perceive these dimensions as levels. The 3rd dimension is all about measuring, if it can't measure it, it doesn't exist, this isn't the same in dimensions that are conductive towards wisdom. When their is no purpose to measure, there are no levels, this includes the twelve dimensions.

When a conscious becomes aware of these twelve dimension in the 3rd dimension, it automatically perceives these dimensions as levels, this is quite normal. This is when we perceive we have to be ascending from the 3rd to the twelfth dimension. Perceiving these dimensions as levels is actually a good thing because we will perceive to be ascending, you certainly don't want to descend to the 2nd or 1st dimension unless that is your intentions. Perceiving levels actually assist us in going to a more aware state of consciousness, people who can't perceive these dimensions, especially as levels, will most likely stay in the 3rd dimension or even go onto the 2nd dimension, depending on the intentions and mentality.

The ego actually serves us well here in helping us to perceive levels, the ego wants to ascend not descend however!!    

Mentality: We could change this 3rd dimension into a 2nd dimension or we could change this dimension into a 5th dimension, in actuality, both are likely to occur, this however doesn't mean we will all experience a 2nd and 5th dimension at the same time. What will occur is a persons/souls consciousness will only perceive, thus experience, a 5th or 2nd dimension. No consciousness but the twelfth can experience more than one actual dimension at one time, this is due to the mentality that is a part of each dimension.

Each dimension has it's own unique mentality, could you imagine a destructive mentality existing the 11th dimension?  It couldn't occur as each dimension has it's own kind of mentality. Could you imagine a highly constructive 11th dimensional mentality existing in a 2nd dimension of utter destruction? Any consciousness existing in the 2nd dimension would become instantly constructive, such consciousness's would then no longer be of the 2nd dimension for only a destructive conscious can exist in such a dimension.

A destructive mentality cannot exist in a highly constructive dimension but a constructive mentality can exist in a highly destructive dimension. Destructive mentalities cannot enter into a constructive dimension and influence the consciousness's experiencing such dimensions, this is due to the influence of constructive mentalities. This is wholly due to there being way too much love and understanding in a constructive dimension for a destructive consciousness to have any influence what so ever upon such a consciousness.
The opposite however can occur, how many people have been influenced by Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Rumi for example?  Am I advocating that these people were from another highly constructive dimension? They might not have directly come from these dimensions but they, in my mind, were well connected to dimensions more constructive than the 3rd dimension.  This is due to wisdom not being a strong attribute of this dimension, if it was, this dimension would no longer be of a 3rd dimension, it would become a more constructive dimension driven by a more constructive mentality. To me, these people obviously had a more constructive mentality.

Religion/spirituality: The role of spirituality/religion are apparent to me, they help keep us connected to the twelfth dimension, when we no longer use religion/spirituality, we loose our connection and become basically lost even at the soul level. Even the belief in a God of man or of many God's and Goddess's, assist us with this connection, these beliefs certainly didn't occur by accident, you could say they were preordained to assist us no matter what dimension we are experiencing.

This connection however becomes more difficult to attain or acquire in a destructive dimension like the 3rd dimension but especially in the 2nd and 1st dimensions. You could imagine the disconnection experienced in the 2dn and 1st dimensions, it would be insurmountable. A well connected consciousness however would of course be able to stay connected even in the 2nd and 1st dimensions. These dimensions of utter destructing can create the most beautiful consciousness's/souls but only if these consciousness's/souls stayed connected.

The 2nd and 1st dimensions, or any dimension, are not levels, they are experiences. Levels usually go from the lower level to the higher, this isn't the case in relation to dimensions, you actually do quite the opposite so it's not actually a level we scale up, it's mentalities we experiences as we go through each dimension. These experiences are not bettering a soul or consciousness either, they are just experiences, yes, they can produce the most beautiful consciousness's/souls but this isn't an attainment/achievement, it's a privilege. 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Written by Mathew Naismith

I'm going to try relate how love, motion, awareness, wisdom, God's consciousness, energy period etc. fit's within these twelve dimensions that in a sense don't exist. I will also hopefully show how religion/spirituality has tried to keep us in touch with the twelfth dimension, a dimension of timelessness therefore a state of motionlessness.

Simplifying this while experiencing 3rd dimensional mentalities is never easy, simplifying this so that 3rd dimensional mentalities understand what I am saying is even harder. Once a conscious energy form or source has seemingly separated itself from the twelfth dimension, understanding the twelfth dimension becomes awkward, and the more a consciousness has separated itself from this twelfth dimension, the harder it is for a consciousness to comprehend the twelfth dimension. This is where religion/spirituality has tried to keep us connected.

