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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Rocks and Sticks

Written by Mathew Naismith

I do tend to look at our environment in a different way than most people; this in turn creates peculiar/strange perceptions, perceptions seemingly not of the present conscious mentality.
What will be will be of course.

Rocks and sticks refer to a human conscious mentality that has been, for thousands of years, using rocks and sticks to defend what they have claimed to be theirs. This also includes claiming ownership of someone else's ownership!! 

So what has rocks and sticks got to do with today's mentality? Bombs have simply replaced rocks while missiles have replaced sticks, same mentality changed by human consciousness becoming more knowledgeable, of course this is different to becoming more aware and especially wise. So does a consciousness becoming more knowledgeable denote a consciousness evolving, especially considering that the mentality of the consciousness has not changed/evolved itself?

Let's now look at human consciousness in a different aspect to get a better idea of human consciousness at present. When you lose one of your five senses, let's say vision, the other four senses are often heightened, meaning, they become more sensitive to the environment. Have not our 3rd dimensional aspects become more heightened through the loss of our knowledge and awareness of the other aspects of our dimensional self? As quantum physics is discovering, we are not just 3rd dimensional or even primarily 3rd dimensional, we are far more it would seem. Being unaware of our other dimensional selves has simply heightened our 3rd dimensional aspects, 3rd dimensional senses thus negating all other senses.

And we are wondering why we still have the same old mentality of thousands of years ago!! The environment around us is forever evolving, however, human consciousness seems separate to this natural state of evolving in turn stagnating its evolutionary progression. We are like the crocodile, stuck in a cycle that will eventually end in human consciousness not evolving into another consciousness......             

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Chosen Path

Written by Mathew Naismith

I've experienced some interesting interactions with other people recently. Are people like me critically judgemental or simply expressing what we observe in the absence of a black and white mentality? It's wise to be aware when people lash out at other people, it's good sign their being controlled by the ego. This reaction of course needs a depiction of one thing in reference to something else, for example, the comparing of a negative in reference to a positive. It's what I call a black and white mentality; it has to be one or the other.

When an ego in control lashes out in critical judgment, this has to be done through a black and white mentality, being that the ego in control is always positive and the critically judged is always negative. How often do people like me critically judge like this, it's simply wrong or right, negative or positive, black or white? Now, how many other people judge through a wrong or right, negative or positive, black or white mentality? It is however natural for the ego in control to turn the tables or the emphasis from itself to anything else threatening it's control and existence, people like me are a prime example of this.             

I will now share a recent post I posted on a forum that is in relation to this topic, I also inserted one of my replies I wrote.   


I don't get this, maybe someone on here can assist me with this.

People like me are often critically judged as being narcissistic, negative, egotistical, toxic and so on it goes, for simply expressing our own experiences and observations. People like me usually observe through the absence of a black and white mentality, an ego in control obviously finds this most threatening.

People's egos who judge through a black and white mentality, will often define anyone not of their egos liking narcissistic, negative, egotistical, toxic and so on, how else would anyone critically judged other people in this way?

Through the judgment of a black and white mentality, people like me are supposed to be (judged) narcissistic. Just recently I wrote a post stating first up that I know little of this particular subject, I also often state that a lot of what I write is channelled through me and not from me. I have even stated that what is being channelled through me I know very little about.

I'm also suppose to be (judged) egotistical, a strange egotism when I often express myself in a way that a controlling ego finds threatening, in the process making myself exceptionally unpopular. Just because someone expresses their experiences that questions the control the ego has over us, doesn't make the person egotistical but of course it will to an ego in control.

It's like a drug addict addicted to an addiction, the controlling ego will lash out at anything questioning it's existence and it's control. The controlling ego sees people like me as being a huge threat to it's control, of course the ego in control is going to lash out like this, just like a drug addict.

People like me are also supposed to be (judged) as being judgmentally critical. If I was to judge in accordance with a black and white mentality, of course I would be judgmentally critical. Honestly, I would be exactly like the people who judge people like me so critically through their black and white mentality.

Of course an ego in control is going to lash out like this, it's perfectly natural for an ego in control to lash our in fear of it's own control and existence. In actuality, if people's egos didn't lash out at people like me, I simply wouldn't be following my chosen path in life.


My Reply
Making reference to old energy patterns refer to the past, you can't have a perception of time without making reference to the ego as time is motion and all motion is ego.

So, if I was to refer to certain patterns as being old, I am in actuality making reference directly and mainly to the ego. 

Old is in reference to new, a black and white mentality, which can only exist in an ego based reality/existence.  This is exactly how the ego tricks us in thinking the new isn't of the ego when it's just as much if not more of the ego.  There is simply no new or old in relation the divine consciousness, why? The divine consciousness is infinite in nature, not finite, this simply means it's not based on time but timelessness. Because there is no time, the perception of old or new can't exist because the perception of old and new needs a starting point of origin to exist  to start with, there is simply no starting point of origin within the divine consciousness.  In actuality, the divine consciousness isn't above human consciousness, only the ego in control perceives this to be the case. One being over and above another is pure ego, nothing else.     

Also, having any kind of disdain for the old consciousness is egotistical; this includes having disdain for anyone who defends this so-called old consciousness.  In my mind, too many people into spirituality today exist in disdain, this is pure ego for only can the ego express disdain. 

Do people like me truly defend this old consciousness?  When you truly live by the divine, what is old and new, black and white? This kind of consciousness in my mind can't possibility exist within the divine consciousness but many people obviously think it  does.  The ego can be exceptionally deceptive, it's wise to be aware of this, but as always, the ego will at all cost refute what I have stated here, or, it is simply unable to acknowledge what I have stated here. 

 Are people like me narcissistic or egotistical for pointing out the obvious? The ego in control will always say yes, however, the ego that isn't in control will say no for obvious reasons.  Please don't be duped by the ego, it's a tricky little devil but only when in control.   
I should point out, when people like me make reference to egotistical in relation to myself or others, this observation isn't of disdain like the ego in control  perceives, it's simply pointing out an obvious that motion is naturally limiting, nothing more. People like me simply don't have disdain for egotism for it's not of the divine consciousness to do so. If to the controlling ego defending old consciousness is ego, people like me are happy to be of the ego in the egos mind, for this shows we are not of the ego but of the divine.  Simply, the ego is a trickster, it will always accuse itself of being of itself, within this, the ego will always be in control.

Ok, I see now, acknowledging that the divine consciousness isn't of some higher stature than human consciousness is going to be impossible to imagine.

There is no true separation between the divine consciousness and human consciousness, within this understanding, how can divine consciousness be of a higher stature? Only through ego is everything separated and of levels/separations. 

