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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Why Be Fooled Into Masochism

Written by Mathew Naismith

"If you treat people like cattle, they will eventually behave like cattle. If you treat people like angels, they will indeed become angels"....Mathew

Masochism in this case refers to self-mutilation for self-pleasure, the destruction of our natural environment is a good example of this, another example is being involved in the loss of other people's faith in humanity while we sit within our own personal peace and tranquility. Masochism certainly seems to refer to individuality rather than the collective, an individual consciousness rather than a collective consciousness but the question is, are we being fooled into masochism?

Masochism certainly refers to self-pleasure, this also includes spiritually aware people sitting within their own created environment while mostly and deliberately ignoring what is judged to be negative or bad by them. It's wise to be aware to what we are doing, the problem with me is, and it does seem to be a problem with a lot of people, I'm for truth, justice and the Australian way, or more precisely, truth, justice and the collective way. I observe myself rather than judged myself, through this,  I become aware that I can become fooled into being but another masochist quite unbeknownst to me.

It's obvious that the world is self-mutilating itself and has been for many years and it's not getting any better. We have been utterly fooled into self-mutilation, mainly to serve the desires of the few. The average person has also been fooled into participating in this self-mutilation through self-pleasure and desires. What makes us feel good must be good so we participate. Now the main reason I think we do this is to detract from what we have judged as being negative, anything that makes us angry or sad is opposed by our pleasures and desires being met, however, while this is occurring, we are being fooled in to being masochists, mostly quite unbeknownst to ourselves.

I'm going to now use a bit of Christian analogy here even though a lot of spiritually aware people have judged that Christian ideologies are fear based, this of course couldn't be further from the truth. Why? Fear for starters can enlighten us to what our present actions will create, a lot of what is mentioned in the bible is occurring right now in the present. To also have fear of fear is being fearful, let's be honest here. I know a lot of clergy have instilled this fear within there parishioners but a true Christian doesn't fear fear to start with, therefore, they don't have a fear of fearing unlike many new age spiritually aware people do.

You face fear face on, it's like facing the devil face on. Now is the devil a fear based analogy? What is the devil, what would the devil be into other than fear? Masochism, what is presently occurring right under our noses and what are we also participating in? Masochism, the devil has arrived through us but don't be fooled that the devil has horns and would be quite noticeable, in fact the devil is wearing sheep's clothing, it's disguised. The devil, like God consciousness , is a consciousness, a consciousness we take on that creates the reality we presently exist in. Basically, we have summoned the devil's consciousness by participating in masochism, quite unbeknownst to a lot of us, we have certainly been fooled. I should also state I'm not what you would call a Christian, I really don't have a label for myself and why should I!!

Now coming face to face reminds me of the time I came face to face with nine entities who were well and truly into masochism, to dispel them, all I did was laugh at them. The reason why this worked was simple, I didn't fear fearing and I wasn't of a masochist consciousness, I was of a consciousness that was anything but a masochist. You could say I was of the Buddha or Jesus consciousness. Yes I know, a lot of Christians don't kike putting Buddha and Jesus within the same category but what is is what is...

You see this devils consciousness (masochistic consciousness) is masochistic for a very good reason, it's wants to purge itself of being anything of God's consciousness, the problem for any consciousness that is masochistic, is that everything has the spirit of this God's consciousness within it no matter what. Any person or entity who is of this masochistic consciousness, doesn't like being reminded of who they truly are, they want to stay ignorant to any connection to God's consciousness what's so ever.

When I smiled at these entitles, I smiled with the awareness that they are of this God's consciousness no matter how much of a masochist they become. How many people today want to purge themselves of this connection to this God's consciousness? Are things getting better in the world or worse through this purging? You could call this God's consciousness what ever you like, we all still come from the same source, energy is a prime example, everything we can become aware of is energy, energy = the spirit within all things. A consciousness can purge itself of this energy as much it likes through self-mutilation (masochism) but in the end we are what we are, one consciousness split up by an unawareness of who we truly are.   

Monday, 16 May 2016

The Creation of What Is

Written by Mathew Naismith

Consciousness works like this, what we perceive is what we create, usually a reality we exist with but not necessarily by. Not every perception we perceive with we exist by but every reality we exist by we exist with, meaning, not every perception we have we exist by. Take evil intent, how many of us are aware of the perceptions of evil intent. How many of us have felt or experienced some kind of intent that would be regarded as evil? Now how many of us actually live by such intentions while living with evil intent? Not every perception we experience and /or perceive we live by while living with these intentions.
We are not what we live with until we start to live by what we are living with. As soon as we give time and effort against what is deemed as evil intent, we start to create reality that is based on by what we are living with, in other words we become what we are living with instead of living by what we are. We usually live by other people's perceptions rather than living by our own perceptions.
Now I highlighted against because there is a difference between giving time against something of evil intent to just giving time to become aware of evil intent. Being against anything isn’t about being aware, it’s about shunning or showing disdain, basically being ignorant to these intentions thus unintentionally living by these same intentions yourself. Allowing any kind of disdainful intent to influence us  is living by such intent because it has influenced us to have disdain. This disdain will only encourage and manifest more of the same evil intent, I think what is occurring in the world at present is a good indication of this.
I will now tell you about some of my dreams last night, one of my first dreams having the feeling of evil intent. I should point out here, we might well and good look at extremist groups as being of evil intent but how many of us know about the evil that is allowed to go on behind closed door within our own society? Most people would be utterly horrified to say the least.
One of my first dreams last night started off as usual, nothing significant to mention, I was coordinating for the arrival of some regal people at a venue, this was until tried the lift/elevator to go up to the twelfth floor of the venue. I couldn’t get out on the twelfth floor so I decided to go back down to the ground floor from wince I came. The lift didn’t stop at the ground floor but kept going down to floors that didn’t exist.
As I was going down, the feeling of evil intent got worse but then the lift/elevator doors opened. What greeted me was brightly coloured toy like animals, however, the feeling of evil intent was just as prevalent. In contradiction, my last dream was of me singing in the most beautiful way one could.
My dreams clearly show that I am aware and accepting of a huge variety of perceptions, however, I still allow evil intent to influence me in one way or another. This is shown in the way evil intent influenced my dream.
Intent is only shown as evil if one has disdain towards an intent or perception, the brightly coloured toy like animals show this. If I entered further past the doors of the lift/elevator, only evil intent would have occupied my dream, the toy like animals would have turned out being sinister in nature. You see, once you cross over living by such perceptions and intent, you become or are influenced, to a great degree, by these intentions.
We do live with these deemed evil intentions because we too are of these intentions, it’s all of one consciousness, it’s not one kind of consciousness separate from another, it’s one consciousness that we can live by and/or with within certain conscious perception.  This separation of course takes a consciousness to be unaware of other perceptions. This now brings us to separation in the ideologies we use and/or become fixated to thus negating all other perceptions.
How many of us separate energy, vibrations and God/Gods consciousness from other forms of perception?  Science often separates itself from one source of creativity from another singular source of creativity many people call God, did not one source of creativity called energy create everything? Religion also does the same thing as science due to a certain fixed ideology being followed. Boundaries and limitations come to mind when separating one source of consciousness from another.
One source of creation = energy + God/God’s consciousness + vibrations
Scientifically, we tend to separate energy into it’s labelled slots but it’s still energy, we also do the same religiously as each religion has it’s own set ideological separate standards. Now vibrations are interesting because all energy sources vibrate, meaning, everything is vibration, however, everything also has it’s own vibrational frequencies, it’s these formation and expression of frequencies that make everything in existence different to each other.  However, just because we are separating everything within it’s own form and expression, should this mean that everything is not vibrating?
No matter what frequency everything is vibrating at, it’s still a vibration, you can’t have everything existing as it’s own individual frequencies if these frequencies are not vibrating.  The root source of creation is therefore vibrations, however, it’s also energy and God/God’s consciousness if you like, it’s one of the same thing. I do love how religion defined vibrations and energy as defining the existence of one source way before science. General science today still doesn’t define energy or vibration as one creative source.

