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Thursday, 24 January 2019


Written by Mathew Naismith

Most often our past determines our future and most often our past, especially when related to trauma in some way, to something we desire to stay unaware of, isn't something we desire to be self-honest with. So what do we do? We only live within the present while saying the past and future are irrelevant or an illusion. This is while time is the predominant influence in our everyday life at present!! See how dishonest we can be to ourselves? Time of course represents a past, present and future, a state of union instead of separation, especially the separation of one energy source from another to escape facing our traumas personally and collectively.

It is common practice for a consciousness in trauma, either personally or collectively, to use every means possible to escape facing trauma. Of course to do this, we must turn away from being of self-honesty and become dishonest with ourselves, and of course everybody else.             

Extract: Throughout history, deception has been an effective survival strategy. Yet, like all primitive survival strategies, when deception becomes habitual and is not directly about survival, it prevents us from continuing growth. For each of us, to the degree that we are not real with ourselves or that we withhold important truths from others, we just cannot keep evolving.

I wrote the following reply to a query in relation to my last post, "Assisting a Consciousness in Trauma".  

Basically, what you are doing is guiding them instead of pushing them towards a goal.My father was trained to do this as a foreman. I tend to do this myself, my downfall is I also express self-honesty, it is funny how this psychologically freaks people out. Actually, when it does freak people out, their reactions tell me a lot about them. It is not that people react, it is how they react and what they react to. 

Our consciousness collectively isn't conditioned to being self-honest. How many of us don't look at what our own country/culture has done and is doing to others in the world, but we will point the finger at other cultures. Bringing a person out of the affects of trauma takes one to become gradually self-honest, not an easy thing to face, especially when we are conditioned to be self-dishonest with ourselves.

I have someone at present under my wing that is not good physically and mentally, the fits, blackouts and the scaring to the brain certainly don't help. I am slowly coaxing (guiding) them to be self-honest without causing more anxiety attacks.

This has done it, I am going to right up something about self-honesty. 

Spiritually, how dare I turn to science and psychology for the answers, this is while our minds are predominantly influenced psychology. On the other hand, how dare I turn to spirituality for the answers, even though science has proven a number of spiritual practices to be highly beneficial to us!! From atheism/materialism to spirituality/religion, dishonesty predominantly influences our lives, this is instead of self-honesty.

The article I have inserted is worth reading through, but only if you are a self-honest atheist/materialist or spiritual/religious, etc, person. If you are not into self-honesty, the article supplied will only represent a threat to your psyche and be promptly denounced in some way. Yes, by all means go into protective state of mind but do this honestly. All that dishonesty will create, either personally or collectively, is more of the same trauma, if not to you someone else.

Yes, I can get into a conscious state of timelessness, where there is no past or future, only the present moment, a state perceived by my ego to be of utter bliss.  At no time is this separate to time where a past and future exist. Of course when a consciousness experiences time, a past and future, trauma is sure to exist as time is of cycles and endless changes. Spirituality is about how you cope with the associated trauma in relation to time, not how you try to escape from time and times association with trauma. I could not think of a higher level of fear and self-deceptiveness, which spiritually is suppose to be not about, or am I simply being naive here?

A number of people might relate better to the following article. 

Extract: The topic of brutal self-honesty is consciously looked upon as worthy of pursuing but the majority of people don’t have the emotional maturity to follow through with such a concept.
Brutal self-honesty requires hard, emotional labor. It requires the individual to engage with the following:

Ego Dissolution

The ego wants you to stay unconscious. It doesn’t want you to be brutally honest with yourself because that means that the ego must change and change is not what it wants —comfort is what the ego wants.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Assisting a Consciousness in Trauma

Written by Mathew Naismith

A psychotherapist/psychiatrist will place a patient into a less destructive mental state/reality by creating a less destructive reality, a less destructive illusion. This allows the patient to move from a destructive reality to a more constructive reality/illusion. Yes, delusions/illusions have there place within humanity. 

Psychotherapists/psychiatrists will not try to bring a patient back to reality straight up, for it is most likely that the real reality caused trauma to the person in the first place. The last thing you want to do is cause more trauma but at the same time gradually bring the person back to the real reality that caused them trauma. As you could imagine, this can take some time to do as bringing a person back to real reality is accomplished through various stages.

