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Monday, 12 October 2015

A Reality of Chain Reactions

Written by Mathew Naismith

Chain Reaction: At first this seemed like a strange spiritual orientated topic for me to write about, what's chain reactions got to do with spiritual practices?  In actuality it has everything to do with the way we express ourselves as each expression causes some kind of reaction, as soon as we express ourselves, we cause a reaction. This however doesn't mean all our actions and reactions are going to cause a chain reaction, a continuation of an initial action or reaction.

The universe itself was created from a chain reaction of matter and anti-matter coming together, everything existing within this chain reaction is influenced by some sort of chain reaction. The sun was created from a chain reaction and like everything created from a chain reaction has an end of cycle, a temporal existence, this however doesn't mean the consciousness behind these chain reactions are temporal, in actuality this consciousness infinite.

Take Jesus and Buddha for instance, they caused a chain reaction and of course the initial source of this reaction always dies out, in this case, this was Jesus and Buddha who physically died when their cycle finished. The initial reaction within a chain reaction always has a start and end of cycle as does the chain reaction itself, however, the consciousness that created these chain reactions to begin with is infinite as consciousness itself isn't governed by cycles until this consciousness is expressed. In other words it's an expression of a consciousness that creates a chain reaction,  I think this universe is a prime example of this. Man himself creates through the same actions, materialism is a chain reaction and so are wars and conflicts, the reaction between black and white can create a chain reaction.

This is no different to how the universe was created, everything that exists within a chain reaction automatically reacts in the same way no matter how small or large the  reaction is that is being created. What's basically being said here is, you can't manifest for a change unless it's through a chain reaction within a reality created from a chain reaction, this means you can't just sit there and pray, chant or meditate for a change to occur unless this consciousness is expressed, once this consciousness is actually expressed, it naturally starts up a chain reaction.

Consciousness: Now the thing to consider here is the initial consciousness behind each chain reaction, at the moment, many people are talking about and expressing love on the net but how genuine is this love because if it's not genuine, it won't cause a significant chain reaction that will make a substantial long lasting difference. I've been on the bitter end of this love, it's sad as it's not as genuine as it seems at first, it's certainly not in the same league as Jesus or Buddha for example. In this case, it's not going to make much of a difference as these chain reactions only have a short cycle.

The hate in the world has created a huge long lasting chain reaction that has lasted thousands of years, why has it lasted so long?

A consciousness that is genuine, will create a chain reaction that will last and be predominantly influential over all other smaller less genuine chain reactions, the hate in the world has always been genuine, look at what we have done to each other in human history, this hate is genuine and so should be our love if we want it to become predominantly influential especially over hate.

One way to test if your love is genuine is put yourself into a situation that would usually make you feel anything but love towards others. If in this case you are unable to feel any sort of love towards these people, your love is most likely not genuine. Ostracising people is another indication of a non-genuine love, think on this, did Jesus or Buddha ostracise anyone?  I actually don't mind hanging around the people I refer to as unbecoming, they certainly test how genuine  my love is, did Buddha detest the egotistic self therefore ostracise and not face the egotistic self?  He confronted it face on, this is why people like this have caused a significant chain reaction, if we truly want to make a significant difference, we must do the same.

There are realities that are not influenced by chain reactions, yes, these realities are peacefully existing in utter bliss because within a reality not created from chain  reactions there is very little motion. For example, within these realities you don't have to express consciousness of love for love to exist, it's already exists, however, we are not presently existing in such a reality, our reality is purely based on chain reactions so for a significant change to take affect, this change needs to be expressed. The more genuine we are within our expressions, the more these changes will take affect.

Are there universes that weren't created through a chain reaction?

I believe there is, a  universe doesn't have to be of a planetary nature or even existing as something physical, a universe actually denotes a creation of a kind either it be planetary, physical or non-physical or what ever. The universe we are presently experiencing was created by a chain reaction, this means everything within this reality that exists will require a chain reaction to exist within this kind of reality, this isn't the same in realities not created by a chain reaction.  

To me, these universes and realities are alive, they were created by a consciousness for starters, this means each reality and universe has it's own influential persona or character in a sense. Take atheists for example, no form of God's consciousness exists for them, their reality is governed by a certain facade or perspective that doesn't include any form of God, this in turn creates quite a different reality compared to a devout Christian for example.

Personas: Now it might seem lame or ridiculous to say that realities and universes have personas very simular to humans, where did our personas actually come from? Certainly not out of thin air. I am aware that in other existences, not of this universe or reality, conscious forms have a totally different personas than we do within this reality/universe. Let's just look at our own solar system, no planet or orbiting planetary form has the same exact characteristics as other planetary forms, they all have their own personal characteristics which is influenced by the universes creation itself.

I would also say that beings in other galaxies would have a different character to ourselves, this is due to each galaxy and solar system being also influenced by a certain kind of persona or character. This persona then becomes a part of all  living things being created within such a reality.

To a lot of people who don't perceive that realities and universes are a living conscious form, this is going to be hard to except that solar systems, galaxies and universes, have a kind of persona or character that every living conscious thing created under these influences also enact out, this is inevitable. If it's not seen as being alive in some way, how can it have a persona or a character of it's own!! However, once we perceive that everything is alive in some way, as it's all created by a consciousness anyway, it's easy to see that the universe has it's own persona and that each galaxy and solar system and even planet has it's own derivative character.

When you take other universes into consideration here, it's easy to see that each universe/reality has it's own persona or character and that conscious forms created within these realities also take on a form of this character in some way.

