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Monday, 3 June 2013

A Perceived Dark Swamp

Written by Mathew Naismith 

Looking at this reality as just a dark swamp is in its essence creating that very dark swamp, you could say by not accepting this reality for what it is & conflicting with certain parts of it we are manifesting & adding negatively to its existence on the other hand if we became more accepting & understanding of what this reality is all about this in turn would change our perception of it thus creating quite different reality. As explained in a previous post we create what we perceive.

So many spiritually aware people see this reality as something like a dark swamp but as explained in my replies to these people shown below it’s we who have perceived this thus we have inadvertently created such a reality, we just don’t realise how powerfully creative we are as yet.   

The response I replied to:
Have faith and take a dive... or stagnate in a stinky dark swamp

My reply:
G'day Sarah
Sorry I don't agree that it is a stinky dark swamp, what makes it stinky & dark is our attachments, we are that stinky dark swamp, we are what makes a reality what it is nothing else & we are & have all been a part of it, no good blaming someone else. We must be aware of this otherwise we will take this stinky dark swamp with us in essence unknowingly because it's we who make a reality what it is nothing else.
I accept this reality for what it is because otherwise why did I, like everybody else, choose to live in it. I will learn from it not despise it which represents conflict, acceptance is the key here not non-acceptance & conflict, see it for what it is not what you judge it to be.

The following is in reply to a post I wrote that I thought has relevance here:

G'day Meredith
Quite profound indeed.
Letting go of any attachments isn't easy & that is what we are doing, the more lives we have lead the more attachments we most likely got to deal with, once one sees them as attachments to this reality one can then let go & be one's truer self & then we are able to accept any change coming a lot easier. Change is inevitable in all realities of time & space.
For most of us to accept these changes more readily hard times need to occur to give us that push & this is why things have got to get worse before they get better before we accept any conscious change as this. For those in the know we will push ourselves when the time is nigh I believe.

So what is this reality all about? I have stated many times throughout my posts what I think it’s all about however I believe this reality is about expanding on the creative cores (God) consciousness plus it allows our species to evolve instead of stagnating & the same goes with our souls.  So did this reality need to be as chaotic & conflictive to expand on the creative cores consciousness & for us as a species & our souls to evolve?  Yes, these realities I believe are always difficult to go through & evolve from but the trick is to evolve into a better reality, in other words learn from our mistakes, so to speak, & by doing this we are adding to the creative cores consciousness, expanding the species, our souls & the creative consciousness all at once.  

Below is an interesting link to a post I came across on Spiritual library that I resinate with.

Friday, 24 May 2013

The World of True Spiritual Acceptance pt.13

expanded consiousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

Expanded Consciousness Through Conflicts

Living in Terror:  The concept of acceptance seems unworkable especially when one lives in terror of their lives & wellbeing, how does one accept this? As previously stated one doesn’t because acceptance is about total acceptance which means accepting not to accept as well including terror in one’s life. It is impossible for a human not to be in conflict when one & their loved ones are living in terror but of course in certain parts of the world they have no choice but to be accepting of these circumstances. Accepting doesn’t actually mean one is always going to want to be accepting as this is dictated by circumstances in one’s life. When one is forced to be accepting it’s not by will obviously like with living in a life of terror or living a destructive way of life through consumerist materialism, we either accept our circumstances & live with it or we fight it thus we become non-accepting & conflictive with our environment.

Living in terror should never really be a part of anyone’s life either it be direct terror like through wars & alike or through consumerist materialistic ideologies which is destroying our environment at an alarming rate. Living in terror comes in many forms some obvious some not so obvious, it is very hard not be in conflict however there is a time to accept & to be non-accepting.

So many people who are born into terror become quite accepting of it as it’s just another way of life (mode of thought) for them & of course this terror is brought about by people being non-accepting thus they have become conflictive which brings on the terror. By accepting this terror in their lives the conflicts in their lives will continue to whatever end if there is any end. We shouldn’t be accepting of terror but we are conditioned to through life to accept this as a necessary evil & of course we shouldn’t, in actual fact it’s become habitual for us to accept terror & misery in our lives now.

awarenessThis is when we shouldn’t be accepting obviously however we should always accept our circumstances first before we become non-accepting because by being non-accepting of our circumstances in the first place just leads to more terror & non-acceptance but if one accepts our life’s circumstances first up saying this is the way it really is instead of trying to bury it we have started off in a non-conflictive mode of thought which will obviously lead to a better outcome. When one is in an accepting non-conflictive mode of thought one will most always change one’s circumstances for the better through, believe it or not, becoming non-accepting again but because you have started off in a non-conflictive mode any conflicts brought on by being non-accepting is minimised quite a lot depending on how accepting you where to start with thus a more positive change can be made through non-acceptance of the terror in your life.

