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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Mystic Thoughts

Written by Mathew Naismith
Someone asked, “What is love?” I answered,
“You will know when you become ‘we.’”

Try to remember, the perception of God here represents one consciousness, a state of oneness, a singular consciousness instead of numerous separate consciousnesses.  

We, is in reference to no exceptions of negative and positive, bad and good, wrong and right, theist and atheist, black and white, dark and light. An example, I am of the light; you being of the dark are not accepted as we.

Love and light is not in counteraction or opposition to hate and dark, only through a perception of hate and dark can this be perceived. Too many people today use love and light in counteraction or opposition, this is not we but I, a separation by the ego from a perceived opposing motion!!

Has love and/or light an opposite? For many people, love and/or light doesn't have an opposite, this is of hate and dark perceptions. Why? We first think an opposite refers to oppositions, when only in hate and dark perceptions can this be perceived.

The Western mind in all of us is about separation therefore creates opposition, hate.

The Eastern mind in all of us is about union therefore creates compatibility, love.

God represents a singular consciousness therefore love no matter of what motion, for example of motion, dark and light. This doesn't mean this singular consciousness is loving, it simply means it's of love. The Western mind perceives God is loving when this singular consciousness, represented by what we call God, is of love, there is a difference.

Humans, in their separate forms, are loving, be it through God or anti-God. This singular consciousness, God, void of separation is this love humans express. It is also wise to be aware that opposites are only in opposition when perceived separations occur!!      

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Philosophy - Environmental Creations

Written by Mathew Naismith

Philosophy, as of any other thinking process, is influenced by the environment the philosophy is influenced by; this includes the knowledge and awareness that the   philosophy is based or influenced by. A wise philosopher will never see another philosophy created under another environment as being incorrect to theirs; it's simply a different form of correctness based on the environment a philosophy is created under.

A person I greatly respect, mainly due to them being able to think right outside the square, outside normal human conditionings, replied to me with the following in regards to my last post, "Atheism Is Quite Correct."

I wouldn't exactly say that some of your statements are clear and unambiguous.

For many people Christ was the greatest philosopher of all time because of His ability to explain spiritual truths in a way that everyone can easily understand.

Christ often used simple stories called parables to explain those truths using examples from nature like how a tree produces fruit or how the weeds and the wheat must grow together until the harvest.

He also used examples based on human nature and the interactions that occur between people like forgiveness and kindness.

My Reply
A very good point to bring up Jeff.

How often is Jesus messages misunderstood or not understood at all? As of any philosophy, expressing philosophy using a particular environment is fine to the people who can relate to that environment, what about the people who can't relate to that environment!!

I put a Cambodian lass under my wing, I looked after her. This lass tried to assimilate into our culture to the point of trying to become a Christian and comprehend Christianity, she simply couldn't because the doctrines of Christianity didn't relate to her Buddhist environment. As I explained to her, her incomprehensibility did not make Christian doctrines and beliefs incorrect, they were simply not correct for her within her present environment.              

I also find it difficult to explain the unexplainable, words are limiting in regards to explaining about a consciousness way beyond the explanation of words. A lot of my topics seem to go beyond the explanation of words at times.

If you keep your philosophies within certain limitations, as Jesus did, using your environment to explain what you are philosophising about is easy. Of course even this, as history shows, can be incomprehensible to people of a different environment.

Your environment dictates what is correct and incorrect to you, what is comprehensible and incomprehensible to you. The beliefs and doctrines that influence our comprehensibility is an environment that is most often bias. We will naturally express bias while influenced by a particular environment, this is human consciousness. How bias and incomprehensible are rich people to poor people's dilemmas? This is their environment which makes being poor incorrect. 

What I find interesting is that people of other cultures than a western based culture, comprehend my writings a lot easier than people of a western based culture. This is interesting because a lot of eastern philosophies include short stories that relate to the environment.

When I can or it is feasible or I think of it, I do use my environment to explain where I am coming from, as I have explained, I find this difficult to do at times.

Thanks for trying to assist me by the way Jeff, always appreciated.


I think Jeff wanted me to be more comprehensible on topics like this, explain myself in simpler ways and in ways that people relate to. If you can explain yourself in ways that people relate to, for example making reference to the source of all creation is less relative to most people than making reference directly to God, what you are explaining about will be more comprehensible. Trying to relay anything that other people in different environments are not conditioned to and comprehensible of is always going to be difficult.

Example: Explaining Christianity to a Buddhist or an atheist is going to be a lot harder than explaining about Christianity to a Christian and visa-versa, again it's all to do with the environment we are conditioned to.

When I say that atheism is correct in relation to there being no God, this is in relation to Buddhist (eastern) atheism. Once you reach pure awareness, what then defines a God when you are one with God, one with this state of pure awareness? However, the depiction or perception of a God, of this pure aware state, while in separation of this state of God, is to me paramount to our existence. There is simply no future in separation from this source no matter what you call it.

You can always explain yourself better so more people can comprehend what you are saying, what I actually focus on are the people who are able to comprehend me anyway. As I have been for a lot of people, conformation is always comforting; no matter how I explain myself these people will always comprehend where people like me are coming from.

People like me don't need to reach more people; we are simply conformation for a few people, not many people. I should also say it's a two way street, I have myself received conformation in the way I am thinking off of other people, it is the way it's meant to be.           

