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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Mayan Connection

Written by Mathew Naismith

We are entering into an age of the feminine from the age of the masculine, was the age of the masculine of mortal expressions and is the feminine of  immortal expressions?

Mortal expressions are all to do with being unaware of our immortal self, you can’t successfully express mortal expressions to the full unless you are unaware of the feminine self. As is the universe, the human species has been expressive of change, nothing in a mortal existence stays the same as it’s influenced by active cycles. These cycles, as is the nature of the universe itself, can be quite destructive within these changes, this is a natural process. The suns for example will end their cycle, when they do, every living thing influenced by these suns will change, in other words die out.

The way humans have behaved is right in line with the universe itself, sometimes the sun reacts and causes harm, humans naturally do the same when in conflict while existing in a mortal existence.

We will however react quite differently in an immortal existence (the age of the feminine), this is because the famine also represents awareness where the masculine represents knowledge.

Age of the feminine = awareness + immortal expressions + passive cycles
Age of the masculine = knowledge + mortal expressions + active cycles

Any massive change like this will have teething problems, this change however is inevitable no matter how much we want to stay with the familiar.

I should say, linking the age of the masculine to knowledge, mortal expressions and active cycles and the age of the feminine to awareness, immortal expressions and passive cycles, is my own idea, it certainly has nothing to do with absolute truth.

Now we might think that knowledge is awareness as knowledge brings on awareness. I wrote a quote a few months ago and it goes like this, “For only in ignorance can we destroy”.  To me, no truly aware consciousness could be destructive especially when being aware that everything is connected, this is like cutting off a hand of ours, being aware of the hand being ours, we wouldn’t cut it off.  If on the other hand we weren’t aware that the hand was ours, we would cut it off as it’s a foreign matter that become attached to us.

Yes, knowledge brings on awareness, this is what this age of the feminine is all about I feel, however, at present we are still not aware enough to desist in being destructive,  it’s actually quite obvious that we have used this knowledge to become even more destructive. The age of the feminine I feel will teach us to use this knowledge more wisely and constructively but only when we also become aware of the immortal self, this will quite automatically happen in the age of the feminine I feel. 

Supplement: This post wasn’t well understood and also after the 2012 fizzer,  people don’t have trust in what the Mayan Calendars say. I hope the following will put more light on this post and make it more credible.

According to the Mayan calendars, we are entering into the age of the feminine, this is a huge conscious change for us because we will now think more passively instead of actively.  In other words we will become more naturally constructive.

The mortal is of the masculine because everything is influenced by cycles, cycles of course mean an eventual end (mortality).

Immortal existences works differently in that we are more about our immortal self rather than our mortal self. We become aware of our immortal self because the cycles within this feminine age are more passive.   

Indeed, 2012 was the start of our change of consciousness, consciousness doesn't change over night as a lot of people thought. The Mayan calendars tell of the start of the change in 2012, not the occurrence of an instant massive change over night.

I think misreading what the calendars actually said, comes from desire rather than awareness, a desire of an immediate more constructive existence.