Understanding Dimensions: The following illustration will hopefully make understanding these dimensions a little easier, we are at present in the 3rd entering the 4th and 5th dimensions. I will also explain the twelfth dimension as God's consciousness, you can replace this with the source, pure wisdom, the void or what ever way you want to explain this state, it really doesn't matter.

1st dimension = lust + egotism + time + motion + highly expressive + void of God's consciousness + void of wisdom + finite (transitory)
2nd dimension =
3rd dimension = egotism + time + motion + expressive + a vagueness of God's consciousness + some awareness of wisdom
4th dimension =
5th dimension = ego + more sense of timelessness + less expressive + a better awareness of God's consciousness + wiser
6th dimension =
7th dimension =
8th dimension =
9th dimension =
10th dimensions =
11th dimension =
12 dimension = love + egoless, timelessness + motionless + expressionless + God's consciousness + pure wisdom +infinite

First of all, I don't think we, as a conscious energy source, went from the motionless and timeless state of the twelfth dimension to the first and then progressed up from the 1st dimension the twelfth. If you understand how consciousness works, this is utterly impossible for any consciousness to do this, for a consciousness to become this unaware would have to take a progression of steps like from the twelfth to the 1st dimension, not the other way around.

How could a consciousness of the  twelfth dimension of pure wisdom, timelessness and motionlessness, go into a 1st dimension state of extremes expressions of time and motion, a consciousness completely void of wisdom?  It wouldn't, and in my mind, couldn't occur without doing this regression step by step. We are talking about a consciousness of pure wisdom becoming instantly void of wisdom altogether here, it just doesn't happen like that.

What I think this God's consciousness has done, from it's twelfth dimensional state, is regress step by step from the twelfth right through to the 1st dimension. You might ask why would God's consciousness do this, regress from a pure state of consciousness to a state of total anarchy and chaos!! There is no expression of consciousness that is not worthy to express, also, only egotism would keep a consciousness from expressing itself in it's less pure states.

The twelfth dimension is also totally egoless, why then would such a consciousness not humble itself before itself?  Don't however get the idea the 1st dimension, which is utterly hellish to an unaware consciousness, is of God's expressions, once a consciousness forms a mentality, it becomes other than God's consciousness. God's consciousness is pure wisdom, anything other than this isn't an expression of God's consciousness but a part of that is usually used as something else, however, it's still consciousness no matter how it's expressed or isn't expressed.

As a consciousness regress's from the 12th to the 1st, it forms more of a mentality, the forming of a mentality, as a consciousness regress's, is wholly due to motion, the more we regress through the dimensions, the more motion we express. Of course, the more a consciousness is expressed, the more destructive the consciousness becomes. Take war for example, would we go to war in the first place if we expressed ourselves less? War takes a huge amount of expressions and a mentality based on destruction. You should now become aware of what the 1st dimension would be like to experience.

Are we then all going to regress to the 2nd and then 1st dimension? No, some consciousness (souls/people)  will progress from here from the 3rd dimension, other will indeed regress further to the 2nd and possibly 1st dimension.

Illusions: To me, the 3rd dimension is magical and is one of the most versatile dimensions for a consciousness to experience, you can literally experience, to some extent, any dimensional mentality between the 11th to the 1st dimension. The twelfth dimension on the other hand can't be expressed in any other dimension, this is because it's motionless therefore has no mentality that can be experienced in any other dimension. All other dimensions are of an expression of one kind or another , the twelfth on the other hand has no need of expressions, it's more of a feeling that is infinite. All motion is finite, it's transitory, this is wholly due to energy always changing, the more energy (a consciousness) is expressed, the more it changes. This kind of energy is always going to be transitory (finite), the only energy  that isn't finite is the twelfth dimension which is wholly due to it's inactiveness, it's motionless state.                 

We come now to the point of dimensions being an illusion, the only true state of existence is represented by the twelfth dimension, everything is an illusion!!

The thing about illusion is you have to have time to create an illusion in the first place,  an illusion needs a starting point of origin otherwise illusions can't exist. The twelfth dimension, God's consciousness,  isn't governed (determined) by time so if there is no time, at what point in time did an illusion begin if there is only God's consciousness , the twelfth dimension?

We also have no motion, it's just pure feeling within this twelfth dimension (God's consciousness) which is completely void of motion. For us to feel in the 3rd dimension we need some kind of a motional expression, this isn't the same in the twelfth dimension, this is wholly due to a state of timelessness. In this timeless state everything has always existed, including feelings but feelings void of expressions.

