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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Meditating Using Awareness and Visualisation

Written by Mathew Naismith

There are a lot of meditation techniques that need one to focus to achieve a thoughtless state, this can be quite difficult for a lot of people mainly because our environment isn’t conductive to such techniques for one reason or another.  Certain states of daydreaming are easier to practice but still take one to focus. Meditating by being aware within our visualisations doesn’t take one to focus straight up to obtain thoughtlessness; this comes automatically within the process itself latter on.

This process takes one to visualise or imagine. There are people who can’t use their imagination as there are people who can’t visualise, either one will do the trick. Visualising & imagination might seem the same but there not, especially to some people.  In this case I will use the word envision in the place of imagination & visualisation.

Stage 1

Sit somewhere reasonably comfortable, it doesn’t have to be in a lotus position and become aware of your surroundings.
Close your eyes and don’t worry about what you are thinking, at this point this doesn’t matter. You should be still aware of your surroundings and your mindful thoughts.
Envision yourself floating above the floor or whatever your body is positioned on. It’s important at this stage not to focus as this will come quite automatically, just envision floating until you can float with ease.

Now envision your body is turning around while you are floating, stay with this for a while until you feel lighter within yourself, in other words until your body begins to feel lighter.  At this stage try keep your body only a few inches (70mm) max above the surface of where your body is positioned. When starting out, if you are sitting in a chair, it’s advisable that the chair become a part of your body so it too should be floating.  After a while you will float above the chair itself.

Once your body is starting to feel lighter, try envisioning floating around the place where you are at during this process. At this stage you can stop turning around if you like.  What are you aware of now? You can practice this as much as you like before going onto stage two.

Stage 2

While you are floating about you will find yourself bumping into all sorts of things around you, furniture, walls, people, animals and so forth.  Now envision yourself floating about without bumping into these things. At this point your body might seemingly contort around any object it’s confronted with at times, just go with the flow.  You can do this step as long as you like.  

The next step is while still floating, stop envisioning yourself moving about or turning, relax if you’re not already relaxed.  Now envision a deadly creature of some kind, the more repelling the creature is to you in real life the better. Now envision you are showing total love and acceptance to this creature. The more repelling this creature is to you in real life the longer it will take to show acceptance and love.

I love envisioning myself floating just above the ocean with huge sharks around me at times, I’m at the stage I play with them these days. Why envision a creature we detest the most? Fear, this helps break down fear turning this fear into love and acceptance.  If you are afraid of heights for example, try envisioning this process on the edge of a high cliff. If it’s deep water try envisioning this process under deep water and so on.

When we start to change our fear, you should start to feel that all that is about you is consciousness and after a while of practicing in this process you will become aware of a formless consciousness.  At this stage you have become consciousness itself once again and no I’m not at this stage as I’m quite content in where I am at present. I can now sit anywhere and meditate to my heart’s desire, utter bliss. 

Supplement: I should note that you don't have to go onto stage two, stage one will do the same as stage two except stage two also assists us in releasing our fears as well I feel. 

Also you could say to meditate is to exercise in the push and pull effect, meditation helps us to release from this push and pull effect, yes we are reacting by meditating but it's very subtle. Eventually through prolonged meditation we can separate ourselves from this push and pull effect but I don't think that's necessary as long as we are more subtly reacting this push and pull effect in our lives.