So what does all this mean?

Try to live by your own perceptions and intentions thus creating your own reality that is more in tune with you, it's too easy living by other people's perceptions and intentions these days.

Also, try not to express disdain towards other perceptions, intentions  and realities that are not in tune with your own no matter how destructive they are. This however doesn't mean you should have to put up with these influences, at times this takes one to totally disconnect themselves from such influences. If your own perceptions, intentions and reality are constantly being influenced by influences that cause you discord, if possible, try to disconnect yourself from these influences, if unable to do so, try living by your own perceptions while living with perceptions that cause you disdain.

In all, it's wise not to be in disdain of any other perceptions, intentions and realities not of your own, this isn't easy at times but worth following through with. If other people's path is to be destructive, either get out of the way of such destruction or create your own reality while living with these influences of destructive tendencies. Be aware that you can take on the environment you are existing in by living by as opposed to existing with. Just because you are living with these perceptions and tendencies, doesn't mean you have to live by them.                     

Monday, 15 February 2016

It's Within The Questions We Ask!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

I should firstly point out that anyone who doesn't like energy, the source or the creator of all things labelled as a God's consciousness, you won't like the following post. A lot more  people relate to this kind of consciousness as being of a God, it simplifies the extent of conciseness my internet friend and I are talking about here.

I hope you find the following exchange between Sal C and I interesting.  

I was just seriously thinking how time and timelessness can exist at the same time and thought of you. I know you write about these topics and thought you might have a satisfying answer. Any help would be great. Your friend, Sal

My Reply
This takes a bit of explaining Sal but here we go. 

Time exists within timelessness, timelessness actually is represented by what a lot of us call God for only through a timeless state can everything be created. The reason for this is simple, timelessness has no starting or ending point of origin, everything has always existed, however!!

Not everything has existed as an expression, time actually allows everything within this timelessness state or God's consciousness to be expressed.  

Now believe it or not, time also has always existed, remembering, there is no starting or ending point of anything, this includes time, however,  within time there is a starting and ending point of expressing this God's consciousness that is not expressed while is a state of motionlessness.

Timelessness = God's consciousness + motionlessness 

Time = Man's consciousness in our case + motion

In this motionless timeless state of God's consciences, there is no expression however this is where time comes into it, time allows God's consciousness to be expressed. Sadly enough, this includes God's consciousness being also expressed in a distorted way.  When we lose faith in God or have an unawareness of this timeless state, consciousness becomes automatically distorted by time. The reason for this distortion is that time represents expression of conscious, any expression of consciousness in any and everyway, man's consciousness is certainly showing us this.  

Basically, time and timelessness represent different perspectives of consciousness for one is measured as a motion and the other isn't.  Time only represents an expression of this consciousness while timelessness represents, at the same time, a non- expressional state of this consciousness. 

I hope this helped Sal. Try to remember, I am no expert on this, it's basically my own perception of what time and timelessness represent.     

So interesting. I have been doing a lot of soul searching in my life. In your opinion where does the eternal present moment fit in? It does feel like underneath everything there is always "the now", maybe there isn't "a now", not sure. Its funny, I can sense "this eternal now" so vividly and yet time seems so real as well.

My Reply
Sal C The eternal present fits within God's consciousness itself, a consciousness not determined or influenced by time, I suppose you could perceive this as being the now, a consciousness of timelessness where there is no ending and starting point which means no past or future, only the now.

A lot of people believe that time is an illusion which means all the expressions of God's consciousness is also an illusion within this time!! I of course don't conform to this perception.

Is time real?

To me, time is an expression of this God's consciousness, yes, it can be distorted but does this distortion of God's consciousness represent an illusion?  This is questionable Sal, when we are no longer expressing God's consciousness as it is in time, is such expressions an illusion?

No, it's only a distortion, how can any consciousnesses expressed in any way be a true illusion when it all is created from this infinite God's consciousness. As you can get distortion in space itself, you can also get distortion in consciousness. Does a distortion within space represent an illusion? The answer is of course no, the same with consciousness. The problem with distortions is it can indeed influence a consciousness to perceive differently to the original source which I call God's consciousness.      

Excellent responses Mathew. We can help each other figure out this paradox we call life. Your friend, Sal

My Reply
Sal C We are certainly here for each other in one sense or another my friend. 

We might think the answer is more important than the question or query, we couldn't be more incorrect. The right questions to the answers actually takes more perception than the correct answers for the questions, this to me is so obvious. The answer actually formulates the questions and queries for the answers have always existed.

