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Sunday, 16 June 2019

Ego-Natural Flow of Life

Written by Mathew Naismith

Going with the natural flow of life, the natural flow of water, in the absence of control of life, of the water, that we are all presently experiencing and a part of, no matter how much we desire to separate ourselves from this natural flow.

The natural flows actually refers to all motion, the ego, in the absence of a controlling ego. Of course the ego in control often desires to be separate itself from the natural flow, to an ego not having the desire of desiring to control the flow of life/water.

There are people, like my wife and I, who simply go with the flow within the present, whatever that flow may be in the absence of a controlling ego. The ego in control doesn't gently flow, it often turns the water, life, into a torrent, recreating a desired flow often in opposition to the natural flow. As of torrents, often a different direction is enforced by the force emitted by desires, desires to enforce a different direction of flow of life/water. This is instead of calming the present waters of life that are often deemed negative, most likely because they don't fulfil our desires or what we demand life to be.

The natural flow of life, the ego, isn't there for our pleasures, it is simply there to experience. Yes, within this natural flow, life won't always be rosy (positive), but the ego in control demands that life must serve it's desires, which means that life has to be always pleasurable to the ego.

People like me simply don't expect or demand of life, of the present flow of water, that we must feel pleasurable all the time. We certainly don't try to separate one part of consciousness from the rest of consciousness so we can fulfil the controlling egos desires.

As of life, human consciousness, presently controlled by the ego in control, we must also go with this flow, while not becoming of what this flow represents, the desire to fulfil our desires at any cost. Would a responsible parent allow their badly behaved child go on being badly behaved to fulfil one's own pleasures? So why ignore the negatives in the present flow of water to fulfil our own desires of demanding to feel good all the time? As the badly behaved child will only become worse in their behaviour when their behaviour is ignored, so will the collective consciousness.  

Yes, the natural flow of water isn't always a comfortable temperature, but we really shouldn't demand more of life than what is to fulfil what our ego in control desires. Anything beyond of what the natural flow of what is, is something else than natural.....            

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Is Life Harsh?

Life is harsh when you are no longer apart of this harshness

The less of this harshness you become, the harsher it seems

Can we justifiably judge life being so harsh?

Is it as harsh as we now see it is?

It is but it's not

This is like judging a negative

Is it a negative because we now deem it so?

Is it this judgment that makes it so?

Our own harshness on life doesn't make life harsh

It's our own deemed harshness that makes it so harsh

When we deem life so harsh

Is this not still being of this harshness!!

~Mathew G~

Monday, 11 April 2016

Life.....The Way We Don't See It

Written by Mathew Naismith

Even after a number of infinite connected experiences in my early days, I still displayed a consciousness that was primarily finite based, this was of course due to a continuous conditioning to finite existence, an existence of beginnings and ends. All forms are born and then die, end of story. Being brought up in an atheistic environment also added to this perception of there only being a starting and ending point of everything, point blank, end of story.

However, even though I was primarily conditioned to perceive in finite perspectives, my experiences of a reality of non-physical form also gave me the perception that there is more to life than  finite perspectives. What I was primarily conditioned to perceive, became less of a primary influence on me, this was gradually replaced with a perception that goes way beyond the boundaries and limitations of the finite, an existence purely based on limited perceptions. Any existence based on the finite, has to be limited within it's perceptions as the finite is within itself limiting.

Today, it's strange to me to primarily base an existence purely based on the finite as it's obvious that any existence, based on the finite, is going to be limiting to any consciousness existing within such a reality. It's also strange to me today that any consciousness would consciously do this, in actuality, no aware consciousness is able to consciously base it's existence primarily on the finite purely because such consciousness is aware of how limiting this kind of existence is. 

A finite existence is an unaware existence, does this mean an infinite existence is an aware existence denoting an aware consciousness? 

Finite = unawareness + limited perceptions and even perspectives

Infinite = awareness + unlimited consciousness period

I think the above quite clearly shows that the infinite denotes an awareness, any consciousness aware of the infinite to me, represents some kind of awareness beyond the boundaries of finite perceptions and existence. What have most religions expressed? A belief in a God or God's and Goddesses which symbolically represent infinite existence of other consciousness's, perceptions beyond the boundaries of finite existences, therefore, symbolically giving us an awareness of infinite perceptions and existences.

Today, so many people demonise religion for one reason or another but this isn't, to me,  totally warranted. Yes, certain people within certain religions have acted in contradictory to the beliefs they follow, this doesn't mean, in a big way, that religions have not helped us to understand the infinite self while existing in a finite existence, it's obvious they have, albeit in there own way. I should state her that I have never been or am I religious in anyway, I'm just being unbiased in my opinion and looking at the more constructive points of religion here instead of always focusing on the destructiveness of religions.  

In WWII, there was a Japanese fighter ace who scored around 88 victims, this person was a devout Buddhist. Being that Buddhism is supposed to be a passive religion/philosophy, he's actions seemed totally contradictory to he's beliefs. The point being that religions/philosophies are only a guide, no truly infinite based religion has limitations, if they do, they are no longer primarily of infinite teachings. Yes, even Buddhists can step from a reality based on the infinite to a reality base on the finite for there should never be any limitations set within the beliefs of a truly infinite based religion. In truth, no truly infinite based spiritual teachings should be limited in any way.