As I observe materialists/atheists and spiritually aware people battling it out with each other for supremacy, I have myself observed a certain amount of trauma on a collective scale. As a lot of people have concurred, the human collective consciousness is mentally strained through centuries of trauma/conflict. The collective human consciousness is conditioned to suffering thus creating further and further trauma. As soon as we are born, we are immediately conditioned to being in trauma on a collective scale, this is instead of being conditioned to a peaceful existence.

Spiritually aware people are obviously traumatised by our present reality, our present consciousness, this is too obvious as their own actions depict. As of a mentally ill patient who is traumatised by our present reality and go into a protective state of mind, an illusionary state of mind/reality, so can a collective group of people in trauma. How many soldiers suffer with the same mental conditions? Being traumatised by our present reality is no different collectively.

What do a lot of spiritually aware people do? They escape the present reality by creating their own reality. There are a lot of spiritually aware people who have created another reality for themselves to save themselves from further trauma, this is highly psychologically/spiritually constructive to the collective consciousness. However, it is not constructive to the collective consciousness when, while existing in the present reality, we totally ignore everything we deem to be negative, or, totally ignore everything that creates more traumas for ourselves personally. This is like a mentally ill person creating a reality that is highly destructive, either to themselves and/or everybody else. Simply staying ignorant to what has caused the trauma in the first place, is simply not going to help the collective consciousness, in actuality quite the opposite as is being presently proven.

As for materialists and atheists, what is their trauma?  The trauma of there possibly being more than what they can perceive making their own ideologies and beliefs illusionary and deceitful. Also, the trauma of religion taking over again thus inflicting more trauma on the rest of the world. I don't think we would have been any better off if we where all atheists or materialists from the word go, in actuality history tells us we could have been worse off.     

A psychotherapist/psychiatrist will bring a mentally ill person back to real reality through stages, eventually allowing the patient to hopefully exist within the present reality, not a made up reality. So many spiritually aware people have done just this through different and various spiritual techniques, brought themselves back to the present reality without the feeling of being traumatised by the present reality. Yes of course, as a lot of spiritually aware people believe, everything physical and of the ego is an illusion!! As soon as someone expresses themselves in this way, I know where they are coming from.

If the universe was created by a far more aware and wiser consciousness than our own human consciousness, what the universe represents is a reflection of a consciousness. Just because the universe and everything within the universe is a reflection of another consciousness, doesn't make the universe and everything within the universe an illusion, especially considering the trauma our present reality creates for us. Any consciousness in trauma will enter into any illusionary state to escape trauma, even and probably especially at the cost of the present reality. It is fine entering into an illusionary state of reality/mind to protect ourselves from further trauma, but it is highly harmful to the collective consciousness when done at the cost of all else.

An extreme reaction to trauma is to ignore what has caused the trauma by any means. Excessive expressions of positivity and creating illusions that everything that causes us trauma is an illusion, is of the same mentality of a mentally ill person in trauma, a person trying to escape their present reality, their present state of mind. A mentally balanced approach that is often orchestrated in psychotherapy, is to not put yourself into a state of mind of extreme reaction to trauma, but into a state of mind that is more passive and constructive and less illusionary and extreme in nature. The universe is simply a reflection of a far more aware and wiser consciousness, not simply and categorically an illusion or negative/toxic, point blank.

Think of this in relation to creating your own illusion. How many sports people put themselves into a state of mind that they are superhuman? In ancient battles, often both sides put themselves into a mental state of being superhuman like. Creating an illusion is fine, it is how we create an illusion that really matters.       

I really hope this helps some people, even though what I have written here is of my own mind.       

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

A Collective Consciousness in Trauma

Written by Mathew Naismith

Cause: We often focus on individual trauma being only of individuals or even of a small collective groups, we forget that the human collective consciousness is also a whole consciousness that can also suffer trauma on a massive scale. Being aware that excessive trauma can cause psychological problems, you have to wonder what this kind of long term trauma has had on the human collective consciousness as a whole.