Questions = time + movement

Answers = timelessness and motionlessness

Within time, it is obvious we need the correct questions to find the answer as you have done once again my friend, you are indeed quite perceptive. You are basically a reflection of timelessness, God's consciousness, no joke..... 

Mathew Naismith wow, I'm honored. I'm truly trying to find the truth, regardless if I "win" the debate, or whatever that outcome is. I guess I have to keep asking questions.

I guess more questions equals more answers. 

I really see the paradox in everything. Like if I'm afraid of something I agree with it and make it worse in my mind. If I hang in there long enough the fear goes away naturally.

My Reply

It's within the types of questions we ask Sal, often our questions are time based and are limited to time because time is naturally limiting. I see you asking questions based on timelessness as well, a consciousness not limited, basically, a consciousness that is unlimited, infinite if you like. 

I wrote a quote awhile ago, " Try to avoid asking questions before you know the answer, within this state of awareness becomes harmony".

When asking questions based on this timelessness, you are basically doing what this quote is stating. It's as if we know the answer but we need this answer confirmed!! How often do people like you and I do this? We have a feeling what the answer is but time based questions just don't confirm this for us.

Wonderful exchange of conversation between time and timelessness! Thanks Mathew

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Kundalini Energy and God's Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

My recent post titled Energy of Kundalini didn't seem to go down well with a lot of Western thinking people, I however got quite a different reaction from a number of Eastern thinking people, even a person who instructs in Eastern spiritual philosophy and Kundalini yoga and is a eternal Zen disciple, healer radio host and author of Buddha in the classroom, seem to endorse what I wrote.

I am also long term friends with an 80 years old Yoga teacher who teaches in the three Yogic practices, Yogic exercise, Yogic science and Yogic spirituality. This 80 year old also seemed to endorse what I wrote about in my last post.

Now the point is, I wasn't quite sure in what I wrote in relation to Kundalini energy, it was nice to get confirmation that I was on the right track. I also mentioned God and how God's consciousness can only be expressed through Kundalini energy. Using the word God also didn't go down well with some people. I use the word God to emphasise on the difference between human consciousness and a consciousness that is, to me, of pure wisdom, in one sense using the word God is quite apt as most human consciousness has shown it's not as wise as this God's consciousness. To our human consciousness, any consciousness this wise is going to be represented by divineness, this perception however ceases when we become aware we are too of this wisdom.

I do feel expressing this pure wisdom needs an energy force to do so, how do you express pure wisdom otherwise?  You can't express pure wisdom because their is no motion within this pure wisdom to do so, it's obvious this pure wisdom to be expressed needs an energy source of some kind, Kundalini energy.

Kundlini energy is the energy within all living things, like I said in my last post, it's the spirit within all things. I feel it's this spirit that gives motion to a motionless consciousness of pure wisdom but how does it do this? Observation, once consciousness is observed, consciousness begins to move from it's motionless state, this observation, to me,  is Kundalini energy and it's through this observation that gives consciousness itself motion.

Like the universe, once this consciousness is given motion through Kundlaini energy, it expands out in all directions creating all sorts of things, planets are a good example of this and so are our physical being.

They don't refer to Kundalini as an energy for no reason, the funny thing with Kundalini energy is it can bring on motion but it can also bring on motionlessness, realigning our chakras are a good example of this I feel.

Think on this, what actually causes our chakras to become unaligned in the first place? Motion, a chaotic expression of a consciousness in motion, this can be an expression of too much desire or control for example. The reason this occurs is due to our physical minds, they are always in motion and at times chaotically in motion. Now this chaos I feel is due to an unaligned expressive consciousness due to the fixation of the mind. What Kundlaini energy does in our case is realign these energies of consciousness to become  motionless to one degree or another. 

Why can Kundalini energy give us a more in-depth meditative experience?  I feel it's all to do with how this energy can influence us to become less expressive of motion, once you lesson motion, you align the chakras and once you fully align these chakras, you become this Kundalini energy, basically you become one with the spirit of all things.                   

This however doesn't mean you become one with God's consciousness, to do this takes one to go on from Kundalini energy and become this pure wisdom. I feel Kundalini energy isn't pure wisdom but it is the life force within all things, in other words it's the life force and creator of everything of motion. You could say here that God's consciousness is the father and Kundalini energy is the mother, yin and yang. Is Kundalini energy Gaia??    

Basically what I am saying is this Kundalini energy gives birth to all living things through motion, this includes the entirety of the universe itself and everything within it where's God's consciousness give it's it wisdom and consciousness. This isn't saying Kundlini energy doesn't give us a more aligned consciousness because that is exactly what it does, well, in my mind anyway. 

Please again don't take what I write as being gospel,  it has always only been a reflection of my own perceptions.              

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Time and Timeless Conscious States

Written by Mathew Naismith

There is an obvious difference in how consciousness works in time and timelessness, this is worth being aware of in my mind if we want to build upon a more constructive reality.

Time = human consciousness + focusing + intentions + goals + motion

Timelessness = God's (sources) consciousness + no focusing, intentions nor goals + motionless

There is a huge difference between states of time and timelessness, however, we can exist within these two states. It's like meditating while at the same time working in a job that takes a lot of thinking, this is certainly attainable. It actually takes balance between time and timelessness states to create a reality based more on passive motions.

Time is all about a consciousness in motion, in other words thought. It's natural within this state to focus our intentions to attain goals within states of time, it's however not natural within time to be totally unfocused within our intentions to obtaining goals. States of time are all about consciousness in motion where's timelessness is quite the opposite, the less a consciousness is in motion, the more this consciousness is of timeless states of consciousness.

At times, I will only exist within my own space, this means there is no focus nor intentions and certainly no goals in mind. It's usually quite beneficial to get into my own space for no reason what so ever, in other words I have no intentions of a goal before getting into this state and it's certainly not in retaliation to circumstances surrounding me either. This state isn't always attainable though, mainly because I'm still usually focused on certain circumstances surrounding me, at certain times I am unable to just let go of these circumstances. In this case, it's a good idea to be aware of what we are in judgment to at the time, timeless states after all are totally void of judgement of any kind, it's no wonder this state isn't always attainable to us.