As I understand it, divine consciousness only observes a difference in motion between itself and human consciousness. Human consciousness is merely seen as limited in nature, it's not judged as being of a lower stature to itself. Yes, the ego will see that a more limited consciousness as being of a lower stature, only can the ego judge in levels like this, this is not the case for the divine consciousness.

So if a consciousness is limited, it's of a lower stature!! Only to the ego in control is this the case, so why an ego in control? The perception of levels is all about control, the control and dominance of a lower level, in other words, control and dominance over a consciousness that is limited.

Divine consciousness simply means a limitless consciousness, an infinite consciousness in nature.   

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Finding the Key to Balance

Written by Mathew Naismith

I can't stipulate enough that balance is the key, recent events that I became involved with certainly endorses this kind of  mentality. It's so hard sitting back while a friend of yours becomes that imbalanced that they support people who often judge other people of  being wrong, full of BS, negative, judgmental and so on while totally excluding themselves and their friends.        

What do you do?......It's hard sitting back and watching anyone you respect and love go down this path, it certainly quite difficult watching your family and the world around us go down this path, to a certain extent, it's out of our hands. At times to find balance, we need to experience a total imbalance, how do we know what is or isn't an imbalance until we experience it?  

I was going to write about this a couple of days ago but I didn't, I didn't feel like writing about this subject until I received the bellow response.

It might be worthwhile for some people to read the whole story in the following link to get a better feel of what is written here in this post. Try to remember, some people are hurt here as they feel they have been deceived and violated, please look beyond their present expressions, to me, they are just and true people.    

MatrixShape:The thing is at first she didn't want to step in the forum, didn't want to get involved, i asked her a few time, but at first i had the impression she didn't really want to get involved in the place, just owning it and taking basic decision of look & all, but not to step in as a member, at first she even told me she wanted to remain anonymous to feel more integrated in the community and not stepping in as owner.

It's why at first i had to step in because i though she was not interested in participating there at all, and it when me & bds have been doing all the job to keep troll at bay & try to make the place looking welcoming & all, i'm glad i didn't tell too much people about it and engaged more my credibility on this one because i though it could become cool .. I swear the minute i told desiree to come in that i was becoming cool & all and can be a good forum again she deleted my account and started this whole new level of drama .. they sure did a good job at installing suspicion, open lack of respect and madness there, even if i tried to keep it sane for some time .. If she told me clearly this since the beginning it's clear i would have let her die with her forum lol 

But it's here i don't like her attitude at all, at first she says she want to stay in the shadow and not participate there and don't know shit about forum, and then she want to step in as super mod, deleting everything and not having a clue .. And concoct lie on me with her team & all ...

It's not even so much the tech work, but i know people there for years, and i a bit engaged myself on this place as she said she didn't want to be too active there and didn't want to introduce herself or anything and at first was not very clear if she wanted to participate there, or just owning it and remaining away ..

It's like she flipped everything upside down now lol She want to participate there, and having special status of owner, everyone can get trashed and lied upon but her, she tell lies on me on there all day, start to delete account and not respect anything .. exactly all the opposite of what she told at first ..

My Reply:
It's an all or nothing mentality, there is no balance which is quite prevalent in a lot of people, they have no balance as they just don't know how to balance out their expressions. It's like being a bully or they don't express myself, there is no middle ground, this is actually quite a common mentality. 

You might have noticed yourself, a lot of spiritually aware people have this balance problem, they have a problem with balancing out their mentality and expressions, it's either one or the other.  A number of times have I noticed this with a lot of people who are primarily into love or unconditional love, as soon as you cross them in some way, they can get quite vicious, there is no middle ground and the thing is, they can't help this. I think this is why so many people become involved in spirituality, to try to give them this balance and not just within themselves either, the world around them. 

The lucky one's find balance, and at times perfect balance, between the yin and yang, the unlucky one's can only express one or the other, this is worth being aware of for anyone who can't truly express a balanced mentality. 

So what causes such an imbalance? 

Reaction, we either hide ourselves away from an unbecoming situation or we react to a unbecoming situation by counteracting this situation with an opposite, by doing so, we are not finding that balance that we are seeking. This kind of imbalanced expression will never work mainly because it's counteractive against another expression. Spirituality isn't about expressing a counteractive, it's about balance, it's about finding the balance within all things. Any counteraction will only cause a counteraction to the initial counteraction. No counteraction creates an opposite of the situation we want to oppose, human history shows this time and time again, only in balance will we truly defuse any situation we find unbecoming. 

Take  WWI, after the war, the German people were raped of their dignity, in various ways, what then occurred was WWII. Another example, Westerners have used and abused Middle Eastern people for some time now, what has occurred from this? Of course their reaction will be met with a counteraction and on and on it goes. 

Balance has always been the key, it's just some people find it harder discovering this key more than others!! 

Saturday, 7 November 2015

The Death of Dying

Written by Mathew Naismith

Bare with me, we experience things for a reason.......

Last night I dreamt I died by the hands of others just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, I was murdered. What occurred next was interesting, one of the perpetrators put out his cigarette buy inserting it into my ear, I didn't feel anything as such but I did feel a sensation even though I was dead. As soon as this person did this, I instantly felt why he did this, it was to degrade my importance in life, this persons needed to look at bodies as just something to use and abuse even after death.

This sadly fits within the mentality of a lot of people today either it be a killer and/or an abuser, this can be anyone who just kills people or who corporately or politically abuses people even to death. The feeling I got was compelling and obvious, these people do indeed need to degrade others so they feel nothing when they abuse them. This conditioning practice of degrading can be physically and/or mentally applied, many people are conditioned from birth to be degrading.

The dream went on from this. I found myself trying to console my wife after my demise/death, I couldn't and it was quite frustrating not being able to do so. I knew she would never get over my death and this saddened me only because life indeed does go on.  Before I entered  the light the dream ended.

This morning I had to get milk from the corner store, while I was walking along I got the message to write about the death of dying, I had absolutely no idea of what this even meant, at first it made no sense at all until I related it to my dream.

As we became more aware beyond the perceptions of our own physicality, we realise life indeed goes on after our demise, this awareness actually brings on the demise of the belief of dying. This perception propels us into a reality based less on trauma and more on acceptance.

It's funny to think that I was so helpless and frustrated that I couldn't assist my wife to cope better with her loss, you just wonder if this isn't the case for a lot of people after they seemingly die, can some, or even a lot of us, feel this way for our loved one's left behind after their demise?

It was quite a compelling dream I had, even soldiers at times in war degrade the human form to cope better and yes it does work until they rejoin the relative peaceful community they came from. This kind of conditioning is however made easier when rejoining the community you came from if you came from a community that is less peaceful. The less peaceful and degrading your community is that you came from, the easier it is to rejoin this kind of community.