As of any trauma, once accepted as a trauma by a consciousness, any said consciousness is then able to deal with the trauma involved, this of course takes a consciousness to become aware and this is where a consciousness, individually or on a massive collective scale, can founder. Having worked in the welfare arena twice over in my life, you realise that most traumatised people, especially if the said trauma has caused psychological problems, will deny that they have a problem to start with, the emphasise is most often put on to someone else. Being that denial is one of the signs of a trauma having caused psychological damage, how is the said consciousness able to face and deal with such trauma when the consciousness itself is damaged or has psychological problems?

It is very unlikely that any consciousness that has suffered long term trauma ill be able to comprehend they have a problem to start with, therefore, such a consciousness will unlikely be able to face and treat the said trauma in an appropriate way. Any consciousness that consistently shifts the blame onto others, is a good indication that the said consciousness has psychological damage through excessive long term trauma. The said consciousness truly believes, or forces itself to believe, that the emphasis is on any other consciousness but themselves. A consciousness can become that damaged that it will never see itself as being destructive in anyway as everything they do, they can justify.

At the moment we have leaders and multinationals justifying the slaughter of children and women. We also have probable leaders stating that they will massively build up their arm forces, this of course will only lead to another massive arms war in the world, remembering, the last massive arms race came close to coming to war a number of times, a lot closer to war than a lot of people realise. Of course as of all destructive intent, the emphasis or blame is on others which is a sign of psychological damage. I should state, about Middle-Eastern people here either.....!!!

Extract: Emotional and psychological trauma is the result of extraordinarily stressful events that shatter your sense of security, making you feel helpless in a dangerous world.

Psychological damage comes from trauma, the more excessive and repeated the said trauma is, the more likely psychological damage has occurred. We might think this only happens to an individual or to a group of people, large or small, but psychological damage is quite apparent on a human collective conscious scale. It's bad enough when leaders in the world justify every destructive intent they have but when the average person starts to support these actions, you have to wonder how psychologically damaged is the human collective consciousness. The hate being expressed at present in the world, is a very good indication of an excessively traumatised consciousness. When a consciousness starts to justify it's hate, at this exact point is when a more aware consciousness knows that the said consciousness has serious psychological damage.

How traumatised is the human collective consciousness?

I will answer this question with another question, how often has the human consciousness race been without trauma for any significant period of time? At present, the human consciousness is never out of some kind of conflict on a human collective scale, this is above what traumas we are going through on the domestic scene. No matter the size or volume of consciousness involved, individually or collectively, all said consciousness is receptive to trauma especially on a massive collective scale. The bigger the trauma, the more likely psychological damage has occurred.

Yes, what I am saying is the collective human consciousness is psychologically damaged, it's psychologically ill from endless trauma over many centuries, this is obvious from the way we are justifying our own destructive intent.

Solution: The human collective consciousness needs rest and even sedation from their mental illness and it is a mental illness. Sedating in this case refers to existing in an environment that isn't conductive to destructive ways, it's like being institutionalised in a peaceful environment for the good of the consciousness as a whole. However, for this to occur would take the said ill consciousness to realise it's ill in the first place, furthermore, to bring forth this realisation, you need a more aware and nurturing consciousness to assist with the treatment.

As a spiritually aware people, we should never expect any obvious mentally ill consciousness to be able to realise they are ill in the first place, and further more, be able to treat themselves successfully, this isn't going to happen, the illness is too well entrenched within the collective psyche. We must become aware we are apart of the answer and treatment realising that the average person can be mad aware before they too become part of the illness. When you get the average person within a group, being of a culture, country or of a smaller group, endorsing excessive destructive intent, you have got to wonder what will occur if we, the aware, do nothing to help these people who are obviously mentally ill.

I should point out this isn't judgment, judgment being that I will ignore these people because they are of some kind of low consciousness. There not of a low consciousness vibration for no reason, they need help, this is pure observation and through this observation we become more aware. Avoiding a judged low vibration certainly isn't going to help, in actuality, it makes things a lot worse because there is no balance within the collective consciousness, only in your own consciousness.

Are people like me pulling something in to push something out? 