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Express Being Truly Unlimited

Written by Mathew Naismith

All that truly exists is an unlimited state; anything else from this is an illusion. A perception of a state of being limited.....Mathew G

A state of limited potential and perception simply doesn't exist. While one being, one entity or one energy source is expressing motion, especially to extremes, a state of limitations simply doesn't and can't exist. Even if I was to limit my personal self, consciousness, to certain states void of the ego, motion period, I am still not in a limited state while any other kind of motion is being expressed in and through anything else. Yes, extremes motion also has it's place within an unlimited state, anything else would be limiting.

Consider this, energy itself is unlimited within it's expressions, within it's motion, this means it's also unlimited to what form it takes. Energy itself is infinite in nature, it's not finite. You can't destroy energy, as science has proven, yes, you can transform the form energy takes but you can't destroy the energy that creates form and existence as a whole. I look at it this way, energy is the spirit within all things, it's the life force of all things, of all motion, without this spirit, without energy, all things become limited. Of course this is impossible as there is no such thing as a limited state.

However, we can indeed enter into states of consciousness or non-consciousness where there is a perception of a state of limitations. Within this state, motion seems to not exist therefore energy; it's a state where the spirit within all things simply doesn't exist. Yes, this state also exists because this is how unlimited we are as a whole, there are simply no boundaries, no limitations even within a limited state.

So often I get people stating they are not expressive of the ego or judgment, while at the same time egotism and judgment is expressed to an extreme through certain kinds of other energy sources. If motion is being expressed in any sense from any kind of source, we are ourselves of that motional expression, everything is. Actually, a state void of ego and motion period is as limited as a state can be, also, being expressive of motion to any extreme is limiting. A good example of this is materialism, wealth and power overriding all other motions especially by force and control. Once a motion, an energy source, loses balance between one in favour of the other, a reality of limited potential exists, this of course inturn creates a reality of limitations. Sounds awfully familiar!!

Any energy or non-energy source that is limited in nature will of course be destructive in nature; this includes the so-called ultimate state where there is no ego or motion period. This state is obvious within it's destructiveness to motion period because motion period is unable to exist in this state. We might not think this motionless state isn't destructive when within this state motion is simply non-existent. How many people are trying to say we are only truly of this motionless ultimate state, while within a state of extreme motions? This state is simply destructive in nature to motion even within states of motion by refuting that we are unlimited to all potential, to motion and motionlessness, not just to one potentiality of motionlessness.

This is why I personally love the perception of God, as opposed to a God of man which is limiting and not infinite in nature. The perception of God represents everything without bias or prejudice, within this, there is simply no exclusions based on a particle perception or ideology/philosophy stating we are limited to a certain states of existence. There are simply no limitations to existence or our truer being; it simply doesn't exist as no state of limitations do. Yes, states of limited potential do exist but not really, not when we consider the whole of things, of course to realise this, one must go way outside our own present reality based on it's own limitations. As a whole, states of limitations need to also exist for there to be truly no limitations.

So what does all this mean?

Extremes of any kind are destructive in nature, either it be of motion being destructive to motionless or visa-versa, it's just simply destructive because it's a state that is limited and imbalanced with the rest of what it is. This is why people like me often mention about moderation and balance within all things without any exclusion through bias or prejudice.

Yes, expressing the ego in moderation, expressing motion period in moderation, is actually more spiritual that not tying to be expressive of motion period. The reason for this simply lies within it's own limitedness, also, at no time is anyone just of one state and not of others, this is an impossibility because these limitations simply don't exist overall but they do exist within their own limitations. This is a true state on unlimited potentiality.

Limited perceptions simply denote an imbalance while unlimited perceptions denote balance. One is naturally destructive to all else, the other constructive to all else, it is what it is by nature.....Mathew G   

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Consciousness and Awareness

Written by Mathew Naismith

We often hear the phrase conscious awareness, one not being without the other and one before the other by no mistake. It's like the perception of God or spirit; it's by no mistake that there is a lot of reference made in numerous ideologies to God and spirit before and in reference to man's consciousness. You don't have to be a believer of God or spirit to realise that one comes before the other and is in reference to the other.

However, there is reference or beliefs that awareness is the ultimate state therefore awareness comes before and is not in reference to consciousness in this ultimate higher state of non-consciousness. Ever heard of the phrase what is above is also below? Try being humanly aware of your environment void of being conscious, this is the below, the same is with the above. There is always a consciousness behind awareness no matter how still and silent this consciousness might be.

Because the ego is of motion and can only relate everything to motion to be able to comprehend it, comprehending a pure aware state void of motion is for the ego one thing, comprehending anything beyond this state would be insurmountably incomprehensible. Of course for certain ideologies to comprehend a consciousness beyond this pure aware state would be making reference to a God, a consciousness and a creator of all things. Being the ego the way it is when conditioned to certain specific ideologies, this of course has to be refuted or ignored by the ego.

I am not religious myself but I can see that the perception of God makes reference to a consciousness behind all awareness, no matter how still and silent that consciousness might be. The perception of God also makes reference to a true state of oneness, being that the perception of God directly relates to a true state of oneness and being that God is all of what is through the spirit within all things. It's important to note that this oneness doesn't exclude the ego, motion or time through denouncing them as simply being an illusion.

