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Friday, 11 July 2014

Overcoming a Collective Trauma

Written by Mathew Naismith

In psychology, when someone goes through a traumatic time, they can either hang onto such traumas or they can get over these traumas and get on with life without such traumas playing any further part in one’s life, it would seem collectively we haven’t done this especially for western thinking people!!

One of the replies I received from my last post titled, Spirituality v Psychology/Science?, brought up an interesting  supposition about how modern age mentality is polarized which lead me to make my own suppositions as follow.  

In truly ancient times, science and religion were one. Our modern, polarized mindset has created this false duality.

An interesting way in looking at it Lew.

I think this polarized mindset has come about through ego when science, after the dark ages, found it's own mindset that wasn't going to be influenced by dark age mentality.

Religion in Europe wanted full control over and above all other ideological principles and if they couldn't take control they eradicated such principles. Sadly enough I think a number of science minded people would like to do the same to religious principles today. The old Dark Age mentality is still there sadly enough.

The strange thing is, during around the time of the Dark Ages in Europe, Muslims were more into the sciences than ever, go figure!!

Forgetting about Dark Age mentality, science of one kind or another has always been a part of our lives and most of these science ideological principles were conducted under a religion of some kind.

I could be wrong but I think the Dark Age mentality has assisted in this polarizing mindset giving us a false duality.  It’s funny how we have allowed one mindset within the whole of human history to influence us in such away.  Psychologically, we have collectively allowed one moment in the time of the collective to influence our whole mentality which is no different to how a person going through a traumatic time will react to such trauma in one’s life.  It would seem the Dark Age mentality is a trauma we haven’t collectively overcome yet as a collective, go figure!!

When conversing with Eastern minded people, they don’t seem to have this trauma or mindset to overcome but this seems different for western minded people, this trauma from the Dark Ages is still with them it would seem.

Just an observation by me that might or might not be correct. 

Yes, Mathew, let's hope the old mind-set will wither. A quick peek at the world shows polarity's alive & well, but it's served so poorly for so long!

It's a collective trauma a lot of us don't seem to be able to get over sadly enough......


Each of us, by one person at a time by choosing to do so, can be a sail breaking the wind for others behind us. 

Supplement: I do need to make a correction here in relation to eastern minded people not being traumatised by Dark Age mentality. I think a lot that went on during the Dark Ages has traumatised the Middle Eastern people and still influences their actions today but this assertion only comes from my own personal observation/awareness, it’s not by no means necessarily factual.