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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Personal Thoughts, Do They Actually Exist?

Written by Mathew Naismith

It comes down to do we really own our own thoughts and feelings? One perspective on this says we do, intimacy for example is often a reflection of an individual thought process making this type of experience very personal, basically a one of.  Intimacy is of course determined and created by the ego, you can't experience an intimate moment without ego. Anything seemingly personalised has derived from the ego, the ego in this case separates our own thoughts and feelings from other conscious forms.

There are however  a number of good reason why our thoughts and feelings are never truly separated from the rest of consciousness, this perspective of non-separation or non-duality is of course saying we never truly experience personal thoughts or feelings, this is of course also saying personal thoughts and feeling don't exist. Don't despair, freeing ourselves from personal feelings and thoughts is highly awakening for only in this state will a consciousness experience, and be able to express, a true form of unconditional love.

Oneness; is of course telling us that all expressions of consciousness are one, the perception of oneness tells us that personal thoughts and feelings don't exist for all is one.  

Observer; also states that we are always being observed so no true intimacy can actually take place, if there is no true form of intimacy, there is no true sense of individualism which states that personal thoughts and feelings don't actually exist.

Non-individual perspectives; relate to everything we feel and think, comes from our environment, this means every perception we have has derived from other perspectives. This is also stating that all our personal feeling and thoughts were created from perceptions and perspectives that were already existing before we were even born. 

Ownership; in a sense of true spirituality, you are unable to own anything, like you are unable to actually own material possessions, you are also unable to own non-material possessions like our thoughts and feeling.  

There is also something else to consider here, DNA carries the memories that often influences our thoughts and actions, in other words DNA represents memory and a perception that wasn't developed by us, however, we can still influence this DNA. Influencing DNA is like when we influence another persons thoughts and feelings, just because we can influence another persons thoughts and feeling, doesn't mean we own these thoughts and feelings, the same with DNA which we have by the way inherited. DNA plays a major part in our thoughts and feelings.                

I am now going to, in a sense, change the topic to something more on a personal basis.                

I've had some interesting times in relation to my family recently, the difference between my family and myself in perspective and mentality is obvious, this difference can of course cause even more disharmony in our lives. Because I don't judge one life experience being above or more worthy of expressing than another, I'm usually accepting of any expression different to mine, this is until such discord disrupts my life to the extent of changing my own perceptions and mentality.

While going through this discord, I wrote three quotes which will hopefully explain a little better what I went through in recent times.    

"The world is my oyster, this is true without a doubt, this however is only because the oyster will only produce it's true beauty in the exact right climate. Guess what, the same is with all of us, get the gist of it now!!"

Only with the right environment can we create our truer inner beauty, basically, becoming aware or bringing forth our inner beauty. The kind of reality this inner beauty can create is beyond words, but to first create this, we need the exact right environment, this of course takes one to discard anything that is going to hinder such creation. Accepting expressions of discord is one thing, allowing this discord to hinder our growth is another, we are indeed supposed to evolve but only if we are aware of the pearl within ourselves!!

In our case, the pearl already exists, it's just we have become unaware of this pearl because of the way our environment has conditioned us.          

"I've allowed life experiences to make me more aware, not condition me to life experiences, there is a big difference!!"

This quote of course relates to the way we have allowed life experiences and other people's perceptions and mentality to condition us. Instead of becoming aware through our life experiences, we have allowed these, often discordant experiences,  to influence us. This is of course instead of expressing ourselves through our inner pearl, our inner self.

However, when we allow these life experiences to make us more aware, the people who are conditioned by their experiences, see this as a threat to them on a personal level. As of my family, any person who allowed life experiences to condition them, will often lash out at anyone who has become aware and non-conditioned by life experiences. The reason for this is simple, anyone who becomes more aware through their life experiences, will tell it how it actually is, no deceit or lies. I don't know of any person who has allowed life experiences to condition them can handle any kind of truth, most often in any sense what so ever.  

"Life, what can I say, it sucks when it sucks but when it doesn't, nothing sucks, pure and simple, we make life what it is!!"

In a sense, this quote is referring to when we are expressive of the pearl , or, we have allowed life experiences to make us more aware instead of conditioned to life experiences, in this state, nothing sucks!!

In relation to my family, I must allow them to go their own way by not trying to condition them to my own perceptions and mentality, everything I say anyway is usually met with some kind of discordant rebuttal. It is wise being aware of how life experiences can condition us instead of making us more aware, it is also wise to be aware that such awareness is not a personal experience, only a person conditioned by life will think so. Such people will of course experiences life that mostly sucks......however, life itself doesn't suck, it's just our perspective of life that creates a life that sucks!!