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Saturday, 18 October 2014

An Advanced Healing Process

Written by Mathew Naismith

The following is going to sound awfully delusional to a lot of people; it will also sadly offend people fixated to set ideological principles. Offending people isn’t my aim, as usual, but I must write down what comes to me and if this offends a lot of people, I’m sorry but I can’t truly help that.  I certainly don’t write for self-gratification or for a popularity award, what must be must be.

This kind of healing process I’m about to discuss here is quite different to what I wrote about recently in relation to healing with light, in the process I’m about to discuss, there is no light. What we heal with is all to do with natural states of existence, when we envision (?) a joint being inflamed for example; we see the joint inflamed not of light.  Everything becomes transparent, you can literally see right into the joint.  I should also state, at this point in this life I don’t practice in such healing processes mainly because this kind of process takes a lot of focus. To focus this much one needs to drop any fixation that will hinder such healing processes, I’m not willing to do that in this life at present as I will explain latter on in this post.

Why did I insert a question mark (?) after the word envision?  This is one of the interesting parts of this kind of healing process, you don’t actually visualise in this process as such as you do when healing through visualising light. What you do is see is the part of the body that needs to be healed, as it is at present, and then you focus on this part of the body that is being healed in it’s naturel form, you don’t actually visualise this natural form. What you are basically doing is reminding the body what it’s natural form is, within this the healing process begins.

Another way to explain this is through a healing process that is proven to actually work. My wife practices in what is called an EMMETT technique where you switch the muscles back on after they have been switched off after a trauma of some kind. What this process is doing is reminding the muscle what it was like when it was switched on.  This advanced healing process I’m talking about here works along the same principles however, once this healing process has been perfected, you can literally see within anyone’s body. The body literally become transparent, this isn’t visualised, you can literally see within people’s bodies.

After this healing process has been perfected, you can actually perform surgery without breaking the skin; this seems utterly ridiculous doesn’t it!!  I should state her that surgery is only needed when a foreign body has entered the body, all other healing is accomplished through reminding the body area you are working on what it was like in it’s natural form.  

How can anyone perform surgery without breaking the skin or traumatise the body any further in anyway?  Again this EMMETT technique works in a similar manner, it causes as little trauma as possible within it’s healing process, but we are not talking about actual surgery here are we?  In one sense no but in another sense yes. What has an actual surgeon achieved after a successful surgery?  It reminded the body what it was like before the said physical trauma became apparent or felt by the said person. What has an EMMET practitioner achieved after a successful treatment?  The same exact thing however, this advanced healing process I’m discussing here goes beyond physicality altogether.  

Now this seems totally absurd, how can anyone heal anybody’s body without this kind of action being physical in any sense?  The part of the body you are working on is no longer in a physical form; it takes on a transparent form without being of a physical form.  You can literally insert your hand into this area of the body that is no longer physical without causing any physical trauma, but surly we are only visualising that the part of the body in question isn’t physical?  No, there is no visualisation occurring at all.  Think of the movie Matrix, this is very similar, there is no actual physical form once one learns to focus enough, this is why we can heal and even perform surgery without causing any further trauma to the physical body and more importantly the mind.

So why can’t anyone we know heal like this? Principles, we can only think in time not in timelessness so all our principles are fixated to time. Thinking in timelessness is important with this kind of advanced healing process; you need to go beyond the bounds of time to heal in this way.  All of what is physical is based on time so we think we need to use various principles of time to heal what is of time, physicality, but that isn’t the case at all. We need to go beyond the principles of time to understand and accept any principles beyond time to become proficient at this kind of healing process. This is exactly why I call this an advanced healing process, you need to drop any principles of time that are going to hinder such participation in such advanced practices, this means dropping any hindering  principles of time from science to religion.  