The benefits of being able to go into timeless states is huge, especially in a states of time, this is due to time, at times, can be more of motion than other times within time. The more a consciousness is in motion, the more this consciousness needs to be able to go into a timeless conscious state otherwise it will become overly destructive. It's natural for a highly motional consciousness  to be more destructive.

Imagine this; what would instantly occur if we became more the observer (motionless)  than a participator (motional)?  Being the observer would allow us to understand each other better, but most importantly, our consciousness would become less expressive of motions. Wouldn't it be sad if we had less wars and conflicts in the world, this would occur if only we could observe more and act less!!

This is why wisdom is all about being an observer rather than a participator, only through observing can we become wise. This is why I state that God's consciousness is of pure wisdom, it's always in observation of time.

However, don't ever expect your own consciousness to be the observer of timelessness though, no consciousness can observe a consciousness in a timeless state, this is wholly due to there being no motion what so ever in a timeless state. The only conscious state that can be observed is a consciousness's of time, this is wholly due to consciousness within this state being of motion.

So how do we become aware a timeless state if we are unable to observe this state?

This is why we can't observe God's consciousness, it's within a timeless state of observation, however, we are often told about God's consciousness through various means. This however isn't the only way to become aware of this timeless state, you can, through various spiritual practices, enter into a timeless state. I honestly think this is the best way to become aware of this timeless state, as becoming aware of this timeless state, through various ideologies, can be misleading. I don't just mean  misleading because these ideologies are not totally correct, I mean these ideologies can, and most often do, give us more judgment of other ideologies which lead us away from this timeless state. Once we take on an ideology to be the be and end all, all we are doing is misleading ourselves if we think we are becoming more aware of this timeless motionless state.

In certain ideologies, God's consciousness is the only consciousness that is able to judge man, to me this isn't the case, this would mean this God's consciousness is highly expressive of ego through judgment. This would also mean God's consciousness can be highly destructive. This is an impossibility within a timeless state, God's consciousness after all is infinite, when does this consciousness then start and finish being in judgement if this consciousness is infinite and obviously not of time? Only in states of time can judgment exist, God's consciousness to me doesn't exist within time, a state of finite (transitory) state, but in an infinite state.

This however isn't saying that these ideologies are incorrect altogether, this god's consciousness is supposed to be in the image of man therefore in this case this consciousness is of time therefore is able to be in judgement of man.

I, myself, try to stay away from fixating myself to any set ideology and become a participator, I instead prefer to be an observer of such ideologies therefore, I feel,  more connected to this timeless state we call God's consciousness.            

Friday, 25 September 2015


Written by Mathew Naismith

The topic of God is by no means a light subject to write about, it's too easy to offend  believers and the non-believers alike when all that is being expressed is a point of view.

12th Dimension: Many people who are not into a religion detest the word God, it's not that some of these people who are into spirituality don't believe in a creative source of some kind, they just don't express this as a form of God. This is fair enough because the definition of  God is of a  supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe; the object of worship in monotheistic religions.

When we become aware of the twelfth dimension or God's consciousness through religion in the 3rd dimension, any perceived conscious of the 12th dimension is going to seem almighty, in actuality it is. A 12th dimensional consciousness perceived through a 3rd dimensional mentality is going to be awe-inspiring, this is so normal and natural for a 3rd dimensional consciousness to express themselves in this way. 

Many of us however are realising that we are also of the 12th dimension, we are too of this God, the only separation we have from this deemed God is our mentality, we think we are of a lesser value than this God. In actuality we are of a lesser value in that we are not of the 12th dimension, we are of the 3rd dimension, there is a huge difference between these dimensions. This mentality however changes when we come to realise that we are too of this 12th dimension no matter how we express ourselves, however this doesn't make us a God, this can only occur in the 12th dimension.      

The 12th dimensional state is of one consciousness and only of one consciousness, there is no ego to separate one consciousness from another, in other words once a conscious is of the 12th dimension, it becomes one with God. You can however express this 12th dimensional consciousness in other dimensions through a simple realisation, "You are always of this dimension and have never really been separated from 12th dimensional consciousness, ever". 

Spiritual Practices: What I find amazing is, even in the 3rd dimension, we are still trying to stay connected to this 12th dimensional consciousness through religion and other spiritual practices and beliefs. Within this 3rd dimension, this 12th dimensional consciousness was just going to become a belief, this was inevitable. It was also inevitable that we were going to express these beliefs in a destructive way as well at times, this however can only occur  when we seemingly become too disconnected from this 12th dimensional consciousness we most often call God.

Take our churches, mosques, synagogues, cathedrals and temples, at what point is a consciousness closest to God's consciousness, remembering God's consciousness is motionless and certainly not controlling? When a consciousness becomes still within itself , in other words, when the teachings within these places of worship becomes a place of stillness,  this is when I feel we are closer to the 12th dimensional consciousness (God).

Once again in human history, we have religious extremists who are subjecting their followers to extreme motions through their teachings, in my mind,  they couldn't become more disconnected from God's consciousness if they tried. 

Praying, chanting, singing, meditating are spiritual practices that assist us stay connected, yes, these are all motions in one sense or another but unless they become too extreme within their motions, these practices certainly assist us in our connection to the 12th dimensional consciousness that is always a part of us. A 3rd dimension is all about expressing motion of one kind or another, it's not easy disconnecting ourselves from motion altogether and don't we all know this to one extent or another.

Now it's interesting, in Christianity they basically say we fall from grace, from a place of God. The twelve dimensions in my mind certainly support this view, God's consciousness of the 12th dimension is heaven therefore the 1st dimension would be deemed as hell. When a consciousness falls from grace, it does this step by step, from dimension to dimension, starting from the 12th and possibly falling from grace to the 1st dimension. 

Now how does a conscious fall from grace, from a state of pure wisdom and love?

Mentality, each dimension is of a particular mentality, when a consciousness experiences the 11th dimension, such a consciousness wonders what it would be like to experience the 10th dimension and so on.  In the 3rd dimension, we have experienced all the other dimensions except the 2nd and 1st dimensions, some consciousness's will go onto the 2nd and 1st dimensions while other consciousness's will decide this is far enough, they will progress to what ever dimension a consciousness wants to experience again, and yes, some consciousness will go straight on to the 12th dimension.