The reality we are  presently experiencing has been brought about by a chain reaction, this gives this reality/universe it's own persona/character which then influences all conscious forms created within this particular persona/character. Basically what I am saying is, our personas are derivatives of  the universes/realities persona which then creates our own unique realities and personas based on chain reactions.        

Friday, 10 July 2015

The Science of Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

As the heading states, this post is more to do with the science of consciousness rather than the spiritual aspect of consciousness, this post also goes on from where my last post, Going Beyond Human Perceptions, left off. It matters not if we are talking about the science of everything or the spiritual aspect of everything, it’s still awareness building, and most importantly, it’s still in relation to consciousness no matter what.

Mentality of consciousness: In my last post, I stated that this universe has a mentality that can and does influence us, to do this, such energy sources has to be alive in some way and conscious of it’s own existence. Is a lump of rock or a gas cloud, for example, able to know of it’s own existence?  Even though rocks and gas clouds are a part of consciousness itself, such energy forms are unable to comprehend their own existence, this is the same with human beings, we are unable to comprehend anything else beyond our own perceptions. Even though we are conscious of our own existence, we are not conscious of any other existence not of our perceptions and understanding.

Psychologically, such limited perceptions gives us a certain kind of mentality, this in turn creates the reality that is inline with such mentalities. This is why rocks are unable to express a certain mentality unlike human beings, they can be influenced by a  consciousness but they can’t express such consciousness. This is basically due to rocks being unable to become aware of itself and anything else around it, self awareness make us more expressive of the mentality that is influencing us. Take expressing egotism for an example, egotism is brought about by a certain kind of mentality, usually a mentality that that can be aware or unaware of it’s destructiveness. Once you become influenced by such a mentality, you become less aware of other perceptions which gives egotism it’s destructiveness. If you are unaware of other perceptions, either deliberately or not, you are going to destroy or hurt what you are unaware of, again this is natural law within such universes/realities.

Now if the universe is made up out of rocks and gas clouds, for example, how can such a universe be expressive of any  kind of mentality, they are unable to know of their own existence are they not?

True, but what I am saying is a consciousness behind the creation of the universe is aware of it’s own existence through it’s own expressions of itself, in other words the universe, and everything the universe creates, is but an expression of consciousness. This is important to understand because if it’s conscious and expressive of it’s own existence, as of anything conscious in this way, it’s expressive of  some kind of mentality.

Expressing conscious: Man cannot manipulate any other consciousness that is more aware of itself than man is, he can however manipulate and express his kind of mentality upon any other consciousness equal or less aware of it’s own self, this is why scientists, for example,  are able to manipulate other energy sources. Scientists are now looking at creating a universe, on a small scale of course, such a universe will react according to the mentality creating it, this is very much like the universe we exist in ourselves.

 Because the universe we exist in is violent, does this mean the consciousness that created such a universe is violent?

We need to consider other universes that weren’t created and act as violent as our own universe to answer this question. These passive universes were also created from the same exact consciousness, the big difference has to do with the mentality of a consciousness creating such universes, not the consciousness itself as a whole.

This consciousness is expressive of all of what it is, this includes expressing a mentality that can be destructive, we actually exist in a very egotistical universe, it’s always forcing it’s own expressions onto everything else around it, at times quite violently. Now imagine a passive universe, a passive universe would obviously, to me, create passive life forms, this would in turn create such beauty, within it’s love and understanding, we can only imagine, in other words these life forms would be quite overwhelmingly beautiful to us. To us however beauty or being beautiful relates to egotism, we paint and dress ourselves up to look beautiful so we could quite easily perceive such a passive existence would be highly egotistical, this however isn’t the case.

These beings, within such passive realities, express beauty without trying, they actually don’t even really try to express such beauty, this comes naturally, this is all due to the passive universes mentality they are influenced by.  We on the other hand are influenced by a more aggressive mentality, this however doesn’t mean such expressive mentalities are less unworthy, it just means we are expressive of consciousness in a certain way. Within our kind of universe, we need to be expressive of beauty as much as we can, yes it’s egotistical but it’s going with the natural laws of such universes. There are however universes/realities that don’t even try to express such beauty,  these realities are primarily influenced by a mentality that is highly destructive, much more destructive than our own universes mentality.

Does this again mean consciousness itself (God) is destructive within it’s own mentality? Yes and no, take how Buddha repelled the influences from destructive mentalities and became enlightened in the process, each universe/reality has it’s influences that we can or not give into. A less aware consciousness is going to go along with such mentalities, the less aware a consciousness is, the more it is able to be influenced by these destructive mentalities. You could say each universe/reality is a test, you are going to fail these tests if you are unaware, but if you are aware, you are obviously going to pass such tests, we too, as humans, express the same laws. What is above is certainly below in one sense or another.

You could say consciousness itself wrote out these tests by creating universes for example, however, these tests are not expressed until we participate in such tests, in other words these tests are not expressed until we express them as individual parts of consciousness itself. Consciousness itself is unable to be expressive of such expressions until it expresses itself in individual forms, some individual parts of itself are aware, other not so aware. Consciousness itself is unable to be expressive of anything beyond it’s own awareness, this means consciousness itself cannot express any kind of destruction, however, more ignorant parts of this consciousness can, this is why we try to become one with this consciousness, this can only occur however if we pass all these tests at the soul level. The beautiful thing about this, it’s happening on quite a large scale, more and more of us are passing such tests at the soul level, a more passive existence is but a stones throw away for a lot of us.  

Again, please don’t take what I have written here as gospel, it’s purely my perspective, nothing else…….