For example look at people who have been brought up in terror in war, they have had to be accepting of their circumstances as living in terror has become the norm (habitual) for them, if you put someone like me who hasn’t been brought up with the terror of war I would react in a quite non-accepting way from the very start, I would be quite conflictive of my environment where’s the people brought up in this terror react in a less conflictive way with their environment but because they have from the start been accepting of conflicts they will most probably always be conflictive in some way.

Starting off with acceptance: Acceptance = non-conflictive however when we have a need to change we have Non-acceptance= minimal conflict = a positive outcome.
However if we start off with non-accepting: Non-acceptance = conflicts = a negative outcome, you are already trying to change through just conflictive means which just means more conflicts.

expnding univrseExpanding Conscious Balloon: As I have stated previously in other posts non-acceptance & conflicts have expanded our consciousness a lot quicker than if we started off being just accepting & non-conflictive, our consciousness has virtually blown up like a balloon overnight & of course like a balloon if we blow it up too quickly it will become over inflated & explode before we know it.  This explosion is of course related to wars & the destruction of our environment through over expanding our consciousness through too many conflicts. We have to remember here that consciousness is everything including our physical reality, if we expand this conscious balloon through conflictive means only the balloon will only expand to a certain mass however if we expand this conscious balloon in a more subtle slower way like through acceptance non-conflictive ways we should be able to expand this conscious balloon without it exploding to the extent we want it to go.

As I have shown in this post previously even if we start off with an accepting mode of thought to change anything we need to become non-accepting thus conflictive, this might be less conflictive than being non-accepting to start with but it’s still conflictive. Conflicts are needed in our lives to expand our consciousness not to just change what we don’t like as it’s obviously inevitable but it’s the way we do it that counts.

There is absolutely no balance in expanding our consciousness through non-accepting conflictive means as non-acceptance just ends up = more conflicts as shown earlier but on the other hand acceptance = non-conflictive but this non-conflictive thought mode is also balanced out by wanting change which is driven by non-acceptance conflicts which is needed for the change to happen thus our consciousness is still being expanded but a much slower rate.  Any mode of thought driven by non-acceptance & conflicts is going to expand the consciousness a lot quicker thus a quickening of time occurs but if we take on the mode of thought of acceptance times will slow down dramatically.

You have a balloon which you quickly pumped up in no time flat & you have another balloon you pump up slowly, which balloon took less time to pump up? Expanding conciseness is no different to the balloon. As I have explained in earlier posts I theorised when the consciousness of the source/god  expanded it was the same time that the universe was created, it’s all one consciousness physical or not. As the universe is expanding it’s expanding at a faster rate & so is our consciousness. It would be funny to think if all conscious entities in this universe stopped expanding it’s own consciousness through non-acceptance would the universe also slow down it’s expansion as consciousness physical or not is everything, it’s all connected?

The World of True Spiritual Acceptance pt.8

grasping concept

Written by Mathew Naismith

Grasping the Concept of Acceptance: It would seem, by the feedback I’m getting that this concept of acceptance is understood within its substance but is nonviable because it seems so ridiculous to expect anyone to actually carry out such feats especially when you take into consideration the amount of conflicts we have today, the conflicts of today seem insurmountable but are they?

Let’s look at conflicts that we have, what are they & do we need to be in conflict to live a happy full life? Conflict are only of the mind not of the spirit therefore is a mode of thought only, what if you changed that mode of thought to a less conflictive mode, our whole existence would change because our thought mode has changed, conflicts have everything to do with the way we act, think & run our lives.  We are brought up to conflict with any differences we might have to the rest of our world/environment, we are conditioned to be non-accepting to anything which isn’t of the same through our cultural & religious practices & beliefs. It’s not our own personal conflictive personality that is non-accepting because we are not born non-accepting, non-accepting it is instilled in us from a young age through a variety of ways & isn’t who we really are.

If you could think back to when we were an infant you would find out that you were a lot more accepting than in adulthood & the reason for this isn’t because of the contrasts in our world around us but the mode of thought we projected upon this diverse world. Did or would have you looked at a foreigner in distaste or see your grandparents as being old & decrepit?  The answer is no not until we become learned in non-acceptance do we think in this mode of thought.

When we become conflictive we lose this happy full life through the actual act of being non-accepting, being non-accepting & in conflict will never lead one to a happy full life but away from it.