The 12th dimensional consciousness is also not controlling, each conscious state can experience what it wants to experience. If there is no control, there is no motion from this 12th dimensional consciousness either. The only expression that is of the 12th dimension is through the other eleven dimensions, there is absolutely no motions of expressions in the 12th dimension, if there was, there would also be ego which I understand there isn't within the 12th dimension. Any kind of motion is driven by ego, however,  a lot of these motions are very constructive too, this also means the ego can be very constructive as well. The more we express the ego through motion, the more destructive it becomes,  the opposite also occurs when we learn to use the ego in a far less motional way.

God??: Now we come to the point does God exist, in Buddhism, God or God's don't exist, this isn't altogether untrue, however it's not totally true either.

When a consciousness is in the 12th dimensional state, there is no higher power, this only occurs when we are experiencing other dimensional states. A higher power is of course a state of consciousness that isn't of any kind of mentality, this is because, to be able to express any kind of mentality denotes an expression of ego of some kind, the 12th dimension isn't of any kind of expression of ego.

I think Buddhism is about teaching expressionless consciousness, an egoless way of being therefore in this state there is no higher consciousness than a motionless consciousness, this doesn't however make all other spiritual teachings incorrect.

It is obvious, while experiencing any of the other eleven dimensions, there is a more collective consciousness of pure wisdom, this too is obvious, the best way around this is to state that all the other eleven dimensions are an illusion. I find it strange however, once a consciousness is expressed through motion, it becomes an illusion. Just because a consciousness is being expressed, doesn't, in my mind, make it an illusion.  What judges what is and isn't an illusion? Only an ego can judge this and the 12th dimension isn't of the ego, so stating that all else other than a motionless consciousness is an illusion has to come from the ego which isn't of the 12th dimension!!

So does God exist? Yes and no, God's conscious certainly does indeed exist in one way or another, however, while in the 12th dimension, there is no higher power or a more motionless wiser consciousness. While we are experiencing other dimensions other than the 12th dimension, there indeed exists a God's consciousness, however, while within the 12th dimension ,there is no higher consciousness when you become one with this consciousness. When you become one within this consciousness of the 12th dimension, you literally become one within this consciousness, within this consciousness there is no other higher consciousness.

I'm amazed at the ways we have tried to stay knowingly connected to this consciousness of the 12th dimension, there are no true right or wrong ways of doing this, there is however ways that can either bring us closer or take us further away from this consciousness, this wholly depends on our mentality.                                                           

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Written by Mathew Naismith

I'm going to try relate how love, motion, awareness, wisdom, God's consciousness, energy period etc. fit's within these twelve dimensions that in a sense don't exist. I will also hopefully show how religion/spirituality has tried to keep us in touch with the twelfth dimension, a dimension of timelessness therefore a state of motionlessness.

Simplifying this while experiencing 3rd dimensional mentalities is never easy, simplifying this so that 3rd dimensional mentalities understand what I am saying is even harder. Once a conscious energy form or source has seemingly separated itself from the twelfth dimension, understanding the twelfth dimension becomes awkward, and the more a consciousness has separated itself from this twelfth dimension, the harder it is for a consciousness to comprehend the twelfth dimension. This is where religion/spirituality has tried to keep us connected.

Understanding Dimensions: The following illustration will hopefully make understanding these dimensions a little easier, we are at present in the 3rd entering the 4th and 5th dimensions. I will also explain the twelfth dimension as God's consciousness, you can replace this with the source, pure wisdom, the void or what ever way you want to explain this state, it really doesn't matter.

1st dimension = lust + egotism + time + motion + highly expressive + void of God's consciousness + void of wisdom + finite (transitory)
2nd dimension =
3rd dimension = egotism + time + motion + expressive + a vagueness of God's consciousness + some awareness of wisdom
4th dimension =
5th dimension = ego + more sense of timelessness + less expressive + a better awareness of God's consciousness + wiser
6th dimension =
7th dimension =
8th dimension =
9th dimension =
10th dimensions =
11th dimension =
12 dimension = love + egoless, timelessness + motionless + expressionless + God's consciousness + pure wisdom +infinite

First of all, I don't think we, as a conscious energy source, went from the motionless and timeless state of the twelfth dimension to the first and then progressed up from the 1st dimension the twelfth. If you understand how consciousness works, this is utterly impossible for any consciousness to do this, for a consciousness to become this unaware would have to take a progression of steps like from the twelfth to the 1st dimension, not the other way around.

How could a consciousness of the  twelfth dimension of pure wisdom, timelessness and motionlessness, go into a 1st dimension state of extremes expressions of time and motion, a consciousness completely void of wisdom?  It wouldn't, and in my mind, couldn't occur without doing this regression step by step. We are talking about a consciousness of pure wisdom becoming instantly void of wisdom altogether here, it just doesn't happen like that.

What I think this God's consciousness has done, from it's twelfth dimensional state, is regress step by step from the twelfth right through to the 1st dimension. You might ask why would God's consciousness do this, regress from a pure state of consciousness to a state of total anarchy and chaos!! There is no expression of consciousness that is not worthy to express, also, only egotism would keep a consciousness from expressing itself in it's less pure states.

The twelfth dimension is also totally egoless, why then would such a consciousness not humble itself before itself?  Don't however get the idea the 1st dimension, which is utterly hellish to an unaware consciousness, is of God's expressions, once a consciousness forms a mentality, it becomes other than God's consciousness. God's consciousness is pure wisdom, anything other than this isn't an expression of God's consciousness but a part of that is usually used as something else, however, it's still consciousness no matter how it's expressed or isn't expressed.

As a consciousness regress's from the 12th to the 1st, it forms more of a mentality, the forming of a mentality, as a consciousness regress's, is wholly due to motion, the more we regress through the dimensions, the more motion we express. Of course, the more a consciousness is expressed, the more destructive the consciousness becomes. Take war for example, would we go to war in the first place if we expressed ourselves less? War takes a huge amount of expressions and a mentality based on destruction. You should now become aware of what the 1st dimension would be like to experience.

Are we then all going to regress to the 2nd and then 1st dimension? No, some consciousness (souls/people)  will progress from here from the 3rd dimension, other will indeed regress further to the 2nd and possibly 1st dimension.