We ourselves are not able to create anything without being first conscious of what we are going to create, what is above is also below, is this not also for the above as it is for the below? Don't misconstrued me here, I am not advocating that everyone should now believe in a God or a consciousness before awareness, all I am portraying/advocating is that the perception of God makes direct reference to a consciousness before awareness, meaning, there is always a consciousness first and foremost before a state of awareness can exist. I think the perception of God or a consciousness before awareness is by no mistake.

When you look at atheism, do not atheists also believe/know that a consciousness comes before awareness? This is of course excluding Buddhist atheism where pure awareness or nothingness comes before consciousness. You could also question, what is consciousness without awareness, how can a consciousness exist without being aware?

Consider this, what is man's consciousness until it's physically expressed? It's not exactly motionless but it's not of full motion either until physically expressed. What usually make us aware? Motion, no matter how little or great that motion may be. All of man's awareness is brought about by motion, this is the below now is this not then the same for the above?

All this means is that awareness relates to motion but the consciousness behind awareness is not necessarily of motion. A state of pure awareness is motionless because the awareness of everything negates motion. Why is there so much motion around us? Because we are not aware of this motion before it's expressed as a motion, the only way motion can exist is through an unaware state of consciousness thus creating motion. In this case awareness or lack of full awareness has limited consciousness to a finite existence resulting in awareness becoming a motion.

A consciousness of full enlightenment/awareness negates motion by simply being aware of everything. Would we still be warring if we were truly aware? By being limited to certain awareness specifics creates motion where a truly enlightened consciousness simply neutralises the motion within awareness. It's the consciousness behind awareness that determines if awareness is going to be of motion or not.

So can consciousness exist without awareness?

How aware is a micro-organism of it's own existence and of it's environment as a whole? It's simply not, however, are we not more aware of micro-organisms these days? You see, a consciousness is still conscious of a micro-organisms existence, is it not also possible that humans are also in the same situation as a micro-organism, when only aware of themselves and their immediate environment to one extent or another?

Human existence (motion) is entirely governed by our environment, the environment comes first and then human existence, why then do we put ourselves above, our awareness above, our environment that determines our whole existence? Even within our own existence, a consciousness comes before and is the creator of our own existence.

Consciousness is simply unable to exist without awareness as awareness is unable to exist without consciousness, it's just that consciousness can either express awareness as a motion or not. It's consciousness that expresses awareness as a motion as it is consciousness that quietens awareness to the extent of awareness becoming totally motionless. It's the awareness within consciousness that creates motion; consciousness is completely motionless until consciousness becomes aware of awareness in motion.

As we can quieten our own consciousness through various techniques, consciousness as a whole is more likely to be able to quieten it's own consciousness through simply being aware of the motionlessness of awareness. All awareness is of motion until quietened by consciousness, within this, all there is, is pure awareness or a state of consciousness void of motion.                 

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Atheism (Buddhism) is Correct

Written by Mathew Naismith

Both the Western atheist view and Buddhist atheism is correct in that there is no divine energy source or God/God's, the reason for this isn't that simple to explain mainly because of the different perspectives we have of our environment/reality. Each view represents a filter (perception) that gives us a different perspective of what is and isn't, what these filters (perceptions) do, is give us a certain perspectives. However as of always, perspectives are a measurement or judgment of what is and isn't that are built upon specific perceptions (filters). However in saying this, atheism as a whole is also incorrect at the same time as I will also try to explain but first I will share an interaction I had with some interesting people. 


Any meaningful change is possible only through understanding or through insight. Any thing that involves practice will only lead to propaganda or conditioning.

My Reply
Well stated +Meda Raveendra Reddy Foundation, practice is motion, the more motion we create, the more we are conditioned. 

Insight on the other hand doesn't create motion, it creates awareness void of conditioning, this is wisdom. 

A lot of people think we have to gain knowledge to become wise, however, knowledge is motion which will only create conditioning void of wisdom. 

Wisdom actually comes from understanding and insights so you couldn't be more correct here. Wisdom is truth, knowledge is lies.....awareness actually replaces knowledge, that is why wisdom is of truth. 

This is my insight which may or may not be correct.

Mathew Naismith You are absolutely right:) People see security in practices and then become conditioned. Once they are conditioned, they will not be able to see things beyond conditioning.

Reply to:
Meda Raveendra Reddy Foundation We all have our filters that filter reality. Enlightenment is when we start to see the world clearly. 1st the darkness, then the beauty behind all of creation.

Following Reply
Michael Hopkins Absolutely true. The ability to see things with out filters is possible, when our thoughts are free from the self and all identifications:)

My Reply
Filters I think explains it quite well Michael, when you look through different sunglasses with different sun filter, we get a different perspectives of our environment, of course it's all a lie (illusion).We find this out when we take the sunglasses off, take the darkness from our vision. 

You cloud vision, you cloud insight and a true sense of awareness, all you are left with is knowledge that is filtered. We need knowledge but it's filtered at present which detracts from actual insights. 

I've actually got to explain why atheism (Buddhism) is correct in certain aspects, however, as isms are, they are all wearing sunglasses with different filters. 

Instead of sun filters, for us, it's ism filters that all give a different perspective. No ism is totally incorrect but no ism is totally correct either. Take the filters away and we would observe something quite amazing to say the least. 

So lads, in my mind, you are perfectly correct. -:)

Now why is atheism correct that there are no divine energy sources and God's/God?

A lot of spiritual views state quite clearly, there is only one, one consciousness, one source of creation, oneness as a whole, this is the teachings of oneness, not dividedness, non-duality, not duality. Now we might perceive here we are talking about a God of creation but where not, not in this perspective.