Instead of looking at everything around you as being different try looking at it as just being consciousness because that is what everything is just pure consciousness not some individual difference to us. If we only see dissimilarity around us we will never be out of conflict & conflict is only a mode of thought that we have taken on to live by nothing more, it’s not who we really are, in other words we are not being ourselves through these mode of thoughts but just the mode of thought itself that we have taken on as being who we really are.  In fact by taking on an accepting modes of thoughts isn’t quite who we really are but it’s a lot closer than being non-accepting because all accepting is our true spiritual nature before we became human, it’s our truer self.  Shouldn’t we logically be trying to bring more of our truer self forth instead of growing away from it? This is debatable as I will explain in pt.9.

mode of thought2

The Influences of Different Modes of Thought: As I said non-accepting & being conflictive isn’t who we really are as it’s the influences of the mode of thought within our culture & religion that dictates this to us as being who we are.  Look at the main influential mode of thought these days which is consumerist materialism. Let’s take a look at this consumerist materialism, we consume what we desire either it be foods, sex, drugs & other consumable pleasures thus we have become a consumerist & materialism is a desire to own & the more we own the more we want to keep up with our new social status thus we have become materialistic, it would seem there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but there is.

Consumerist materialism is all about desire but what about the things that come into your life you don’t desire? You will obviously conflict with these because it’s not on your list of desires & the more one gets into consumerist materialism the more you will conflict with the things you haven’t got on your list of desires.  This sounds ridiculous but if you think about it for a moment & look back to when you were young, what was your first desire? To be fed & when you weren’t you became conflictive & cried, you became an instant consumerist but this isn’t the same as consumerist materialism in adulthood because of the main reason it was a need not just a desire but none the less it’s still conflictive so as a human we are going to be naturally in conflict.  The main difference between our natural & desiring non-acceptance & conflictive mode of thoughts is obvious, one is a need & the other a desire & the more we desire the more conflictive we become.

Go back a thousand years ago in human history, most people on Earth where happy to just exist & most of them did just exist without any major thought of desiring for more than what they could have, they were more accepting however they did desire more if they didn’t have enough to exist on which happened a lot because you had those in power who desired more & more & this more had to come from somewhere.  It’s these people in power that our mode of thought of consumerist materialism of today has come from which is highly conflictive which so much relates to what’s going on in the world today.

Our mode of thought is who we are at that point in time but it’s not who we truly are, who we truly are is accepting just like we were when we were in our infancy stage, we are not born to desire or to have a biased attitude as this all came after we learnt about our cultural & religious modes of thought of the time. I was brought up in a cultural society to be non-accepting of foreigners which is but one mode of influential thought that I would or wouldn’t take on as my own mode of thought.  In the end I decided against this taught mode of thought but if I didn’t I would be even more in conflict than I am today. Non-acceptance makes no sense but on the other hand acceptance makes all the sense in the world.

The World of True Spiritual Acceptance pt. 3-1

The consensus with this part is if we are all accepting in a oneness &/or enlightened state why can’t we practice acceptance in the first place? This part of acceptance delves into the complexities concerning spiritual acceptance a little more, I would advise here to read part 1-2 of The World of True Spiritual Acceptance first.  

Accepting this spiritual Reality: When were not accepting is it conflictive towards whatever we are not accepting or is it just plain deliberate ignorance towards whatever we are not accepting? If we are non-accepting of something this must refer that there is some sort of conflict & any conflict defers us from true spiritual awareness as true spiritual awareness is of everything. If everything is of the spiritual, being non-accepting of anything would mean we are in conflict with parts of our spiritual environment & if we are in conflict with any part of our spiritual environment we are not truly spiritually aware.

With certain concepts of this new age spirituality non-accepting seems to be built into the ideology as anything seemingly so called negative like the ego or materialism & even this reality is unacceptable. This seems to be counterproductive towards true spiritual awareness. It is hard for some people to accept this reality for what it is especially when acquiring further spiritual awareness, if you looked at this closer it’s the spiritually aware people who are more at conflict not the more accepting people who are ignorant of their spiritual selves.

If you could imagine within yourself for a minute having no conflicts & being totally accepting of all, how peaceful your life would be without all this non-acceptance, this type of blissful reality is quite attainable through a simple  concept of just accepting. In actual fact if everyone was a little more accepting wars wouldn’t have to be fought & greed would diminish somewhat along with the ego, accepting is such a simple process but so hard for people to perform because of our taught social, cultural & at times religious beliefs. We are indeed being tested with in these structures.   

The Test: Being spiritually aware at such a time in human history is the true test towards true spiritual acceptance & awareness of our entire environment & I see so many aware people failing this test in the west. To take oneself away from our ignorant self isn’t something to take lightly as some seem to be doing as we are born ignorant of our inner self for a very good reason so we can experience life in its raw state. If you take yourself away from this ignorant state at such a chaotic time in human history we are obviously going to want only the things from our newly found awareness that make us feel good or benefits us in some other way, to me this doesn’t sound too truly spiritual.

