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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Spirituality and the Many Different Stories We Live By

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is an ongoing discussion between Robbie & myself in relation to my last post. It’s about the stories or paths we have all chosen knowingly or unknowingly to live & how accepting we should be of other people’s stories.  This of course brings peace within oneself as Robbie seems to be displaying.   Just because we are ready to change our story doesn’t mean others are.  Robbie also goes into explaining how fitting within other people’s stories can limit oneself, it does seem to be important to choose our own stories to live if we no longer want to  limit ourselves however if we choose to live by other people’s stories or stories that are limiting to us, that is our choice as well.  

Thanks Mat. I think we're on the same page, literally! Ok, kidding aside, I think we are on the same page, just different spots. All of us are where we are. Some things will not make sense. Some things will oppose our current beliefs and we'll shove them aside. We may come to them later and see them more clearly, differently because who we are has changed some since.

That's the thing. I learned to fear a great deal growing up. Fear has kept me stuck in many ways. It's not a bad thing at all. I see everything I have experienced as part and parcel of my path. In Conversations with God it says that everything is a gift from self to self. From an "we're only human" perspective this may not be seen or understood. Yet, as human beings we are so much more, and that is what I am ready to go for.

You see, I wonder how many lives might I have not allowed myself to be/do/have more, by choosing to be limited and fitting in, compromising who I really am thinking that's the way to be loved etc. It's just not cutting it for me anymore. I acknowledge the box of my own making, and also that it is imaginary. The more I look into the beliefs held within my subconscious, it's like "wow, I believed that?" Anyone who delves into themselves will also find much that they believe, but do not have to, and more so that being our true self (who we were born as) would not believe—given the choice.

I am living by this: does this story/belief empower or disempower me? does this story/belief cause me to contract in fear, or expand in love? does this story/belief cause me to compromise who I am in order to fit in? does this story/belief cause me to believe in an awesome world or one filled with pain and suffering? (I am keeping in mind there may be myriad lifetimes and Universes, so what's the problem with expanding our potential in this one? How many other live was "we're only human" our mantra?)

If you have never seen this little vid called Lambert The Sheepish Lion, check it out on YouTube. I remember seeing this when I was like 8yr old. It was just a cartoon then, but as an adult I can truly appreciate the message so much more, and here I am seeking to take off the sheeple clothing. The Lion Heart Awakens. It is a possibility for all of us, but it does take courage, determination, staying power, and heart to walk such a path. It is not for everyone (unless it is).

Thanks as always for a thoughtful discussion. Mathew you are a beautiful heart and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. *hugs*

I say this to all of you who read this. You are a beautiful heart too. Allow your beautiful heart to open and fully bloom. Let your mind expand with possibilities rather than seeking absolute truths. Those absolute truths are the answers which can end the questioning (the eternal mystery). It is questions such as "what else is possible?" etc. that keeps Self engaged and motivated. All eternity you say? How shalt though keep busy?

Mathew, you have my permission to share this thread. I am glad to know that anyone who may be interested now has more to look at than conventional wisdom allows for. At the very least "things to consider." So, thank you for having the courage to share and walk your path.

Sorry for the long post folks. Between the writer in me, and the stuff I want to share... just getting it out there. 

Love you all!

G'day Robbiesan

By my late teens I knew I had a choice of what story I was going to live my life by, I chose the story based on fear & I don't for one minute regret such a choice. Ever since then I knew I was living in a story I chose.

I don't, these days, see a right or wrong within other people's chosen stories no matter what the story is either it be expressing the ego to the max or not expressing the ego at all. It's an extremely peaceful existence unless I too become overly expressive of the ego.

I got a very good response from posting your thread & my reply to your thread on spiritual orientated Google communities.

(((((((Hugs))))))) my friend, keep up the good work.