Now everything has always existed, this must also mean illusions?  Yes, but again not as an expression, an actual illusion can't take place until expressed in motion. This means motion, therefore dimensions, have also always existed, how then can something exist and be an illusion? The illusion is we are not just the expressions of conscious motion, we are also the non-expressions of God's consciousness as well.       

So are all the other dimensions, other than the twelfth dimension, an illusion?  To many people, their is only the 3rd dimension, this makes all other dimension, including the twelfth, an illusion, this is atheism. To others, only the void or God's consciousness exists, all else is an illusion and to other people there is no illusion, however,  God's consciousness does represents our truer self.  To answer the question, it really depends on what dimension you are perceiving through. Would God's conscious judged all else but he's own consciousness as being an illusion? Only a consciousness controlled by the ego would judge this to be so in my mind.    

To me, dimensions exist but we can delude ourselves to think this dimension is all we are. I also don't think we are more of one dimension than another either, only a controlling ego would judge this to be so in my mind. We are all of what is of all dimensions, but of course, the ego will deny this.        

Love: Where does love fit within all this? Love really doesn't have to be expressed to be felt, actually, the less love is expressed, the less likely love will be expressed as lust. 

Love is at it's purest when it's expressed less not more. The twelfth dimension is motionless because it's not determined by time, the more of motion an energy becomes, the more this energy is determined by time. Is the purest form of love determined by time? It's infinite so it's not determined by time but by timelessness, a state of motionlessness which is what is called by some people God's consciousness. 

This God's consciousness is the purest form of love and wisdom within the twelfth dimension, this is because it's untainted or influenced by time and motion. In the 3rd dimension we need to express love for it to take affect, this is why so many times love turns into lust. In the 5th dimension, we will learn to express love in quite a different way thus avoiding the possibility of creating a world of pure lust.

In other dimensions, you don't have to express love for love to exist, unlike in the 3rd dimension, this is wholly due to love being already a part of a dimension without having to express it.            

Sunday, 20 September 2015

3D v 5D Mentalities

Written by Mathew Naismith

I recently wrote a post about 5th dimensional (5D) mentality, I of course received 3rd dimensional rebuttals. To me, each dimension has it's own mentality, the Mayan Indians in central America have pointed this out. We are entering the feminine from the masculine, there is an obvious difference between the masculine and the feminine mentalities, one creates a robust mentality while the other creates a more delicate mentality, yin and yang. 

3D Witch Hunt: I think everyone has a right to think as they like and to express this thinking if it doesn't hurt anybody else, however, some people don't think we have the right so they force their own views and ideologies upon others. This occurred quite recently to me. I had a conversation with another person who was highly aggressive and abusive, he didn't like my view in my post about 5D mentalities. He was notably very abusive and highly deceptive within he's remarks, all he did though was prove my point about 3D mentalities being of self-deception and ignorance.   
In all, it's important we are able to freely express ourselves especially if it's not hurting anybody else, so many times have I seen spiritually aware people railroaded by certain people who dictate to other how they are allowed to express themselves. This kind of mentality so reminds me of the mentality of  religious extremists, you have to think like this or else. In my case, I was only subjected to extreme abuse and continuous harassment but it's still a witch hunt which shows certain forms of mentalities just haven't evolved over time.

I inserted the discussion in this post but I decided to remove it, I found it too aggressively demeaning and harsh to share, however if you want, you will find this discussion on Our Humanity Google community under the heading of 5th dimensional mentalities.

Yes, witch hunts are still going on today, their either cutting off heads, blowing up innocent people or being extreme within their abuse and neglect of other people. The thing to remember,  these people are reacting in this way because any other dimensional mentalities other than their own is a threat to their unevolved antiquated mentalities, the more they react to other views beyond the 3rd dimension, the more I realise we are on track. This kind of reaction only confirms that our views beyond 3rd dimensional mentalities are spot on.

There is another thing to remember, anyone who can only perceive through 3rd dimensional mentalities, can no way see beyond the 3rd dimension, they are literally quite unable to. This gives me more appreciations of myself being able to do this, I just can't perceive being only able to perceive in 3D but this is the only way some people can perceive as shown in my recent conversation.

Which hunts like this can only occur through deception and ignorance, this is why you won't experience witch hunts in a full 5th dimensional reality, the mentality of witch hunting just can't exist within such realities.      

Dimensional Mentalities: I did however find this conversation quite constructive to my ideas of 3rd and 5th dimensional mentalities. To me this conversation quite clearly shows an obvious difference between 3rd and 5th dimensional mentalities, this however isn't saying my own mentality is of the 5th, it's just I'm wised up to the difference. I should also state; this doesn't make 3rd dimensional mentalities wrong in some way either, it's just showing an obvious difference between certain mentalities.

