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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Counter Productiveness in Positivity

Written by Mathew Naismith

I thought I would share a reply I made to a particular post, shown below, to show how loony I’ve become.  

I ask you what is this website for Starseeds? Is it not to encourage, enlighten, share experiences and just be the true Beings that we are? To send light and love to whomever is in need? Are we not the Light that can potentially help humanity as we know it change to their full potential? Well, what would you do if someone told you our safe haven, one of the most unique and loving and encouraging places for Beings like us was IN DANGER of ceasing to exist. What could we do help prevent our little world of communication with each other from going away? We are Starseeds, children of the sky and someone we know and love dearly needs our help!! We as a Great Family cannot turn our backs. We all need to open up and give a piece of ourselves to this site. All of us!

How can we do this? We need to invite more trusted people to. SL. There are so many more that can and will benefit from us and what we have to offer, and that Is Ourselves, our knowledge, our insight and mostly our Love and Support.
 We need to blog more, set up forums to share our passions, stories of life as we know it and life as it could be.

As for Me, I made my choice to be on this miserable planet to help Humanity and I am proud to be able to do that. I will do it freely andwith great love for those who are suffering and those will suffer, to give them Peace!! Brothers and Sisters of the Stars, my beautiful family will you help, That was a silly question, because I know you and at that we are the same that is who we are, we help when needed. It's in our makeup as Star Beings!! I know in my heart and soul that our distant families are very proud of us all! Where I come from my has been written in a book along with so many others as a remembrance of what we choose to sacrifice, and that my Dear Ones, a remembrance should prompt us to remember our greatest sacrifice Them Our real Families!! Honor them!
We can start by blogging and inviting new ones. We all need this, I need this and our Dear and Loving Star Sister needs this. I don't want my safe haven to go away!! I just found all of you and I need you all in my life. I have felt so out of place and alone all of my life till I met all of you, thank you all for accepting me into your lives!!
We are Warriors!! We are as one and so it should be!!

Dearest Pamela, if I'm not mistaken, you have been hurt quite seriously probably more than once, life can be tough if we try to toughen up believe it or not. The trick isn't to toughen up but learn to be sympathetic & caring to those who know no better.

What you & others are doing on sites like this one is learning to be sympathetic & caring over & above toughening up. It seems so logical to toughen up & get on with life forgetting all that has gone before us, this is old hat & of course never worked if what we wanted to do is make life less chaotic.

The strange thing about being hurt is we don't necessarily need to be hurt ourselves to react sympathetically & caring.

When we are hurt or we are seeing/feeling hurt we counter react by only focusing on the positives, the problem I see with this is a counter reaction. By the act of being positive to drown out all the negatives is actually being negative because we are counter reacting to a supposed negative.

The trick is not to drown out these negatives with positives but to see these negatives in a less negative way. I'm happy living in misery only because I know this misery is self-inflicted, misery within itself does not exist, we are the ones who have created misery by seeing it just as misery. The more we try to counter act this misery the more misery exists.

What makes us live & exist in misery? If we all lived for a need instead of a desire this misery wouldn't exist in the way it does today, desire creates misery. Sadly enough our egos won't allow us to live just for our needs these days.

When we were living for our needs, yes there was hardship but that was a part of normal everyday life, it was accepted but now we live for our desires which have created misery. By living for our desires we no longer expect to suffer & when we do it's utter misery to us so we counter act this with excessive positivity.

The strange thing is you can't get any more positive than acceptance of all for what it is, for in this we are not trying to drown out these negatives but accept them for what they are.  The strangest thing with acceptance is it makes you look at everything in a more positive light than trying to drown out these supposed negatives with positivity.  The extremes of positives & negatives are far less because we learn to live for a need instead of a desire.  When I talk about desire I mean desiring more than what we can be content with, never really being content in what we have.  

In my mind we really do need to change these negatives into something more positive rather than just smother these negatives hoping they will just disappear.  Some people see me as being negative but I don't who is more negative? Some people see what I write as being negative others don't, again who is being more negative. If you see negativity as in opposition to positivity you are most likely negative no matter how positive you think you are!!