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Saturday, 1 December 2018

No One is Unenlightened!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is not about the age of enlightenment or reason, an age of reason and individualism, but about spiritual enlightenment where one advocates egolessness over ego. Spiritual enlightenment is a state of the absence of ego. It is often a state most egos fear to tread, usually in fear of the egos demise and all that the ego creates. In an enlightened state, all that the ego creates is simply becomes awareness, this is why this state is often referred to as a state of pure awareness and even wisdom or if you like, a state of God.

Don't mistaken spiritual enlightenment with the egos expressions of wisdom either, where wisdom is often associated with knowledge and learning. In a true enlightened state, knowledge and learning give way to a pure state of awareness and wisdom. Yes, we even have to give up our accumulated knowledge and learning, for in an enlightened state nothing can be owned or accumulated. This also means giving up the teachings of ideologies and isms, for spiritual ideologies are only of existence to serve and teach the ego about its egoless self or being. This by the way is most important if conducted in a non-abusive manner.

Make no mistake, the ego is unable to experience a true enlightened state, for an enlightened state is of the absence of ego, a state not accessible to the ego. However, this doesn't mean that the ego can't feel enlightenment as opposed to becoming enlightenment. Yes, the ego can experience enlightenment but only through feelings, not through an actual state of being enlightened, be aware though, the ego in control will try to convince you otherwise. Yes, these feelings can become a physical and mental reality, be wary though, feelings are of the ego and can become very controlling to the extent of a desire to feel good all the time. All else not fuelling these desired feelings are often critically judged as being negative or even toxic in some way.

Also, to the dislike of the ego, unconditional love is not experienced or felt in an enlightened state, for all feelings of love are of the ego. If you can feel instead of being love, it is of the ego. Yes, you can experience an enlightened state and get a feeling of unconditional love but it is your ego that is feeling love, not the egoless part of yourself. Of course feeling a true sense of unconditional love is most constructive to what the ego creates, this is instead of being destructive. Be aware, a true expression of unconditional love will embrace the negatives in the same way this state embraces the positives. In all, the ego beautifies unconditional love but only when being of this love as opposed to simply feeling this love.    

Make no mistake, no one is unenlightened. I will put it this way, which a lot of people's egos won't like, once of God, always of God, or, once of energy, always of energy. Remember, you can't destroy energy but you can transform energy. Our enlightened being is simply transformed into another energy form or expression by the ego, this is all. Most often in the process, only that which serves the ego is acknowledged, all else is denounced by the ego to serve only the ego part of our whole being. I cannot express this strongly enough, no one is truly unenlightened.

Please note; most of what I have written here comes from my own experiences, at no time take what is written here to be gospel or of an unequivocal truth for all.      

Saturday, 17 November 2018

What is the Higher Self?

Written by Mathew Naismith

Ask yourself, what is more egoistic, humbling yourself to the ego or desiring to be of a higher self? Being that all is of what the ego calls a higher self, including rocks and trees and so on, what would an egoless higher self be of? The act of only being of a higher self is egotistic when the higher self is egoless. Being that the higher self is egoless, it is understandable that this higher self would humble itself to the ego, being that the ego is perceived by the ego, not the so-called higher self, as being of a lower self or a lower vibration. I say so-called higher self for only the ego separates like this, one being higher or lower than the other. In actuality, to the higher self there is no higher or lower self, just the self.

In truth, there is no self either, only being for a perception of self still refers to an attachment. In saying this, because what the ego calls the higher self represents all of what is without exception or desire, what is perceived and created through the ego is also of the higher self. What I am trying to say here is that the so-called lower self is as worthy as the higher self, what other state can the higher self humble itself to if not to the ego, the lower self?

This is how the ego often sees it these days. The ego represents an illusion and lower vibrations which represents the lower self and separation to what the ego doesn't desire to be a part of.

The higher self observes the ego as simply the ego without separation, even to what is real and what is an illusion. There is no perception of separation or of a lower self, just an observation of a self unaware of it's whole self.

Unconditional love; is also referred to as being of the higher self when in actuality unconditional love is of the ego. Unconditional love still refers to attachments, usually attachments to the feelings a state of unconditional love creates. In actuality feelings period are not of the higher self but of the ego. Why in a deep meditative state can we experience a state that we no longer have attachments? Feelings play no further part for feeling totally rely on motion to exist. Motions, which include feelings, simply represent ego. In saying this, can you perceive or feel negative vibration while in a true state of unconditional love, even when empathic to vibrations? No, for there are no conditions as such in this state, only the feelings of love the ego creates from this state. 