There is a huge difference between people who are degrading and the people who are aggrading in peacefulness, we cant expect these people who are so degrading to accept our way of existing, this just isn't going to happen.

Now we might think if enough people adopt a more peaceful behavioural way,  this will spread throughout the world and stop people expressing this kind of  degrading mentality, it would be nice to think so but it didn't work before in human history, why should it work now?

People like Jesus and Buddha where a lot more compelling than anyone present today, they were obviously very well connected to the source in one way or another, why then didn't their teachings and mentality spread throughout the world and stop our degrading ways? Yes, to a point their kind of mentality made a difference but even they couldn't influence the rest of human consciousness to desist in their degrading ways. This degrading mentality is just as, if not more, prevalent than ever even when people like Jesus and Buddha had thousands of followers expressing their kind of mentality.

When you have many more or even an equivalent amount of people expressing themselves in a degrading way, this will off shoot any constructive influence from people like Jesus and Buddha and their followers. Is a more constructive loving consciousness more influential than a destructive degrading consciousness? You will find where the controlling ego is concerned, the latter will rule even when less people express this kind of degrading mentality.

The demise of our perception of death helps us to be more expressive of a  constructive mentality, no one who is into a degrading mentality will want to know of our eternalness for two good reasons. One, there could be a price to pay for their degrading ways after physical death and two, any existence of an eternal existence will make a degrading life seem like an utter waste of time no matter what possessions they have accumulated in the process. These people/souls could have to go through a long period of utter remorse and misery themselves, this is why so many of these people will probably never accept our kind of mentality, they can't.

These people also think they a stronger than a person who takes on the personality of Jesus or Buddha for example but their not, they are far far weaker, they have given into a controlling ego to start with, their strength is in their control but it's the ego that has control, not them themselves!!

My dream was certainly a reawakening, not just of the atrocity of certain people but of life after our so called death. It is obviously much more constructive to be aware than to be unaware, what truly aware person would take on expressing themselves in a degrading way?      

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Why Dimensions Are Not Levels!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

I was asked to elaborate on my last post about dimensions, I'm reluctant because the post I wrote about dimensions wasn't that well written, it also took me 4 hours to write, this is because I sort of turned everything upside down. Most concepts tell us that consciousness  starts off at the 1st or 3rd dimension and go from there until we become one with the creator, I'm actually advocating that all consciousness starts off at the twelfth dimension and can, but not necessarily, end up at the 1st dimension. Instead of a consciousness from the twelfth dimension progressing or ascending from this dimension, it seemingly regresses or descends from this state.

Ascension: Something to consider here,  there is no ego what so ever in the twelfth dimension, would not a consciousness, with no ego, express itself in a more humble way if the need arose? A consciousness with a controlling ego on the other hand would actually act and perceive the opposite way, it would always want to ascend, this is why we think all consciousness is ascending from a lower level to a higher level of the twelfth dimension, or another way of putting it, to be one with God's consciousness.

The point is, all of what is, has come from one source, in my perception, everything came from the twelfth dimension, or if you like, the light. No matter what dimension a consciousness is experiencing, it's initial beginning was from the twelfth dimension, this only becomes unapparent when a consciousness experiences dimensions that keeps a consciousness unaware of it's initial beginnings. Even a consciousness experiencing the 1st dimension was initially created from the twelfth dimension, it matters not how unaware a consciousness becomes of this, all consciousness, to me, was created from the twelfth dimension, not the 1st or 3rd dimension.

Consciousness does not have to ascend or descend from any dimension, any consciousness at any time can just stay within a certain dimension, this is until a consciousness expresses an intention to experience another dimension other than what it's experiencing in the present. There is however no true perception of ascending or descending in the twelfth dimension, even in other dimension of wisdom there is no perception of this, this can only be perceived of a consciousness that isn't wised up to their being no true ascending and descending. If there is no ascending or descending of a consciousness, there is no levels of consciousness.

We have twelve dimensions, to a 3rd dimensional mentality these are perceived as levels, this is quite normal perception for this mentality of the 3rd dimension to have, this however isn't the same in dimensions of a wiser consciousness. There are no levels for a consciousness with no or little ego, only experiences to be had.

Levels: Each dimension actually makes up a whole consciousness, even the twelfth dimension isn't a whole consciousness without the other eleven dimensions. If these other eleven dimensions had no purpose, they couldn't exist even as an illusion. I cannot imagine a twelfth dimensional consciousness even creating an illusion for no purpose what so ever, everything has it's reason for existing in some way.

Illusions indeed have a purpose. Many people in the 3rd dimension have no perception of  other dimensions,  this is why many people can't  imagine a creative energy source of some kind existing, in this case of a creator, we are talking about the twelfth dimension, you can understand why so many people can't perceive a creator or a point of a conscious creation of some kind existing from a 3rd dimensional state.

The only way to experience a true 3rd dimensional state, is to perceive in levels, however, these levels are determined by what a 3rd dimensional consciousness is aware of, if it's not aware of other dimensions existing, it's even unable to perceive these dimensions as levels. The 3rd dimension is all about measuring, if it can't measure it, it doesn't exist, this isn't the same in dimensions that are conductive towards wisdom. When their is no purpose to measure, there are no levels, this includes the twelve dimensions.

When a conscious becomes aware of these twelve dimension in the 3rd dimension, it automatically perceives these dimensions as levels, this is quite normal. This is when we perceive we have to be ascending from the 3rd to the twelfth dimension. Perceiving these dimensions as levels is actually a good thing because we will perceive to be ascending, you certainly don't want to descend to the 2nd or 1st dimension unless that is your intentions. Perceiving levels actually assist us in going to a more aware state of consciousness, people who can't perceive these dimensions, especially as levels, will most likely stay in the 3rd dimension or even go onto the 2nd dimension, depending on the intentions and mentality.

The ego actually serves us well here in helping us to perceive levels, the ego wants to ascend not descend however!!    

Mentality: We could change this 3rd dimension into a 2nd dimension or we could change this dimension into a 5th dimension, in actuality, both are likely to occur, this however doesn't mean we will all experience a 2nd and 5th dimension at the same time. What will occur is a persons/souls consciousness will only perceive, thus experience, a 5th or 2nd dimension. No consciousness but the twelfth can experience more than one actual dimension at one time, this is due to the mentality that is a part of each dimension.