There is nothing to pull in, sanity and awareness are a natural part of our being, mental illness (insanity) and ignorance isn't, remembering, only a consciousness that is unaware (ignorant ) is able to become and stay insane. Basically, unawareness naturally creates trauma where there was no trauma thus making any said consciousness experiencing this trauma mentally unstable (insane) and naturally very destructive.

You could say that people like me are pushing something out by making human consciousness aware of it's mental illnesses. Is awareness pushing ignorance out of one's life? No, remembering it's all one consciousness no matter how a consciousness expresses itself. When we become aware, usually through observation as opposed to judgment, we recreate an ignorant consciousness into it's natural state which is an aware consciousness. We must realise that ignorant consciousness is always present no matter how much we try to push it away with a consciousness that is aware, you could say that ignorance and awareness are the yin and yang of life. How many of us are aware of everything? You see ignorance is always present no matter how aware a consciousness thinks it is, however, how mentally ill do we allow a consciousness to become before making it aware of itself?........!!!                      

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Life and Times of Joe

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following isn't a fictional story, it's purely based on actual events that took place throughout a persons life that I will call Joe. The story is about a life of slow agonising torture 24/7 that Joe experienced throughout his life and the way Joe was treated by his family. Even after all that happened to Joe, Joe was still on the playing field. The playing field refers to a persons life of being knocked down and getting back up again. It's likened to a sports field, once on the field, you try your hardest to stay on the field, meaning, stay in the game.

As Joe found out latter in life, Joe wasn't brought up in what you would call a normal family life. So  many people were so amazed at the stories Joe told of his childhood and family life latter on in life, one being that Joe was left with a clinically diagnosed chronic injury starting at the age of 6 years old. To this date, at the age of 52 years of age, Joe is still having to deal with this and many other things that occurred to Joe in relation to his family. Yes, Joe has many scars and bruises but he's still on the playing field to one  extent or another.

I will start Joe's life story at the age of 6 years old when Joe's life took a sudden turn that primarily influenced Joe's life for the rest of his life. The following story will only show an outline of Joe's life.

Trauma: Joe, at the age of 6 years old,  incurred an injury that was latter diagnosed as a chronic injury in his adulthood, a fully dislocated elbow that wasn't put back into place. The radial head become fully dislocated from the rest of the elbow. Could you imagine a child going through the physical pain and subsequent mental trauma of such an injury left unattended throughout their childhood life. Even to Joe, in his adulthood, has no idea how he coped with such an injury, especially with this kind of injury while going through childhood.  Did this injury take Joe off the playing field? No, he kept playing on to the best of his ability.   

School and Work: Joe struggled through school, exams were a nightmare, so often did Joe lose control in his writing hand, the pen just kept dropping out of Joe's hands through lack of feeling, this made exams virtually impossible for Joe to finish. Joe's concentration levels were also all over the place due to the severe pain that Joe took no pain killers for. Joe however completed senior high school.

While still attending school, Joe often worked at a national park in the school holidays, he also assisted his mother to clean the house every Saturday. Joe helped his mother out more than any other sibling. Still with a fully dislocated radial head/elbow, Joe then completed an apprenticeship in Carpentry/Joinery. Joe then went on to perform in labouring work that able people didn't want to do because it was too hard of work. Joe latter on went back to work in his trade, working for builders and eventually himself.

This kind of heavy continuous work soon made working in this manner virtually impossible to do for a living. Joe, a few years on, worked with other disabled people tutoring them in woodworking, numeracy and literacy. At this stage Joe found out why he accomplished as much as he did while going through, at times, extreme trauma, he had to prove he was just as good as able bodied people. It's amazing how a disability can either bring you down , or, impel you to succeed to the best of your ability. Joe so often saw this in his students/clients that he now saw this within himself.

The Holiday: While visiting his mum, Joe saw that his mum wasn't well. Joe and his wife virtually saved Joe's mother from imminent death, Joe's mum didn't look well when staying with her husband and daughter so they took immediate action. While Joe's mother was in hospital, his mother gave Joe and his wife all the financial details, Joe's mother knew what would happen to her finances if she didn't do this. After butting in and saving mum's life and now being given the financial details from Joe's mother, all hell broke lose in the family in relation to Joe's sister and father.      