What I am saying is, the difference between the dimensions is mentality, each dimension has it's own unique mentality, it's actually the mentality that creates the dimension. For an example, I once tutored disabled people, their perspective on 3D was quite different to the average person, they had very little perception of 3D, however, some of them showed a  better perception of dimension other than and beyond 3D.  The reason was obvious to me, they weren't influenced by ego, therefore, they were not receptive to self-deception and ignorance. When you take deception and ignorance (ego) out of a mentality,  you are going to end up with a totally different mentality than that of a 3D mentality.    

To me the 5th dimension is all about taking the controlling ego out of a mentality, however, this doesn't mean taking the ego out altogether,  just the controlling factors off the ego.

3rd dimension = a controlling ego
4th & 5th dimension = non-controlling ego
6th dimension = virtually no ego what so ever

To me, the 3rd dimension is influenced by a controlling ego, the  fifth dimension however is about being influenced by an ego that is no longer in control, it seems that each dimensional mentality is created step by step.  One dimension is of the controlling ego, the next dimension is void of a controlling ego, and still, the next dimension will be virtually void of the ego altogether. Could you imagine a mentality no longer influenced by any kind of ego?

I should say here, this is only my view on the dimensions, as of always, I could be quite incorrect so please don't take what I say about dimensions as gospel.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

3rd Dimensional Mentalities

Written by Mathew Naismith

I will start this blog off with a reply I gave to a group of people who want to ascend to the fifth dimension.

I'm not sure how many people know this, a group of ancient Egyptian's opened port wholes into other dimensions, even beyond the 5th dimension. When you observe the 3rd dimension from these other dimensions, you observe that the 3rd dimension is about self-deception and ignorance. 

When these people opened up these port wholes, the truth opened up to them especially concerning the 3rd dimension and 3rd dimensional mentality. This of course didn't go down very well with anyone fixated and expressing 3rd dimensional mentality. The people within this group were of course called all sorts of names and corruptly ostracised and banished, 3rd dimensional mentality just can't handle the truth. I suppose trying to free the slaves at the same time didn't help their cause either.

I recently observed an obvious discrepancy in a post, which the poster soon showed within their abuse and name calling. I was abused and called arrogant and obviously titled negative, déjà-vu, even though I was the one being abused. Surprisingly, this same person was supported in their actions by a few people. 

People, let go of 3rd dimension mentality, it's highly conductive to deception and ignorance which is not apart of the 5th dimension.  If you continue to fixate yourself to this kind of mentality, you won't be going anywhere.

If you want to call me arrogant, negative and ostracise and probably banished me because I know something, so be it but be very careful, this 5th dimension wasn't opened by a group of people, it's apart of a natural cycle, you will indeed be left behind if you don't stop expressing 3rd dimensional mentalities. 

The following will hopefully explain, in detail, what each dimension is conductive to, we are at present in the 3rd dimension. 

People with an obvious 3rd dimensional mentality often find me irritating, this is because I open myself up to other dimensions, this doesn't mean I actually enter into these dimensions though, it just means I'm open to there reasoning and mentality. Most spiritually aware people, who are open to other dimensional thinking, will most often receive rebuttals from people who are not open to these dimensional thinking processes, this is natural especially within a 3rd dimension.

The 3rd dimensional mentality is of self-deception and ignorance, this is natural for this dimension, trying to bring forth truth from the 5th dimension is obviously going to receive a very aggressive welcome from a 3rd dimensional mentality. This is due to 3rd dimensional mentality not being able to handle the truth, it's actually not meant to especially on a collective scale no matter how bad life gets. This however doesn't mean we can't bring forth other kinds of mentalities from other dimensions into the 3rd dimension, it just means you will receive rebuttals if you express this kind of wisdom.

This group of people, in ancient Egypt, opened up these port wholes into other dimensions, you might think this was ludicrous  to do but it wasn't. These people knew a major famine was coming but they also knew that this famine could be avoided through a simple change of mentality.  

The following isn't usually stated when discussing dimensions, each dimension exists because of a certain mentality or a certain state of consciousness, this of course can be change at any given moment. it's not this easy of course only because of our fixations to this kind of mentality. These fixations are of course brought about by our conditioning from birth, no conditioning  from birth is easy to un-fixate ourselves from, this is unless you become wised to other dimensions and their mentalities.

I should also say that I think people like Jesus, Buddha, Confucius etc. expressed themselves through the 5th dimension, it's no wonder they were ignored by fifth dimensional mentalities. The only people who would understands them, are people who were beyond 3rd dimensional mentalities, in other words people who were not just fixated to 3rd dimensional mentalities.