Recently, my mother passed on, so many people thought I was cold hearted because I didn't act in a broken hearted way. This perception of me is purely based on finite perceptions, when exactly did my mum truly die? In actuality, my mother is more alive than ever, this aliveness was mainly due to the turbulent life my mother lead. Take away all that trauma for starters, what are you left with? It would feel like utter peace and tranquility, what a life.....

Finite existence is bound by certain perspectives, being that perspectives denote limitations through measuring through certain set perceptions. It was measured or judged that I wasn't acting appropriately, this perception was purely based on finite perceptions.

Now let's look at my actions in an infinite way/perception, my mother is more alive than ever, if not more so, why would I be so upset about this especially considering my mother died from the complications of a long bout of cancer? I'm upset, but, why should I put on an act as if my mother is no more period? I could not be more happy for my mother, period.

Yes, the way we look at life is different, some people primarily perceive through the finite and other people primarily perceive through the infinite, however, there are also other people who perceive in both ways. No matter how we perceive, the way you perceive doesn't make someone else's perception wrong or even right, it's understandably only a different perception based purely on the way we perceive. As of always, it's however much wiser to perceive in more than one way.      

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Spiritually what is Life?

Written by Mathew Naismith

What is truly life; is it existing in a physical reality or something else? Well life isn’t something else and it’s not physical realities, for life to exist there has to be a death so we have to define if death actually exists for life to exist, does death exist?

According to the following death certainly doesn’t exist, death exists for us because we are brought up to believe in death, the body and mind dies and rots away to nothing, this is death to us, the problem with this is we only have a transition of energy, you can’t destroy energy, however, energy can go through transitional stages that seem like the demise of our whole being.   

Extract:  After the death of his old friend, Albert Einstein said “Now Besso has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us … know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”  

Extract: Many of us fear death. We believe in death because we have been told we will die. We associate ourselves with the body, and we know that bodies die. But a new scientific theory suggests that death is not the terminal event we think.

So there is no such thing as death, does this then negate the possibility of life actually existing? Only in a sense.

What is life, what gives life its existence? In a human sense the existence of death gives life its existence, could there be a life existence without death, how would we know life exists without death, an opposite?  Without an opposite we wouldn’t know if we were living or not. Take yin and yang (male female), would yang know the existence of yin if we were all yang?  The yang cannot exist without the yin so if death doesn’t exist how can life?  

So does this mean life doesn’t exist?  In a human sense yes but not in a spiritual sense, anything that is creative and transforming you could define as giving life its existence, you could also say this also gives death it’s existence but that’s not true.  In a human sense you have life, therefore, what we have defined as life is to do with death, our demise gives us a sense of what life is, however, we are now finding out that death doesn’t actually exist. This doesn’t and shouldn’t negate the existence of life for the main reason; anything creative and transforming is a definition life.  What we really need to do now is think quite differently than we did before, yang can exist without yin and visa-versa.

Why is there a yin and yang, why do they seemingly exist?  

It is obvious yin and yang create transformations as life creates death, yang on its own isn’t capable of creating and transforming, does this mean yang on its own defines death? In a sense it does, the yang on its own is incapable of creating transformations, however, because yang is aware of yin, like through realities like this one, yang is never truly of death.  It’s all down to awareness and it’s this awareness that gives life its existence. You could say here that the opposite of awareness is ignorance, therefore, ignorance is of death if awareness is of life?  The thing with this is ignorance is also of transformations, it seemingly gives us death through wars for example. Death in any sense just doesn’t exist but life does through creations and transformations.

Realities like this one are all about life and more life as they give consciousness an awareness of all it is, it’s of duality and non-duality, time and timelessness all in the same moment. Only being in duality OR non-duality can death exist as only being aware of yin OR yang can death exist. Thinking only in duality gives us death as only thinking in non-duality gives us death but, thinking in both gives us interactions and transformations, a creation of life itself. You could say non-duality is more about death than anything; it’s totally of non-transforming and creating brought about by no interactions, therefore, there are no transformations and creations, you have nothingness, in other words death. 

The thing is, non-duality can’t really exist if duality in any sense exists, it’s a delusion to think non-duality can exist in the same moment unless you are aware of there being a yin and yang, duality non-duality.  All what exists for some people is non-duality and all what exists for other people is duality when non-duality and duality create transformations. Just knowing about non-duality has made us aware of existing in duality, you cannot get away from yin making yang aware of itself and visa-versa, it’s all to do with creating transformations. This is how duality has created yet another transformation by making us aware of non-duality, yin making yang aware of its own existence and visa-versa?  This is life itself, there is only life……..                  

Extract: Think about the quantum physics [1]. Quantum physics has proven by physical tests that a higher field of consciousness (information field) in the universe exists (Alain Aspect [2], Amit Goswami [3]). The ruling string theory [4] assumes that it has our material universe there are many other dimensions of energy. The former head of the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich, Professor Hans-Peter Dürr believes that the brain by thinking a field of consciousness (quantum field) forms that can exist after the death of the body in the higher dimension further [5]