A state of unconditional love can't be experienced without the ego, however, because unconditional love is a state of the absence of attachments and conditions, a state of unconditional love is also partly of the so-called higher self. If we don't hold too much attachments to the feelings that unconditional creates, a state of our higher being can be experienced from this state. As of anyone who has experienced a state of the higher being or self, unconditional love is simply part of the process of experiencing actual enlightenment. Enlightenment simply refers to a state of complete detachment from all feelings and associated desires. In saying this, often through the ego can unconditional love be expressed and experienced. This state is often experienced by the ego as being very beautiful and harmonious. To avoid abusing this energy, try not to become too attached to the feelings unconditional love creates via the ego. Any manipulation that serves the egos desires is abuse of energy that should be avoided if we want to experience peace and harmony.      

The soul; is also often mistakenly referred to as the higher self. The soul is simply an immortal part of a person which experiences all our lives as one life lived. My own soul doesn't see that I have experienced separate lives; my soul observes all my lives lived as simply many life experiences experienced, not as separate lives lived. In saying this, souls can perceive each life as being separate to the other as well; this depends on the soul experience being experienced. Like with our human form, once the soul experiences actual enlightenment in a life experience, this enlightenment is always remembered by the immortal soul but not always remembered when recreated in a mortal being.

Are souls different to each other as humans are? Yes. Remember, the soul is simply an immortal part of our mortal being and yes, it matter to the soul how we live our mortal lives. So does this mean some people are of a higher vibration or level than other people? No. To the ego yes but not to the higher being as the higher being represents all of what is, not just what we desire to be a part of. The ego doesn't desire to be apart of the lower self so it calls this lower state an illusion, negative and even toxic, etc, or, the ego goes the other way, there is only ego, all else other than the ego is an illusion. The ego says take your pick for they are one of the same thing thus create the same exact type of reality, a reality controlled by the ego!!                                
God State: To the ego in control this is all mumbo-jumbo, in other words nonsense and understandably so. I once had entities purposely fixated to ignorance approach me in this life experience, I instantly dispelled them through simply showing a glimpse of what they are also apart of. The glimpse was of the higher self which a lot of religious ideologies call God or as state of God. I have lost count how many people have acted in the same way as these entities when their own creation seemed threatened. No matter what experiences our souls have experienced, we are still all apart of the so-called higher self. No matter who you are, the door to the higher self is always open to you, at no point are you not apart of this higher self no matter what the controlling ego says.  

This God state or state of God is of everything, including lost souls lost within their own ignorance, their own creation. The ego then gets a perception that this state of God loves everyone unconditionally. This isn't wrong but from a God state of view unconditional love can only be experienced through the ego. The reason for this is that a state of unconditional love has the conditions of no conditions to be able to love in this way. This higher state of being has no conditions at all attached to it!!

Enlightenment: I have at no stage experienced actual enlightenment in this life experience, I simply have no desire to, but I have in other life experiences. You can't desire or have a need to experience enlightenment; enlightenment simply comes naturally when we release ourselves from our attachment and desires including our fixations to unconditional love. Actual enlightenment is simply a state the ego can experience when of the higher self or of a state of God. Enlightenment is simply of the process of the ego awakening to its higher self, enlightenment isn't even apart of the higher self, what is there to enlighten in this state which is of everything without question? This higher state is also known as a state of pure awareness.

So there we go. I should also say that some people have also replaced the perception of God with a Goddess in a way, in that unconditional love is the ultimate state of being. Unconditional love makes reference to the feminine so an idolisation to a Goddess occurs, especially when this state is seen as the ultimate state. Try to avoid the egos manipulation therefore abusing of energy like this, this is unless your soul wishes to experience more of the same.                         

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Defining Unconditional Love

Written by Mathew Naismith

In truth, are we becoming more unconditionally loving or less? To answer this we must first define what unconditional love is, I hope the following does just this. I recently found the following in my research on this topic.

Extract: "Conditional love is a polarised emotion, meaning that it has an opposite emotion. The opposite extreme of love is hatred. Conditional love comes from ego and generally focuses on someone (like romantic partner, child, parent, friend) or something (like a house, a car or a job). When we love someone conditionally, we tend to want them to look, act and think in ways that fit our own paradigms and expectations.

Unconditional love is a neutral and has no opposite. The source of unconditional love is Spirit; therefore it is available to everyone without discernment, and there is absolutely nothing we need to do to qualify for it.

Indeed, conditional love has everything to do with fulfilling our desires to feel good or feel better and better, there seems to be no end to fulfilling our ego desires. Are multinationals happy with owning millions of dollars worth of assets? No, it has to be billions and even trillions. Do we not also use spirituality to feel good or better and better? Lets be honest, the feel good industry that serves our desires is growing at an alarming rate. If it doesn't make us feel good, it's a negative, I am flabbergasted (astonished)!!