Each dimension has it's own unique mentality, could you imagine a destructive mentality existing the 11th dimension?  It couldn't occur as each dimension has it's own kind of mentality. Could you imagine a highly constructive 11th dimensional mentality existing in a 2nd dimension of utter destruction? Any consciousness existing in the 2nd dimension would become instantly constructive, such consciousness's would then no longer be of the 2nd dimension for only a destructive conscious can exist in such a dimension.

A destructive mentality cannot exist in a highly constructive dimension but a constructive mentality can exist in a highly destructive dimension. Destructive mentalities cannot enter into a constructive dimension and influence the consciousness's experiencing such dimensions, this is due to the influence of constructive mentalities. This is wholly due to there being way too much love and understanding in a constructive dimension for a destructive consciousness to have any influence what so ever upon such a consciousness.
The opposite however can occur, how many people have been influenced by Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Rumi for example?  Am I advocating that these people were from another highly constructive dimension? They might not have directly come from these dimensions but they, in my mind, were well connected to dimensions more constructive than the 3rd dimension.  This is due to wisdom not being a strong attribute of this dimension, if it was, this dimension would no longer be of a 3rd dimension, it would become a more constructive dimension driven by a more constructive mentality. To me, these people obviously had a more constructive mentality.

Religion/spirituality: The role of spirituality/religion are apparent to me, they help keep us connected to the twelfth dimension, when we no longer use religion/spirituality, we loose our connection and become basically lost even at the soul level. Even the belief in a God of man or of many God's and Goddess's, assist us with this connection, these beliefs certainly didn't occur by accident, you could say they were preordained to assist us no matter what dimension we are experiencing.

This connection however becomes more difficult to attain or acquire in a destructive dimension like the 3rd dimension but especially in the 2nd and 1st dimensions. You could imagine the disconnection experienced in the 2dn and 1st dimensions, it would be insurmountable. A well connected consciousness however would of course be able to stay connected even in the 2nd and 1st dimensions. These dimensions of utter destructing can create the most beautiful consciousness's/souls but only if these consciousness's/souls stayed connected.

The 2nd and 1st dimensions, or any dimension, are not levels, they are experiences. Levels usually go from the lower level to the higher, this isn't the case in relation to dimensions, you actually do quite the opposite so it's not actually a level we scale up, it's mentalities we experiences as we go through each dimension. These experiences are not bettering a soul or consciousness either, they are just experiences, yes, they can produce the most beautiful consciousness's/souls but this isn't an attainment/achievement, it's a privilege. 

Friday, 10 July 2015

The Science of Consciousness

Written by Mathew Naismith

As the heading states, this post is more to do with the science of consciousness rather than the spiritual aspect of consciousness, this post also goes on from where my last post, Going Beyond Human Perceptions, left off. It matters not if we are talking about the science of everything or the spiritual aspect of everything, it’s still awareness building, and most importantly, it’s still in relation to consciousness no matter what.

Mentality of consciousness: In my last post, I stated that this universe has a mentality that can and does influence us, to do this, such energy sources has to be alive in some way and conscious of it’s own existence. Is a lump of rock or a gas cloud, for example, able to know of it’s own existence?  Even though rocks and gas clouds are a part of consciousness itself, such energy forms are unable to comprehend their own existence, this is the same with human beings, we are unable to comprehend anything else beyond our own perceptions. Even though we are conscious of our own existence, we are not conscious of any other existence not of our perceptions and understanding.

Psychologically, such limited perceptions gives us a certain kind of mentality, this in turn creates the reality that is inline with such mentalities. This is why rocks are unable to express a certain mentality unlike human beings, they can be influenced by a  consciousness but they can’t express such consciousness. This is basically due to rocks being unable to become aware of itself and anything else around it, self awareness make us more expressive of the mentality that is influencing us. Take expressing egotism for an example, egotism is brought about by a certain kind of mentality, usually a mentality that that can be aware or unaware of it’s destructiveness. Once you become influenced by such a mentality, you become less aware of other perceptions which gives egotism it’s destructiveness. If you are unaware of other perceptions, either deliberately or not, you are going to destroy or hurt what you are unaware of, again this is natural law within such universes/realities.

Now if the universe is made up out of rocks and gas clouds, for example, how can such a universe be expressive of any  kind of mentality, they are unable to know of their own existence are they not?

True, but what I am saying is a consciousness behind the creation of the universe is aware of it’s own existence through it’s own expressions of itself, in other words the universe, and everything the universe creates, is but an expression of consciousness. This is important to understand because if it’s conscious and expressive of it’s own existence, as of anything conscious in this way, it’s expressive of  some kind of mentality.

Expressing conscious: Man cannot manipulate any other consciousness that is more aware of itself than man is, he can however manipulate and express his kind of mentality upon any other consciousness equal or less aware of it’s own self, this is why scientists, for example,  are able to manipulate other energy sources. Scientists are now looking at creating a universe, on a small scale of course, such a universe will react according to the mentality creating it, this is very much like the universe we exist in ourselves.

 Because the universe we exist in is violent, does this mean the consciousness that created such a universe is violent?

We need to consider other universes that weren’t created and act as violent as our own universe to answer this question. These passive universes were also created from the same exact consciousness, the big difference has to do with the mentality of a consciousness creating such universes, not the consciousness itself as a whole.

This consciousness is expressive of all of what it is, this includes expressing a mentality that can be destructive, we actually exist in a very egotistical universe, it’s always forcing it’s own expressions onto everything else around it, at times quite violently. Now imagine a passive universe, a passive universe would obviously, to me, create passive life forms, this would in turn create such beauty, within it’s love and understanding, we can only imagine, in other words these life forms would be quite overwhelmingly beautiful to us. To us however beauty or being beautiful relates to egotism, we paint and dress ourselves up to look beautiful so we could quite easily perceive such a passive existence would be highly egotistical, this however isn’t the case.

These beings, within such passive realities, express beauty without trying, they actually don’t even really try to express such beauty, this comes naturally, this is all due to the passive universes mentality they are influenced by.  We on the other hand are influenced by a more aggressive mentality, this however doesn’t mean such expressive mentalities are less unworthy, it just means we are expressive of consciousness in a certain way. Within our kind of universe, we need to be expressive of beauty as much as we can, yes it’s egotistical but it’s going with the natural laws of such universes. There are however universes/realities that don’t even try to express such beauty,  these realities are primarily influenced by a mentality that is highly destructive, much more destructive than our own universes mentality.

Does this again mean consciousness itself (God) is destructive within it’s own mentality? Yes and no, take how Buddha repelled the influences from destructive mentalities and became enlightened in the process, each universe/reality has it’s influences that we can or not give into. A less aware consciousness is going to go along with such mentalities, the less aware a consciousness is, the more it is able to be influenced by these destructive mentalities. You could say each universe/reality is a test, you are going to fail these tests if you are unaware, but if you are aware, you are obviously going to pass such tests, we too, as humans, express the same laws. What is above is certainly below in one sense or another.