You might say this isn’t easy to do, as soon as you state such a thing it becomes instantly hard. The only reason it’s difficult to drop such principles of time is we are fixated to these principles of time; we really don’t want to let them go. As soon as we say it’s too hard to do, we have confirmed how fixated we are to anything of time.  To break away from this fixation, we need to realise that nothing actually dies or is reborn from death, the demise of anything doesn’t actually exist, it’s an illusion brought about by the principles of time.  Physically we are born and eventually we die, this is fact but only of time, when we die we don’t actually die but transform into another energy source, but the people and things we love eventually become non-existent. No they don’t, actually when we so call die we are more alive than we are in a physical state of existence unless we are, after our demise, still fixated to the principles time in some way.  

Why when we die from pain related trauma we don’t feel pain in the afterlife?  Pain doesn’t exist, pain can only exist in time, it’s created by the principles of time so when you go beyond the principles of time you don’t cause any more trauma.  So is this saying all pain and trauma in this physical life of time is an illusion?  Not exactly, a lot of people make the mistake in my mind of just judging realties of time illusions nothing more, it’s actually not that simple.  What we experience in time we are actually experiencing but only in time, when we take in consideration of the whole of existence, very little of this existence is of time and physicality.  Most of what exists is actually of timelessness; time isn’t a normal occurrence or is even a normal state of existence for us, this however in my mind doesn’t make anything of time an illusion. The illusion is everything of time isn’t all we are or who we truly are but it is a part of who we are otherwise we couldn’t experience anything of time itself, in other words we can’t experience anything that isn’t a part of us in some way.  

So is pain and trauma a part of us? Again we couldn’t experience anything of time unless it was a part of us but it’s a very tiny part of us however in time we have made it all we are, this is the illusion.

So let’s get back to why I’m not focused enough to heal in this advanced way I speak of, first let us ask another question, why aren’t any of us this focused to heal to this extent?  For exactly the same reason, we are fixated to one or more principles of time which hinder us becoming this focused.  Because time is a very tiny part of our whole existence, none of us obviously want to let go of these principles of time even though we perceive we are in trauma. It would need a huge amount of trauma to let go of such fixation of time and even then it’s probably doubtful we would let go completely.  We are experiencing time and everything of time has to offer, we just don’t want to let go of this otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Everyone who is here, existing in time, wanted to be here, we wouldn’t and couldn’t be here otherwise.

The funny thing is, we have created everything that is of time through our principles and perceptions of time; we can always change what is occurring in time by changing our principles which in turn changes our perceptions.  We don’t have to be destructive; actually we can be quite healing if we wanted too. This would mean giving up certain principles of time that interfere with such healing processes, are we willing to do that? It would seem not at this point, trust me, we all realise, at the inner level,  how exceptional it is to experience time itself in any form, we just don’t want to end this experience but we don’t have too.  We allow the ego to influence us to make such decisions, to continue existing in time; all we have to do is become healers instead of destroyers and still keep the ego at the same time. The ego can be very constructive, it’s just we haven’t learnt to use it in this way as yet but we can if we drop some of our fixations of time.  

As for me, I’m becoming more aware of myself that isn’t of time and influenced by the ego, the process of letting go of my fixation of time for me has certainly begun; this post is a good indication of that.             

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Consciousness Mapped Out

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was utterly being nagged last night, nagging is a form of shouting and shouting comes about through me not listening to the whispers, so what wasn’t I listening to this time? We are already there; all we have to do now is become aware of this.

What this seems to mean is man has accomplished in becoming aware of an expanded consciousness beyond from what he understands through his ideologies, in other words he has expanded on his awareness beyond the ego collectively. This doesn’t need everyone to become this aware for this to affect the collective for the main reason, all of consciousness is connected in whatever form it takes.  What this all seems to mean is we, as a collective, have consciously changed to a more expanded awareness, so if this is the case why aren’t we noticing this change, where is the physical manifestation of such a change?

Before a physical manifestation can occur, a mental manifestation needs to be established and to do this we must become aware of such changes have actually occurred, how do we do this? Through people like myself who are being nagged or more importantly listening to your own whispers or shouting as in my case!!