I am flabbergasted because I can't see how we have evolved any further in consciousness from thousands of years ago. Is trying to escape and/or showing an obvious disdain for humanity a show of unconditional love? If you can face the so-called negatives face on as you do the positives, this is a sign of being unconditional within your consciousness. Unconditional love is a consciousness of the absence of conditions period, how many of us separate what makes us feel good to what doesn't make us feel good? We often do this by judging what is and isn't negative and positive to start with. A separation of consciousness by the ego to fulfilled its desires!! A consciousness of unconditional love has nothing to fulfill, there are no desires therefore nothing to fulfill.  

If people like me were all about feeling good and fulfilling our desires, we wouldn't be telling the truths in the way it actually is, we would instead tell the truth in accordance with ours and other people's desires. I certainly don't desire to tell the truth in the way it is as it doesn't make me feel good or bad and this is where the neutral comes into it. It's a con by the ego, way do we have to feel good or bad, negative or positive? The strange thing with not always trying to feel good by separating consciousness into negatives and positive, bad and good, it does make me feel good by simply being neutral. Being neutral isn't a fulfillment of a desire; it's simply being of a neutral consciousness between what's desired and undesired. Being of a neutral consciousness, a consciousness of the absence of conditions depicts a consciousness of fewer motions. It's understandable that the fewer motions we express, the more truly unconditionally loving our consciousness will be. So many spiritual practices depict just this but are we truly listening?

In a time of insurmountable deception, chaos, mayhem and destruction, it is understandable and natural for the ego to desire to escape from this by any means. Be careful though, is deceiving yourself to an existence of unconditional love, when this existence has insurmountable conditions, not of the deception therefore a creation of this ego controlled existence? It is advisable to never create another existence from the same energy that created the previous existence; this kind of consciousness will never truly evolve in this manner. Any separation of consciousness naturally creates an existence based on deception and self-deception. Separating consciousness by any means will only lead to deception and lies or half truths!!

My advice to any spiritually aware person is to desist in any program, (ideology or ism), which leads to the separation of consciousness into negatives and positives, bad and good, black and white. Try to become more neutral and the more neutral you become, the more unconditionally loving you will become without effort. Are people like me truly unconditionally loving? No, we are of no conditions, this simply means to become unconditionally loving hasn't the conditions of not being of desires as well, just being simply aware is all that is needed, aware of our neutral being/existence. Remember, to try to be the opposite of desire is still of a desire, simply be as neutral as you can be without desiring this state too much. Go with the flow, not against it.......                             

Friday, 1 June 2018

Unconditional Love

Written by Mathew Naismith

I thought I would create a few videos so that my readers are able to put a persona behind what I write, also, it would seem the visual effect is more preferable these days. 

In brief; the basis and makeup of unconditional love is of no conditions, basically, the main attribute of unconditional love is the absence of conditions. This means a state or an awareness of a true form of unconditional love is of the absence of positive and negative, good and bad, light and dark, wrong and right, black and white, there is simply no perception of separation.

Most often unconditional love is associated or even attributed to love and light. There seems to be a misperception here, the ideology of love and light has huge amounts of conditions, being of or limited to the light and positive thinking are but a few conditions the ideology of love and light has. Another primary condition of love and light is avoiding or separating oneself from anything deemed negative.

People like me today are now deemed/judged negative and even toxic, only because we tell the truth in what is obvious. Within my 54 years, the obvious truth has become negative; this is in favour of believing love and light is associated with unconditional love when love and light obviously has huge amounts of conditions attached to this kind of ideology today.

A true sense of love and light is of unconditional love but only if unconditional love is not limited to conditions. 

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Perceiving Beyond 3rd Dimensional Aspects

Written by Mathew Naismith

Everything we create and experience in a 3rd dimensional reality, is created by 3rd dimensional aspects. 3rd dimensional aspects give us perceptions purely based on a 3rd dimensional views, basically speaking, 3rd dimensional realities only give perceptions that can only be of the small picture as opposed to the bigger picture. The bigger picture being perceptions beyond 3rd dimensional aspects. To get a better perspective of this I will use love as an example.

The small picture of love is to feel love for a person we are emotionally attached to, the bigger picture to this is to feel love for a number of people we are attached to. At this point we are still feeling love in a 3rd dimensional aspect, this is because our love only spans so far, it's limited to the people we are attached to. Now what about unconditional love, is this not of the bigger picture, a perceptions beyond 3rd dimensional aspects?