I wasn't going to write about the 5th dimension, it's not an easy topic to write about because 3rd dimensional mentalities usually aren't receptive and understanding of any other dimensional mentality but the mentality they were conditioned too. I will however write about the 5th dimension in the next post I write, it was inevitable I suppose.   

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Frustrations- Letting Go of the Old

Written by Mathew Naismith

It’s human nature to become attached to the things around us that serve us well or we become emotionally loving too, there is nothing wrong or even right with this, it’s just a natural interaction we are able and wanting to express or not express.  Do all attachments interfere with our connectedness to God’s consciousness or the inner self? Actually quite often they can assist with this connectedness and at other times interfere with this connectedness however, where our attachments interfere with this connectedness can be quite tricky to acknowledge mainly due to the type and strength of such attachments.  

Dream: I had a dream last night of being utterly frustrated. I was going somewhere with my wife and we parked the car up a back side street. When we returned, the car wasn’t where we thought we parked it, it wasn’t stolen, we just couldn’t remember what side street we parked the car in as there were many side streets, the more I searched for our car the more side streets appeared.

Where we were visiting and where we parked the car was in an old area of the town, night was also befalling. The further I looked the newer the town looked and the brighter the day became. I was totally lost in an area of the town I was not familiar with, every time I tried to return back to my wife, to the old side of town, the less I was able too. Every turn I took, took me away from the old side of town, this was very frustrating to me.

This newer part of town was in bright daylight but I still wanted to be back from where my wife and our car was parked, my attachments to the old were stopping me from becoming familiar with my new surroundings which were noticeably cleaner, newer and brighter.   

Dimensions: The thing with me is I accept this reality, this dimension for what it is, a 3rd dimensional reality that influences our mentally to react in a certain way, in this case destructively. This destruction is caused through ignorance for only through ignorance are we able to destroy.  There are reasons why I have attachments to this reality which I won’t go into; actually a lot of us have attachments to this reality in one sense or another.  

Going by the dream, it’s this 3rd dimensional mentality that is of the old side of town and is what I have obviously got to let go of as a lot of us do I could imagine. How could people like me be so attached to such a destructive reality?  If I was destructive within my own mentality all I would see of this reality is destructiveness but that is not all I see for various reasons. The destructiveness of others can also bring out the best in others and it most often does.  A destructive reality also allows one to appreciate the smaller things in life if we are aware enough to do so. It is not easy being aware in such a destructive reality, this kind of destructive mentality that this reality/dimension produces is meant to obstruct our awareness from seeing any more than destructiveness.  This I feel allows our soul to become more aware.  You could say when being in a timeless state of consciousness we become awareness itself, does this not instantaneously teach the soul awareness without going through such trauma, such dimensions and realities?

Why have a soul, what is then the purpose of a soul if this is the case, we can all just go into a consciousness of timelessness and become awareness itself?  How many people become of this awareness itself and are still existing in this dimension?  No one, because once you truly become awareness itself you would just disappear from dimensions like this one. 

Timelessness: Let’s look at this timeless conscious state that allows us to feel that we become awareness itself.  It is certainly something new to our usual state of awareness otherwise we wouldn’t acknowledge it as much as we do and speak about it as much as we do. The point is it’s new to us, it’s not of our usual awareness state which is influenced by time and this is the point.  Because our usual state of consciousness is of time, when we go into a newer state of consciousness it’s going to feel quite awesome and rather spectacularly huge especially in relation to our usual awareness state. I have made the same mistake for some time now, I thought this was it, the be and end all, the sources (God’s) consciousness because it was so powerfully different to our ignorant state of consciousness in time. Most of us are only aware of a destructive dimension; anything slightly constructive to this is going to feel quite awesome.  This is exactly like calling a much aware and wiser being a God which we have done in the past.

When we are fleetingly in and out of this timeless consciousness, we can feel it’s the be and end all, we feel we become awareness itself mainly because this awareness we feel is much more aware than our usual state of awareness in time. The sources (God’s) consciousness is of all consciousness not just of this timeless or even of the consciousness of time but all of what consciousness is as a whole.

I was duped into thinking this timeless consciousness was all about awareness itself as well until I became aware of time while in a timeless state of consciousness. I then realised this timeless state of consciousness was unaware of time, it isn’t as aware as I thought. This dimension of time tricks us to believe things that aren’t true because it’s so ignorant and destructive, anything more constructive and aware is going to feel quite awesome and quite understandably.  