There is only oneness, like a oneness with God if you like. If consciousness is one with God, what would then define a God when all consciousness is of God? Consciousness then becomes this God which negates a perception of God. This is the same with any kind of divine energy, once consciousness becomes one with this energy, what then defines divine when all energies are of the same? To define any divine energy, you have to have an energy source that is not of this energy, basically, if there is nothing to compare this divine energy to, this energy can't be perceived as a divine energy without a comparison.

Often, anything not of this oneness, is defined as being an illusion which means the belief in any kind of divine energy is an illusion.         


What have we actually done here to define that there is no divine energy, it's all an illusion? We have once again used a specific perspective, the perspective being that only oneness exists, everything else is an illusion. I know we have to use perspectives but as I stated before, perspectives define measurements/judgment, so often can a consciousness be deceived by a perspective, especially a specific perspective that is defined through a specific perception that there is only oneness, everything else is an illusion.

The question is now, is there only oneness?

As of all isms, there is some truth, the Holey Trinity is no different. Please bare with me if you have a problem with religion, it's not all a fallacy. I'm not religious myself but I'm not going to allow this one perspective perception to act as but another filter. The link below is certainly worth investigating in my mind. It's wise not to denounce all other perspectives over one!!


Extract: You and I live in a three-dimensional world. All physical objects have a certain height, width, and depth. One person can look like someone else, or behave like someone else, or even sound like someone else. But a person cannot actually be the same as another person. They are distinct individuals.

God, however, lives without the limitations of a three-dimensional universe. He is spirit. And he is infinitely more complex than we are.

That is why Jesus the Son can be different from the Father. And, yet the same.


God is this oneness, however, God is also trinity within us at the same time, this of course is going to seem like a paradox to us, how can we be of one and at the same time be of the other? The 3D reality has given us the perception that it has to be one or the other, point blank. This is the real illusion, especially when we consider that consciousness is infinite and is limitless within it's expressions. Why limit consciousness to being of oneness only, isn't this trying to limit an obvious limitless consciousness which infers a specific perspective being used to judged what is what? 

In relation to oneness, we have perceived it's got to be just oneness, nothing else. How do you limit a limitless consciousness but man in his wisdom, or lack of, has perceived their is only oneness thus limiting oneness to man's limited perspectives. Once we bring in perspectives, we bring in ideas that are limited.

Perspectives = limitations + judgment + finite + man's consciousness and perceptions
The realization of a God or God's consciousness, gave us the awareness that this oneness does indeed exist even though it's usually beyond most people's comprehension. What we seem to have done now is perceived that this oneness is limited when we are talking about a limitless infinite consciousness. Our own finite reality seems to have given us the perceptions that this infinite oneness is also limited, this has come from our own perspectives that this infinite consciousness has to also be limited to one or the other. Basically, be careful with perspectives, they often don't tell the whole truth, also, oneness also includes being, not of oneness, but of oneself as well, this is the true sense of oneness or the true sense of God if you like.

Atheism is correct in that their is no God but only if of God consciousness itself, which we are not and truly, never have been. Infinite = timelessness, this means this separation from this consciousness has always existed, however, at the same time we were never separated within this infinite consciousness, only in finite consciousness are we separated being that the finite is of time. Finite = time.

This is hard to get an idea of, we have never been separated but at the same time we have, why limit consciousness as having to have to be one or the other, only man's finite consciousness would do this. Of course being finite is limiting.

The holey trinity makes sense, we are of one but at the same time separate from one, this is the way it has always been but of course the tricky deceptive ego wants to believe otherwise. We didn't come from oneness for we are of oneness, this includes being separate from this oneness. We didn't come from anywhere, we have always been what we are, one with oneness but also separate from this oneness.

It's tricky to comprehend because we are conditioned to think in black and white, good and bad, negative and positive, measurements therefore perspectives brought on by a perception of one or the other, not either or both. A true sense of oneness includes all of the above, oneness and separation from oneness, not just oneness.

No ism tells the utter truth so no ism can be the be and end all, meaning, of utter truth. When isms proclaims this, I then know they are not of this truth but deceptions, for how could a consciousness influenced by the finite truly know of utter truth, it's impossible. Atheism is correct in one perspective but not in another, it will always be so. We were never separated from this oneness (God), which indicates their is no God, for we are then of this God. For a God to exist, their has to be a lesser consciousness compared to God, if we are one with God, where is this comparison to define what is or isn't a God?

However in a different perspective, this separation from oneness has also always been, we have always been separated. This separation gives a perception that oneness (God) exists. Both perspectives are correct but remembering, perspectives deceives one from the other but only if we chose one over the other. Oneness over separation, separation over oneness.


Malign Energy

I'm going to add a very simple meditative technique to this post for some reason, I call it vibrational meditation. You can do this anywhere, even in the most nosiest places, you can even do this standing up.

Don't try to do anything, don't even try to stop thinking in any sense, instead just be within the present and only the present and most importantly, don't meditate for a reason, just do it. Within this, we take ourselves away from the five sense and this is the key.

This technique will give you a sense of harmony and bliss, you will end up in a tranquil peaceful environment, this is what you focus on, harmony, bliss and tranquil peacefulness. These words within themselves, are conducive to moving away from the influences of our five senses.

