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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Is Spiritual Awareness About Feeling Good?

Written by Mathew Naismith

Is spiritual awareness about feeling good especially within oneself?

I can tell you now, there is not a definitive, a clearly defined, answer to this question as everyone has a different perspective on this, some people say most definitely and others say most definitely not, so which one is correct or true? For me, the answer to this question is neither, it’s neither one or the other, it’s both.

The question isn’t if spiritual awareness is definitely not or is about us feeling good as this isn’t an apt or correct question to ask, the correct question to ask is, is spiritual awareness about feeling good? This is due to there are no absolutes within consciousness, therefore spiritual awareness, as all awareness is defined by this undefinable consciousness. This is all due to this consciousness not being governed by barriers like man’s consciousness, consciousness truly isn’t defined within certain barriers, man creates barriers, an undefinable unrestrained consciousness doesn’t therefore there are no absolutes. 

The answer to this question is most definitely, spiritual awareness is about us feeling good, especially within oneself, however, at the same time it’s not. This isn’t due to there being an absolute or not within consciousness, it’s due to the awareness of consciousness one has.

The law of attraction; seems to be quite popular these days, does this kind of existence allow one to be truly aware of anything they are not trying to attract? Such people are only going to try to attract what makes them feel good or benefits them in some way, everything else is discarded, this means such consciousness’s are going to stay quite unaware of the rest of what consciousness is about. In this case spiritual awareness is absolutely about one feeling good even though such consciousness’s are quite unaware of anything else other than what they are trying to attract.

Now the reason why other people say spiritual awareness isn’t about feeling good has to do with two things, one, if you are only trying to attract what makes you feel good or benefits you in some way, you are not truly being spiritually aware as you are not wanting to be aware of all of what consciousness is about. The second thing has to do with barriers, as soon as you exist to only attract what you desire or what benefits you, you have set up barriers.

Now the question I think we need to ask here is,  what creates such barriers?  Ego, a controlling ego can only exist if it sets up barriers as barriers are all about control are they not?  You take away barriers, you take away the control the ego can have on us, you still thankfully have an ego but it’s no longer controlling. Once we take away our barriers to an undefinable consciousness, the controlling ego can no longer exist, this is all due to the controlling ego being primarily about absolutes caused by such barriers.

Going with the flow: You have people who don’t try to attract one thing or another, these people just go with the natural flow of life, not against it, this means going along with the cycles we are all influenced by. 

Let’s look at this in a different way. Do doctors and nurses only attract healthy people, could you imagine if they did, all the sick people would be ignored, in other words these doctors and nurses would become quite unaware of the people who are ill. Now what about most multinationals and politicians, they are obviously about the law of attraction, “only become aware of what you want to attract”. This to me seems to be why so many sick people are used as a money making machine, it’s all to do with the law of attraction. All I can say is I’m glad most doctors and nurses are not into this law of attraction to only make themselves feel good or benefit them in some way, they are aware of the sick and the healthy. 

Is spiritual awareness about making us feel good? The answer is absolutely no, however, the more aware you become of the whole of consciousness, the better you feel, this is all due to a better understanding of consciousness itself in all it’s expressions, not just the expression we want to feel. In other words you automatically feels good, as a doctor does when they heal someone. The reason a doctor heals people is because they are aware of how consciousness affects the body, true spiritual awareness to me should work the same.   

Yes, the law of attraction is also supposed to be about healing but it’s not, it’s about desires which are inline with multinationals and politicians, not doctors and nurses. Most doctors and nurses, I know personally, work on a need to heal, not a desire to heal, through attracting the sick not the healthy.

I think in all it’s wise to be aware of the barriers we put up that stop us becoming aware of all of what consciousness is, within this, we can avoid barriers and the need to heal anyone, for it’s these barriers that make us ill through being unaware of (all) of what consciousness is and being only aware of what we desire it to be.      

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Love-A Motionless Expression

Written by Mathew Naismith

Firstly, please don’t get motionless mixed up with emotionless, motionless is to do with no or little movement as emotionless has to do with no or little feelings. This post is about a motionless expression which automatically brings on the feeling of love within oneself. I should also point out, the following is only my perception on this, this has nothing to do with absolute truth.