You could say consciousness itself wrote out these tests by creating universes for example, however, these tests are not expressed until we participate in such tests, in other words these tests are not expressed until we express them as individual parts of consciousness itself. Consciousness itself is unable to be expressive of such expressions until it expresses itself in individual forms, some individual parts of itself are aware, other not so aware. Consciousness itself is unable to be expressive of anything beyond it’s own awareness, this means consciousness itself cannot express any kind of destruction, however, more ignorant parts of this consciousness can, this is why we try to become one with this consciousness, this can only occur however if we pass all these tests at the soul level. The beautiful thing about this, it’s happening on quite a large scale, more and more of us are passing such tests at the soul level, a more passive existence is but a stones throw away for a lot of us.  

Again, please don’t take what I have written here as gospel, it’s purely my perspective, nothing else…….            

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Is the Human Race Worth Saving?

Written by Mathew Naismith

I came across an interesting question recently on the net, "Is the human race worth saving?" There was a poll attached to this question and most people by far said no for various reasons.

You could look at this response as being very negative but I saw it as a very positive sign, the reason for this is more people were showing how aware they are of our destructive ways, I did however myself vote yes; the human race is worth saving.

The reason for this is a lot more of us are indeed becoming more aware of our destructive ways and of our inner truer selves, I also believe you only need a certain amount of people in this world to make changes to our destructive ways.  I also believe the old destructive consciousness will be left behind with all it’s many attachments.

What a more aware person shouldn’t do  is not expect everyone to just drop this old consciousness and all it’s attachments just like that, this isn’t going to happen and the more we push this the more they are going to cling onto these attachments.  We need to be more subtle and patient which isn’t easy to do, this is because the more aware we become the more aware we are of who we truly are and what our existence should be like.  Becoming aware isn’t an easy thing to go through in such a destructive reality.

The following is another reason why I think we are worth saving, this was in reply to another questioned posed by someone on LinkedIn,” Is There Trauma In Embracing The Sacred Feminine?.

The Mayans prophesied that we are at present entering into the period of the feminine self which will help give peace, love and harmony onto ourselves giving rise to a more constructive mentality, does this mean the masculine was only destructive within it's intentions?

Yes and no, yes the masculine was more supportive of a destructive mentality but no because without the masculine the feminine wouldn't come into being, there is a purpose to the masculine as there is a purpose to the feminine.

So what is the purpose of a destructive mentality? I believe pure consciousness isn't aware of itself until it becomes expressive of this consciousness. To be aware of the feminine, a more constructive mentality, this pure consciousness needed to be expressed so this pure consciousness can become more aware itself. The masculine has made us more aware of the feminine within this pure consciousness, to me the masculine is very positive, it is helping us to become more aware of ourselves and of God's consciousness.

To me the masculine is about becoming aware and the feminine is of expressing this awareness, the feminine could not be expressed without the awareness of the masculine.

The problem is now, do we continue on a masculine way or do we evolve further and go to the next step of expressing this awareness that the masculine has given us. Yes we could stay ignorant and allow the masculine destroy us or we could choose to go on from the masculine and give the feminine a chance to prove itself before discarding the human race, what will be will be but we do indeed have a choice.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Frustrations- Letting Go of the Old

Written by Mathew Naismith

It’s human nature to become attached to the things around us that serve us well or we become emotionally loving too, there is nothing wrong or even right with this, it’s just a natural interaction we are able and wanting to express or not express.  Do all attachments interfere with our connectedness to God’s consciousness or the inner self? Actually quite often they can assist with this connectedness and at other times interfere with this connectedness however, where our attachments interfere with this connectedness can be quite tricky to acknowledge mainly due to the type and strength of such attachments.  

Dream: I had a dream last night of being utterly frustrated. I was going somewhere with my wife and we parked the car up a back side street. When we returned, the car wasn’t where we thought we parked it, it wasn’t stolen, we just couldn’t remember what side street we parked the car in as there were many side streets, the more I searched for our car the more side streets appeared.

Where we were visiting and where we parked the car was in an old area of the town, night was also befalling. The further I looked the newer the town looked and the brighter the day became. I was totally lost in an area of the town I was not familiar with, every time I tried to return back to my wife, to the old side of town, the less I was able too. Every turn I took, took me away from the old side of town, this was very frustrating to me.

This newer part of town was in bright daylight but I still wanted to be back from where my wife and our car was parked, my attachments to the old were stopping me from becoming familiar with my new surroundings which were noticeably cleaner, newer and brighter.   

Dimensions: The thing with me is I accept this reality, this dimension for what it is, a 3rd dimensional reality that influences our mentally to react in a certain way, in this case destructively. This destruction is caused through ignorance for only through ignorance are we able to destroy.  There are reasons why I have attachments to this reality which I won’t go into; actually a lot of us have attachments to this reality in one sense or another.  

Going by the dream, it’s this 3rd dimensional mentality that is of the old side of town and is what I have obviously got to let go of as a lot of us do I could imagine. How could people like me be so attached to such a destructive reality?  If I was destructive within my own mentality all I would see of this reality is destructiveness but that is not all I see for various reasons. The destructiveness of others can also bring out the best in others and it most often does.  A destructive reality also allows one to appreciate the smaller things in life if we are aware enough to do so. It is not easy being aware in such a destructive reality, this kind of destructive mentality that this reality/dimension produces is meant to obstruct our awareness from seeing any more than destructiveness.  This I feel allows our soul to become more aware.  You could say when being in a timeless state of consciousness we become awareness itself, does this not instantaneously teach the soul awareness without going through such trauma, such dimensions and realities?

Why have a soul, what is then the purpose of a soul if this is the case, we can all just go into a consciousness of timelessness and become awareness itself?  How many people become of this awareness itself and are still existing in this dimension?  No one, because once you truly become awareness itself you would just disappear from dimensions like this one. 

Timelessness: Let’s look at this timeless conscious state that allows us to feel that we become awareness itself.  It is certainly something new to our usual state of awareness otherwise we wouldn’t acknowledge it as much as we do and speak about it as much as we do. The point is it’s new to us, it’s not of our usual awareness state which is influenced by time and this is the point.  Because our usual state of consciousness is of time, when we go into a newer state of consciousness it’s going to feel quite awesome and rather spectacularly huge especially in relation to our usual awareness state. I have made the same mistake for some time now, I thought this was it, the be and end all, the sources (God’s) consciousness because it was so powerfully different to our ignorant state of consciousness in time. Most of us are only aware of a destructive dimension; anything slightly constructive to this is going to feel quite awesome.  This is exactly like calling a much aware and wiser being a God which we have done in the past.