One other thing to be aware of is that malign energy has no energy within itself, we ourselves give them this energy, this is likened to multinationals drawing energy out of the populous. The only reason these people have power, is wholly due to the populous giving them this energy to start with, without this energy, they are powerless. This meditative technique will assist in your own energies from being sucked from you. The reason for this is that malign energy can only use the five sense to draw it's energy from, once you put yourself into another environment other than of the five sense, this hinders malign energy being able to draw energy from you.

However, as people like me do, we humble ourselves to man, this means we don't always  protect ourselves from malign energy sources, this is our way.   

Sunday, 19 June 2016

God's Consciousness and Masochism

Written by Mathew Naismith

I will start this post off with a reply I gave in relation to my post titled, Why Be Fooled Into Masochism. This post certainly stirred up emotions in various people, however, not all the emotions expressed where against what I wrote, in fact quite the opposite as I will also present. 

"My issue was with the idea that if you chose to make a safe haven for yourself them it was implied that you were a masochist. "

Not at all, I never implied this, I did however state that people who often create a safe haven for themselves, can become Masochists unbeknownst to them, not that they are masochists.

I think people read into what they want to read in regards to this post, not what was actually written for various reasons. Once our emotions are stirred, we often perceive things in a bias or prejudged way, this is well known in psychology to occur to all of us at one time or another.

Recently , I sent a twitter to our prime minister about a certain issue, and not to long ago I approached our local federal member on another issue. If more people did this, the better off we all would be.

However, praying and meditating helps, especially ourselves because we then think we are doing something worthy, it keeps us uplifted. If more of us could only balance out this with actual actions, the world would be a far better place to live.

The answer is react but not in opposition to as my post states, as soon as we act in opposition, even to pray, we create a reaction. Praying and meditation is good, I hope people keep it up but in opposition to this is a much more aggressive energy counteracting any prayer or meditation. 

You may not agree, we need to all stop reacting to each other in opposition, if the world did this, we would instantly have peace on earth.

Why is God allowing all this to happen, or more precisely, why are we allowing it to happen?

God didn't create everything, God didn't create wars, famine or our destructive ways, we did. God is not controlling, we have been created to express ourselves at will without any limitans (infinite), this also means to create in our own right. being that God isn't controlling, would this God's consciousness kill off what we have created? No, but he has sent various messengers to guide us to create a much more constructive environment.

How long would Jesus or Buddha, for example, last in our present environment, they would killed them off immediately. instead what's in place of Buddha and Jesus? The people who behold the consciousness of Buddha and Jesus within themselves. The 144,000 people will represent this consciousness but these people, in my mind, need to be aware of being fooled into masochism as much as possible.

In Australia, terrible things happen, floods and fires some one of them. every time this occurs, I feel for the people involved and then I feel even more for the people around the world who suffer even more day in day out.

This is only my perception Marsa, I could be terribly wrong but that is the way I feel at present.

Much Blessings,

The following is a representation of a more favourable response to this post, plus, I also inserted my reply to this email reply.

Holy Wow,  You are a very intelligent and enlightened person.  Your writing is amazing!

The fear section really resonated with me, because of my faith growing stronger by the day, I’m able to confidently fight the enemy that tries to attack my thoughts. 
(I think of it, like I strap on the armour of God each day, a covering/protection not seen by the eyes, but felt across my soul and heart) woah, that’s a bit deep even for me....hehe.

I do however, have a healthy fear of the Lord himself. My idea of a personal relationship with God is having a balance of faith and fear, because I still have to be accountable for my actions, I can’t get complacent and think “oh God forgives”, because he also likes to teach us lessons which are sometimes very harsh.  To me he is like my parent disciplining me throughout my life and even at 42 getting a slap over the wrist at times.  Hope that makes sense about the healthy fear, I know you will understand but a lot would think that those two words conflict each other.

Well I think you are positively amazing with your writing and your thoughts, well done!

My Reply:
Kim, I'm neither intelligent nor enlightened, aware yes.

Unlike a lot of new age spirituality teaches, fear is a healthy trait to have, fear teaches us so much and informs us of our ways when we go astray or before we go astray, fear is of awareness. 

Fear and God go very well together, as you seem to be stating, we need to fear to stay on track, this is awareness for only the ignorant have no fear of God. This kind of fear isn't based on fear alone, it's based on awareness, an awareness to build upon a more constructive reality. Fear alone denotes a consciousnesses that is highly destructive, quite a difference but not many people see it this way sadly enough. 

I'm not a strict Jesus and God person but I understand and appreciate what has been given to me. 

Much Blessings,


The consciousness of God isn't about fear as in fearing, it's about wisdom to be aware that certain actions will entail creating situation or realities that aren't constructive or wise to do, unless this is what our intentions are. This is why I have in previous posts referred to this God's consciousness as pure wisdom, basically, this is where all wisdom stems from. In actuality, the fear comes from us, not from this God's consciousness directly, its' the God's consciousness within us that gives us this fear for we know deep down that we are indeed creating something that will hurt us all in the end. Basically, it's our inner self that is telling us to fear of what our actions will create, this inner self being of God's consciousness.

You can either take fear as something to run from, therefore, stay unaware or ignorant to what this fear is telling us, or,  face the fear face on and learn the wisdom this fear is trying to tell you. I know a lot of spiritual practices tell us to fear fearing and to judge what is and isn't fear, I think within myself, this is highly counterproductive. The reason why such teachings are counterproductive is simple, once we judge what is what,  we instantly react in opposition to anything we have judged as negative or bad, one action instantly cancels out the other.

