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Friday, 7 March 2014

Cannibalism and Spirituality

Written by Mathew Naismith

Note: Its' not surprising this post didn't go down well, it's extremely difficult to humanly see ourselves as cannibals, we want to think the most of ourselves not less of ourselves.  However spirituality to me is about honesty & acceptance, it's not about our stature or ego. Seeing ourselves & everything else as equal even to the most seemingly lowliest creature is all about oneness with all to me. Seeing ourselves as cannibals feeding on consciousness or ourselves isn't to me derogative to our true selves but of course if we only see ourselves as physical beings, seeing ourselves as cannibals in anyway will seem derogative.  

The funny thing about seeing ourselves as cannibals through the interconnectedness of consciousness is it’s natural for without this interaction of fragmented consciousness we will always stay fragmented. The only thing we are doing when we are feeding on consciousness is changing the energy flow or vibration of consciousness; it’s not like cannibalising in physical form. We have been feeding off of consciousness through the controlling factors of the ego, if we could learn to feed from this consciousness without the controlling ego ruling our actions and thoughts life could be quite different in this reality.  The question is, do we keep feeding on consciousness through the controlling ego or do we change the way we feed off of consciousness?   Yes our ego doesn't want us to know we are cannibals but for real positive change to occur we must drop the controlling factors of the ego and accept we are all cannibals in a sense feeding off of consciousness.       

This is going to be a funny post to write up mainly because spirituality has a habit in making us more aware only if we are open minded.  Part of this is becoming aware of consciousness itself, knowing that everything is consciousness, so what has this to do with cannibalism? Everything around us, including ourselves, is consciousness formed into different forms, this of course brings us to cannibalism for the main reason we consume different conscious energy forms.  "When we consume different forms of energy this can’t be cannibalism because were not consuming our own form, cannibalism only refers to consuming the same form!!"

If we are talking about our physicality, it is obvious most of us aren’t cannibals but when we talk about the non-physical attributes of consciousness and of consciousness just being of consciousness, we are all cannibals because we consume conscious energy to gain energy.  This is very hard for the human mind to accept because the mind can only see fragmented consciousness in it’s separated forms however when we look at this in a more holistic way all we see is consciousness consuming consciousness. Once we stop separating everything within it’s different forms and look at everything in a holistic way we do indeed all take part in cannibalism. This of course isn’t referring to actual physical cannibalism mainly because we are not consuming a similar physical energy source as ourselves however when we see everything as just conscious energy we are cannibals.

Cannibalism conducted in this way isn’t derogative mainly because it’s not seen that we are consuming another physical form but a non-physical energy source. When we look at everything as a non-physical conscious source of energy, we then have no fragmentation of consciousness; we have stopped labelling everything and putting these labels within their chosen slots. For example, instead of seeing a carrot as being a carrot before we consume it we now see it as just another conscious energy source as we are. Physically, genetically, biologically and organically there is an obvious difference between ourselves and a carrot however seeing a carrot as just another conscious energy source there’s no difference between ourselves and a carrot.  Like I said previously, this is very hard for the/a logical mind to comprehend mainly because the logical mind is fixated on physicality however when we become unfixed to this kind of logics the mind becomes somewhat more open minded. You could ask why would anyone want to become as open minded as me, I must be wacko or delusional to even look at all of life like this!! However is it whacko to look outside the box of fixated ideologies?

Getting back to it, everything we consume and everything we excrete /defecate is a conscious energy source however when we consume such an energy source we physically change this consumed energy into another energy source. This is something else the average logical mind can’t comprehend; everything is energy/consciousness no matter how we change it. Most of us look at human excrement as being waste, we can’t see it’s still an energy source, yes it’s somewhat changed from when we consumed it but it’s still an energy source or consciousness.  The problem to why we can only see waste, either it being toxic or not, as waste and no longer an energy source is because we have labelled it waste and once we label it as being waste we no longer see it as an energy source or consciousness.  No matter how we change consciousness it is still consciousness for the main reason all we are doing is changing the physical attributes of consciousness not consciousness itself.  This is why some of us say this reality is an illusion, consciousness has become fragmented to give us physical form, consciousness is no longer seen as what it truly is, I however see it as not being all we are.

Consciousness is whatever form it takes and in all of the forms it takes, the problem with realities like this one we think physical consciousness is all what consciousness is.  I predict one day we won’t have a waste problem because we will begin to see, through our heightened awareness, that everything is a conscious energy source. How, in just knowing this, is this going to change waste into a more viable usable energy source?  Once we realise that everything is a conscious energy source no matter how we physically change it, we will be able to see everything as vibrations and all vibrations can be changed by using other vibrations to change the frequencies within other vibrations. Shamans, witch doctors and all other healers alike have always used vibrations to change the vibratory pattern or signature of other vibrations within the body. Herbs, potions, chanting and praying are all conscious energy sources vibrating at their own frequencies. 

Using a herb or chanting for example is cannibalising because we are changing/consuming an energy source like ourselves, it’s all, after all, just pure consciousness at the core of everything in existence.   

I would also like to add, it’s funny how so many people think that I think too much on matters like this, it has been said on numerous occasions that I must have conducted a lot of research prior to writing my findings down. Very little of what I write is actually researched or thought of much at all before writing them down, most of what I write about on this blog just comes to me as I’m writing.