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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Cleansing the Soul through Simply Being Aware

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is an ongoing discussion I thought I would share with you; it’s surprising what can come out of such discussions at times.  Can the soul be tainted by human perceptions (ego) and can this be easily arrested? I think the soul can be tainted by human perception which is what gives us bad karmas but I also believe this can be simply arrested by cleansing the soul through simple awareness of the souls core, is it truly that simple? I think so.    

G'day sunil
There is little difference between assumptions and presumptions and evaluative deductions, they are all defined by what we experience and know especially at the time.

The ego in my mind certainly automatically dissipates through a natural process of awareness, the more aware we become the less the ego controls us, it's surprising how much this shows how unaware we are as a collective!!

I honestly can't argue with what you have written here, being of a clean slate isn't judging ourselves as powerful or having power over any human attribute but to just be within the moment without judgement, a clean slate.

I do believe however that the soul can be tainted by human perception, by the ego, if we become too attached to an existence controlled by the ego, this is what basically gives us entities of evil intent. I have actually come across these entities and they do indeed exist at the soul level.

It's fine to presume the soul is pure in all of us but I don't see that myself, yes the core of the soul but not a part of the soul that is tainted. The soul has no will to be powerful and controlling over itself, it will allow the soul to go with the flow of the moment without hindrance, this means it will indeed at times become tainted by the controlling ego. This isn't a worry to the core of the soul for it is unchangeable as you seem to be saying here.

Sunil’s Reply
It’s our mind alone that gets tainted and gives us all intent-we have to discriminate between the mind and the soul-we have to fix our mind first,okay-fix it on the right intent and as we get practiced far over a long period of time dwelling in conscious truth-gradually start looking within, something taking origin within with heart centering ,the deep soul intuitions gradually taking over the mind-ultimately we surrender this mind, intellect too as we realize even these are guided by the true self or spirit and not vice-versa that mind controls our spirit-this phase is the most crucial one and everyone falters at this stage-meaning by is unable to give away the mind,intellect and senses-the journey remains incomplete for most of us-it is said one in million millions is trulyable to reach that stage.most of us dwell in intermediate stage where mind and intellect try to reign again and again-the root of all good and evil.If we train perpetually the good side , even then it will be several years of practice needed to abound in good all the time....soul or spirit is only a deep realization or superconsciousness -one has to reach there to be able to describe it or rather it cannot be put into words-what Jesus,Buddha achieved is known to us by their actions and and we we cannot decipher thier superconsciousness in words, meanings,or describe their felt bliss in that state- we only know as described by emancipated souls that there is profound bliss in there but we can only talk about it,cannot fathom unless we realize one day...hopefully...

G'day sunil
It would seem you believe the soul can't be tainted by human perceptions brought about by a controlling ego.  When a person dies, it's there soul that arises out of the body and mind leaving the mind and body behind. When someone has a bad karma that they usually have to relive, what is it that has a bad karma, the human physical self or the soul? It can't be the physical human self because we left this behind so it must be the soul itself that is tainted and needs it's karma cleansed.

In certain conscious states I have come across actual souls that are of evil intent but I could also detect an inner goodness which of course they didn't want to know about.

I was also once attacked by nine entities of evil intent, only one was allowed through to me, all I did was laugh at it to dispel it. The reason my laughter dispelled it was I knew of it's inner goodness which I describe as the souls core that can never be tainted by human intent. So in a sense you are correct, the core of the soul can never be tainted. 

I look at the soul like this, once the soul has been tainted by attachments (ego), it's the outer part of the soul that is tainted not the inner core. It's sort of like the mind has encased the soul with whatever intent it's attached itself too. What is actually happening is life experiences have attached itself to the soul, the soul allows this because it's not about control or power over anything else including itself. 

We tend to look at the soul in a human perspective, the soul has to want to be controlling and powerful just like we do but I don't think that is the case at all. For starters the core of the soul has no judgment, so if it has no judgment how can it control anything? Just because within human perception the soul is of goodness, until it becomes tainted, doesn’t mean it judges evil intent. The soul is perceived as being good because it’s not of one thing or another; it’s pure consciousness without any cause and effect.  To a human being this pure consciousness is going to seem like unconditional love (goodness) when it’s actually pure consciousness, it’s pure tranquillity and peace because there is no cause and effect, no judgement, control or power.  

Becoming aware of our souls, and especially of the core of our soul, reminds us of who we are, pure consciousness without cause and effect, judgment, control or power. This is hard for some people to realise mainly because their soul has been tainted.  By just knowing or being aware of our soul’s core (pure conscious state) we can arrest this I believe.  

PS I recently had a channeller (medium) say to me that my writings (channellings) are pure; they come from what is called a Galactic Federation of Light. I’m not sure that my writings are pure, I know at times myself that these messages that are channelled through to me at any time, especially during a conversation, are at times tainted by my own perceptions so there not really pure. I certainly have no recollection of a Galactic Federation of Light however I do sense an influential presence that goes right back to one of my past lives in ancient Egypt.  It’s funny when people think I study up on topics when all I do is channel, I’m a simple receiver that other people can take seriously or not.