Mentality: We can’t change this dimension, all dimensions are of a particular consciousness which produce a particular mentality but you can however change this mentality.  When we change this mentality, what we are doing is changing what dimension we are in; we are not actually changing the dimension even though this is going to feel that is what we are doing.  Everything will seem the same to our five senses but we will feel different, eventually our five senses will become in tune with this new dimension giving our senses a different perspective. We will see things differently and smell things differently and so forth, we will in turn act quite differently.  

What has time and timelessness got to do with my dream and letting go of the old? Everything, because I have been writing about time and timelessness more and more recently, this is the new part of town where the old part of town is believing this timelessness is the be and end all no matter what.  To me this is like thinking a more aware being than I is a God no matter what. The frustration is, once you become aware there is no going back even if you want too.   

Aren’t such attachments to a dimension or anything else of the ego, destructive and not of the inner self?  A true spiritual person will be accepting of whatever situation they find themselves in, this includes being expressive of the ego and even destructive.  I should point out, just because one is expressive of the ego doesn’t make them automatically destructive,  the ego only becomes destructive when it take control and the more control it has the more destructive it becomes.   The reason a controlling ego can be destructive is it’s living in ignorance; it’s ignorant to everything not of the ego.  This is true because only through ignorance can we destroy. It is however quite impossible for a true spiritual aware person to be destructive, they are usually too aware however an aware soul can choose a life of destruction. This usually happens when the soul needs to become aware of such mentalities through actual experiences, not one of us in this dimension hasn’t chosen, at the soul level, to do just this, we wouldn’t be here otherwise!!

In all you cannot become aware or experience anything unless it’s of consciousness either it be of time or timelessness, this doesn’t make it real as such but it doesn’t make it unreal either, it’s really a balance between the two.  Why does anything have to be truly of one or the other? The answer of course is it doesn’t!!

So in all, my dream is telling me this is where I am supposed to go but it’s not saying that is where everybody else is supposed to go, just go with what you feel comfortable with, if you are comfortable with thinking time is an illusion or the ego is bad period, just go with that because that is what you are supposed to do as I’m supposed to do what I am doing.   

Friday, 31 January 2014

Spirituality & Delusions

Written by Mathew Naismith

This keeps coming up at present; are spiritually aware people, religious or not, actually experiencing delusional episodes when experiencing heightened awareness of some kind. It is common to feel one is God like at times especially early on in one’s spiritual development, are experiences & feelings like this delusional?  All I can do is smile when I’m confronted with such questions.  

The two following links are definitely worth looking at even if you don’t suffer from bipolar or similar symptoms as they show anyone who has experienced a heightened awareness why they have not experienced actual delusional episodes. The first link is a vid which goes into how people with bipolar break down the barriers of the ego which is why they experience such heightened awareness  

The next link is a written account of someone who experienced a heightened awareness while experiencing bipolar episodes.  

Such heightened awareness or delusional episodes should actually be supported in my mind but because of the controlling factors of the ego of a number of scientist & physicians heightened awareness is put down as a delusional episode of some kind. If the controlling ego is unable to understand & explain certain experiences, one of the best ways to protect the ego is through denial & one of the best way to do this is diagnose what they don’t understand as delusional. I actually feel for these people because there controlling factors of the ego have stopped them from being aware of more than they can consciously understand. This sounds funny, how can anyone become aware of something they don’t understand but the real question should be how can we allow our ignorance to hinder expanding on our awareness? The controlling ego will always go with the first question however an ego not in control will always go with the last question which to me makes more logical & common sense to me. There are scientists & physicians alike who ask the last question, these are the people who excel above their peers I believe.

Now getting back to delusional episodes; I was asked recently about people in comas, do they actually lose time while in a coma? I answered yes & no, yes because in time it is obvious we lose time but no because we are actually in another dimension so in this dimension we are no longer losing time within our inner consciousness because we are not really conscious here. Our body is here within this consciousness but our inner conscious mind isn’t.  Any experience we remember while in a coma is usually again put down as some kind of delusional episode. Dreams & OBE’s are another good example of experiencing other dimensions, are dreams & OBE’s delusional if we experience a heightened awareness? According to people with a controlling ego the answer of course is going to be a yes but to an ego that isn’t controlling the answer of course would be a no.

This is another reason why we have so many different perceptions to what’s what, it all depends on how controlling the ego is to how we perceive & how aware we will actually be. What I am saying here is it’s how controlling the ego is to what perception & awareness we will have, the controlling factors of the ego dictate how we will perceive & how aware we will be. No wonder we perceive so differently to each other!!  