This is how difficult it is to unconditionally love in a 3rd dimensional reality. Try truly unconditionally loving anyone you deem as unbecoming or has bad vibrations. As soon as you have deemed them as unbecoming in anyway, you have conditions on your love. Try to now unconditionally love the most deemed grotesque person who ever walked this planet. To be honest, no one of 3rd dimensional perceptions can unconditionally love. Yes, we can unconditionally love the people we choose to love but we can't love unconditionally the people we have no attachments to or likeness to, this is because 3rd dimensional perceptions are limited to only being able to observe or become aware of what is of the small picture.

Let's say that a 3rd dimensional being is able to unconditionally love, does this make this love of the bigger picture, perceptions beyond 3rd dimensional aspects?

I will answer this with a simple no. Our usual perception of unconditional love always has some kind of condition to them, for example, they have to be human to start with. Think on this, how many of us has a true sense of unconditional love for this planet and all it's inhabitants? Look at the state of this planet, this isn't unconditional love, humans have utterly abused this planet and all it's life forms, this is because human love is limited to the small picture.

How many people are noticeably upset what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians, what about the pilfering of oil and gas from Syria. I haven't noticed one self-proclaimed unconditionally loving person noticeably speak out about what is occurring to people in the world that are not likened to them. The usual reason for this is to do with distancing themselves from judged negative vibrations. How many spiritually aware people have deliberately distanced themselves from what they have judged as negative? These people are only interested in the small picture, they can only perceive the small picture, basically, perceive love in a small way.

What is the big picture in relation to a true sense of unconditional love?

Put it in your mind to love the most deemed horrid person in the history of mankind, like you would someone you were emotionally attached to, now a thousand times this many times over. While experiencing and participating in a reality based on 3rd dimensional aspects, no human could honestly state they truly unconditionally love. Could you maternally love without conditions? Unconditional love is likened to maternal love but collectively as a whole without conditions or bias what so ever.

The big picture is that unconditional love is not limited to certain aspects because there is no aspects, especially 3rd dimensional aspects that are limited by it's own created aspects        or perspectives. The 3rd dimension is all about aspects, up down, right left, back and forth, which creates a black and white mentality, for example, right = black , left = white.

A true sense of unconditional love isn't determined by a black and white mentality, it's not determined by anything and it's this absence of  a determined aspect, that makes unconditional love what it is, unconditional under all circumstances. Unconditional love in relation to maternal love, isn't determined by a black and white mentality like a mother loving her children that they themselves gave birth to, there is no aspects, this kind of unconditional maternal love isn't determined by birth because their are no conditions, no limitations of love.

I know there is going to be a number of people who will still strongly state they unconditionally love. Imagine that a person you don't know, comes into your home and molests your children that you maternally love, be honest, your love for such a person is obviously going to have it's limitations. A truly unconditionally loving person would truly love without bias (limitations). While still experiencing and participating in a 3rd dimensional reality, no consciousness is able to truly unconditionally love.

Don't get me wrong here, unconditional love can indeed be experienced and even expressed in a 3rd dimensional reality but only as an abstract, basically, existing only in the mind while separated from embodiment. There is no true concrete representation of unconditional love, only an abstract feeling of unconditional love, however, this abstract feeling of unconditional love might not seem to be a big deal but it is, especially when felt in a 3rd dimensional reality. It's a big deal because 3rd dimensional realities are not conducive to a true expression of unconditional love for numerous reason as already stated in this post. If you are able to even glimpse or feel this unconditional love in a true sense, it is a big deal, it means you are connected in some way to your embodiment, our true self.  

The separation from embodiment is in relation to the mind experiencing a sensation of  separation from it's true whole self, anything other than this whole self, is an abstract creation. It's within this separation that a consciousness creates limitations, not just in relation to unconditional love but everything within it's entirety. Being able to perceive this is perceiving beyond 3rd dimensional aspects.......                 

Friday, 13 November 2015

Unconditional Collective Love

Written by Mathew Naismith

To me, the following is a very beautiful way to look at life in it's still form which I think unconditional collective love is all about. It's like observing  a single frame of a film or movie picture except you look at the whole film as a still picture, within  this perception, there is no judgment as there is no motion until the film is put into motion.

You see it's this motion that gives us judgement and ego, this is why unconditional collective love isn't of a controlling ego and this is why personal love can be.

When you observe an unconditional loving mother, what do you see? You see a mother who looks at her children as a still picture instead of a film/picture in motion, as soon as the mother predominantly looks at her children as just a motion picture in motion, they become judgmental towards their children. However, when you observe a truly unconditional loving mother, this isn't the case because the mother observes the whole collective of their child, not just the things her children are doing wrong!!   