Using fear on it's own, is always going to lead to an opposing reality resulting in conflict and masochism of various kinds. Running away from fear because we have judged fear as being plainly bad or negative, is a person being fooled into masochism. Take wisdom of fear out of our lives, all you are left with is fear void of any wisdom what so ever. What have we done in the world? Exactly this........well, in my mind anyway.

Note: The consciousness of God refers to the creative source of everything, a creative source of all creation and not an image of a man in a white robe.   

Friday, 25 September 2015


Written by Mathew Naismith

The topic of God is by no means a light subject to write about, it's too easy to offend  believers and the non-believers alike when all that is being expressed is a point of view.

12th Dimension: Many people who are not into a religion detest the word God, it's not that some of these people who are into spirituality don't believe in a creative source of some kind, they just don't express this as a form of God. This is fair enough because the definition of  God is of a  supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe; the object of worship in monotheistic religions.

When we become aware of the twelfth dimension or God's consciousness through religion in the 3rd dimension, any perceived conscious of the 12th dimension is going to seem almighty, in actuality it is. A 12th dimensional consciousness perceived through a 3rd dimensional mentality is going to be awe-inspiring, this is so normal and natural for a 3rd dimensional consciousness to express themselves in this way. 

Many of us however are realising that we are also of the 12th dimension, we are too of this God, the only separation we have from this deemed God is our mentality, we think we are of a lesser value than this God. In actuality we are of a lesser value in that we are not of the 12th dimension, we are of the 3rd dimension, there is a huge difference between these dimensions. This mentality however changes when we come to realise that we are too of this 12th dimension no matter how we express ourselves, however this doesn't make us a God, this can only occur in the 12th dimension.      

The 12th dimensional state is of one consciousness and only of one consciousness, there is no ego to separate one consciousness from another, in other words once a conscious is of the 12th dimension, it becomes one with God. You can however express this 12th dimensional consciousness in other dimensions through a simple realisation, "You are always of this dimension and have never really been separated from 12th dimensional consciousness, ever". 

Spiritual Practices: What I find amazing is, even in the 3rd dimension, we are still trying to stay connected to this 12th dimensional consciousness through religion and other spiritual practices and beliefs. Within this 3rd dimension, this 12th dimensional consciousness was just going to become a belief, this was inevitable. It was also inevitable that we were going to express these beliefs in a destructive way as well at times, this however can only occur  when we seemingly become too disconnected from this 12th dimensional consciousness we most often call God.

Take our churches, mosques, synagogues, cathedrals and temples, at what point is a consciousness closest to God's consciousness, remembering God's consciousness is motionless and certainly not controlling? When a consciousness becomes still within itself , in other words, when the teachings within these places of worship becomes a place of stillness,  this is when I feel we are closer to the 12th dimensional consciousness (God).

Once again in human history, we have religious extremists who are subjecting their followers to extreme motions through their teachings, in my mind,  they couldn't become more disconnected from God's consciousness if they tried. 

Praying, chanting, singing, meditating are spiritual practices that assist us stay connected, yes, these are all motions in one sense or another but unless they become too extreme within their motions, these practices certainly assist us in our connection to the 12th dimensional consciousness that is always a part of us. A 3rd dimension is all about expressing motion of one kind or another, it's not easy disconnecting ourselves from motion altogether and don't we all know this to one extent or another.

Now it's interesting, in Christianity they basically say we fall from grace, from a place of God. The twelve dimensions in my mind certainly support this view, God's consciousness of the 12th dimension is heaven therefore the 1st dimension would be deemed as hell. When a consciousness falls from grace, it does this step by step, from dimension to dimension, starting from the 12th and possibly falling from grace to the 1st dimension. 

Now how does a conscious fall from grace, from a state of pure wisdom and love?

Mentality, each dimension is of a particular mentality, when a consciousness experiences the 11th dimension, such a consciousness wonders what it would be like to experience the 10th dimension and so on.  In the 3rd dimension, we have experienced all the other dimensions except the 2nd and 1st dimensions, some consciousness's will go onto the 2nd and 1st dimensions while other consciousness's will decide this is far enough, they will progress to what ever dimension a consciousness wants to experience again, and yes, some consciousness will go straight on to the 12th dimension.

The 12th dimensional consciousness is also not controlling, each conscious state can experience what it wants to experience. If there is no control, there is no motion from this 12th dimensional consciousness either. The only expression that is of the 12th dimension is through the other eleven dimensions, there is absolutely no motions of expressions in the 12th dimension, if there was, there would also be ego which I understand there isn't within the 12th dimension. Any kind of motion is driven by ego, however,  a lot of these motions are very constructive too, this also means the ego can be very constructive as well. The more we express the ego through motion, the more destructive it becomes,  the opposite also occurs when we learn to use the ego in a far less motional way.

God??: Now we come to the point does God exist, in Buddhism, God or God's don't exist, this isn't altogether untrue, however it's not totally true either.

When a consciousness is in the 12th dimensional state, there is no higher power, this only occurs when we are experiencing other dimensional states. A higher power is of course a state of consciousness that isn't of any kind of mentality, this is because, to be able to express any kind of mentality denotes an expression of ego of some kind, the 12th dimension isn't of any kind of expression of ego.