The one thing about spiritual awareness that is quite noticeable to me, is that spiritual awareness naturally and automatically brings on the feeling of love and oneness, we could quite easily say love is brought about by the feeling of oneness, a togetherness of the whole self. This isn’t exactly true, what I feel brings on this feeling of love is ourselves expressing less motion, the more we become aware, the less we think and the more we feel.

Feelings are not about motion, we don’t have to express feelings to become aware of them, they have naturally always been there. The thinking process is different, as soon as we think, we have motion. If you look around you right now, how many things are created through motion that didn’t take any thought process at all? Everything around us has taken a thought process to create, this means everything around you is about motion, a conscious thought instead of a conscious feeling. Yes, feelings can be put into thought therefore motion but these feelings don’t have to be put into motion to exist, they have always existed, this of course means love, as opposed to lust and desire, have always existed.

We could say here that a rock didn’t take thought to exist but it did, it took motion to create rocks through the big bang, so what I am saying here is the big bang came from a thought process way beyond our human perceptions. Many people of course call this kind of consciousness God. To me, everything created takes some kind of conscious thought process to exist, it’s all about motion but what about motionless, how much do we know about this state of consciousness?

Some people actually say this motionless consciousness isn’t consciousness at all, it’s nothingness  because it has no motion. Just because this consciousness has no motion doesn’t mean it isn’t an expression of a consciousness. Like I said, to be aware of feelings you don’t have to express them through motion because they already exist, if feelings have always existed so has consciousness.

So how do we know feelings, therefore love, have always existed?

While becoming spiritually aware you can think less, this means you are less expressive of motion, however,  you actually begin to feel more while thinking less unless we put these feelings into motion, into action. To express any feelings is to create motion through the processes of thought, however, the less you express these feelings within motions, the more you understand how these feelings (love)  have always existed.  This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t express what we feel, it just means the less expressive you are, the more aware you become.

This brings us back to the observer, feelings are more to do with an observer than thought processes, once we start thinking as an observer, we loose our unbiased observations. We can still, as an unbiased observer, observe feelings put into motion but it’s advisable we don’t become too involved with these motions that are being expressed.  A good psychologist/ psychiatrist follow the same rules.

Now this isn’t easy for humans to do, this is because humans are conditioned to express motion, actually they know little about any other way to exist. You can now imagine a reality that is conditioned to do otherwise, a reality conditioned to be as expressive as little as possible, this doesn’t mean they don’t feel, actually feelings within a reality like this are more about love, this is due to being aware of existing without having to be as expressive of these feelings (love).

We might ask how could we have more feelings of love without expressing such feelings? 

The less you express love through thought, therefore motion, the more love you feel, this is inline with becoming spiritually aware, don’t most of us feel more love while becoming aware while thinking less? This is due to motion denoting chaos, the more people who express motion, the more chaos you are obviously going to create, however, imagine everyone becoming less about motion and thought and more about motionless and feelings. Take the motion out of thought, what would we create?  You certainly wouldn’t create chaos and it’s this chaos that takes the love out of our lives.

You don’t have to be expressive of love to feel love, it is truly a natural occurrence without us trying to create this  love through motion.  Now the problem we cause ourselves through expressing love, is everyone has a different idea in how to express this love, a lot of love is expressed as lust and desire, this is wholly due to thinking processes.  No one person has the same thinking process, this is like no one has the same exact DNA, therefore we have various expressions of love within one reality. Basically what I am saying is it’s these various and numerous expressions that creates a chaotic reality but not all realities exist like this, realities conditioned to less motional expressions are less chaotic and more about a true sense of love.

I think it’s also important to be aware of the lust for love instead of the love of love, the lust for love is all about motional thought where’s the love of love is motionless thought, or should be, this again doesn’t mean we shouldn’t express our love as such. We will feel love and so will others around us without having to express love through motion, or as much motion. In my mind, more of us need to learn to become aware that you can’t create love, the true feelings of love are motionless therefore still, peaceful and  tranquil.            

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Spirituality-A Contradiction Within Itself??

Written by Mathew Naismith

Contradictions occur quite often within spirituality so we need to know what firstly defines a contradiction? Opposition between two conflicting forces or ideas, being aware of our physical and non-physical selves is a contradiction, how could a limited perception perceive that we can be aware of existing in a physical form and non-physically at the same time, this is obviously a contradiction. Spiritual awareness on the other hand teaches us there are no true contradictions, this is mainly due to consciousness being infinite within it’s expressions.