Joe and his wife latter on saved up for a long holiday, because Joe's mother was getting over from a bout of cancer, they asked Joe's mother to come on holiday with them knowing that Joe's mum could cause trouble on the holiday. Yes, even after saving his mother's life, Joe's mother could turn on Joe at an instant. Joe's mother sadly turned on him and his wife while on holiday. After an argument occurred, Joe's mum walked out and then returned to collect her belongings clearly stating that she was being taken care of and that she was booked on a coach for home. Joe and his wife the next morning, with no mother in sight, decided to go on with their holiday as Joe's mum was quite adamant that she was being taken care of and she was booked on a coach to come home.      

After coming back from their holiday, Joe found out that his mother completely lied about what occurred, Joe's mother stated to the rest of the family that Joe and his wife left her completely stranded. To this date, the whole of Joe's family use this against Joe and his wife. Joe's family continually bring this up in conversation while telling Joe to stop telling the truth of what went on in his life. Joe's mother recently passed without making amends sadly enough.

The Blog: Joe's family get upset about Joe telling his life story on his own blog, they also get upset when some other family member tell Joe the truth in what is being said to them by other family members. Joe just sits back and wonders how his family would deal with the trauma he has had to deal with all his life when they get so upset over trivial things.

Joe's blog is about his life, it tells the truth of what is and was. While knowing it would upset his mother while dying of cancer, Joe's sister told what Joe was writing on his blog knowing that it would traumatise her mother even more. Joe's older brother then told Joe off for basically writing the truth and upsetting his mother even though Joe wasn't the one who told his mother about the blog.

Family Embarrassment: It would seem that the whole of Joe's immediate family just don't want to know about the truth, they so often are more accepting of lies and deceit than the truth, especially when they can use it against Joe and his wife. Yes, being aware can be painful at times, the alternative just isn't a choice for people like Joe. Joe's whole immediate family have used lies an deceit to turn on Joe, they obviously needed an excuse to hide the truth so they used lies and deceit. Joe's family are unable to use any kind of truth on Joe for all this would do is prove that Joe isn't the person they are trying to make out.

Is Joe a total embarrassment to the family? Being left with a chronic injury since he was 6 years old and receiving very little comfort from his entire family, certainly seems his an embarrassment to the family. It's human nature to try to cover up an embarrassment and to shut people up who tell the truth in how it actually is in anyway they can.  

The Truth: Joe wants to evolve from the conditioning of lies and deceit but Joe's family doesn't, this will always cause people like Joe further trauma but is it worth it? Joe has gone through a life of continuous slow agonising torture day in day out in regard to his injury, on top of this he has a family with no remorse or feeling for what Joe has gone through, in fact they think his some kind of low life. I think the way Joe's family is behaving is there the victim, and no doubt always will, because this acting the victim will hopefully cover up the truth they don't want to acknowledge.

Joe is still on the playing field, yes, ever so beaten up but still in the play, no acting the victim, just get on with life and make the most of it. Yes, this will take pulling away from his family who often act the victim for only a victim is a victim to cover up the real truth.

Is the truth all worth it? Joe obviously thinks so, he's still on the field telling it how it actually is, not how he would like it to be. Is Joe a victim of circumstance, a victim of life's traumas? Not at all, he is still at play playing it how the game should be played, not how others want it to be played.

I'm speaking from actual experiences....... 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Setting Ourselves Free

Written by Mathew Naismith

We so often take on other people's intolerance and nonacceptance to heart when we should just set it free, I see this so often, it's utterly traumatising to ourselves when we feel we can't be truly expressive of our true feelings and our truer self without upsetting others. The point is we should never take on other people's short comings and ignorance too seriously and personally, that is their dilemma not ours but we so often allow this to also traumatise us and become our dilemma.

I don't usually do this, I have shared two emails in this post in the hope this might help others out there who are being traumatised because they feel awkward in expressing their true feeling and truer self to the extent of traumatising themselves.

I had a concerning email from a friend of mine who has a gay friend who is having trouble expressing himself to the extent of committing suicide, he wants to show his more sensitive feminine side but is unable seemingly because of the non-acceptance of others around him of being this expressive. Sadly enough this has made him non-accepting of his expression as well to some extent.

