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Monday, 20 July 2015

Reconditioning Ourselves

Written by Mathew Naismith

Reconditioning ourselves has to do with reprogramming our mind to think and reason more constructively, this is from an obvious destructive mentality that is conditioned to think only in a certain way. This is not easy to do for a lot of people, it basically takes one to stop judging what is and isn’t worthy, this might sound easy to do but it’s not, mainly because of the way our minds are conditioned from birth to think.

We are conditioned to judge what is and isn’t worthy and unworthy by the environment we are in, for example, a lot of  poorer people see rich people as unworthy and a lot of rich people see poor people as unworthy. Spiritually/religion is the same in a lot of circumstances,  some people think it’s unworthy to believe in a God of man and others don’t, some people follow the bible religiously and others damned such books. Today, once again, we have religious extremists expressing what is and isn’t worthy  according to their own conditioning. We are all in one way or another conditioned to judge what is and isn’t worthy, the strange thing is, before children are conditioned in this way, they don’t judge what is or isn’t worthy, this only occurs when our minds are being conditioned to think in this way. 

Take away this conditioning of judging what is and isn’t worthy, would we be able to even think of going to war? I don’t think so, war, or any conflict, takes a certain kind of conditioning, a conditioning that there is a worthy and an unworthy. It’s really becomes difficult for us to think any differently, there can’t be any other way to exist because we are now unaware of any other way to think but what is and isn’t worthy or unworthy. We have forgotten what it was like not to judge like this from childhood through such conditioning, or probably more precisely in certain circumstances, brain washed to only think in a certain way, religious fanaticism is a prime example of this today. 

It’s funny to think we would be unable to think of conflicting between each other, in any sense, if we weren’t conditioned to judge in this way, this is why it’s so difficult for us to imagine thinking any different, we just can’t comprehend any other way to think than the way we have been conditioned too.

I’ve joined a discussion about judging people who follow the bible and believe in a man of God, for some people it’s unworthy to follow such a fallacy and others think it’s a fallacy if you don’t follow the bible and believe in a man of God. Which one is actually unworthy of expressing? Neither of them, for the main reason,  if we weren’t to judge what is and isn’t worthy, what then would be unworthy? Because we are conditioned to judge an unworthy to anything that doesn’t apply to our own conditioning, we judge anything else as unworthy, this mentality happens quite automatically. Children or adults on the other hand who are not conditioned  to judge what is and isn’t worthy, are unable to judge in this way, they can’t perceive how to judge like this without some kind of conditioning.

It’s worth being aware of the way we judge is a conditioning, when we become aware of this, we become aware of how we judge, either it be judging a worthy and an unworthy or abstaining from such judgment all together. The reconditioning process takes us to become aware of how we are conditioned to judge and then act upon this. It’s a good practice to go into, what you deem as an unbecoming environment, and practice in observing without judging an unworthy, the more you do this the more reconditioned your thinking process becomes.

You might think this reconditioning process is like brainwashing, like any other conditioning, but it’s not, this is wholly due to the fact all we are doing is turning back the clock, so to speak, to the time of our childhood to when we weren’t conditioned to think in certain ways. You can even turn back the clock to when you were existing in a reality that had no conditioning like judging a worthy or unworthy, and yes, I do believe these realities exist and that many of us, at the soul level, have experienced such realities.

To many people, all this might seem unworthy of not just expressing but knowing about the soul and it’s lives it lived, what is the point of continuing on a fallacy of illusions. However, to judge so to begin with denotes conditioning of what is and isn’t worthy of expressing, if experiencing consciousness through a soul wasn’t worthy,  why would consciousness itself express itself in this way if the soul  wasn’t worthy of expressing?

Consciousness itself is not conditioned to judge what is and isn’t worthy, unlike ourselves,  this can only occur if a consciousness thinks of itself as something separate from consciousness itself in the first place. Only a consciousness that sees itself as a separate consciousness can think in this way, that there are unworthy expressions of consciousness. In other words, as soon as you judge an expression as being an illusion and  unworthy of expressing,  you are denoting a kind of conditioning. This kind of thought process actually takes you away from consciousness itself, not towards it, this is primarily due to the fact consciousness itself is not conditioned to think in any one way. 

Yes, we become deluded when we think we have separate consciousness’s, which creates illusionary realities of separation, but, as soon as we think this kind of consciousness is unworthy of expressing, we become even more apart of this delusion itself. This is primarily due to our conditioning of judging what is and isn’t worthy of expressing. To me,  if it’s of any expression of consciousness, it’s worthy of expressing, in my mind, it’s worth being aware of this.