Let's look at this in a slightly different way, visualise the whole of the universe as a  movie picture, it's full of motion, it actually never stops moving. Like a picture film, every motion represents a separate frame and when all these separate frames are put into motion, we have a past present and future to judge from. Now visualise this whole picture film as being one frame, not a picture film made up of many separate frames, there is no movement therefore their is no judgment, this is why a true form of unconditional collective love isn't of a controlling ego.

What this is saying is, to be truly unconditionally collectively loving, one has to look at the whole of one's life as one single frame, not many frames which automatically gives us judgment. Look at the whole movie picture as one frame, within this there is no motion to judge, this perception is what I call a timeless conscious state for there is no motion.

I perceive this is how mothers can be unconditionally loving, they perceive their children as a still picture before seeing their children as a child in motion. No matter what motion the child expresses, they still predominantly see there children as a still picture, therefore, judgment of their children comes second to unconditional love. This is how mothers can love their children no matter what.

You could also look at this as maternal love which is a natural instinct for mothers, this is unless a mother personally loves predominately over and above unconditional love.  

Now why do I say unconditional collective love, why the collective?  

This is interesting, visualise a picture film, it's made up of numerous still pictures called frames, these frames are all separate but only when looked at separately, even when this film is put into motion, every frame is still separate due to a past, present and future perception. You can replay, pause and go forward at any time in this film, therefore the perception it gives us is of  past, present and future events. Now look at this whole picture film as one single picture, sort of like a panoramic photo accept you can observe the whole  motion picture. As soon as you observe this picture in it's whole form, it becomes motionless. It's this motionless state that automatically gives us nothing to judge as their is no past or future, only the present.

Now the collective comes into it because you are now observing the whole motion picture as one whole picture, each frame observed as a whole is a collective, there is no separation of separate frames, there is only one frame, one picture. By being able to observe the whole motion picture in one frame, instantly gives this motion picture it's stillness, it's motionlessness. This is why in this state their is no time.......     

To me, each person represents a motion picture, I can either look at them as a picture in motion or a picture that is motionless, the perception of perceiving this perspective allows me to participate or observe a persons life. This means I can either become a participator in their lives or become an observer of their lives. You can actually do both but this can be tricky at times.

As soon as you perceive a motion picture is in motion, you instantly become a participator, this isn't the same when you just observe without participating. Also by being a participator, you become unaware of the bigger picture, you only see each frame as a separate frame that gives you a past, present and future, again this isn't the same when just observing.

When you observe, you see the whole motion picture but in a motionless state, within this perception, you are able to observe the whole of the motion picture all at the same time, you become aware of all of the whole collective, not just part of the collective we are participating in.

In actuality, unconditional collective love is the observer where's personal love is the participator, you can see how tricky it is when an unconditional loving mother also expresses a personal love towards their children.

It's funny, I so often refer to people like Jesus and Buddha for an example but truly unconditional loving mothers are just as good of an example to us, yes, we can learn a lot from unconditionally loving mothers as much if not more so!!                               

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Wisdom Within Collective Thinking

Written by Mathew Naismith

I know there are a number of people who don't like me sharing other people's perspectives, I however find other people's perspectives and insights interesting, of course I'm going to share them. It takes the collective to wise up to itself, this also means sharing other people's perspectives and insights other than my own. No one singular consciousness can bring forth the wisdom within all of us but a collective consciousness can.

I received following interesting replies to my last post, I hope they give you as much insight as they gave me.  

Consciousness (mindfulness in the form of compassion non-violence, and loving kindness), Mother Earth, nature and the Ego state are all interrelated - unless we can master these understandings, then practice Consciousness, no human can evolve positively, peacefully and no human except Buddhist Monks will ever be able to understand what it feels like to  live in a higher state of consciousness! Have just published a book about Gaia's lack of Ego and how Gaia is in relation to mother Earth and you are quite right, Mother Earth is a living breathing entity! Blessings!

My Reply
Yes, Buddhist monks are to me  about pure balance which brings forth the wisdom to be able to exist in a chaotic world in peace. It's actually quite a beautiful state to exist in.

This came to mind recently, very few people will experience true wisdom, this however doesn't mean we can't live in balance with Gaia. We need to once again learn to listen to wisdom instead of egotism.

I'm going to insert your reply into one of my posts, could you give my readers of my blog some detail about your book and how to purchase it?

thank you Mathew! the book is called 'Darwin's Women of Mother Earth' by author Lucy Farmer - your readers can purchase it on Amazon or through my website link on selfhelpforhealing dot com..if google does not allow this message to be accepted and think it is a promotion they will erase it, however, if you go to my google page you will find my website details and all links to the book on that! The book is aimed at the feminine energies and the ancient connection with mother earth and goes into scientific but also intuitive details about the past and how humans lived without ego - If men and women are brave they can learn a great deal from this book about themselves, and to find the true path to peace, wisdom and living in balance with Gaia and the  true connection that all humans have been looking for - for thousands of years - A very intricate book, connecting, mind-science, nature, (mother Earth), feminine energies, genetics, neuroscience and mindfulness and how they are all interrelated. I would be very happy once your readers have read this book to give free discussions to your readers but you will have to contact me on my website for email details.  - many blessings Mathew!