I think Buddhism is about teaching expressionless consciousness, an egoless way of being therefore in this state there is no higher consciousness than a motionless consciousness, this doesn't however make all other spiritual teachings incorrect.

It is obvious, while experiencing any of the other eleven dimensions, there is a more collective consciousness of pure wisdom, this too is obvious, the best way around this is to state that all the other eleven dimensions are an illusion. I find it strange however, once a consciousness is expressed through motion, it becomes an illusion. Just because a consciousness is being expressed, doesn't, in my mind, make it an illusion.  What judges what is and isn't an illusion? Only an ego can judge this and the 12th dimension isn't of the ego, so stating that all else other than a motionless consciousness is an illusion has to come from the ego which isn't of the 12th dimension!!

So does God exist? Yes and no, God's conscious certainly does indeed exist in one way or another, however, while in the 12th dimension, there is no higher power or a more motionless wiser consciousness. While we are experiencing other dimensions other than the 12th dimension, there indeed exists a God's consciousness, however, while within the 12th dimension ,there is no higher consciousness when you become one with this consciousness. When you become one within this consciousness of the 12th dimension, you literally become one within this consciousness, within this consciousness there is no other higher consciousness.

I'm amazed at the ways we have tried to stay knowingly connected to this consciousness of the 12th dimension, there are no true right or wrong ways of doing this, there is however ways that can either bring us closer or take us further away from this consciousness, this wholly depends on our mentality.                                                           

Friday, 20 March 2015

The Observing Consciousness

Written By Mathew Naismith

This is why I love other people’s perspective; I found the following statement quite interesting especially in relation to what it was pertaining too.

“There is no god but man. Humanity fails Humanity through conditioning.”

An interesting perspective.

This depends on what we deem as God, the God of man in a religious sense to me is saying man is inferior to an observer, a creator we call God, why are we inferior to something deemed as being divine? Ignorance, I feel if we weren’t so ignorant to our own divine nature, we would realise we are this God.

In my early days I experienced ghosts on a number of occasions so a consciousness exists beyond our state of ignorance for me without a doubt, now we are only talking about a conscious entity that still has fixations to realities of duality, what would conscious entities beyond realities of duality seem like to  ignorant beings? To anything ignorant, these aware and enlightened entities will seem divine and that is fair enough except ignorance is obviously destructive. We can’t keep endlessly destroying so we need to become aware of our own true nature which to me is of this consciousness beyond our ignorance we call God.

To me God isn’t a man or some kind of being/entity, God is a conscious state void of ignorance, concepts and beliefs, anything like this is going to seem divine to anything ignorant to its true nature for a very good reason.

Why do I think we are this God? Ghosts who still have attachments to realities of duality become the observer to a certain extent; now what would an observer who has no such attachments observe? Probably the entirety of all of what is, being an observer also means to be aware through observation. How many times do our guides/ past loved one’s try to influence us and do most often influence us?  At this point we are still only talking about an entity that still has attachments to realities of duality, how would a consciousness beyond attachments (duality) influence us?   

In simple terms, I think God is an observer; it’s a consciousness beyond any kind of ignorance or attachments, the point is we can all become this observer, this consciousness beyond ignorance and attachments.  To any consciousness living in ignorance, is this observer going to seem divine?  It’s undoubtedly quite expected.

If we think on this, what do scientist do? They firstly observe and then they secondly become aware and thirdly often manipulate or influence what they firstly observed, this is man being God through simple observations. Now through these simple observations what has man manipulated/ influenced around him? This manipulation/influencing through observation are on very tiny scale especially when compared to the rest of the universe, what would an observing consciousness observing the universe as a whole manipulate/influence?   

In psychology and spirituality, we are often taught to become the observer, how often do psychologists and spiritualists manipulate/influence other people and environment? Doctors and nurses are another good example of this. The point is, to one extent or another we are observers, the less of an observer you are, the less you will become aware of and the less manipulative/influential you will be. God to me is just an observing consciousness way beyond our ignorant understanding.  Would Neanderthals see us as God’s? Most probably, how we can create fire in so many ways would absolutely flaw them for starters, would we not ourselves be flawed by a much more aware conscious observer? It was inevitable we were going to go down this road, is it a bad or good thing that we define this more aware conscious observer as a divine being?

The problem in idolising something more aware than ourselves, is we will never see ourselves as this more aware observer, this can become quite destructive if we don’t become aware of ourselves being this observer ,remembering, there is truly only one consciousness as all consciousness is interconnected.  Ghosts are a good example of this interconnectedness, even when someone passes on (dies) they are still expressing a form of consciousness, they are still very much connected.   

There is however a very good point to idolising, it’s a good sign we have become aware of a more aware observing consciousness, all we need to do with this awareness is act on it, know that we are ourselves observers and the more aware we become of being an observer, the more of an observer we will be.  

So why doesn’t this conscious observer we call God influence us to become more constructive, why doesn’t this conscious observer save us from ourselves, our own ignorance?

Not all observing consciousness’s influence their environment, when observing a park or beautiful scenery, do we always influence what we observe?  In a peaceful state of tranquillity it is unlikely we will influence anything we are observing even if it’s destructive and chaotic like man, being void of attachments, concepts and beliefs is being in a pure tranquil state. Now it’s unlikely this pure tranquil state of consciousness is going to influence the course of man unless it’s in a very subtle way.  This is like going to a park and observing there is rubbish on the ground, when we pick this rubbish up and throw it in the bin, we are subtly influencing through our own observations.