When we are fleetingly in and out of this timeless consciousness, we can feel it’s the be and end all, we feel we become awareness itself mainly because this awareness we feel is much more aware than our usual state of awareness in time. The sources (God’s) consciousness is of all consciousness not just of this timeless or even of the consciousness of time but all of what consciousness is as a whole.

I was duped into thinking this timeless consciousness was all about awareness itself as well until I became aware of time while in a timeless state of consciousness. I then realised this timeless state of consciousness was unaware of time, it isn’t as aware as I thought. This dimension of time tricks us to believe things that aren’t true because it’s so ignorant and destructive, anything more constructive and aware is going to feel quite awesome and quite understandably.  

Mentality: We can’t change this dimension, all dimensions are of a particular consciousness which produce a particular mentality but you can however change this mentality.  When we change this mentality, what we are doing is changing what dimension we are in; we are not actually changing the dimension even though this is going to feel that is what we are doing.  Everything will seem the same to our five senses but we will feel different, eventually our five senses will become in tune with this new dimension giving our senses a different perspective. We will see things differently and smell things differently and so forth, we will in turn act quite differently.  

What has time and timelessness got to do with my dream and letting go of the old? Everything, because I have been writing about time and timelessness more and more recently, this is the new part of town where the old part of town is believing this timelessness is the be and end all no matter what.  To me this is like thinking a more aware being than I is a God no matter what. The frustration is, once you become aware there is no going back even if you want too.   

Aren’t such attachments to a dimension or anything else of the ego, destructive and not of the inner self?  A true spiritual person will be accepting of whatever situation they find themselves in, this includes being expressive of the ego and even destructive.  I should point out, just because one is expressive of the ego doesn’t make them automatically destructive,  the ego only becomes destructive when it take control and the more control it has the more destructive it becomes.   The reason a controlling ego can be destructive is it’s living in ignorance; it’s ignorant to everything not of the ego.  This is true because only through ignorance can we destroy. It is however quite impossible for a true spiritual aware person to be destructive, they are usually too aware however an aware soul can choose a life of destruction. This usually happens when the soul needs to become aware of such mentalities through actual experiences, not one of us in this dimension hasn’t chosen, at the soul level, to do just this, we wouldn’t be here otherwise!!

In all you cannot become aware or experience anything unless it’s of consciousness either it be of time or timelessness, this doesn’t make it real as such but it doesn’t make it unreal either, it’s really a balance between the two.  Why does anything have to be truly of one or the other? The answer of course is it doesn’t!!

So in all, my dream is telling me this is where I am supposed to go but it’s not saying that is where everybody else is supposed to go, just go with what you feel comfortable with, if you are comfortable with thinking time is an illusion or the ego is bad period, just go with that because that is what you are supposed to do as I’m supposed to do what I am doing.   

Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Healing Process

Written by Mathew Naismith

I should point out, I’m not a healer as such in this life, this is indicated by my own mentality which is fixated to the negatives and/or positives in life to some extent like most people. In my life in ancient Egypt though, it would seem I didn’t have this problem, this made me a very proficient healer.  Once anyone stops being this fixated to the negatives and/or positives in life, anyone at this stage can become a healer. Actually once this occurs, everyone automatically becomes a healer in some sense.

Instead of racking my brain in determining and judging what is negative and what is positive, I just kept the mind quiet by focusing on constructive thinking. It was a simple learnt thought pattern that gave me a constructive mentality instead of a destructive mentality. Not realising this or being aware of this, today most of us are conditioned to a destructive mentality, this is bread into us and can be quite hard to shake off, rid ourselves of such a mentality.  This is due to being also conditioned at the subconscious level.

How do we get around this? Study our dreams and meditate. Meditation and dream interpreting can bring forth the subconscious making the subconscious conscious to our conscious selves, in other words we become aware of our inner subconscious thoughts. Yes this can be spooky at first but one away around this is to visualise the subconscious as a bright light, a bright healing light instead of something negative as opposed to positive.   

Now, we can mistaken the white bright light of life energy forces for the white bright lights of healing for they are both of a white bright light.  To me the difference is as follow.

The white bright light of life energy forces = no indication of the light being of heat or cold and it should be of a soft bright white light.

The white bright lights of healing = this is usually of a warm light to a very warm light and it’s not a soft light, it’s a bright piercing light.

Each life force gives off a different soft glow of light, this depends on their mental and/or physical condition, some are bright some are dull within the intensity of their glow. This also depends on how well someone is connected to Gaia and/or the inner self.
The bright light of healing also varies in intensity depending in what condition of what needs to be healed, for example, if a joint is highly inflamed the healer will sense and possibly visualise a lot of heat and bright light.  When a joint isn’t as inflamed, the light density will be dimmer and you want notice as much heat either. This will also occur during the healing process, you know when you are healing when the heat isn’t as intensive as before and the light has dimmed. Eventually, if the healing process has been successful, you won't sense any heat or visualise or feel any light, at this stage you have successfully brought everything back into it’s natural order, the way it’s supposed to be.

Also in my case, I visualise hearing an electrical bussing sound when the light is intensive but as the light becomes duller, this electrical buzzing sound becomes less and less until there is no sound at all. When I say the light becomes duller I mean it becomes more of a glow than a bright piercing light, this is where we can confuse the light of life forces with healing light. One way to tell is through the heat signature of the healing process of the light, you will always sense heat when healing where the light of a life force doesn’t exude heat or cold, it’s just a comfortable comforting soft bright glow.

When we visualise the Earth, when not in a healing mode, the light from Earth is a soft bright white glow of light with no heat or cold sensed, at times however we will sense a heat signature and maybe a bright piercing light, this is an indication of what needs to be healed.  With a constructive mentality you can see how easy it is to get the light of life forces confused with the light of healing, everything is of light but not everything is of heat or sound.  To me there is no heat/cold or sound in relation to the life force of things, there is no action reaction, push and pull within this light itself until we start reacting in life. As soon as we start reacting, that is when the healing glow of light begins to appear but only if we have a constructive mentality. A destructive mentality separates this light into dark and light, negative and positive.  Instead of healing with light, we are healing with dark; this explains why we are still in conflict with each other and of Gaia (nature).   

There is only light, yes this light varies in intensity in life but it’s still light no matter what. When we are healing, we are actually using the light of the life force to heal but for this life force to heal, it needs to be intensified which gives off a sense of heat. Yes it’s the same light but it’s advisable to become aware of the difference when the light of the life force is intensified for healing purposes. The reason for being aware of this is, to heal properly, one must be aware of the heat difference and light intensity from the light of the light force; if you’re not aware of this the healing process might not work or work proficiently. It all just comes down to being aware.