I really hope the following will help others see that we should never accept other people's dilemma's because they are so un-accepting, this is their dilemma and loss not ours, in other words it's their path not ours so try not to take on their dilemma's.        

G'day Brad

You don't know me personally but I'm very good friends with Peta to the extent that Peta shared her worries with me in relation to you, she doesn't usually do this which showed me how much she cares about you. You are a very lucky man to have such a sensitive person as Peta who cares so much.

I'm ostracised from my family because I am different to them in numerous ways, this is there problem and loss not mine, I will no longer linger on this and I feel you need to do the same Brad. Just be your feminine self, set it free my friend and don't allow other people who don't understand influence you to do otherwise.

I should point out that I'm a little wacky like Peta but I'm more into the science of spirituality.

To be open and truthful with you, I have also inserted the email I sent to Peta concerning you, please don't take offence, Peta and I are very expressive of our sensitive self which makes us very caring of others.

Love and best wishes my friend,

G'day Peta

Brad: Brad has a right arm that is feminine and a left arm that is masculine, most blokes have a right arm that is masculine.

I will explain myself: The right or left arm represent the right left brain, a person who is "left-brained" is often said to be more logical, analytical, and objective, while a person who is "right-brained" is said to be more intuitive, thoughtful, and subjective.

You can see why blokes are more likely to actually express logical objective thinking processes, the arms and hands represent a physical expression of logics in there case where women physically express a more intuitive subjective expression. The hands are indeed a doorway to our soul.

I feel Brad is trying to reject his right arm left brain thinking for a left arm right brain thinking, this isn't going to work for a sensitive person especially if one is right handed.

He needs to accept his sensitive side which in his case is the right arm, his left logical objective brain instead of going off half cocked with too much subjective thinking.

I feel there is absolutely no balance at all between the famine and masculine side of him, he needs to totally disregard anyone else's opinion in this case and be himself, be that sensitive left brain person. He needs to express it a lot more and stop repressing it to suite others, give it it's freedom to be expressive.

If you like, I don't mind meeting Brad one on one if you think this will help.

Note: People's names have been changed for privacy reasons.  

Friday, 6 February 2015

True Positive Perspectives-A cure

Written by Mathew Naismith

What does it truly mean to be positive, does it mean we should ignore all the negatives around us and only focus on the positives, or does it mean there are no true negatives in the world?  If we go along with the first question, what’s going to happen with these negatives in the world if we totally ignore them?  They are going to of course manifest but isn’t just positive thinking going to automatically manifest a better existence for everyone negating such negatives?

Knowing my human history, has this ever happened before?  No, for the main reason you can’t just ignore the negatives and expect to manifest a positive existence, any kind of ignorance is destructive for only in ignorance can we destroy and what has being unaware of the negatives got to do with spiritual awareness?   

The following was a reply I received in regards to my last post; it made perfect sense to me.

Very interesting. I would add, that many earnest seeking people have been co-opted into a spiritual delusion, not a reality. There are a lot of teachings that have been mistranslated and interpreted, to mean, be selfish, try and dream a world without actually acting upon that dream.

But the worst aspect, is the belief that you should only focus on the positive, which is complete ignorance. Yes, we should try to have a positive attitude, there is nothing new about this information. But, ignorance does contain the word 'ignore'....and that is child-like thinking.

If I ignore any of the difficult aspects of my life, it won't 'magically' go away. I cannot ignore the dirt on my kitchen floor, I HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT. I can focus on that dirt, and make it go away...through concerted effort, application and action.
When we don't go into the dark abyss....that cauldron life creates to 'form' us....we are robbing ourselves, our soul from transforming inside this human body/vessel.
Attempting to ignore this dark aspect (Kali) it becomes a 'shadow' that ends up controlling us, it adds to the darkness, so happy to become larger and have more power in our world and in our own personal lives.

AS if that was not dangerous enough, the other half of the teaching stresses basic narcissistic principles, and how to get more stuff, which is devoid of any true spiritual evolution or consciousness. the true hallmark of spiritual evolution. Be well. ~ Sangreal

Are there any true negatives in the world?