Yours - Mine - Theirs  ,,, none of it matters in the end.

My Reply
True, it doesn't matter because no one possess's anything, including our thoughts. It's interesting how the ego dupes us to think in terms of possessions. 

I  get it. "Any extreme reactions to another motion we judge as evil isn't balance."   It is chaos.

My Reply
What we judge as evil loves it's opposites being expressed, especially to an extreme, this is wholly due to the love of conflicts. You can't have much of a conflict if a consciousness of evil intent doesn't have an opposite, the more extreme the opposite, the better the conflict.

Too many people give love in retaliation to a deemed evil or wrong, this is only feeding it and it love it. Consciousness's of evil intent don't like to be embraced in love, they want to be hated or judged as being wrong which most people do. It's wise to learn the true concepts of unconditional love.  


Collective Consciousness: I have attracted some interesting readers, I say interesting mainly because they are mostly open minded and yes even balanced within themselves in one sense or another, I'm actually quite privileged because I'm now apart , in my mind, of an exclusive group of people through my blog. These people are exclusive because they don't seem to judge one ideology being the be and end all, this is more important than some people might think. Again, it takes the collective to wise up to itself, no one singular consciousness can bring forth the wisdom within all of us but a collective consciousness can.

The collective consciousness is of course referring to collective ideologies, no one ideology has all the answers, this includes the ideologies that help us to find balance in life therefore wisdom. For an example of this, what opposite motion would wisdom alone create, in other words what is the opposite of wisdom?  Folly, foolishness which is usually brought about by being unaware. A true sense of balance and wisdom isn't just an expression of wisdom but a balance between all of what is, this is true wisdom in my mind. This is how I think the wise can live within a reality of foolishness and still stay collectively wise, they accept the foolishness as also being apart of themselves without becoming too involved, in other words the wise participate within this motion  but always remember to also observe.

Wisdom doesn't listen to egotism; this is the trick of wisdom, it instead observes egotism without having the desire to express egotism. You might presume this takes control  but it doesn't, wisdom isn't about taking control as Gaia isn't about taking control of the cycles Gaia presides over. The thing to wise up too, there is a huge difference between influencing something and controlling something!!

Most people are influenced by the ego to become controlling, this controlling action is then expressed as an extreme which denotes egotism, an expression that is highly expressive of control. What then happens when we are influenced by wisdom? Quite the opposite occurs, we actually express less control not more. This is due to the balance of what wisdom gives, after all wisdom is about balance to begin with. The ego doesn't have to influence us to become controlling, especially of Gaia (our environment), this seems  to only occur when a consciousness lakes wisdom, in other word lacks balance.  

Could you imagine if man's consciousness kept in balance with Gaia? It's hard to imagine but a heaven on Earth comes to mind.

Possessions: If you look back in human history, you will find a lot of the people of the ancient times knew they never truly possessed anything, this is due to anything created through motion is transitory, meaning it has a life span and isn't infinite. How can you truly posses anything that isn't infinite? It's mind boggling but we do in modern day times but why do we have the mentality of ownership/possession?

Control, the more controlling we become, the more we think we posses. Control is  fundamentally possessed by egotism for egotism creates control, this control in turn of course creates a sense of ownership. The people of ancient times and the people who still abide by these ancient principles today,  didn't and don't have this dilemma, they are free of such egotistical control. You could easily say they are true observers of folly.

Opposites Attracting Opposites: Do we truly want to keep attracting the opposite?  It would seem so. The more extreme we express one motion, like love or hate, the more the opposite we will create, this is called cause and effect, one action creating a possible opposite reaction. For example, "I'm going to keep my doors unlocked at night, I won't be dictated to by criminals", they then experience a home invasion.

Another example, "I will give love to an evil wrongful world",  how are the deemed evil, who only lust, going to react to this?  They are of course going to counteract this love with lust.

Both these examples are in retaliation and are a retaliative reaction against a deemed opposite, this of course creates the opposite effect.

Let's now look at both these examples again but with far less retaliative motion/reaction. " In my environment it isn't wise to leave my doors open, I will lock my doors".

 "I will give love and embrace a world that seems lost to itself". You are going to receive quite a different response to this from any deemed opposite, actually, you haven't judged an opposite to start with within this very subtle motion.