Because all consciousness is connected, no matter in what way we are expressive of this consciousness, if a certain number of people’s awareness has expanded beyond their ego this will affect the collective.  Spiritually aware people are certainly expanding on this collective consciousness every time they go beyond what is determined by the ego, beyond our set ideological principles. This is the reason I haven’t set myself to one ideological principle, I actually took on principles that seemed to most people contradict each other, the more aware I became the less these principles contradicted each other.

Ideological principles, like science and religion for instance, are but expressions of consciousness in a certain way, each ideology is conductive to a certain expression of this consciousness as I will explain further by explaining what I see what each ideological principle relates too. First of all I will start with consciousness itself.

Consciousness- To me consciousness is everything no matter what that consciousness is either is be of an ideological principle, another animal species or even a rock, it’s all of what consciousness is or what God’s consciousness is.  Our conscious and subconscious thoughts are also of consciousness itself, there is truly no separation, everything is consciousness.  

Awareness- Awareness is to do with being aware of parts or all of consciousness itself, this is usually acquired through books/education, physical/mental experiences, praying, mediating, chanting and so on. The more aware we become the more aware of this consciousness we are and the less aware we are the less aware of this consciousness we are.  Awareness is about the consciousness and the more conscious we become the more aware we are.  

Religion- Religion is but another ideological principle we use to become aware, it is specific within it’s principles like any other ideology of it’s kind and is but one way to become aware of God’s consciousness.  It is questionable if religion itself would survive if God was found to be non-existing, in certain cases certain religions might fold but in other cases I don’t think this would be the case, Buddhism is one example of this.  

Science- Science is but another ideological principle that is specific within it’s principles, it will, in a different way to religion, give us more awareness of God’s consciousness.  Science doesn’t actually rely on anything to be true because science isn’t about truth but about speculations.  

Spirituality- Spirituality itself has a huge spectrum of principles, it’s not specific, it can incorporate principles like science and religion under one ideological principle, it has no boundaries and is usually seen by other more specific  ideologies as being too unspecific resulting in a mishmash of made up principles.  However Yoga is a good example of how spirituality works; yoga incorporates science, religion and mind/body control and exercises quite constructively.  

Ego- The ego can also be of a specific principle, the self. This principle of the self can and does corrupt any other ideologies, usually turning them into something that can be quite destructive however when the ego isn’t about the self, it can be quite constructive.  A controlling ego will judge a good or bad but an ego not in control will observe without a specific judgement of a good or bad.

Atheism- Atheism itself has very strict specific principles, the existence of deities and a God(s) just can’t exist within the principles of atheism.  If deities of any kind were found to exist, the principles of atheism would become irrelevant making the ideological principles of atheism itself redundant.  Atheism totally relies on their belief that God(s) and deities just don’t exist; it’s a very specific ideological principle.  

All the above is representative of consciousness and each has it’s own way in becoming aware of this consciousness.  We have a huge array of ideological principles to choose from, some are specific of certain principles, other ideologies utilise many principles, these are all a part of consciousness itself and of course some are more helpful of becoming more aware of this consciousness and others less so.

It would seem however a certain number of people have accomplished in expanding their awareness beyond our present ideologies; I just wouldn’t get such a message as I did if this wasn’t so especially in the way it was shouted at me.  So where do we go from here?  Just believe and feel within yourself that we are there mentally and spiritually beyond any specifics of any ideology, it’s a kind of culmination of all ideologies which means the culmination of all of what consciousness is.  

These ideological principles were very important to us especially if we learnt to use them without a controlling ego controlling our actions and feelings, without the controlling factors of the ego, all ideologies either become constructive or redundant.  It would seem certain people have used these ideological principles in a constructive way.  Once we truly realise we as a collective have expanded beyond the controlling ego, we then realise we were never really of the controlling factors of the ego, it’s just the way we used these ideological principles that made us believe we were!!