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Friday, 7 August 2015

The Spirit of the Soul

Written by Mathew Naismith

Spirit, soul: I’m in a conversation at the moment  discussing the soul, in many people eyes, the soul cannot accrue fixations brought about by mortal existences even though the soul is about mortal and immortal existences. This means a soul that is aware of it’s mortal existence is also aware of it’s immortal existence, this is until a soul becomes fixated to mortal existences.  I should point out that mortal existence relates to physical existences.

Mortal existence = physicality + fixations + soul
Immortal = non-physicality + no fixations  + spirit

Soul = ego + fixations + individual aspect of self
Spirit = egoless + no fixations + collective aspect of self

The spirit is also defined as God’s consciousness, divine consciousness, the source and divine light etc. The spirit is quite different to the soul, the soul can be influenced by mortal existence but the spirit can’t be because it’s not of mortal existence, therefore, the spirit is not influenced by mortal fixations unlike the soul. The following response I gave in this conversation will hopefully explain this more. 

The ego cannot exist without the soul but the soul can exist without the ego, the soul has therefore created the ego. A soul without an ego is not tricked in expressing the ego, however, a soul that is fixated to mortal existence, can be tricked in expressing the ego at the soul level.

OK, what is a non-physical entity with evil intent? It’s a soul with evil intent that is expressing ego traits, it’s not an ego trait expressing a soul. 

Through fixations to mortal existence, the soul can indeed be tricked in just expressing these egoistic expressions. How do you think chaotic realities like this one are created? Only through souls that are being tricked can this occur, I’ve actually witnessed this first hand. 

Isn’t it also egotistic to desire the soul to be free of these fixations? The only part of ourselves that is truly free of these fixations is our spirit or what I call the souls core, this is due to the spirit only being of immortal existence. The soul is not just of immortal existence, it’s also of mortal existence and is therefore prone to mortal fixations.  

Does it really matter if we have a different perspective in relation to the soul? It does, if we think the soul can’t accrue fixations and express ego traits, we will never amend our ways at the human level, this means we will keep creating a chaotic existence. There is of course nothing wrong in continuing in creating a chaotic existence, this is unless we are serious about changing our reality to something more constructive. It would seem we are not serious, if we were, we would automatically become aware of our souls fixations to mortal existences, this is unless our souls are totally fixated to mortal existences. This would of course seem to be the case which is fine unless we are truly serious about changing our ways and the reality we are experiencing.

When we pass on, what goes on to maybe live another life?  It’s not our human self that is for sure so it must be our soul. Now the soul can accrue bad karma while experiencing a physical life, is not this bad karma  denoting that the soul itself was influenced by mortal existences?  

Focus: There is a very good reason why so many people are automatically focusing on this God’s conciseness, divine consciousness, the source or divine light,  it’s because this consciousness can’t be influenced by mortal existences. We are inadvertently bypassing our soul and focusing on consciousness itself, a consciousness that is immortal in every sense of the word.  You could say the people, who are focusing on this consciousness, are focused on this consciousness to defuse where these souls are at, I don’t think this would be far from the truth.  We have seemingly automatically focused on this immortal consciousness to counteract what various souls are expressing, you could say we are healing these souls. 

Become aware of the soul but focus on the spirit, I think most spiritual teachings in the past made us aware of this for a very good reason too, I think it’s was done  to defuse what the soul was expressing, an existence primarily  expressive of mortal existences instead of also expressing the immortal self.  Once again, balance is the key, a balance of mortal and immortal expressions.

The following was a follow up reply I posted on this conversation to do with the difference between the soul and the spirit. Spirit guides were also mentioned in this conversation, it’s actually ironical we call our guides spirit guides as I will show. 

There is a difference between a soul and a spirit I believe, the soul can be of mortal and immortal worlds where the spirit is only of the immortal world, it's what we call God’s conciseness, divine consciousness, the source or divine light etc. This consciousness can never be influenced by mortal expressions but the soul can. 

In this case, spirit guides is an interesting description to use , does it refer to souls that are well connected to their spirit? Most probably, we can however be guided by souls that aren’t connected to their spirit as well, so a true spirit guide isn’t controlled by the ego in my mind. 

I should also mention, the soul denotes the individual aspect of oneself and the spirit denotes the collective. The spirit is about oneness where the soul is about individualism/dualism, this is why the spirit can never be influenced by mortal existences and the soul can.

Soul = the individual aspect of self

Spirit = the collective aspect of self