Any consciousness of deemed evil intent, will only thrive on an opposing reaction, they love conflicts and destruction, why keep feeding them what they want and need to keep on existing? 

The true concepts of unconditional love refers to embracing every part of consciousness no matter how it expresses itself, deeming one part of consciousness evil or wrong, and not embracing it in love, isn't an expression of unconditional love.

Yes, to express a true form of unconditional love takes balance, this means never allowing egotism  to control you to only see yourself in opposition, once you have an opposition, you have an immediate imbalance. This certainly isn't conductive to acquiring wisdom, you can certainly see why we haven't acquired wisdom in the modern age, egotism is too in control of us!!          

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Love, Lust and Unconditional Love

Written by Mathew Naismith

I came across a discussion recently about love, lust and unconditional love; I thought I would post and share this on my blog.  Is love needed to create lust and can lust exist without love? How does unconditional love come into all this?

It would seem psychology puts them in the same basket, lust being created from love however love obviously doesn’t always create lust but it does create attachments.  

Having worked in the welfare arena, I worked with paedophiles at times; there lust is love to them, lust creates an attachment which turns to love. Most often paedophiles become quite fond of the children they abuse, clergy paedophiles are a good example of this however not all paedophiles abuse turns to love.  In this case it’s just pure lust creating an attachment to lust.   

I should point out, I don’t know how we are getting love & lust mixed up with unconditional love, most partners have conditions.

I said to my wife, if she ever finds anyone that also makes her happy you have my blessing to share yourself with them as well, this is unconditional love, if she is happy so am I, what else is there but my partners happiness?   This denotes an attachment to my wife’s happiness which in turn makes me happy, not just an attachment to my own happiness.  

We shouldn’t confuse this with the likes of wife swapping, wife swapping is very similar to paedophilia because like paedophiles lust creates an attachment but the attachment isn’t to love but lust itself, lust creating an attachment to lust.  This of course upsets a lot of wife swappers but there are similarities if they like it or not. 

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Unconditional Love/Oneness

Written by Mathew Naismith

I think most of us know what unconditional love is all about, it’s to basically love without question or judgement & oneness is to accept all without question & judgment, this is very easy to understand but is it easy to act out & are we all able to act it out? Of course if we have an understanding of unconditional love & oneness & find ourselves in various conscious states experiencing this it must be easy to act out even to the most unaware person but is it? Fist one has to be unconditionally understanding of the totality of everything then one would have to be unconditionally accepting of the totality of everything however here comes the easy part, I believe once you have true unconditional understanding & acceptance of the totality of all unconditional love comes automatically without effort.

When we consider true unconditional love on its own it seems very simple because all one has to do is be unconditionally loving without question or judgment but it takes a lot more than that to be truly unconditionally loving & in fact it takes many lessons through various dimensions & consciousness’s to obtain true unconditional love.

Let me put it this way, how many of us now can unconditionally love a person who is torturing & sexually molesting a child especially your own child to death? I know I couldn’t, the only ones that could would be the ones who are unconditionally accepting of such heinous crimes, it’s not so easy to be unconditionally accepting to start with. To reach any form of unconditional love one has to be firstly unconditionally understanding & then unconditionally accepting but to reach true oneness one would have to be unconditionally understanding & accepting of the totality of all which in human form would be virtually impossible this is why we have got various dimensions to go through to teach us such unconditional values at the soul level.  For one to be truly unconditionally loving & at one with the totality of all one’s soul would have had to come from the 12th dimension which is believed to be one with God or the creative consciousness.

Now the person unconditionally accepting of heinous crimes seems to have more of a chance of becoming unconditionally loving because they are already unconditionally understanding & accepting of heinous crimes however do they understand & accept all as in showing true unconditional love to  victims of such heinous crimes? The answer of course is no so they have no chance in becoming unconditionally loving & at one in their present form however people like me who are unaccepting of there acceptance haven’t got a chance either.

It is important to know that you can’t have unconditional love without oneness otherwise how would one be aware that they are unconditionally loving without oneness because oneness represents the totality of all, non-accepting of anything isn’t of oneness so this would mean  unconditional love is totally unobtainable unless we are all accepting & of course to be all accepting one also would have to understand what they are being accepting of & this is why it takes so long for a soul to reach this point of true unconditional love & oneness, it certainly couldn’t be reached in one or two life times. So is taking on any concept of unconditionally loving pointless in realities like this one because it’s impossible to obtain? What is learning here is your soul through the experiences the human vessel goes through, to even notice of trying to be unconditionally loving is a huge learning curve for your soul & it will take this on board so no it’s not pointless at all. What is pointless is expecting to obtain this in one life time. By just acknowledging & experiencing certain conscious states of unconditional love & oneness is the start of understanding what unconditional  means at the soul level & from this will come, eventually, unconditional acceptance & then totality of unconditional love of the totality of all which is true oneness.