Illusions: To me, the 3rd dimension is magical and is one of the most versatile dimensions for a consciousness to experience, you can literally experience, to some extent, any dimensional mentality between the 11th to the 1st dimension. The twelfth dimension on the other hand can't be expressed in any other dimension, this is because it's motionless therefore has no mentality that can be experienced in any other dimension. All other dimensions are of an expression of one kind or another , the twelfth on the other hand has no need of expressions, it's more of a feeling that is infinite. All motion is finite, it's transitory, this is wholly due to energy always changing, the more energy (a consciousness) is expressed, the more it changes. This kind of energy is always going to be transitory (finite), the only energy  that isn't finite is the twelfth dimension which is wholly due to it's inactiveness, it's motionless state.                 

We come now to the point of dimensions being an illusion, the only true state of existence is represented by the twelfth dimension, everything is an illusion!!

The thing about illusion is you have to have time to create an illusion in the first place,  an illusion needs a starting point of origin otherwise illusions can't exist. The twelfth dimension, God's consciousness,  isn't governed (determined) by time so if there is no time, at what point in time did an illusion begin if there is only God's consciousness , the twelfth dimension?

We also have no motion, it's just pure feeling within this twelfth dimension (God's consciousness) which is completely void of motion. For us to feel in the 3rd dimension we need some kind of a motional expression, this isn't the same in the twelfth dimension, this is wholly due to a state of timelessness. In this timeless state everything has always existed, including feelings but feelings void of expressions.

Now everything has always existed, this must also mean illusions?  Yes, but again not as an expression, an actual illusion can't take place until expressed in motion. This means motion, therefore dimensions, have also always existed, how then can something exist and be an illusion? The illusion is we are not just the expressions of conscious motion, we are also the non-expressions of God's consciousness as well.       

So are all the other dimensions, other than the twelfth dimension, an illusion?  To many people, their is only the 3rd dimension, this makes all other dimension, including the twelfth, an illusion, this is atheism. To others, only the void or God's consciousness exists, all else is an illusion and to other people there is no illusion, however,  God's consciousness does represents our truer self.  To answer the question, it really depends on what dimension you are perceiving through. Would God's conscious judged all else but he's own consciousness as being an illusion? Only a consciousness controlled by the ego would judge this to be so in my mind.    

To me, dimensions exist but we can delude ourselves to think this dimension is all we are. I also don't think we are more of one dimension than another either, only a controlling ego would judge this to be so in my mind. We are all of what is of all dimensions, but of course, the ego will deny this.        

Love: Where does love fit within all this? Love really doesn't have to be expressed to be felt, actually, the less love is expressed, the less likely love will be expressed as lust. 

Love is at it's purest when it's expressed less not more. The twelfth dimension is motionless because it's not determined by time, the more of motion an energy becomes, the more this energy is determined by time. Is the purest form of love determined by time? It's infinite so it's not determined by time but by timelessness, a state of motionlessness which is what is called by some people God's consciousness. 

This God's consciousness is the purest form of love and wisdom within the twelfth dimension, this is because it's untainted or influenced by time and motion. In the 3rd dimension we need to express love for it to take affect, this is why so many times love turns into lust. In the 5th dimension, we will learn to express love in quite a different way thus avoiding the possibility of creating a world of pure lust.

In other dimensions, you don't have to express love for love to exist, unlike in the 3rd dimension, this is wholly due to love being already a part of a dimension without having to express it.            

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Pure Bliss-Pure Balance

Written by Mathew Naismith

"The purity of the world is defined by it's own purity within it's own actions"......Mathew

Definition of purity; Being undiluted or unmixed with extraneous material, it also means, the state of being unsullied by sin or moral wrong; lacking a knowledge of evil. The word extraneous is an interesting word to use for the definition of purity, extraneous defines an outside source, meaning, to be pure is to be unmixed with outside sources and influences, in other words it's pure in substance without any extreme influences.

It's important here to not just look at language as something of the mind, therefore, purely of the thinking process of man. Many languages have evolved through spiritual processes and/or a perception beyond human perception, in other words language was created from an inner knowing. Modern day languages are however more about human perceptions but were initially influenced by perceptions beyond human perceptions, at times you can still see this inner knowing through modern day languages.

It is by no mistake I often refer, to what many of us have deemed God's consciousness, as pure consciousness/pure wisdom, this is because it's pure balance, meaning it's of neither one or the other especially to an extreme. This also means there is no extremes of dark or light, positive or negative, bad or good, in other words the absence of judgment period. Pure balance is the absence of judgment because it has no extremes to judge, there are no true opposites so what is there to judge?

It's by no mistake that many of us are trying to learn to live without judgement, this is due to balance being void of judgment, this also means God's consciousness is without judgement.

Now if this God's consciousness is without judgment, it is also void of extremes, this includes light or darkness, this indicates that this God's consciousness isn't of light but of pure balance. Most often we have depicted a God figure in opposition to the devil, the devil of course being representative of darkness in opposition to God's light. I wouldn't myself put this God's consciousness of pure balance in opposition to anything, this is wholly due to this God's consciousness being of pure balance. If this God's consciousness is only of light, it's not of balance therefore it's of judgment, this infers that God's consciousness is of man's consciousness, they are one of the same but there not, this is wholly due to man's consciousness not being of this pure balance.

Pure Consciousness; means a consciousness that is not of judgement for it's this judgment that unbalances a consciousness, a consciousness without judgments is therefore balanced by the lack of judgment. This lack of judgment takes a consciousness to perceive that there is no light or dark, good or bad, except in a reality of motion. As soon as a consciousness is primarily influenced by motion, it becomes judgemental in accordance with the motions being expressed. The more expressive a consciousness becomes, the more judgment a consciousness expresses. Pure consciousness on the other hand is the absence of extraneous influences, the absence of judgement in other words.

Don't get me wrong, this pure consciousness isn't actually pure within itself, it's pure because it's of pure balance, pure bliss. If God's consciousness was to be pure within itself, an opposite would have to also have been created, once you create an opposite, you create judgement. To me this would make this so called pure consciousness impure in my mind, there is nothing pure about judgement but there is of balance.

Wisdom: I also often refer to this God's consciousness as pure wisdom, this is by no a mistake, this is due to this God's consciousness being an observer rather than a participator. It's very difficult being an observer of your own participation, it's of course not impossible either.

It's also wise not to judge a difference as opposed to only observing a difference, this is due to judgment being of motion, however, observing on the other hand takes very little motion.