The big test for us is to accept all for what it is & at the same time make adjustments to our living conditions through further awareness not become further non-accepting from our ignorant state, in this case all we are doing is replacing one ignorant state with another & one conflictive state with anther. We need to become truly aware of our entire spiritual environment not only the spiritual environments that makes us feel good, true awareness is the accepting of all.

Desiring Something Better: As we become further aware the feelings we get from such awareness can be quite pleasurable & amazingly overwhelming at times, this is part of the test; can we accept all of the things that make us feel bad as well while we are rediscovering our inner self? This is where it becomes difficult for us; we tend to want more of what make us feel good in a not too good feeling world which of course makes sense but not if we are looking for true spiritual awarenenss. In any state of anarchy or misery it is human to want or desire something better for ourselves which spiritually is quite accepting as all is acceptable but if one wants to be truly aware one must be still accepting of undesirable living conditions as well.

If one wants to be partially spiritually aware or not aware at all & at conflict that also is quite acceptable because everything is of the spiritual no matter what we do & are, it all comes down to how aware you want to be & how much you want to change this world. If we want to really change ourselves & the world for the better & not replace one ignorant conflictive state for another we need to be aware of our desires & that these desires don’t cause more conflict instead of less. Some new age spiritually aware people discard old habits but in a conflictive way like we should only eat certain foods & if you don’t your such & such or if you don’t do this that & the other you’re not or never can be truly spiritual. Nothing could be further from the truth because what they are doing is being conflictive & no truly spiritually aware person is at conflict with anything.

The World of True Spiritual Acceptance pt. 3-2

Conflictive Understanding: The funniest thing is I’m still in conflict myself with certain parts of my life & that’s OK as I’m not trying to replace one conflictive ideology with another, I’m being more accepting of my entire environment before I make any changes which also includes being non-accepting & in conflict. This type of concept seems difficult to manage but it’s not really as all conflicts help with the awareness process but this depends in how conflictive we are as well, if we are conflictive without learning acceptance were not getting anywhere. I can be in conflict & accepting at the same time, in other words I can be accepting & non-accepting because one is of the external environmental self & the other internal environmental self, both selves coexist without conflict, well most of the time anyway. This is sort of like being in conflict without real conflict.

The reason this isn’t real conflict is due to the understanding & acceptance one acquires while becoming aware, if one is non-accepting of conflicts brought on by unaccepting in the first place there is no understanding, it’s the understanding that makes conflicts less conflictive. Understanding is an important fundamental part of acceptance of all, this isn’t saying you must understand every part of a conflict but have at least a general idea of what you are accepting. This is part of the problem, we are brought up in a modern day realty to accept without even having a general understanding of what we are accepting &/or are deceived in what is presented to us to accept like with consumerist materialism, how many of us accept or even know of the damage this type of living is having on ourselves & our environment? Living in a known deceptive time in this reality leads us to accepting deceitfulness as being a part of our lives which is fine to a point as it’s accepting but it’s still conflictive which can lead us away from true spiritual awareness if one isn’t aware enough.

Conflicts within Acceptance: As we become more aware we becomes aware of things like deception which incur further conflicts, we become awakened by our further understanding of our inner & outer environmental selves not just our inner self. So much point is being put on our inner growth while becoming spiritually aware we forget or become conflictive with our outer environmental selves & anything undesirable to us becomes yet another conflict in our lives.

Accepting incurs conflict, this is why I said conflicts can assist us in our spiritual awareness by making us more aware however the more aware we become the more conflictive & non-accepting we can become of our outer environmental selves if we are not aware enough. The trick here is to accept this non-accepting state. This concept of accepting all tames down the conflicts one will come across while becoming more spiritually aware by accepting & understanding of all our conflicts. Conflicts don’t have to mean that we are conflictive within ourselves & our environment to the point of aggressive behaviour &/or thought it can mean, if we are aware enough, that we are becoming further aware.

True Oneness State & Acceptance: While in a true oneness state one will feel accepting of all because of this feeling of being at one with all but what makes this trip a lot easier is this concept of acceptance in the first place, why wait until one becomes fully aware to become accepting?

In our growth of awareness we come across a lot of conflicting taught ideologies that tell us conflicts of any kind are destructive to our ongoing awareness but we are also battling with our own psyche to do with conflicts as well. Conflicts of any kind seem destructive &/or disruptive but that couldn’t be further from the truth as long as we are accepting of all our environmental selves, the problem comes into being when we are not accepting of any one part of our environmental selves.

In a oneness state we are exceptionally accepting of all including the so called bad things because you are literally at one with all, ask yourself why can’t we become more accepting or just as accepting earlier on in spiritual growth? If you think about it how more aware can a divine being get than accepting all in any state that a divine being chooses to be in? Awareness has everything to do with acceptance as only through acceptance can we become further aware & the earlier we become accepting the better it would have to be in our growth towards spiritual awareness.