What is going on is we are continually thinking in human form & playing this out as if this is the main part of who we are but it’s not, what is important & who we are truly is our souls. What we really need to do to make it easier on ourselves in reaching this unconditional love & oneness state of consciousness in human form is think of yourself of being the soul not human; see yourself as just a human vessel showing your soul, your true self, to the light. This will make understanding & accepting a lot easier for your human vessel to teach your soul what unconditional actually means so how does it do that? Once you recognise your truer self as being the soul & not this human vessel you start to become detached from a lot of attachments & fixated attachments, becoming detached just means you’re letting go of taught practices that are holding you back in finding true unconditional love & oneness eventually, in other words it’s the human vessels attachments that is making it hard for us to reach our final goal, have faith & just let go.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Seeing Past Our Fixated Attachments

Written by Mathew Naismith

Below is an interesting exchange between myself & another person on the discussion of atheism & spiritualism on Linkedin, I find it really funny how when one person is fixated on one belief or concept that is the truth over anything else, this of course relates a lot to what I have just been writing about on my blog in relation to fixated attachments & how they can hinder our conscious growth personally & collectively.  

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I don’t won’t to crush anyone’s beliefs here but going into deep meditation & feeling oneness & unconditional love of everything is of our human emotions, science has proven that we are still thinking while meditating however we are using different parts of our brain, so if we are still thinking we still have emotions & emotions of any kind can be quite delusional at times. Psychologically the reason we feel unconditional love is it’s in reaction to our physical world, any feeling of any opposites can be quite extreme thus emotional to the extreme.

 Once we go past this extreme emotional conscious state we see it for what it is, you still feel unconditional love however it’s not as emotionally extreme. Feeling harmonious & at pure peace can to a human feel like unconditional love which makes perfect sense because our world, especially at times, can be quite harrowing, it’s just a counter reaction to this. Once you get past this point of counter reaction one becomes a lot more accepting & clear as you see everything for what it truly is. Psychology should play a huge part in spirituality I believe; it would make us see spirituality in quite a different more accepting light which would make us less conflictive.


Mathew: "" Psychologically the reason we feel unconditional love is it’s in reaction to our physical world, any feeling of any opposites can be quite extreme thus emotional to the extreme"".

 I would say that any who experience the UNconditional Love that I did, and they don't equate it to GOD (not God nor gods), then they never felt it.

 IMnsHO and E.

G’day Jerry

Are you saying I never felt it, are you sure of that? Your own attachments are telling you that I have never experienced such occurrences.  Our own modes of thought tell us what we want to hear especially in regards to our own ideological concepts & especially when questioned, in this case your mode of thought is telling you that I have never experienced such occurrences if I don’t equate it to some God or deity. Do you know how many modes of thought there are out there? If you count how many different personas there is you would be close so who’s mode of thought is right over another?

I got caught up in a conscious state of unconditional love & harmony but I went past that & at that time I didn’t equate it to psychology but from the act of actually going past this point of consciousness.  I feel unconditionally loving all the time however I don’t allow it to rule my entire life as I realised one can only know of one’s true self through diversity not just being fixated to one mode of thought or concept.

Have you heard of the double slot physics experiment where once observed one can change the outcome of the experiment to what one expects to find? Everything is consciousness so when one is expecting a certain outcome that is exactly what they will get & of course anyone being spiritually minded will expect to experience unconditional love & harmony in certain states of consciousness, we are taught & conditioned to expect this through various spiritual writings so that is exactly what you will experience in these states of consciousness. It all comes down to one vibration reacting to another!!

If you are saying God is just consciousness as we all are I agree.  


This all comes down to if we equate unconditional love to just a God or deity, everyone’s experience would be exactly the same in these conscious states but they are not for the main reason we perceive something different to someone else so the outcome or experience is going to be of that difference to others. Yes we all feel unconditional love & harmony however these feelings are slightly different plus our visualisation is somewhat different but it shouldn’t be if it was equated to God or deity.  As for what I felt, it was far more than just feeling unconditional love & harmony so even the feelings we get from such conscious states can be quite different, it’s obvious the feeling of unconditional love isn’t just equated to a God or deity but of course that depends on one’s own fixated mode of thoughts at the time!!

No one with a fixated attachment is going to be able to see pass their belief system however just having attachments without being fixated is quite different as one is then able to see outside the square & not be blinded by living within the square of any such fixated mode of thoughts.