I should point out, this is only what I visualise and experience, this doesn’t necessarily have to be anyone else’s visualisations and experiences in relation to healing.      

Saturday, 11 October 2014

A Way to Healing -Visualising

Written by Mathew Naismith

This post is more about how I heal or more to the point, how I use to heal when I was living a life in ancient Egypt.  In my present life, I don’t heal to any great extent but I can still visualise, to some extent, where the light is in the body, yes I did say light. No matter what it is, I don’t see it as a dark or damaged mass, the area in question just glows with white light.

This has everything to do with our mentality, not if we are positive or not. A positive person can still visualise a dark mass however a person with a constructive mentality will only see a bright white glow.  So what’s the difference between a positive thinking person and a person who is constructive within their mentality?

They are very simular however to be positive there has to be a negative, you can’t have one without the other, so to be positive you would have to judge yourself as not being negative, in doing this you have just judged negativity as being bad in some way.  A constructive mentality doesn’t work this way, it doesn’t need an opposite like destructiveness to exist, constructive thinking is just constructive thinking.  

Let’s take Hitler for example, he was very positive especially at first during his reign, I wouldn’t call Hitler a very constructive person however in his early days of he’s reign, he was very constructive to his people but not to other people he deemed not of his own.  Hitler was a very positive person but very destructive. A person with a constructive mentality wouldn’t have even thought of being this destructively positive.   

Constructiveness is obvious, you are not destroying anything or hurting anyone, positive thinking on the other hand isn’t this obvious as the example above shows.  Positiveness also takes action to formulate where’s constructiveness actually takes less action, the less you act the more constructive you are and the more active you are the more destructive you become.  Because positiveness takes action to formulate, it can be quite destructive as Hitler quite clearly showed.  

This also goes along with the push and pull effect, the more we push away the more we are pulling in, a never ending expression of action reaction, cause and effect. Positive thinking tells us to take action away from anything we judge as being negative, a constructive mentality doesn’t take any action as the less action we take the more constructive we become.  

What happens when we take less action? For one we don’t get a reaction and two we are under far less stress therefore think a lot less which quietens the mind. It’s this quietened mind that helps us to heal.

Anyone with a constructive mentality can heal but not everyone who is positive can heal!!

We have been conditioned to take positive action as opposed to being conditioned to be constructive without action, this kind of conditioning is very hard for us to let go of and this is why we have been so destructive.  Does a constructive mentality mean we don’t take action, so when others are in trouble we don’t do anything to help?  

No, it means we take constructive action in consideration of anything we might destroy within such actions. We need to realise the more action we take the more destructive we can become. Feeding the poor for example isn’t going to help the situation unless we take less action to help them help themselves; they need to learn to help themselves.  

This is all a part of the healing process, there is no negative to heal as there is no dark mass to heal so we take less action to heal not more action. The way we have been conditioned tells us to take more action which is causing even more reaction, more destructiveness.   I find it really funny how we have become conditioned in this way which keeps our mentality ignorant of any other way to exist. 

The best way I know to heal is to visualise people’s light spots not dark spots and the world itself is no different. In relation to the Middle East, a positive person will see dark spots and take positive action but a person with a constructive mentality will only see these, what positive people have judged as dark spots, light spots. These dark spots become balls of bright light. Actually a lot of spiritually aware people who think they are positive thinkers are actually people who have a constructive mentality, they are not true positive thinkers because true positive thinkers can be quite destructive.  A true positive thinker also thinks a lot, usually too much to truly heal anything.  Yes positive thinking can make a constructive difference but it’s usually only a band aide effect, it usually doesn’t last long enough to make a real difference; actually in certain circumstances it can make things worse in the long run.

How can we learn to heal through a constructive mentality?  First of all drop the positive thinking and become purely constructive, feel constructive in every core of your being. Secondly, look at people and visualise their light spots/masses, if you visualise a dark mass you are not quite constructive within your mentality. The same goes with the world around us, visualise the Middle East, if you visualise dark spots you again are not quite constructive within your mentality.  I should point out anyone can become a healer, one just needs to be aware.  

It is easy to get positive thinking mixed up with constructiveness, they at first seem to go hand in hand, the main difference is, one takes action to formulate and the other takes far less action, one takes more thought,  the other far less thought. One should ask, which one is more truly of the spiritual and of the inner self?      

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Ephemeral or Eternal Happiness!!

Written by Mathew Naismith

We do indeed have a huge choice in the way we want to be happy, this of course is defined by the difference between in what kind of happiness we live by especially considering the difference between ephemeral and eternal happiness.  What are their differences and how do they impact on our being?

Ephemeral means fleeting, a happiness that doesn’t last and eternal means everlasting, a happiness that lasts. Take watching a TV show that makes us happy to watch and that we watch without missing an episode, when we do miss an episode, we are no longer happy, this is ephemeral happiness.  When a loved one or a loved pet dies, we become unhappy, again this is another indication of ephemeral happiness brought on by an external source of happiness.  This doesn’t mean we no longer love them but it just means they are no longer a source of happiness unless we remember fond thoughts of them.   

Eternal happiness doesn’t take an external source to make us happy; when we are eternally happy, missing a show or two wouldn’t disappoint us so we wouldn’t become unhappy  missing a show or two.  Does this also apply to the other things in life we love dearly like a love one or a pet?  This might seem course but it’s exactly the same, some people love certain TV shows just as much as their pets and in certain cases probably more than their loved ones.  Love itself doesn’t define our happiness but in the way we love does.

Love is defined by loving something or someone for external happiness, or loving something or someone for the sake of just simply loving them without relying on them for our happiness. When we start to rely on any external source for our happiness, we are really only talking about ephemeral happiness not eternal happiness. We have, especially in the west, been brought up to rely on external sources to make us happy, it’s everywhere around us which is mainly brought about by consumerism.

If my wife died tomorrow would I be unhappy? Yes because I have been brought up to rely on external sources to make me happy, my wife is a source of external happiness to me as I am to her.  I would have many fond memories of my passing wife but I’m not really happy until I meet someone else, this is a very good indication I have relied on an external source to make me happy.  We can also replace one source of happiness we with something else, if my wife died, I could replace that form of external sought happiness in something else like drugs/alcohol or sport but it would still be of an ephemeral external happiness. You would think there is no other way around this but there is!!

The quote above says it all but this seems to still rely on an external source to make us happy, goals are external from our inner being are they not?  Not if you make such goals eternal as opposed to ephemeral.  When we have a goal to get married to someone we dearly love, we are giving them a stamp stating they are ours now and we own them.  Any indication of ours is a form of ownership and of course with any ownership it’s ephemeral not eternal.  