This is a difficult question to answer; to a true positive person, they can never see a negative in anything therefore would not judge or try to avoid anything remotely destructive, however, it is obvious to us there are indeed negatives in the world. These negatives are easy to identify, they are usually destructive which means anything positive is constructive.  

How much would we have learnt without these so called negatives, what we have judged as being negative? There are no true negatives and these negatives, if we learn from them, can be as if not more constructive than these judged positives, actually, positives can be very destructive!!

I know personally I have learnt a lot through my hardships only because I was aware, aware enough to not just judge these times as being just negative therefore ignore them. How would I become more aware if I ignored these hardships in my life?

Now at the collective human scale this is different, it is obvious we haven’t learnt from our hardships mainly because we judged them as being negative and ignored them instead of learning from them.  Will the human race ever learn? Not if it keeps sticking its head in the sand thus ignoring the negatives that can indeed teach us a more constructive way to exist.

In psychology; does a psychologist only bring forth the positives within a person with serious mental trauma? They usually bring forth these so called negative and then and only then replace these negatives with positives, something more constructive instead of destructive.   

Now look at the human collective who is obviously to me suffering from serious mental traumas, do we treat these traumas by ignoring these negatives by only focusing on the positives?  It just won’t work, yes it’s nice to think that positive thinking on its own is going to manifest a better existence but it won’t, not until we treat the illness first, in other words stop ignoring the symptoms.  What is above is also below!!

I don’t watch TV especially the news; it’s too ambiguous and hell bent on sensationalism which is usually brought about by something that is noticeably destructive, is this ignoring what is going on around me?  

Because the human collective is ignoring the symptoms, it’s the same as it was in the Roman days for example, why keep revising and bringing forth traumas that I am personally cured from? What we have though is a human collective that isn’t obviously cured so it keeps bringing forth these traumas time and time again. You can see why so many spiritually aware people are only focused on positive thinking; they are personally cured however the human collective isn’t. We can’t ignore this; it is obviously not going to go away no matter how much we try to manifest a more positive existence, that is obvious.

So how do we successfully cure the collective of its traumas?  

How did we cure our own traumas? By becoming spiritually aware and not ignoring the obvious like our misjudgements and egotistic straits.  Like we did; the collective needs to become aware of what is continually causing it traumas and then replace these traumas with positives once cured from these traumas.  You can’t cure a trauma without being aware of the trauma; this would be like trying to ignore a broken leg because it’s negative and expect it to heal itself, it just won’t work. Trying to magically manifest a more positive existence by ignoring the symptoms and traumas isn’t obviously going to work so we need to change our way of thinking.  

We might be cured ourselves but the human collective obviously isn’t, we need to all make it aware of this, by ignoring this fact, all we are doing is adding to this trauma of the collective.  Become aware of the symptoms; cure the cause of the symptoms and then move on to a more constructive existence, to me it’s the only way.        

Friday, 11 July 2014

Overcoming a Collective Trauma

Written by Mathew Naismith

In psychology, when someone goes through a traumatic time, they can either hang onto such traumas or they can get over these traumas and get on with life without such traumas playing any further part in one’s life, it would seem collectively we haven’t done this especially for western thinking people!!

One of the replies I received from my last post titled, Spirituality v Psychology/Science?, brought up an interesting  supposition about how modern age mentality is polarized which lead me to make my own suppositions as follow.  

In truly ancient times, science and religion were one. Our modern, polarized mindset has created this false duality.

An interesting way in looking at it Lew.

I think this polarized mindset has come about through ego when science, after the dark ages, found it's own mindset that wasn't going to be influenced by dark age mentality.

Religion in Europe wanted full control over and above all other ideological principles and if they couldn't take control they eradicated such principles. Sadly enough I think a number of science minded people would like to do the same to religious principles today. The old Dark Age mentality is still there sadly enough.

The strange thing is, during around the time of the Dark Ages in Europe, Muslims were more into the sciences than ever, go figure!!

Forgetting about Dark Age mentality, science of one kind or another has always been a part of our lives and most of these science ideological principles were conducted under a religion of some kind.