When we quieten the mind through meditation for example, we most often feel blissful, this is wholly due to lack of motion believe it or not, and yes, we can reflect this blissfulness onto the rest of the world. Basically what we are doing here is influencing the world with pure blissful consciousness, a consciousness void of the motions of judgment. We have in this circumstance replaced  a motion of judgment with a far more motionless expression through the simple process of observing. We would indeed become a lot less destructive through observing more. At the moment, we are judging what is or isn't worthy to ourselves, learning to observe more will make us far less destructive.

Balance: Lacking the knowledge of evil also to me means lacking the knowledge of good, this however doesn't mean being ignorant to evil or good, what this means is lacking the desire to create good or evil which is of course what creates judgement. Knowledge comes about through a desire or a need, there is no desire or need within a pure balanced consciousness!! This is due to this pure balanced consciousness not being of knowledge or intelligence but pure wisdom, this is wholly due that you can't acquire wisdom, you become wisdom basically through balance.

Balance of course takes a consciousness to let go, to let go of control therefore motion, yes, it takes a consciousness to become more motionless. So many people are saying that the Mayan prophecy didn't come true but it did, for example, how many more people are meditating these days? A lot more people, what are we doing when mediating? We are learning to become less of motional expressions and learning to become motionless more often, this is a tiny example of the conscious shift the Mayans talked about. 

The conscious shift is of course a shift towards this pure consciousness. The awareness of judgment these days is also an indication of this shift, this conscious change occurred but we just haven't learnt to observe it yet. To observe takes balance, this is indeed occurring according to my own observations.  

One more thing, you might think to have pure balance there would have to be an opposite, this isn't the case due to this pure balance not being of motions, you can only create an opposite through motion!!         

Sunday, 23 August 2015

So Small But So Powerful

Written by Mathew Naismith 

This is a strange title for me to have for one of my posts,  I will explain about this a little latter on, first of all lets look at an interesting question, how big is the spirit within everything? Actually, it's minute (small). Let's now look at what created this universe, matter and anti-matter coming into contact with each other, in other words it was tiny particles coming together that created this vast ever expanding universe. The amazing thing is, what created these particles is even smaller still, this means this God's consciousness is even smaller than these particles. I should state here, the only way I know how to effectively relate to this pure consciousness is explain it as God's consciousness.

Because we exist in a reality of motion, any other consciousness expressing more awareness is going to seem larger than our own,  this means the more aware we become, the more space we need to store this awareness. This isn't so, it's actually a paradox, the more aware a consciousness becomes, the less space it takes up because the less it expresses this consciousness, in other words it's the expressions of a consciousness that expands on it's size. For a good example of this lets look at man's own expressions, the more he expresses himself, the more he influences, this planet is a prime example of this.

How much storage space has man needed to store his awareness? You might think the more aware man has become, the more storage space he needed such as books for example, this is true but only to a certain extent. How big are the storage spaces today?  The electronic storage spaces are actually now becoming smaller the more aware we become collectively, we have actually come to a point where we are now reversing the process of expanding on consciousness through motion.

It's actually the expression of consciousness that makes consciousness itself expend, not the accumulation of knowledge and  awareness itself. As we are finding out, this knowledge and awareness can be stored in very small places, this is until we express this awareness, a soon a we express this awareness from these tiny devices, this awareness expands quite automatically from such expressions, the universe is a prime example of this. I think this alone tells us by what means this universe was created, yes it was created by matter and anti-matter coming together but what expressed this kind of motion in the first place?

There was no movement within this space where matter and anti-matter existed because there was no space or time to begin with, if there was no space, what kind of force influenced matter and anti-matter to come together to create a vast universe?  I believe time, as of everything, has always existed but not as an expression, as soon as time was expressed, space was created for motion to occur. This means the  expression of motion automatically creates it's own space, man again is a prime example of this through the creation of smaller storage spaces for example. You can't have motion without time or space, also, all expression take a form of consciousness to cause motion. If man's awareness can store knowledge and awareness in tinier places, how small of a place (space) would be needed for this God's consciousness that is far far more aware? This universe certainly didn't happen by accident!!

Power: In previous posts, I stated that the use of the word power doesn't belong in spirituality, this is due to power denoting control, true spirituality isn't about control but releasing control. Only through the expression of consciousness is power perceived as control, when this consciousness is in it's purest form, in other words motionless state,  power can't exist mainly because there is no consciousness being expressed in this state. Basically, this is due to the absence of ego and of course motion is ego created from expression of time.     

I referred to this very tiny God's consciousness as being powerful because in our perception it is powerful, so much has been created from such a tiny thing, how do you explain this without relating to power?  Power however in this case refers to the vast expansion of consciousness from such a tiny thing, in my perception, it has nothing to do with control.

Wisdom: The more aware human consciousness becomes, the tinier the storage devices are becoming even though we are accumulating even more knowledge and awareness. It's a shame we can't store wisdom itself, yes we have stored the wisdom from others but this isn't wisdom itself, this is because wisdom isn't an actual expression or even able to be expressed. The wiser a consciousness becomes, the less expressive they are of conciseness, this is all due to becoming less about motion and more about motionlessness (God's consciousness). This kind of consciousness subtly expresses awareness and knowledge but it's not actually expressing wisdom itself.

Wisdom only comes about through being in a motionless state of consciousness, this might sound ridiculous, all the people who are wise are highly knowledgeable and aware and expressive of this knowledge and awareness, their obviously all about motion!!  Not so, again, what is being expressed is awareness and knowledge, not wisdom itself, you cannot express wisdom itself, you can however use wisdom to better express consciousness itself.  This is important to becomes aware of if we want to become wise, wisdom isn't an expression but can help us express awareness and knowledge more subtly without causing too much motion therefore chaos. 

Again, spirituality is about becoming a whisperer (less about motion), not a yeller (more about motion), and of course only through whispering can we gain wisdom, as of this God's consciousness, motionless within one's consciousness. You cannot however become a whisperer without awareness and knowledge, in a reality of motion, this is gained through motion but only the wise will gain this through subtle expressions of motions. This is why it's wise to balance out motion with motionlessness for only in this motionless will we find true wisdom. 

There is another way to gain awareness and knowledge without any motion what so ever, direct contact with this God's consciousness, the paradox is, you can't have direct contact unless you are wise, this is why so many spiritual practices are about being in a state of less motion which gives us more wisdom I feel. 