I certainly don’t believe in the wrath of God, no tranquil consciousness is going to express any form of wrath, we can however influence our own environment to the extent it reacts in a violent way thus we have the wrath of God.  This makes perfect sense because being observers ourselves; we are indeed acting like God’s, in a sense, we are causing our own wrath upon ourselves thus we have the wrath of God/God’s.             

Our conditioning in being the idoliser has kept us being no more of an observer than we were thousands of years ago, however, science has proven we can indeed be of this consciousness we call God, all we have to do now is realise there is no limit to our own observations.  Like I said in previous posts, all ideological concepts and beliefs are worthy as they are all a part of the same jigsaw, the same exact big picture. Religion gives us a clue and so does science to our true nature, all one has to do is see where these ideological concepts and beliefs fit within each other to create the bigger picture. Once we see the bigger picture, we become a much bigger observer and so on it goes.   

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Is Humanity Failing Us?

Written by Mathew Naismith

This interesting question came up in a conversation I am presently a part of, in my mind this question should be asked the other way around, “Are we failing humanity?”  This of course poses another question if indeed we are failing humanity, “How are we failing humanity?”  

In the same conversation the following was stated, "The very existence of God too, rests with our Faith and Belief system only." In my mind I think the following replies I gave might just give us an idea why we feel humanity is failing us.  I should be honest here, I don’t follow a religion nor do I exclude any part of consciousness as being unworthy, all of what is, is worthy in one way or another to me.  

I think you are still missing the point here, God, Jesus, Buddha and so on don't actually represent human concepts and beliefs, they actually represent an actual conscious state, it's man who has given this conscious state concepts and beliefs that is amiss here, not the belief in God or Jesus.

Like I said, it's this conscious state of God, Jesus and Buddha that have given rise to concepts and beliefs not the other way around.

Can we do without concepts and belief in a reality of duality? Not if we are ignorant, however this would be quite different if we were aware that all of what is, is consciousness, God's, Jesus, Buddha consciousness, instead of just a concept or a belief.

Religion, science, humanity, social order and so on are all influenced and created by concepts and beliefs only because we are ignorant to what is really behind all our concepts and beliefs.

What I am saying is God isn't man or man's concepts and beliefs but consciousness as a whole, saying that God is just a faith or a belief isn't quite true, this is man's perception of what this God's consciousness is and represents.

Yes, religion has stuffed this up by doing as you are doing, seeing this consciousness just as a faith and/or a belief when it represents a lot more than that. To help ourselves, we need to get past this kind of mentality in misjudging that God just represents a faith and/or a belief, to me it’s far greater than that, Jesus and Buddha were good indications of this but for some reason, probably through disdain brought about by misjudgements, most of us missed this.

I see where you are coming from, you seem to be looking at this through other people’s eyes in relation to God, to these people who are unaware, God represents faith and/or beliefs when it goes much deeper than that, however, within this perception, we just can’t say God is only representative of faith and/or beliefs, this is what I am saying. What connects all religions isn’t faith, doctrines, concepts or beliefs, it’s what God’s consciousness actually represents, pure consciousness void of faith, doctrines, concepts and beliefs.  Within this God’s consciousness, there is no separation of the collective, in other words God’s consciousness represents a complete wholeness void of any separation of consciousness.

 The following reply of mine was in direct response to the question, “Is Humanity Failing Us?

Is humanity failing us or are we failing humanity through our bias judgements like with religion and God for example?

I should state I don't myself follow any religious order or doctrines and I don't believe in a God of man, actually I try to avoid other people's ideological concepts and beliefs altogether, why? Because I know they take me away from knowing that everything in existence comes from consciousness, God's consciousness if you like.

So what do I follow? Anything that isn't encumbered by ideological concepts and beliefs, anything that teaches that everything within existence is of one source which we call God, not numerous sources of consciousness.  Ideological concepts and beliefs separate this whole consciousness up into smaller parts of this whole conciseness which we call a reality of duality. I try to avoid this and the best way to avoid this is to avoid continually separating ideological concepts and beliefs, in other words by not just seeing these ideological concepts and beliefs as just ideological concepts and beliefs but a whole consciousness. All we are doing through misjudgements is separating consciousness even more I feel.  



This is why I look at this reality of duality as a jigsaw puzzle, at the moment it’s segregated by our individual concepts and beliefs as in Fig 1, this is because we see our own concepts and beliefs as being different to everybody else’s  when in fact they are connected as fig,2  illustrates. Fig, 2 represents connectedness of this fragmentation of separate concepts and beliefs, it’s no longer separated but all connected through knowing all of what is, is as one through one source of consciousness as the completed jigsaw, fig, 2, illustrates.  

So basically what I am saying is, the reason we feel humanity is failing us, or why we are failing humanity, is because of our separateness when there truly is no separateness, all our concepts and beliefs are whole as fig, 2 illustrates in my mind, it’s a collective consciousness. We should be so grateful for being a part of such a consciousness but you can only feel grateful if you see it as a collective consciousness, not a divided chaotic consciousness.  

PS. It has been pointed out that I have a number of miss-spelt words within my blog, this actually isn’t the case. I’m spelling my words in accordance with the Australian spelling standards, not in accordance with the US spelling standards, this is my choice.