When we use logical reasoning to reason, we are limited to these contradictions,  we are unable to become aware past these perceptions of contradictions, spiritual awareness doesn’t work like this.

Many times have I been told I’m contradicting myself even, surprisingly, from other people who are spiritually aware, this to me however is a huge compliment, it shows me how my own perception isn’t limited to human perception, especially human perception that are limited to these contradictions.

How can you be of motion and motionless at the same time and how can you be in oneness while experiencing a fragmented consciousness? To a mind that is unable to perceive past human perceptions, these are contradictions, this however stops these people from becoming aware of anything past these perceived contradictions.

It’s advisable not to listen to anyone who says that you are contradicting yourself, this is unless you are going to take this kind of statement as a compliment because it is a compliment. Anyone who doesn’t contradict themselves while becoming aware, are not truly becoming aware, this is like not making mistakes while learning, spiritual awareness works the same except it’s not a mistake to contradict yourself, it’s actually a  sign of one’s growing awareness.

Consciousness is so vast and infinite, at times it seems to contradict itself but it doesn’t, not when you become aware enough to know better. 

Friday, 19 June 2015

Existing Beyond the Blues

Written by Mathew Naismith

This is quite a difficult post to write, I will be writing about a topic that will be difficult for others to accept. I should point out that my main forte is channelling, this is made difficult as the sources I channel from are not of my linguistic comprehension, it’s also not easy channelling from sources not of my own culture and understanding. This infers there is room for error within my channelling, don’t take what I’m about to say as being gospel in anyway even though my recent channelling is confirmed by various ancient predictions.

Reality creating: This is utterly mind blowing to me, I thought we could resurrect centuries of degradation but I was not entirely correct in this. Centuries of  degradation has manifested a state that is only going to end in one way, this is very much like a person who has been negative (destructive) most of their lives, this kind of mentality will in time create a manifestation in accordance with the mentality being expressed. This seems to also be happening on a collective human scale,  you can’t continually keep expressing this kind of expression without creating a reality in accordance with what is being expressed on such a huge scale. However, it’s certainly not all doom and gloom, in fact quite the opposite but only if we are willing to release ourselves from the present reality.

Using each cycle of influence the way we continually have as a species, has manifested/created a reality based on the way we have, as a collective, used these cycles of influence. If we were wised up to the way these cycles worked, we could have used them to create quite a different reality but we didn’t. Instead we created a reality based on chaos and destruction/degradation, any long term use of cycles like this will result in creating a reality in accordance with the mentality being expressed. You can only create a destructive mentality through ignorance, no matter what cycle we are existing within for only in ignorance can we destroy. You can’t be destructive if you are aware.

This seems to have contradicted what humans have done, the more aware humans  have become, the more destruction humans have caused. This is due to human awareness usually being based on bias/ego which only gives us a certain perception, not an over all perception. In this case it probably would have been better if we stayed ignorant, this is due to knowing just enough to be self destructive but not knowing enough not to be self destructive. In this scenario ignorance would have been better.

True spiritual awareness; to me is about being aware without judgement, it’s about expanding on our perception, at times, beyond human perceptions, however,  humans on a collective scale have not done this. We have had numerous opportunities to become aware beyond human perceptions, what we haven’t done is accepted these perceptions beyond our own limited human perceptions. This basically lead us to abuse these cycles that we chose to exist within instead of physically benefiting from such cycles. We should however be aware that our souls have indeed benefitted from experiencing such a reality in the way we have, it’s certainly not all doom and gloom that is for sure.

Spiritual  awareness is about being aware of our souls and the benefits to our soul in the way we experience these cycles. The soul chose to exist within a universe knowing that each universe is of a certain cycle as is every galaxy, solar system, planet and even our individual selves. We have many ways to experience these various cycles we exist within, consciousness is indeed infinite within it’s expressions of itself. You can experience these various cycles in numerous ways, we as a collective, chose to experience these cycles in the way we have, there is no wrong or right way to experience these cycles of influence, this means humans weren’t wrong in the way they expressed such consciousness even though our ego tells us otherwise.