Bipolar for an example lessons the effects of such controlling factors of the ego therefore attachments which is shown in the vid in the first link. So when we lesson the effects of the controlling factors of the ego & experience a heightened awareness people with controlling egos are obviously going to put such people down mainly because they have little understanding of anything beyond what their egos want them to know. One should always show empathy towards such people for they know not what they do, really!!    

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Illusions of 3rd Dimensional Thought

Written by Mathew Naismith

In any dimension our thoughts are influenced by that particular dimension, it is what makes that dimension what it is so are all these dimensions an illusion because all they are is abstract parts of consciousness? I will get back to this question latter but first how does this dimension make us think which will define what answer I give to the question I just asked. If I was to ask the same question in a different dimensional state of consciousness or mode of thought my answer, believe it or not, would be somewhat different so which answer is correct?  All the above believe it or not at the same time so to speak!!

I have inserted one of my replies to a good internet friend of mine below which will help shine more light on what I’m trying to portray here.

G'day Eric

Yes I do understand these egoless states of consciousness & that one can use the ego to portray themselves as whatever to assist constructively not destructively, it is impossible to be egotistically destructive in these egoless states I believe.

I look at it this way Eric, we know how to use the ego to it's most destructive potential however we haven't learnt to use it to it's most constructive potential & maybe this is what this new awakening is all about.

I know of other entities that live a more physical life than we do but the big difference is they have learnt how to use the ego in quite a different way to us. 

You & I have one particular fundamental difference, I don't believe anything is of the illusion but I believe you do, neither of us are wrong at the same time it's just we are feeling in different dimensional modes of thought, this sounds ridiculous but it's not.

Take a nail for example, in this dimension the nail is a fastener but at the same time, as such, this same nail is something else in a different dimension & people & our thoughts are the same I believe. 

It is funny to think, if I went from this dimension to another holding the same nail that the nail would change quite instantly & of course so would I, the Mayans are a good example of dimensional change I believe.  All what anything is is energy & energy is very easy to change so is the nail an illusion because it changes to whatever in different dimensions? In this dimension not in my mind because it’s all a part of consciousness & anything of consciousness is real.  Just because consciousness isn’t the nail itself but an abstract part of consciousness doesn’t make it an illusion in my mind. Illusions are 3rd dimensional thinking to me because in this 3rd dimension we have a supposed start & end & even cycles are 3rd dimensional thinking, we can’t understand past start & end, illusion not an illusion, it doesn’t have to be one or the other but just is.


While in mediative states we can & do to various degrees touch on these other dimensions however our prime mode of thought is 3rd dimensional for most people & this is what influences us to whatever we experience while meditating but we don’t think while in meditation!! Science has proven we do however this isn’t the point, how do ghosts/spirits & non-physical entities interact with us without thought?  We don’t need the physical brain to be aware & yes think in various dimensions which allows us to interact with other beings/entities in various dimensions. While in mediation we become further aware so our brain responds to this however because our brain is only programed to think in 3rd dimensional modes of thought we still perceive everything in a 3rd dimensional way.   This leads us back to the initial question, “so are all these dimensions an illusion because all they are is abstract parts of consciousness?” We have a perception of illusions existing because we are only thinking in a certain dimensional way which gives us the perception of illusions.

The following link is on an interesting science study on the mind which shows how the mind can be tricked in believing in something to be fact when it doesn’t have to be what we perceived as fact & this is only at the awareness level of the mind which is still in 3rd dimensional thinking modes as a whole.

You could look at these scientific studies & think that the mind is actually starting to think outside of it’s programmed 3rd dimensional modes of thought. What is happening isn’t illusions but a change of perception similar to what we get when meditating. So when our sight improves for example from when we had less vision does this less vision denote an illusion? It would seem so but no, just because we perceived an improved sight doesn’t mean our poor sight beforehand was an illusion; it was part of our perception brought on by 3rd dimensional thinking. This denotes a start & an end & in this case less vision to more vision just by our changed perception. Why does there have to be a start & an end but we perceive there to be so. So this still seems to be saying that 3rd dimensional thinking is an illusion however is it our 3rd dimensional minds telling us it’s an illusion, the real illusion could be that we perceive that these illusions actually exist.   