Let’s look at a goal of getting married in a different way, what if the stamp didn’t state they are ours now and we own them, is this of ephemeral or eternal love?  There is no such thing of ownership being of eternity, ownership is a fleeting occurrence not eternal. The stamp now states you’re not mine to own but to cherish while you are with me. Can you now see the difference between the mentalities of ownership compared to just cherishing.  If we are just cherishing someone without ownership, we are not wholly relying on them for our happiness, they give us happiness but we are not relying on them for our happiness because we don’t own them.

This might seem cold to some people, once one passes on we are no longer relying on them for our happiness but this doesn’t mean we no longer love them; there is a huge difference here.  Once one passes on, we don’t own them anymore, they belong to the afterlife but we still have love for them.  The trick is to feel happy that you were able to be a part of their lives for however long that was.

I don’t own my wife and that’s not my TV show that I watch with passion so often, it’s all an ephemeral experience not an eternal physical experience, nothing in this physical reality is eternal so why rely on these physical none eternal possessions and people to make us happy?  It’s funny to me to rely on something that we don’t really own and isn’t eternal to make us happy, our true happiness comes always from within. 

If a goal doesn’t turn out for us and we become unhappy because of this, this is a good indication that the said goal was ephemeral not eternal.  A goal that doesn’t work out for us that doesn’t make us unhappy is eternal,  it’s eternally not our goal any longer and we go onto the next goal as Einstein did, if a formula doesn’t work out, go onto the next one.  If Einstein ever thought he owned a formula that didn’t work out, he would have indeed became unhappy.  

If we change our mentality from ownership to cherishing a moment, we would indeed be only relying on our inner happiness to make us happy because we realise we can’t own anything in a physical reality as it’s all ephemeral.  This is changing our mentality from an ephemeral mentality to an eternal mentality giving us eternal happiness.  True eternal happiness is all to do with our mentality.     

Friday, 29 August 2014

Lemurian Mentality

Written By Mathew Naismith

If you don’t believe there was a period of human history that we call the Antediluvian period, there might not be any point in reading on; this period of course also includes the same time period of the existence of Atlantis.  

This post isn’t in relation to the differences between Atlantis and Lemuria, but how a constructive mentality can become destructive. Atlantis, before it was destroyed, was at first quite a constructive race of people.  The Lemurians tried to inform the Atlantis’s that there mentality is becoming destructive and will only result in destruction of themselves and everything else, that of course  is exactly what happened.     

The following link takes you to a site that is most informative of this period; I hope this will help you understand more about this forgotten period of human history.

The Lemurians had an infinite connection with all the animals around them no matter how small or large, everything had a purpose in life. They gave a lot but in today standards received very little but to them what was given back was everything. They had a totally different mentality to what the Atlantis’s ended up with towards the end, which is a very similar mentality to what we have today.

Sadly enough, the Atlantis’s ended up with this similar mentality we have today even after the Lemurians expressed their concerns of taking on such a destructive mentality, the Atlantis’s then took offence to the Lemurians pointing this out which created discord between these two people, the rest of course is history, a forgotten history.

This constructive Lemurian mentality was also fairly prevalent in Egypt but once again when certain destructive mentalities where pointed out, what occurred once again was discord.  The constructive Lemurian mentality tried to stop yet another catastrophe occurring, this time famine which utterly devastated the Egyptian empire and it’s people.   

It's funny; I’m still trying to express the same concerns within this life, go figure!!  

It is obvious you cannot reason with a destructive mentality no matter what it is and expect something constructive to come out of it, what is needed is direct action by such a constructive mentality instead of relying on such a destructive mentality to see reason and correct their own ways. This is a huge lesson for me; I have still to learn from the past as we all obviously do!!  

The reason such a constructive mentality hasn’t taken direct action before is the Lemurian mentality is all about living with all other creatures no matter what, the Atlantis’s were accepted as they were. And here we are again, as we have once again taken on this destructive mentality which of course once again will be detrimental to our being.  We have no choice, like Jesus and Buddha, we need to be direct and purposeful within our own actions to avoid such catastrophes occurring again.      

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Western Mentality v Eastern Mentality

Written by Mathew Naismith

Wow, the contrasting difference between replies to my posts is astounding at times, the following replies to my post titled, Living from Inner Happiness, was astoundingly different and obviously took a different mentality to perceive.  I wish to say again, do not take anything I say as serious as I mostly write about my journey, you don’t have to agree with it nor should it seem threatening to you.

How fucking shallow do you think people are...... Stop walking on the water..... You are frightening the fish!!!!!!!!!! How tragic, that this is all about you.......

sheila unger:  In my mind we should be all walking on water, you just don't get it do you. Don't emotionally judged me, all you are doing is proving my point that I have made in this post.

If it's all about me it's all about everybody else, who is being shallow here?  You absolutely have no idea what I am talking about here so you have judged me according to your emotions, thanks for proving my point sheila. 

RIP Robin Williams.  Thank you for honoring him in addressing this issue in this way.  I am Native American/First Nation.  I've witnessed my people through extremely difficult situations, their lives exemplifying their very core being of the inner self.  The extreme difficulties were met with the same attitude as their extreme joys.  This, I know, is a gift to witness.  Those teachings were for me to learn, we are spirit. This unfortunately has been lost, many of our communities dealing with suicide at alarming rates. Since 2000, I have lost count in how many young people have committed suicide, I lost count at 20! The youngest was 12. The devastating negative impacts of colonialism and assimilation plan to be someone we are not has take its toll. 
  I know the answer lies in sharing the message of who we are to the young people.  In my language the word for 'star' is the same word for 'spirit' I asked an elder one day why that was.  The elder answered, "it is to remind you that we are all connected, we are one."  When one truly knows they are one they will not be moved by outside sources, something I witnessed as a child with those elders who lived their lives before me.  It is why we are still here, it is why we have not been annihilated.  Thank you once again for your tenderness.  Aho.

+Minosowin Iskwew That is sad Minosowin that so many younger people are forfeiting their lives.
The western style mentality is taking it's toll however this mentality I feel is also in it's death-rows, many western people are taking on eastern mentality or the mentality of our star.
Europeans went to America and judged it's inhabitants through their emotions as they have forgotten how to feel instinctively without judgmental emotions.
The western mentality is wholly built around emotions which are very judgmental and we wonder why we live in such a chaotic existence!!
Take this post for example, there was one person who downed what I said, they obviously judged me through their emotions not their instinctive feelings from their star.

Actually Minosowin I'm going to write our exchange up in a post, people need to know I feel.