Now for my channelling; which was endorsed by the dreams I had, like my dreams, the channelling wasn’t about doom and gloom but a transformation of consciousness for some people and not others. Not everybody’s soul has chosen to transform, or if you like ascend, this might seem sad at a human level of understanding but it’s not at the soul level. Once you understand the purpose of the human self in relation to the soul, your perception of human experiences changes, the human is serving the soul as the soul is serving consciousness itself. In other words, the human self is an expression of the soul as the soul is an expression of consciousness itself, however,  don’t get the idea that the human self is subservient to the soul, the human self is serving the soul quite merrily at the soul level of understanding, it’s assisting the soul and consciousness itself to be as expressive as it is. It helps to look at the human self as being an assistant to the soul as the soul is to consciousness itself. 

What I channelled was a simple channel, we are not going to be able to resurrect or redeem ourselves within this consciousness, in other words this consciousness has run it’s course, it has nowhere else to go. This means the people who are fixated to this present consciousness, will not transform into the next cycle of influence, we must accept and respect that there souls have chosen not to transform.

Like the Mayans, anyone not fixated to this, or any other particular consciousness, will transform into another reality conductive to there vibrations, this means you will most probably, but not definitely, physically transform into another reality. Many of us will, at the soul level, make this transformation, this will take some of us to pass on, die, while others will physically transform. You will of course get many other people who won't transform even after there demise, their journey will take them on a completely different path at the soul level.

We are going to resurrect centuries of degradation through transformation to a different consciousness, it would seem we are not going to resurrect this present consciousness as it is, it certainly seems it’s run it’s course going by what was channelled through me, however, what I channel isn’t gospel, it’ just one of many perceptions.

There is darkness but there is more light than darkness now, we seem to have indeed evolved.       

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Coping Better with Natural Life Cycles

Written by Mathew Naismith

A natural life cycle; is in reference to numerological and astrological aspects of one’s life, what we are born into that reflects and influences our thoughts and actions. This is an individual scale of influence, collectively we are also influenced by these cycles on a collective scale. Take the Mayan calendar for an example, such calendars talk about cycles of influence on a massive collective scale, for example, we are now entering into a period that is more influenced by the feminine rather than the masculine, in other words we are going to be more predominantly influenced by the famine self. This doesn’t mean we are not going to express the masculine, it just means we are going to be more expressive of  the feminine self within this cycle.

The masculine cycle to me was about being expressive of the ego and everything of the ego, this meant also being in a cycle that is conductive to egotism. The feminine cycle is also about the ego but on a different scale of things. We are going to learn more in how to express the ego without being overly and predominately expressive of egotism. This means we are going to now learn how to express the ego more femininely instead of masculinely, in other words the expression of the ego is going to be far more passive.

Like any cycle if we were more aware, this cycle, that was predominately influenced by the masculine, could have been expressed in a more passive way, we could have made these experiences of such cycles a lot less chaotic, it really didn’t need to be as chaotic to the extent we expressed it. Yes, we were going to express egotism, this was always going to be apart of this cycle, but, we didn’t have to express this cycle to the extent we did. This cycle was naturally influenced by the masculine which allows us to experience, especially at the soul level, various aspects of egotism, we however didn’t need to be so masculinely expressive.

Spiritual awareness; is also to me about being aware of certain expressions without actually having to physically express such expressions, if we were aware, we could have expressed egotism without the such physical affects. This actually occurred, many spiritually aware people, and spiritualists, experienced such egotism through their awareness without actually being physically expressive of such traits. Buddha is a very good example of this, he made himself aware without giving in and expressing such traits, this state is of course called an enlightened experience.

But in all we obviously chose, at the soul level, to be as expressive as we were of the masculine to the extent of expressing egotism physically to it’s maximum. Of course if we were more aware, we would have known that we didn’t have to empress the masculine to the extent we did, instead we deliberately stayed unaware so we could be as expressive of such traits as we were.

You look back to what these spiritual people tried to teach us, you can see that they were trying to teach us to be aware of these traits without having to be as physically expressive as we were of such traits. We were made aware but we lacked the wisdom to carry out these instructions, in other words we chose to allow such cycles to influence us to the maximum physical effect.

Such extreme expressions do however have a purpose, we are now aware of how each cycle can influence us to the extreme making such experiences quite unnecessarily chaotic. If we were aware, to the extent of knowing we didn’t have to be so physically expressive of such traits, we needn’t have had to experience the associated chaos from such a cycle as we did. However, because we kept ourselves unaware, these extreme expressions became a necessity, we are now aware of how each cycle influences us and how we can lesson the affects of such cycles by just being aware. All we have done is express consciousness to the extreme.  