Some of us are starting to think outside these 3rd dimensional modes of thought & at this point we see even more that this dimension in particular is an illusion!! The problem with this is when we start thinking in other dimensional modes of thought all else will seem like an illusion & in our case all else but the creative consciousness itself is an illusion however is this other dimensional way of thinking giving us a true perception of what really is? We must remember while thinking in 3rd dimensional modes of thought we had the facts but now we realise we didn’t, how do we now know we have the facts now while thinking in different dimensional thought waves? It’s but another dimensional way of thinking. But we don’t think however science has proven we do & in any case ghosts have no brain to think with so what gives them their perception? Different dimensional modes of thought which gives these ghosts their own perception of things which is the same with all consciousness. We should remember here that even in a meditative state or after our demise, as such, we are still affected by various dimensions which give us our perception no matter how in thoughtlessness we think you are in, this thoughtlessness is only perceived by us because of a particular dimension we are in at any given time.

So are these different dimensions that give us our modes of thought & following perception all an illusion? Yes if I was to only think & had a knowing in 3rd, 4rth or 5th dimensional waves but there are a lot more dimensions out there that give us a perception of something somewhat different to just saying everything is an illusion, it all just is.  Now we can’t just think everything just is, that’s illogical. Logic is but another thought process that changes with different dimensions, what’s logical in one dimension isn’t in the other which brings us back again to the nail.    

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Unconditional Love/Oneness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I think most of us know what unconditional love is all about, it’s to basically love without question or judgement & oneness is to accept all without question & judgment, this is very easy to understand but is it easy to act out & are we all able to act it out? Of course if we have an understanding of unconditional love & oneness & find ourselves in various conscious states experiencing this it must be easy to act out even to the most unaware person but is it? Fist one has to be unconditionally understanding of the totality of everything then one would have to be unconditionally accepting of the totality of everything however here comes the easy part, I believe once you have true unconditional understanding & acceptance of the totality of all unconditional love comes automatically without effort.

When we consider true unconditional love on its own it seems very simple because all one has to do is be unconditionally loving without question or judgment but it takes a lot more than that to be truly unconditionally loving & in fact it takes many lessons through various dimensions & consciousness’s to obtain true unconditional love.

Let me put it this way, how many of us now can unconditionally love a person who is torturing & sexually molesting a child especially your own child to death? I know I couldn’t, the only ones that could would be the ones who are unconditionally accepting of such heinous crimes, it’s not so easy to be unconditionally accepting to start with. To reach any form of unconditional love one has to be firstly unconditionally understanding & then unconditionally accepting but to reach true oneness one would have to be unconditionally understanding & accepting of the totality of all which in human form would be virtually impossible this is why we have got various dimensions to go through to teach us such unconditional values at the soul level.  For one to be truly unconditionally loving & at one with the totality of all one’s soul would have had to come from the 12th dimension which is believed to be one with God or the creative consciousness.

Now the person unconditionally accepting of heinous crimes seems to have more of a chance of becoming unconditionally loving because they are already unconditionally understanding & accepting of heinous crimes however do they understand & accept all as in showing true unconditional love to  victims of such heinous crimes? The answer of course is no so they have no chance in becoming unconditionally loving & at one in their present form however people like me who are unaccepting of there acceptance haven’t got a chance either.

It is important to know that you can’t have unconditional love without oneness otherwise how would one be aware that they are unconditionally loving without oneness because oneness represents the totality of all, non-accepting of anything isn’t of oneness so this would mean  unconditional love is totally unobtainable unless we are all accepting & of course to be all accepting one also would have to understand what they are being accepting of & this is why it takes so long for a soul to reach this point of true unconditional love & oneness, it certainly couldn’t be reached in one or two life times. So is taking on any concept of unconditionally loving pointless in realities like this one because it’s impossible to obtain? What is learning here is your soul through the experiences the human vessel goes through, to even notice of trying to be unconditionally loving is a huge learning curve for your soul & it will take this on board so no it’s not pointless at all. What is pointless is expecting to obtain this in one life time. By just acknowledging & experiencing certain conscious states of unconditional love & oneness is the start of understanding what unconditional  means at the soul level & from this will come, eventually, unconditional acceptance & then totality of unconditional love of the totality of all which is true oneness.

What is going on is we are continually thinking in human form & playing this out as if this is the main part of who we are but it’s not, what is important & who we are truly is our souls. What we really need to do to make it easier on ourselves in reaching this unconditional love & oneness state of consciousness in human form is think of yourself of being the soul not human; see yourself as just a human vessel showing your soul, your true self, to the light. This will make understanding & accepting a lot easier for your human vessel to teach your soul what unconditional actually means so how does it do that? Once you recognise your truer self as being the soul & not this human vessel you start to become detached from a lot of attachments & fixated attachments, becoming detached just means you’re letting go of taught practices that are holding you back in finding true unconditional love & oneness eventually, in other words it’s the human vessels attachments that is making it hard for us to reach our final goal, have faith & just let go.