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Saturday, 6 July 2019

To Seek or Not!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

It is said, "The process of seeking will not lead one to enlightenment/awareness, for to seek is of the ego, when enlightenment comes to one in the absence of the ego."

This is only partially true, for enlightenment is simply of a state of releasing one from ignorance which the ego creates. You can't become enlightened if you are still hanging onto any kind of ignorance, being that enlightenment is of becoming aware in the absence of bias and desire.

The seeking ego in an environment of deliberate ignorance will often become more aware, as the seeking ego goes beyond the boundaries of ignorance. Enlightenment comes when one no longer needs to seek, however, the process of seeking beyond set boundaries is needed to get to a stage of no longer needing to seek. In all honesty, you get to a stage when you no longer seek and become the observer. Of course for people like myself who desire not to be of any one state of being, one minute the seeker, the next the observer, my present ego is unlikely to experience enlightenment, or so it seems.

It is not of the process of seeking that stops us becoming enlightened, it is how we seek. If I was to seek to fulfil one's desires, as opposed to seeking in all honesty, going beyond the boundaries of ignorance is not going to occur. To seek only that which feels good thus feeds the ego desires, is still of ignorance, for to seek in this way one must become ignorant or of refusal of everything that doesn't make us feel good. However, to seek in all honesty often brings forth truth that doesn't feed the ego desires, this is why today honesty and the people expressing such honesty are so scorned and yes, deliberately ignored!! If you have to ignore anything to try to obtain an enlightened state, the odds of obtaining this state is exceptionally unlikely.

It is quite understandable that the ego at all cost avoids seeking in all honesty, for the ego to have any sense of control needs only that which gives it control, especially over it's present environment. Being that our present environment is of deliberate ignorance, the seeking ego will often seek that which defuses the present environment. In other words, the ego seeking to gain more control in such an environment, will unknowingly often become expressive of what the ego is trying to escape from. The ego seeking more control in such an environment will only produce more of what the environment represents, however, the ego seeking in the absence of desiring more control, will often find itself outside the boundaries of ignorance. This will often make the ego feel uncomfortable; this is why so many people revert back to trying to take control.

The last thing an ego seeking control desires, especially over its present environment, is honesty, for honesty doesn't feed the ego what it desires. Honesty simply produces what actually is, to what the ego desires what is!!

~For only the ego has a need or desire to seek~