We are at a stage we need to become aware, this cycle we are entering into will assist us in this but only if we detach ourselves from the last cycle. It’s not easy for the ego to let go of egotism, after all it’s the only expression the ego knows how to express. The ego really doesn’t want to know of any other expression as a child doesn’t want to know of the hardships and tribulations of adulthood, after all, a child should be expressive of just being a child. The thing is, we are no longer children on a collective scale, we need to grow up and accept the next cycle as each cycle is awareness building.  Can a life cycle of a human being stay a child, stay within the cycle of a child?  The natural progression through human cycles is inevitable, we too on a collective scale need to be aware that collectively we are also governed by cycles, we need to be aware that we need to accept each cycle as it comes along as we do while going through each human cycle. To me, I see the collective cycle working in the same way as our human cycles, we need to learn to embrace each and every cycle as it comes along.                     

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Being Spiritual in Oneself

Written by Mathew Naismith

To me it’s important that we become aware of the difference between being spiritually aware to being spiritual in oneself, there is a fundamental difference between these two states of existence. It’s amazing how many people who use these two states don’t realise they use these two states or they try to use them in unison, this is why it’s become apparent to me to again try to explain the difference between these two states of existence.

The following was a reply I received in regards to my last post, it made perfect sense, spiritual awareness, as opposed to being spiritual in oneself, is about the collective learning to live within each other’s space. I however still sense a misunderstanding of what being spiritual in oneself, being in one’s own space, is about which is quite understandable, this is why I feel I need to explain this a little better than I have previously.       

You said "one’s own space"
Spiritual awareness to me is to all be in each other's space without harm 

My Reply

Yes that's correct, spirituality is to do with the collective collectively, however, being spiritual in oneself, which is being in one's own space, is quite different for a number of reasons.

Spiritual awareness is a lot of times about active intentions than passive intentions, this means we are living for a future, being in one’s own space is being spiritual in oneself,  this is all about living in the present moment only. When we have intentions to meditate for example, especially for a reason, this is about the future and at this point you’re not living in the present moment, in other words being in one’s own space.

I think it’s important that we become aware of the difference. In the west we seemed to have mixed different spiritual concepts into one and expected them to work properly, you can’t be just in the present moment and have active intentions at the same time, one is about the present moment and the other a past and future. When you are in the present moment that is all that exists, there are very few actual intentions in this state.   

Is one state better than the other? No, they both have a purpose; one is about the collective the other about being in one’s own space, this however doesn’t mean being in one own space isn’t about the collective, if we all learnt to be in our own space, our existence in this reality would change quite dramatically but that is very unlikely to happen for reasons given in the post.  

You are utterly correct in my mind; spiritual awareness is about the collective and learning to live within each other’s space, on the other hand, being in one’s own space is more to do in being, not learning to be, but actually being in each other’s space, there is no learning because you automatically just be. The reason for this is we have little to no intentions and if we have little to no intention, we are only living in the present moment, living like this instantly  takes control away from the ego, you still have ego but the ego no longer has control.


Spiritual awareness, as opposed to being spiritual, doesn’t work this way, you still have intentions like bettering yourself in any way for example, being spiritual in oneself isn’t like this, there are no intentions of bettering yourself, it’s all about just being what you are not what your intentions make out what you are.  Intentions can indeed mislead us by taking our focus away from just being who you are, the past or present isn’t who you are and intentions are all about the past and future, however, living only within the present moment is who you are I believe.

So why doesn’t being in your own space seem conducive to the collective, it’s only about one’s own space after all is it not?

Being in your own space is more about a different collective than the human collective, it’s about a space that everything is connected to as a collective, a spiritual collective if you like as opposed to just a human collective, it’s this oneness we most often hear about and in this state we automatically become a part of the spiritual collective. In this state you become aware of what the whole human race is doing.  Spiritual awareness is more about the human collective and bettering ourselves at a human level through being spiritually aware, this of course also takes in being aware of being in our own space as well, that is why I think it’s important that we understand the difference between these two states of existence.  