You might think all this took a lot of thought, actually it didn't, what takes a lot of thought is putting this into words so that others can comprehend what I am trying to relay on here, I hope I have accomplished just that.    

Saturday, 8 November 2014

The difficulties of Existing in Time

Written by Mathew Naismith

Time is a fragmented consciousness as opposed to timelessness which is of the whole consciousness, a consciousness not fragmented but whole; at times this timeless consciousness is referred to as God’s consciousness. God’s consciousness to me is however of the whole of what consciousness is including the fragmented consciousness of time, how can a consciousness be whole when we disclaim a part of consciousness as being not of the whole consciousness?  This would have to make God’s consciousness not completely whole if we disregard any consciousness of time.

I think the purpose of time is to allow this whole consciousness to experience and express all parts of itself including the ego, to do this it needs to fragment this whole consciousness into parts so that each part can interact with each other creating various experiences and expressions.  This is able to happen through time. The whole consciousness, God’s consciousness, is then able to be expressive of all it is in every way possible, this however gives this fragmented consciousness within time a dilemma, it can become that separated and ignorant of it’s true nature that all it expresses is destruction.  If a consciousness can only express destruction, this whole consciousness isn’t being experienced because constructiveness is also a part of this whole consciousness. You could say expressing consciousness only in a destructive way is also of expressing and experiencing of this whole consciousness!!

In a way this is true, the Earth is always reforming and to do this it needs to destroy something first to reform it, the point is what is the Earth doing when the Earth reforms itself?  It’s being constructive while it’s reforming but a totally ignorant consciousness within time only destroys for the main reason there is no balance between a constructive consciousness’ and a destructive consciousness. Is this whole consciousness only destructive? This is the point it’s not and neither are we supposed to be especially within our entirety.  

When a consciousness becomes just destructive somewhere within this whole consciousness, there is also a consciousness to balance out such a destructive consciousness. You could say that the human species isn’t altogether destructive; it’s always reforming when it destroys something, sky scrapers and roads are a good example of this reforming. The problem with this kind of reforming is it’s destroying the Earth which will make Earth quite uninhabitable one day, in other words it’s plainly destructive.  This is due to man’s consciousness becoming ignorant to it’s whole conscious self within timelessness and the more ignorant it becomes the more destructive it will become.  So what is balancing this out? People becoming aware, less ignorant of their whole consciousness thus balancing out these destructive consciousness’s.   In time there is always a reaction to an action so if one consciousness is going to be destructive there is also a reaction to this with other consciousness’s becoming more constructive through awareness.  While certain other fragmented consciousness’s become destructive through their ignorance, other consciousness’s become constructive through their awareness, it’s an automatic reaction in time which you only get to experience and express within time.

This however doesn’t mean we are going to be able to save the Earth and ourselves from such destructive ways, all this means is we have a chance to save ourselves. This depends on how many consciousness’s (people) are going to become more aware instead of more ignorant to give us this balance.  

I should point out I love being expressive of all of what this whole consciousness is, to me time is the big deal not timelessness, it is also much harder to be of time than it is to be of timelessness.  In time we can be expressive of all of what this whole consciousness is in any way. That to me is a big deal.

While only aware and living in a consciousness of time, it’s hard to be of this timeless consciousness so that is why this timeless consciousness to us is the big deal not time however, while aware and living within timelessness, time is the big deal mainly because you can be expressive of all of what consciousness is.  In timelessness you can be all of what consciousness is but you can’t be expressive of all of what consciousness is for the main reason there is no fragmentation of consciousness and no ego.  The ego is a part of this whole consciousness otherwise it couldn’t exist; the ego allows us to be expressive of all of what consciousness is. There are a number of people who desire to be just of this higher self; a part of the whole consciousness again, is this not also of the desire of the ego?  

The ego has a very constructive part to play in time unless it becomes too controlling, then it becomes ignorant and destructive. To me we shouldn’t be too ignorant of the importance of time and only desire to be of the whole consciousness again; in this where not serving this whole consciousness but ourselves as separate consciousness’s.   

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Mind over Matter

Written by Mathew Naismith

In this post I’m going to collate different aspects to try to give a bigger picture of what I feel is going on in relation to science and mind over matter.  To me it’s important that science at least tries to become aware of how mind over matter can and does occur at times.  I will collate a double slit experiment with the God particle and what the relation is with the double slit experiment and God’s consciousness.   

It’s probably advisable to watch the below vid on a physics double slit experiment to get a better understanding of how the mind can affect matter before you go on. This experiment is significant in relation to God’s consciousness as I will further explain a little further on.

The double slit experiment shows us, scientifically, that it is possible for the mind to affect how matter reacts. Scientifically this is significant because this would mean all science experiments can be influenced indirectly by the mind without physical intervention.  This is because if a scientist wants or expects a certain outcome within a certain experiment, they will only get what they expect. This isn’t the only significance of this experiment.

In recent times science has created a God’s particle (Higgs boson), these are supposed to be the same sort particles that created this universe.  Science is also continually re-experimenting on mind over matter; the double slit experiment is a good example of this. These science experiments are inadvertently linked and have come about by no mistake at a time of a great conscious change.  

Conscious changes don’t just  effect spiritually aware people but everyone including scientists, this is why and how scientists today can even think of looking at God particles and mind over matter.  What has the double slit experiment, mind over matter, got to do with God particles?  The double slit experiment doesn’t just hint at consciousness existing outside of the human mind, but that this consciousness, without actual form, can influence particles of matter. If man’s consciousness is able to influence matter and produce a God particle, what would a much more aware consciousness be able to do?  Would this consciousness not be able to influence how a universe is constructed (created) for instance?  

You could say that the double slit experiment conducted by scientist are flawed by what they expected, mind over matter producing what is expected but these scientists didn’t expect such outcomes. This makes these science experiments more credible mainly because it’s not what they expected in the first place, the mind didn’t inadvertently influence the outcome.   

To me these experiments are showing we are this God consciousness, we are creators in our own right. The further aware science and spirituality become, the closer we become to being aware of who we truly are.

The bellow links are for further reference on the God particle and the double slit experiment.  I should mention, the first article is from a religious site which I thought explained about the God particle in the most simplest terms.