I could be wrong but I think the Dark Age mentality has assisted in this polarizing mindset giving us a false duality.  It’s funny how we have allowed one mindset within the whole of human history to influence us in such away.  Psychologically, we have collectively allowed one moment in the time of the collective to influence our whole mentality which is no different to how a person going through a traumatic time will react to such trauma in one’s life.  It would seem the Dark Age mentality is a trauma we haven’t collectively overcome yet as a collective, go figure!!

When conversing with Eastern minded people, they don’t seem to have this trauma or mindset to overcome but this seems different for western minded people, this trauma from the Dark Ages is still with them it would seem.

Just an observation by me that might or might not be correct. 

Yes, Mathew, let's hope the old mind-set will wither. A quick peek at the world shows polarity's alive & well, but it's served so poorly for so long!

It's a collective trauma a lot of us don't seem to be able to get over sadly enough......


Each of us, by one person at a time by choosing to do so, can be a sail breaking the wind for others behind us. 

Supplement: I do need to make a correction here in relation to eastern minded people not being traumatised by Dark Age mentality. I think a lot that went on during the Dark Ages has traumatised the Middle Eastern people and still influences their actions today but this assertion only comes from my own personal observation/awareness, it’s not by no means necessarily factual.  

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Psychological Benefits of Spirituality

Written by Mathew Naismith

In the following link there is some info on the positive attributes on being spiritually aware plus there are some interesting little quizzes & surveys to fill out. I only completed the first quiz scoring high on self-direction 5.8, universalism 5.2 & benevolence 5.2. My score in power was zilch.

It matters not if we gain or enhance on our spiritual abilities because the psychological benefits alone are world changing on their own. If everyone or even if the majority took up some form of spirituality that wasn’t preferably dogmatic this world would obviously, just at the psychological level, be a lot better off. The link above & below tells us why scientifically. The link below, specifically, goes into the nitty gritty of why & how spirituality is so beneficial psychologically.   

With the obvious psychological benefits of being spiritually aware & with our own ideological principles & practices one can’t help but not miss the mark in improving on our own lives & the lives of many around us.

The following link takes a different psychological look at how spiritually aware people can suffer more with mental health issues than religious or non-religious people. They of course can’t see why this would be but I’m going to make a stab at it.

Spiritually aware people, unlike religious people, delve into different aspects of spirituality to a greater degree than religious people because usually spiritually aware people have no boundaries or doctrinal inhibitions & because of this spiritually aware people can connect quite differently with the universal consciousness I believe, so what’s the problem with this? A lot of spiritually aware people already well connected realise how difficult it can be in becoming spiritually aware, it can bring out a lot of gremlins in the form of the ego for instance for which our brains have to  psychologically sort out usually without assistance unlike religious people. Reprogramming the brain to accept a lot of human faults as being a flaw is harrowing in any circumstance, we can at times expect too much from our human psyche. There is something in spiritually aware people forming groups to support each other psychologically.  

There is another reason why spiritually aware people can suffer with mental traumas, ESP is one. While becoming spiritually aware we don’t just have to deal with our own psyche but the psyche of others we can automatically pick up on through ESP for example. I could at one time pick up on what the victims & perpetrators of crime were going through physically & mentally & yes this did affect me mentally, I was quite emotionally ruffled/upset at times. But of course this isn’t all what a spiritually aware person has to go through mentally. Our experiences in what we pick up on vary greatly from person to person but of course the up side is, as we become more experienced the less traumatised emotionally we become. Like I said before, I think it’s important for us to think seriously in getting into groups of people with the same spiritual interests either on the net or one on one for our own psychological wellbeing.

I would also like to add here a little more about myself. I don’t have a problem in expressing my ego like becoming involved in verbal conflicts for instance; I accept this as being a part of me. I accept a lot of my human vices & attachments as this is a reflection of my life which wasn’t pretty at times. I just don’t, at the spiritual/soul level, have a problem with this & I do understand why a lot of other spiritually aware people do but we are not all the same nor are we meant to be in this human reality. We are supposed to learn from diversity as only through diversity can our souls learn more about our whole selves.  I would also like to say, please don’t be too hard on yourselves if you can’t or don’t want to stop being your human self, warts & all.