I’m never in a pure state of just being as I’m never in a pure state of intentions, however, I try to be aware of how a mix these two states together and especially aware that I can never try to use these two states at the exact same time, I’m either in the present moment or I have intentions at any given time.       

Monday, 2 February 2015

Spiritual Awareness Changing the World

Written by Mathew Naismith

Spiritual awareness to me is about becoming aware outside set doctrines and ideological concepts, in other words breaking down these boundaries we have set ourselves too. Spiritual awareness isn’t about being spiritual in oneself, this would encompass us to live and let live, be and let be within one’s own space. Spiritual awareness is also more about active intentions than passive intentions; this means it’s more about change on a collective scale instead of only on an individual scale.

Being spiritual in oneself is fine even though it’s more about the individual than the collective; it’s about being able to be in one’s own space in any circumstance, this is fine but I can’t see everyone becoming spiritual in oneself. If everyone could or wanted to become spiritual in oneself, this would dramatically change the way the collective exists but that is unlikely to happen for many reasons, completely letting go of the ego is one reason and living in a totally passive way is another reason. How many people could actually live without intentions and letting life just be?

To me a person being spiritual in oneself is about the soul not the human self, the human self is but a tool, a vessel that the soul uses to be expressive of consciousness itself.  Spiritual awareness is more about the human self while being aware of the soul; it’s more conducive to the human self which positions the human self before the soul. You might think this sounds egotistical but it’s not, it’s of the ego but it’s not egotistical. Egotism is more about the ego being in control where’s being just expressive of the ego is creative, one can be quite destructive and the other quite constructive.   
Being spiritual in oneself doesn’t allow us to be as expressive of consciousness, mainly because it’s very passive, it has very few intentions, you need intentions to be expressive of consciousness and the more intentions we have, the more expressive of this consciousness we are going to be, this is actually why I think most souls have created such a reality like this one for. Realities like this one wouldn’t and couldn’t exist unless souls have a need to be expressive of such consciousness, it’s not humans that have created such realities but souls.

To a person being spiritual in oneself, the human self is but a tool for the soul to use to create such realities through human intentions, this shouldn’t be confused with the soul’s intentions, it’s the human intentions that have created this reality but it’s the soul that allows the human self to create such realities.  You can’t create such realities without intentions and the more intentions we have, the more likely the human self is going to become egotistical.  The soul is using human intentions to create such realities so it’s not really the human self who is actually creating such realities.

Human intentions have created egotism not the soul, this has allowed the soul to become even more expressive of consciousness through giving the human self free reign to do as it likes, this is where spiritual awareness comes into it. Spiritual awareness allows us to become aware of egotism which allows us to reign in the use of egotism; this in turn allows us to be intentional without the threat of our own egos taking total control of our existence.  

Can we be as intentional as we like without the threat of being totally controlled by egotism?

Spiritual awareness actually gives us this opportunity; it can literally balance out the ego giving us a far less chaotic destructive existence while even being of active intentions, it’s certainly could be world changing.  

Being aware of the controlling factors of the ego isn’t going to do this on it’s own, we need something to actually balance out this ego, this is where being aware of the difference between being spiritual in oneself and being spiritually aware is important.  To balance out our intentions, and in turn balance out the ego, I feel we need to know about ourselves being spiritual in oneself, we are all spiritual in oneself, the inner temple, but we often lose ourselves within our intentions which often leads to the ego taking more control, so how do we avoid this?

Active intentions in particular is about a past and a future, it’s not about living in the present moment, it’s this being in the present moment that balances out intentions and the ego, this makes being in the present moment important to us if we don’t want the ego being in total control of our existence.  You could say it’s a balance between active and passive intentions that balance out the ego; however, this is going to be hard to do if we have always been about active intentions, most people in the world are about active intentions.   

Being spiritually aware gives us the understanding of what types of intentions actually create thus allowing us to balance out our existence.  I love being within my passive intentions, my own space, this allows me to balance out my active intentions and ego.         

I have a need (feeling) to share the following, obviously some people will get something out of it and after all it’s about being aware.      

Extract: Hello, and thanks for visiting this blog. Here, you’ll find articles and discussions related to a new paradigm in human consciousness in understanding, and in this introductory writing, I’ll give my perspective on this paradigm.

On a lot of spiritual and alternative news blogs, you’ll hear talk about a ‘new paradigm’ – a standard of living that’s outside of the confines of our social norms.