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Friday, 19 August 2016

Their Return - Taking Responsibility

Written by Mathew Naismith

It's occurred before, they returned and found that the children have been very naughty and destructive so they packed up the naughty children's toys and sent the children to a place of self-reproach. When a consciousness becomes overly destructive of their own and everybody else's toys, a more aware and wiser consciousness naturally takes responsible action. These toys are in reference to the universe and Earth itself and human consciousness.

This post is about how human consciousness is seen by a much more aware and wiser consciousness in the same context as we see infant, child and adolescence stages of human existence. Basically, human consciousness is seen as a conscious state that isn't mature. I was going to write about this topic when, synchronistically, I received a response to my last post. The post seemed to reflect on human conscious immaturity, yes, human consciousness is seen as being an immature state of consciousness but how irresponsible can an immature consciousness be at times? I think the present motion of human consciousness answers this question, however, this immaturity is a part of the growing process for humans but as a consciousness, immaturity is a part of the evolution of a consciousness, however...

I will now go to the responses I received in relation to my last post and my follow up replies. I have found it's always wise to include other peoples perceptions to get a better understanding.    


Reply to my last post:
A lot of the basics, the underlying bits, are the same throughout time. As to "people like Matt" doing or not doing wrong, I personally pay no attention. I am not responsible for anyone's journey but my own. At the end of the day I am totally indifferent to such things, it's like I said if you are looking. Me? I'm just not. I'm fine with my many dimensions just the way they are ;)

My Reply:
I'm not sure if you are into the concepts of oneness or not, if your not, consider this, we are all on the same human journey while taking different paths within this (one) journey.

Now, are all humans responsible for each others paths? The answer is of course no, however, should all humans be responsible for the human journey itself? The answer is yes, once a consciousness becomes irresponsible within the journey itself, it becomes chaotic and destructive. We are responsible for the journey itself as a whole, anything else is irresponsible.

Multinationals/politicians and religion have often reflected an irresponsible motion towards the journey itself, there not responsible for others so they use them as sheep. Stating that we are not responsible for the journey itself, is cause for concern.

Matt's path is to market he's kind of path, when does Matt's path stop being an individual path and become the journey that we are all walking? Look at it this way BE, when a politician is noticeably hurting the country he is supped to be responsible for, we are not supposed to be responsible for his actions and vote him out of office!! It would be irresponsible, not just to ourselves, but everybody else if we didn't take responsibility for his path which he has made apart of the collective journey.

Oneness, we are responsible for this oneness for it's a collective. Once an individual path becomes influential upon the collective journey, it's our responsibility to correct this, the present state of human consciousness clearly shows a lack of irresponsibility for the collective journey.

Sorry BE, I'm for being responsible for only in our irresponsibility to each other can we create such a chaotic destructive reality. It's a collective journey BE, not an individual journey that we take no responsibility for.......

I have been on an awakened path since the mid to late 70's. I have seen much, learned much, experienced much and have lifetimes to keep doing so.

You really needn't explain, I understand. If you were to read my writings you would see many references to spirituality not being a thing one can buy and sell....among other topics of a similar nature.

I appreciate your time and your blog, thanks for your insight.

I didn't reply to this reply from BE but I did reply to another reply from BE which gave me a better comprehension of where BE was coming from, from the start. The following exchange took place between BE and myself.


I think it was easier prior to the internet to obtain accurate information. These days there's just too much information and much of it is MISinformation and the really sad part is that so many folks have gotten to the point where they don't care if it is information or misinformation so long as they agree with it.

I feel very blessed to know how to really dig in when doing research, it's like a treasure hunt for information, lol

Agreed, if you are aware of what you are searching for on the net, the nets great, if not, the nets a nightmare to finding the real truth, not just a perceived truth.

In such a chaotic reality, people want to believe what they desire to believe, not what actually is. A lot of science experiments are also conducted like this these days sadly enough, the age of false prophets, what can I say.

Human consciousness is an immature consciousness and always will be an immature consciousness, this is likened to a child's consciousness that is immature and unaware. A child's consciousness will always be immature as of the same of human consciousness, we can't change that but we can evolve from that immaturity I believe.


Human consciousness is seen to be immature by more aware and wise consciousness's than human consciousness, basically, consciousness's that are mature in nature, more developed if you like. This might seem I am talking about levels here, you have infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood, but each state of consciousness stays as it is, only the consciousness having the experience will evolve or not from these states of consciousness, this is of human consciousness as it is of consciousness as a whole. What is above is also below, not in perspectives but in concept/expression/motion. An immature consciousness perceives these as levels, a more mature consciousness perceives these as states of consciousness. Put in a different way, a mature consciousness doesn't see our human growth from infancy to adulthood as levels, they are perceived as states of consciousness.

Now for an explanation of their return. The return is making reference to a more mature consciousness taking responsibility for an obvious irresponsible consciousness, a human consciousness in this case. Mature consciousness's in the past were often deemed something in reference to God's and Goddess's, more aware and wiser consciousness's to human consciousness. Basically in this post, I'm talking about the return of these God's and Goddess's, a mature consciousness as opposed to our obvious immature human consciousness......