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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Awareness to Wisdom

Written by Mathew Naismith

I like to share what ever might be beneficial to others in anyway & the below is no different. This is from one of my internet friends on Spiritual Board pertaining to helping people develop their own abilities & not learning someone else’s ability that usually doesn’t suit us. We can learn everything there is to know about spirituality & still be confused & unable to use such knowing to the best advantage & this is where wisdom comes into it which gives one the wisdom in knowing how to use such knowing in our own unique way.

The following is in reaction to my post titled Spiritual Difference in Perception with the following reply from BlackbirdRising: I wrote up a post titled Spiritual different in perception which is about how different belief systems make us think in certain ways & how our perceptiveness of ourselves & the world is different to each other but I got a funny reaction to it. I placed this post on various Google communities, philosophy, thinkers, spiritual blogging, spirituality & Rexsy universal consciousness. I got more of a favourable response from the thinker’s community than from the spiritual based community however I did end up with a few on the spiritual community.

It’s also about being wise with our newly found spiritual awareness because at times we aren’t that wise with it but of course this is no different to what we are doing in main stream society with consumerist materialism. We have become more aware of technological advancements but we are unwise in how we are using this newly found technological awareness because it’s killing off the planet at an alarming rate. Conscious awareness isn’t just about one kind of awareness but relates to all forms of awareness as it’s all of consciousness & of course all spiritual because everything of consciousness is of the spiritual.  

Mathew, I recently started a class for a group of people who wanted to learn how to develop their own abilities, open the crown and third eye chakras, etc. The very first thing we opened discussion about was perception and our differences, and how that affects our spiritual sight  I talked to them about opening and strengthening the ability to see without your eyes, and shared educational games designed for that purpose (by my grandmother who died when i was 11). Its humbling and inspiring to watch these people develop and have their "first moments" of accurate foresight. Very thankful to be able to coach them in this beginning, and in awe because i know that very soon they wont need me.

G'day BlackbirdRising

This is great BlackbirdRising, I noticed you mentioned accurate foresight, couldn't agree more because I know within myself & others we have had a number of inaccurate foresight's.

This is great work, you must be so proud of your human self doing all this & coping with your own personal problems as well, I'm proud of you.

Do you do this on line? If so would you mind giving me the relevant links so I can link people back to you via my blogs as I find this important for people to know, I might even right a post on it for my blog in relation to this.


Below is the link that BlackbirdRising sent me in reply to my reply to her, hope it helps as I’m sure it will.